An Open Letter To My Israeli Friends

Not to put too fine a point on it, but you are fucked.

Of course, thanks to the election of Obama, all of us in America are fucked, but you guys are royally fucked. While we will suffer four years of the flu, Israel will have 4 years of the plague.

Here’s my advice.

Do not expect help from Obama. The man can’t even stand up to Fox News, let alone someone intent on genocide. Even if he could, he won’t for you. Remember, this is the guy who toasted people who want to kill you. If Israel is attacked, the best you can expect is a strongly worded letter to the UN, along with a letter to your ambassador complaining that the ashes that used to be Israel’s citizens are contributing to global warming.

It’s time to cowboy the fuck up. The IDF needs to be brought back into shape. It has to be a major military force capable of slugging it out with all the Arab militaries in the neighborhood and coming out not just on top, but on top of their piled, oozing corpses. And trading land for peace? That’s the metrosexual approach to diplomacy. The only time land can be traded for peace is when that land is a clear killing field. Think more like 1973 and less like 2006.

Get your house in order. The roster of recent Israeli leaders is less than inspiring. Many of them are limp dicks who have just put in their time or made deals with the devil for the office. Take it from someone who’s now paying the price of electing adolescents to do the job of adults. You don’t want a philosophically incontinent hand-wringer in charge when the shit hits the fan. Sure, it’s kind of hypocritical of me to say this when we just elected a half-assed half-wit as President, but we are likely to survive four years of this—you aren’t.

Remember that next to nobody in the international community is going to like you no matter what, so fuck’em. Wear the black hat and do what has to be done. Yeah, lots of Europeans complained in 2006 when the IDF turned southern Beirut into a used concrete sales lot, but those people are a living reminder that it wasn’t Arabs who made the ovens. If you want to compete in the arena of public opinion, develop a world-class media and delivery system to go along with it. Otherwise, stick to what you do well, which is blowing the shit out of bad guys and then looking at the camera with a “What, me worry?” kind of grin.

Cultivate the enemies of your enemies. Sure, there are lots of folks that want to bake you like a Christmas goose. Fortunately for you, these experienced haters also hold dim opinions of their neighbors. The Sunni/Shiite division is real and the current incarnation of it involves Sunni (non nuke holders) and Shiite (wannabe nuke holders). I’m not suggesting handing over Israel’s nuclear secrets to every smiling Arab you meet, but if the Saudi’s hint that they’d like the coordinates to Ahmadinejad’s hot tub, pass it on.

Expect trouble. There is a slim chance that the next four years may pass like a tranquil breeze thanks to the charm and power of Obama’s personality. On the other hand, it’s much more likely that the next four years will be as gentle as a meth-fueled, sex-starved orangutan. You can’t afford to fuck around. The wolf is not only at your door, he’s in your house, has used your ATM Card, and is sprinkling meat tenderizer in your underwear. Yeah, that movement of Syrian tanks on the border with Lebanon may be for the stated peaceful purpose of “stopping smugglers,” but let it be known that you’re pretty sure smugglers rarely traverse radioactive plains studded with melted slag, too. Sure, the world will think you’re paranoid, but you have to be alive to be paranoid.

I hope that in a few years we’ll once again have a leadership capable to standing up to evil men instead of blather on about “change” and other buzzwords. Until then, you’re on your own. Good luck.

You’re going to need it.

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8 Responses to An Open Letter To My Israeli Friends

  1. R.D. Walker says:

    Ya betchya! Israel Matzav adds color…

    An astounding 78% of American Jews voted for President-elect Barack Hussein Obama in Tuesday’s Presidential election despite professing concern about terror attacks and the economy. More Jews voted for Obama than voted for John Kerry in 2004 and a higher percentage of Jews than Catholics or Protestants voted for Obama on Tuesday.

    What really happened yesterday was that the American people decided that a nuclear Iran is of no concern to them. But now that there’s an ex-Muslim in the White House, the US can work better with Iran anyway – once it meets Ahmadinejad’s pre-conditions. The Iranians are gloating

  2. steve oxenfeldt says:

    Israel has the potential to be turned into “Warsaw Ghetto South” given the suicidal nature of it’s neighbors. You don’t need missiles to deliver either nuclear or biological weapons.The world will choose oil flow over helping them at their “expense”.
    To be truly moral one must pull the trigger on evil, not just be a pacifist.

  3. Rivkah Cohen says:

    Whoa, You hit the nail on the head. I am Jewish and am beyond myself why the Jewish people voted for someone who will bring more hell on our heads.
    The American people, more like a rendition of the Stepford Wives show from several years back–wooed and aaahed to sleep and saying “All Hail Obama”.Now we are Obama’s robots or shall I clarify some not like yourself.Let those awake Stand UP!
    Thanks for your to the point, brunt telling-it-as-it post.

  4. McLaren says:

    It is shocking to see the breakdown of Jewish voters. Gentlemen, you will find The Real Revo to be very Israel-friendly. We recognize that Jews and Christians, and Buddhists, Shinto, Hindu, etc. for that matter, all share the same knife at our throats: radical Islam. Divided, we WILL fall. You will also not find the wild anti-Israeli insanity of the Angry Left, who just voted in Obama, tolerated here. Sure, those boobs can post here and say almost anything they want. But they will also be responded to in a fashion that is foreign to their little cocoons over at the Daily Kos and Huff Po.

    While Qasaam rockets fly into Israel, the Obama team will politely issue little finger wags, if that, in condemnation. Expect more of a tone of “we want both sides to respect the peace, bla, bla, bla.” How American Jews can’t see this reality is very discouraging.

    Anyway, you are among friends here.

  5. Jim says:

    “The man can’t even stand up to Fox News, let alone someone intent on genocide.” Actually, he campaigned for someone who incited genocide in Raila Odinga. So, I can only imagine what he and Samantha Power have in store for Israel.

    However, it’s not just Israel that his Messiahness will likely sell out. It’s the rest of Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic States, and Taiwan just for starters.

    I think one thing is certain, a America that has traditionally been an advocate for human rights, women’s rights, and democracy around the world will end as Obuma will compromise with some of the worst people in the world. He will compromise other people’s prospective rights and freedom to achieve the fiction of peace in our time.

  6. MadBrad says:

    Roy, thank you for your passion and effort. You are a great writer and thinker. Thank you for helping make this site more meaningful.

    To all my Israeli friends abroad and Jewish friends here let me just say that I too feel the enemy at the gate. For years I have been planning my own “Storm Shelter” made of very thick concrete. The world just got a whole lot more dangerous this past Tuesday and fabricating protection for radioactive fallout has become even more of a priority for me.

    I pray that the hand-wringing in Tel Aviv will come to an end soon. We here in the U.S. are depending on you to do what our own government does not have the wisdom or fortitude to do. May God bless your efforts with Victory against Goliath once again.

  7. McLaren says:

    “On the other hand, it’s much more likely that the next four years will be as gentle as a meth-fueled, sex-starved orangutan.”


    I came back to re-read this and found this little gem. Even in a post this serious, humor is found. I hope that if there is one Nation on Earth whose people are immune to Stockholm Syndrome, it is Israel. They can’t afford a whiff of that mental malady.