Sound Evidence Of Climate Change

That’s a pretty significant change in climate – and it was not caused by mankind.

Billions of compressed leaves and wood fragments have generated thick coal beds in Antarctica. Palaeobotanist Andrew Drinnan for scale.

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3 Responses to Sound Evidence Of Climate Change

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    In fairness, Antarctica has moved. It wasn’t always at the southern pole. It used to in more temperate latitudes. Continents drift…

    • Jim22 says:

      Yes. That’s what the linked article says. They conjecture that the vegetation may have been laid down while the land that was to become Antarctica was still attached to the mega-continent Pangea. I have read a lot about the mega-continent but no one I have read yet has placed it on the Earth. They just say it existed. Even so, it is certainly true that parts of the Earth that were once covered with ice, as Antarctica is now, are no longer so and were not before the ice ages.

  2. Ray Davies says:

    Oh we all know it was those damned republican cave men in their SUVs. I did a paper on continental drift back in the college days. It was about 30 pages long with graphs, stats, bibliography,etc. The conclusion was that Mt. Everest grows about 1 foot every hundred years. (This was recently confirmed.) Anyway the Prof added at the end “You forgot bout erosion.” That SOB!!! anyway got an A on the paper and one of the few As for non geology majors. Geology was fun.