The President says that we are losing in Afghanistan

The Real Revo launched into the Blog World with a story of how the Battle of Iraq was being lost in Congress. As we tidy things up here during the move to our new format we will have publications that mark this place in time as a proper book end to this body of work. This is one such story from the daily news.

The President says that we are losing the Battle in Afghanistan.

The Enemies of the United States are ready to pounce. The period of time that we have spent the majority of our existence here making commentary about on a daily basis explains why we are in the strategic position we are in today. The American People elected a Marxist Revolutionary as their President on the 25th Anniversary of the day my unit returned from Battle against Communist Revolutionaries during the Cold War. Four Years later the Marxist was re-elected. During his time in office he did more damage to our military than any of our enemies combined were capable of. None of anything that we have had to say here over all these years that have gone by has been effective in changing these facts.

The only change that has happened here as a result of our writings has happened in the lives of the individuals who have come here over the years. It is our hope that this old Blog has been a pleasant experience for you. It is always accessible from the Revo Republic, our new format.

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One Response to The President says that we are losing in Afghanistan

  1. FrankinTexas says:

    What I would like to know is why we are still wasting lives and treasure in that backward goat humping country that has no strategic importance. Leave them to their 5th century existence and bring our troops home.