Biggest Month Ever For The Revo | Bumped Back Up

We had 13,562 hits in October.

Thanks to MadBradMadBradMcLarenWHmanMcLarenWHman, WHman, Roy Ryder and Van-a-gram. I appreciate your effort.

Now for a question to everybody. The site registration is up for renewal. I told some of you when we started we would try it for a year and see where it goes. We are still a small site with limited hits compared to some of the other big sites. Should we take on another year? What should we do differently? What should we stop doing? What should we start doing?

I would really like your feedback. Lurkers, let’s hear from you.

Update: We drive on!

I agree with all of you and your comments have energized me. We will continue and – if Obama wins – we will aggressively test the left on their long held contention that dissent is patriotic. If that is true, this is going to be the most god damned patriotic site on the Internet.

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16 Responses to Biggest Month Ever For The Revo | Bumped Back Up

  1. Aurora says:

    I’ve just discovered you but regarding bloggers on our side, I would generally say, keep it up as long as you can. If Obama gets in, they’re going to shut us up pretty soon anyway (in my view) so we may only have a limited window.

  2. SlapHappyPap says:

    I really can’t even watch the news anymore just because of the disgusting sway of favortism. This is where I get my news now. I really hope that people will wake up and understand what’s happening to this wonderful country of ours, and take back what it rightfully ours.

    God Bless The United States of America

  3. Publicus says:

    I am pretty much a lurker here although I have made comments a time or two. I like the Real Revo and check in pretty much daily. I, for one, would miss you guys if you shut down. Keep it up.

  4. McLaren says:

    Damn R.D. After reading these few comments, I say we field strip, grab some hot chow and reload. But you have final check.

    What say ye, brothers and sisters?

  5. oKie says:

    keep going!!!!!

  6. janice says:

    Keep going!! The Real Revo is my favorite site. I check in a least once everyday. Recommend it to everyone I know that reads blogs. Trying to get more readers for you.
    If “Barry” gets in we are really going to need you, just for a reality check when all of the feel good/ take care of me programs start. I want to be able to read something written by people who still want to take care of themselves and know that self confidence is something a person earns for themselves not something that the Gov can give.

  7. AW Mens says:

    This is a fantastic site for people interested in facts and truth. Those things are pretty hard to find in the MSM. I hope you keep up the great work. What you are doing has never been more important…

  8. Mad Brad says:

    WOW. I had no idea we had such enthusiastic support. My contributions here of late have been reduced due to Divorce proceedings, not because of lack of enthusiasm. Let’s keep this thing rolling until they shut us down. I want to know that we took every recourse to address our grievances peacefully before we were forced to speak in a less than peaceful manner.

  9. Paul Bunyan Man says:

    We are on a mission. This mission serves as a source of information to not only enlighten but uncover the “Disinformation” we are pounded with every day. It will be a sad day if you choose to close the chapter on this site. I also have sent this link to numerous people and they find it a great information source to combat the MSM constant brain washing of the american pubic.

    Paul Bunyan Man – PBM

  10. joe buzz says:

    I vote…rock on! I’m afraid it is going to be a depressing couple of years under the thumb of the one…so lets do some upbeat features such as those regarding Mad Brad’s fictitious sordid craigslist love life…..

  11. WH Man says:

    In the event of an Obama administration, I will monitor the proceedings of the next Congress (House and Senate) on a daily basis. I will report on any significant bill that’s being introduced, debated, passed and signed into law by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid redistributionist regime.

    We should at least know how they expend all the taxes they collect plus the other borrowed dollars. I will also monitor the systematic erosion of our individual liberties as those renegades pass more laws that would give the Govt. additional control over our daily lives.

    Tomorrow could be the beginning of the end of America as we now know it!

  12. neal5x5 says:

    Damn. If I can’t contribute here, it’s back to tagging busses and taking horse tranquilizers. For the sake of society, we’d better keep going.

  13. AW Mens says:

    ROCK ON!!!!!

  14. jacksonsdad says:

    From the comments section of the “AGW Computer Models” post today RD linked an old post from late September 2008. An hour later after incessantly clicking the upper right ‘next post’ links it has been reaffirmed to me why this is the best blog on the net.

    There were so many prescient pre-election posts that I had to restrain myself from posting comments on … in effect “bumping them up”… but when I reached this one I could restrain myself no longer.

    I Thank God that you all kept this thing going. I don’t know what I would have done without The Real Revo. I always know where to find my daily bread… my sanctuary… my sanity. We are ‘like minded’ but that doesn’t mean we are lockstep. We strenuously disagree sometimes but we come correct… with respect (and on those rare occasions when rudeness is called for the Smack-Downs are swift and legendary things of beauty ;o)

    So Many Thanks to RD for piloting this vessel and to all who contribute with posts and comments. These 8+ years that you have been here Telling The Truth may very well have been the most consequential years in the short life of This Great Country.

    Thanks Again for shining the light!

    btw— I don’t recall exactly when I made my first comment here (it was definitely after 11-3-2008) but I know I read the posts starting around that time (and ever since). I encourage anyone who has not to take your next spare hour or two to scroll through these pre-Obama posts and witness just how well these guys knew The One before he ever stepped foot into The Oval Office.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Thanks JD.

      Huh, 13,562 hits in a month… Nowadays we get about 100,000 every month. At our peak readership a couple years ago we were getting almost a quarter million a month. We’ve come a long way baby.

      • notamobster says:

        Most of those were me in unemployment, RD! I don’t contribute as much because I’m living and working. Good problem to have.