Coming soon to THE Real Revo

Seriously, everybody is all upset over what RD published on Saturday. I get it. The thing is, RD is my Brother and my Brother knows that I have a Pro Wrestling Show that I am helping produce, and it all goes down September 30th. There will be a period of time for editing. Then it gets uploaded and presented here. RD isn’t going to just shut this place down and miss out on that. Everybody here knows how much he loves Pro Wrestling.

Here are two Superstars who are appearing in our show.

Gene Simmons’s Love Child with George Zimmerman’s Mother…

Big Booty Roni and she ain’t playin’…

There are still many wondrous things to be seen here. I hope you all will be looking forward to seeing my first Pro Wrestling Show. I hope to have it here before Halloween. See? Much happiness yet to come here at THE Real Revo.

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5 Responses to Coming soon to THE Real Revo

  1. DJM says:

    That first woman is …. disturbing. The second one would be interesting to meet, out of the ring anyway.

  2. MadBrad says:

    Thus far my ringside gimmicks include grass skirt, boots, loud flowery shirt, big ghetto style cubic zirconia encrusted gold watch, big crazy gold rangs on my fingers, NO gold around my neck, only a lei and Cuban style straw hat with Peacock feather.

    The event is taking place at Bo’s Coral Reef Restaurant and Lounge. We made the theme of the show “Bo’s Beach Blanket Beatdown”. Everybody gets a flower lei around their neck when they come through the door. The Ocean is two blocks away and we are promoting the whole Beach Bash motif with the show theme.

  3. Ray Davies says:

    We gotta have pictures

    • MadBrad says:

      You will be able to see the show here over in the Revo Republic in its entirety, hopefully before Halloween. In fact it will make a great addition to this year’s Halloween observances.

  4. MadBrad says:

    Seriously, don’t you think there is a possibility that Gene Simmons and George Zimmerman’s Mother could have possibly gotten together at some point. They are both Jewish. They both love Florida. The photo is quite disturbing indeed.