So, The South Korean Media Wants Their Government To Fail, Too

They must have been drinking the same Kool-Aid the US media has. That’s the only way to describe them releasing secret military plans to the public. They must want Kim To win.

Obama used to do this. He would warn, months ahead of time, that he was going to do something. It always ended up the same way.

“South Korea Is Preparing A “Surgical Strike” Against The North”

According to a report in South Korea’s Munhwa Ilbo newspaper, which cites an unidentified government official, South Korea’s military is preparing a “surgical strike” scenario that could wipe out North Korean command and missile and nuclear facilities following an order by S.Korea’s President Moon Jae-in. Munhwa adds that the military is to report the scenario to presidential office after completing it as early as August 1.

As the report details, South Korea’s Special Forces are preparing a special strike op which would be launched in response to President Moon Jae-In’s order to remove the North Korean leadership in case of emergency. This operation is taking place in addition to separate preparations currently conducted by the country’s military forces.”

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