Friday Night at the Movies – The Final Flight Film Festival

Welcome to the Friday Night Movie and another wonderful weekend. The Real Revo Theater is proud to have served so many Patrons over the years. Our Friday Night Movie has been my expression of gratitude to my Real Revo family. Years ago my personal situation forced me off the net for a while and when I went to the Public Library one day I saw a comment by Notamobster on a Friday, saying that he missed me and wished that someone was here to play a crappy movie on Friday night, which I had done from time to time. I was so gratified to know that I was missed that I made a vow that when I was able to be back regularly that there would be a movie here every single Friday Night.

The Real Revo Theater came to life on Friday Night, June 22nd 2012. I had been unemployed for several months and our readership at that time was such that my lack of presence here at The Real Revo had caught the attention of some telecommunications moguls and I was provided the means by which I could reconnect with The Real Revo from my home. It was as a result of the good folks at Ready Broadband that I was able to make it back and as an expression of gratitude to them I came up with a great sales piece “When your income is under attack, Ready Broadband has your back”. The Friday Night Movie then become a tradition.

This regular publication series first became known as “The Friday Night Flight”. It paid homage to the 1980’s USA Network Television Series “Night Flight”. I loved Night Flight. I still have some episodes here on VHS. Even after I changed the title of this publication to what it is today, I referred to our movie as a Friday Night Flight. It was and has always been an escape.

So here we have on this very special edition of The Real Revo Theater’s Friday Night at the Movies, a flashback to our very first publication of this series…

Friday Night Flight – Grindhouse Cinema

That very first publication provided the reader the reasons for my deep and abiding love of bad movies. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the readers and this publication. We have seen some really bad movies here and I am somewhat ashamed to say that we have seen some really good ones here as well. It’s been a cornucopia of viewing pleasure, all in all.

For the past Five Years I have rarely gotten to bed before Midnight on Thursday nights. Preparing publications for Freaky Friday and getting a movie picked out and a write-up done has been what I have been doing every Thursday Night for just over 5 Years now. Sometimes I took my job way too seriously and put myself under undue pressure to get exactly the right movie selected. It wasn’t all that long ago that I had a movie theme for every month or most every month. Trying to find a movie each Friday Night that stayed within the parameters of the monthly theme was always a challenge.

Meeting this challenge has provided great rewards. The greatest recognition that I have ever gotten as a result of my Friday Night at the Movies publication series was when a publication that I first read as a young teenager picked up on my writing and decided that they would publish me in the very last paper edition of their magazine. It is the honor of a lifetime.

Friday Night at the Movies salutes Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Most importantly, since this publication began we have seen some really, really hard times here on The Real Revo. There have been several times when nobody thought they had another publication left in them. I felt as if the Friday Night Movie was vital to the continued existence of this site. It was a sign of life, a pulse, if you will. I really felt as if there wasn’t a Friday Night Movie that everything else here would fall apart in short order. I mean if a Lunatic cannot successfully take on the task of presenting a really bad movie here every week, then there really is a problem. I did what I had to do.

This is the longest running regular publication of this website. Over the course of time the job did get easier. I apologize for the times when I had something going on in my life that did not allow me to give a particular publication in this series the work it deserved. Over the years we have developed quite a movie library and not all of them have been stricken from the net as of yet. Many have and many more will be. If on a Friday Night you find yourself looking for a movie to watch I am sure that something will still be available here somewhere, at least for a while. I certainly think that our Holiday Season movies during October, November and December of each year will have most of their movies still available for a good while. If you are passing through the old Blog on a Friday Night you have my full permission to come on into the Theater, flip on the Projector and see what happens next.

Tonight we will be making our final Friday Night Flight. Destination is unknown. Fasten your seat belts. We have been cleared for takeoff.

For my family here at The Real Revo, a Film Festival Finale is offered for your viewing pleasure…

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One Response to Friday Night at the Movies – The Final Flight Film Festival

  1. MadBrad says:

    Pretty cool movie, a Steven Spielberg movie. Duel – 1971, should it be stricken from view within a short period of time.

    Especially cool is the fact that this movie features a Plymouth Valiant as a leading character. My Mother was driving a gold Plymouth Valiant at the time this movie was made, and she was working for American International Pictures. The movie did depict the Plymouth Valiant accurately. There was no way you were going to outrun anything with it. I’m glad I picked this one for this very special publication.