A view on the current state of the Culture War

The Real Revo has over the course of its existence acted in the best way it has known how to make our contribution to the fight against the ongoing Marxist assault against traditional American Culture. Today we have a piece that offers a view that many don’t believe. We are winning.

Opinion – The Left is losing the Culture War

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One Response to A view on the current state of the Culture War

  1. E. Willers says:

    In my discussions with the 20-somethings in my office, I see the gears starting to turn towards more libertarian views. They are warming up to the idea of small government, and see that the government can not deliver on their promises. However, they do give additional weight to social issues when vetting candidates for whom to vote. They don’t like candidates, or political positions, that appear “mean and exclusionary.”
    I have shared Revo posts with them that have changed their opinions on free trade, government over reach, and socialism. They like to believe that they are special individuals, and in a collective no one is allowed to be either special or individual. So, collectivist ideologies become less appealing to them, when explained in those terms. (Basically, highlighting key points form Animal Farm.)

    I see that the ship is slowly turning, but there is still much work to do. No matter the format, we must Revo On.