The Democrat’s Suicide Mission

Everybody hates the health care bill. Leftists despise it because it has no government plan and mandates that individuals buy health care from the hated private insurance companies. Conservatives hate it because it is a massive expansion of government intrusion into our lives and because it is a budget buster. This bill has something for everyone to hate. Yet it is about to be passed in a straight party line vote.

Never before has a bill this huge and this important passed along 100% partisan lines. Never before has a bill this huge and this important been shoved through so hastily and scheduled for a vote at 1:00 am. Never before has a bill with this much opposition been passed with one party casting 100% of yea votes and the other party casting 100% of the nay votes. This is new territory.

Yet nobody can stop it. There isn’t a single leftist who will stand up for his constituents and say no. There isn’t a single “blue dog” or abortion opposing Democrat willing to stop it. The Democrats have 100% of their caucus lined up to commit political hari-kari. They will pay dearly for what they do.

They know it is a budget buster. The Congressional Budget Office protested again and again that they are being forced to calculate seven years of benefits on ten years of tax revenues. They were forced to calculate tax revenues starting in 2010 but no benefits paid out until 2014. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could apply a year of paychecks to eight months of bills? That is exactly the voodoo economics that is being used to calculate the imaginary deficit reduction. Extend the window another few years and the program grows the deficit annually. They aren’t talking about that, however.

The CBO also stated emphatically that they do not believe that the cuts to Medicare required in the bill will occur or be sustained. If they don’t occur  (and they won’t; they never do)  the deficit will increase almost immediately. That congress will have the will to cut Medicare is a ridiculous fantasy.

Still, here they go, into the breach. They are going to ram through, in the dead of the night, in the next few days, a bill that nobody, anywhere likes. They must vote within the next 26 hours, they say, on a bill that provides no benefits until 2014.

They seem to have lost their minds. They are marching through territory that has never been trod upon in American political history. The result should be swift and certain retribution from the American people.  This isn’t representative democracy.  This is a political kamakzi mission.

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7 Responses to The Democrat’s Suicide Mission

  1. rudy c says:

    Hello! Reality check….at the end of the day we only have ourselves to blame. It was us the American voter who vote these criminals into office year after year after year. Seems we truly get the government we deserve. And of course this time there will be no turning back. No future elections will be able to turn this tyranny around. Hope you are all happy! Merry Christmas!

  2. James says:

    In business, companies have shareholders and employees.

    Shareholders put up risk capital with the intent that their stake increase in value. The company must grow and prosper so this occurs.

    Employees are interested in getting a maximum salary for minimum effort. They are concerned with the company’s health so much as it affects their paycheck.

    While both are affected by a company’s outcome, there is much different intent. There are reasons why employees are not allowed to vote for the board of directors.

    What we have in US politics today is a corrupt board of directors with little interest in the health of the company. They are corporate raiders voted in by employees at an upsidedown company, where employees don’t have to work to collect a paycheck.

    How long do you think this company will stay in business?
    Do you think management has the company’s interest at heart?
    Would you want to work at this company, or depend upon them as a supplier?

  3. R.D. Walker says:

    Great metaphor James.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    Yuval Levin at NRO agrees with this assesment.

    The CBO assessment of the bill tells the appalling story. We are going to raise taxes by half a trillion dollars over the next ten years, increase spending by more than a trillion dollars, cut Medicare by $470 billion but use that money to fund a new entitlement rather than to fix Medicare itself, bend the health care cost curve up rather than down, insert layers of bureaucracy between doctors and patients, and compel and subsidize universal participation in a failed system of health insurance rather than reform or improve it. Indeed, this bill will make it exceedingly difficult to fix our health insurance financing system in the future, since it sucks dry the potential means of such reform but leaves the fundamental cost problem essentially untouched (and in some respects worsened.) After all the back and forth, pulling and tugging, it is hard to see what is left in this bill that any member of Congress, liberal or conservative, would want to support.

    The public seems to see that, and is increasingly opposed to the bill, but for now Democrats in congress still persist. It’s no wonder Obama, Reid, and Pelosi want to rush this process through before their rank and file members can grasp what they’re doing. But it’s a bit of a wonder that those rank and file members so far seem to be playing along. Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, and a few others have been bought with taxpayer-funded favors for their states. What’s everyone else’s excuse?

  5. Jim 22 says:

    Have you all seen Gingrich’s ‘Victory or Death’ speech? It is worth watching.

    Newt is not at the top of my list but he is one of the prime movers behind the ‘Contract With America’ which helped give the Republicans control of Congress.

  6. UNRR says:

    This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 12/20/2009, at The Unreligious Right

  7. Jim 22 says:


    Thanks for putting Newt’s speech up for readers to see. I never figured out how to do that.