The Late Show

Yes, it’s been presented here before but it’s an American Cold War Classic. A private showing of this movie at the White House affected President Reagan very deeply. He became more dedicated to his strategy of winning the Cold War in a peaceful manner. On the night this movie was broadcast on ABC over 100 Million people were watching. I was among them.

This made for TV movie has its place here on this website. The Real Revo one day came into existence as a result of Orders that President Reagan issued to the Armed Forces of the United States less than a Month before this movie was seen by the American Public. The Veterans of the Cold War are especially thankful to have served under President Reagan who as a result of his divinely inspired leadership helped to insure that the Cold War did not end in the way that is depicted in this film.

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One Response to The Late Show

  1. MadBrad says:

    Super cool movie. It is in its own way a national treasure. A genuine historical artifact.

    Yes, of course. It must be my general demeanor on this last Friday Night at the Movies that causes me to select a movie about Nuclear Annihilation. It’s the end of the world as we know it.