The 30th Year of Broadcast Excellence begins

I remember when he first hit the air here in Jacksonville, Florida. He really has been the “cutting edge of societal evolution”. He has been a part of my life for so long that I cannot imagine what the world will be like when one day his show, like all other shows, comes to an end.

Try to imagine how things would be different today if the Rush Limbaugh Show had never existed.

Congratulations Rush Limbaugh and may this 30th year of Broadcast Excellence be an especially joyous time for you.

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3 Responses to The 30th Year of Broadcast Excellence begins

  1. BarbaCat says:

    Oh, absolutely!

    I have listened to Rush for years and years. A guiding light in times of…

  2. jacksonsdad says:

    When I got back from St. Croix in late 1991 I was driving my old mans Mercury Brick and all it had was AM radio. The place I worked was a few hundred yards from a Hardee’s so every day I would go get a ‘value meal’ and sit in the parking lot at my job and listen to the radio while I ate lunch. That’s where I first found Rush.

    Every weekday over the next several months I listened and nodded and laughed at his delivery style and knew he was going to be Public Enemy #1 as he was speaking truth, ruffling feathers and marveling at the hypocrisy of the left. Of course they’ve tried every legal means of shutting him down and yet he perseveres.

    God Bless him as he remains relevant and has been proven wrong almost NEVER. He’s still as hated as ever and taking flak 24/7 and… as you all have taught me over my years participating on this blog… that in itself is stone-cold solid proof that he’s always over the target.

  3. Ray Davies says:

    WMT in Cedar Rapids was one of the first 60 to carry the show. I used to listen to the local classical station in the morning and then switch to Rush at 1:00. Lot of people couldn’t believe I enjoyed both. You know, “Damned Redneck”