Advocating For Gun Control Is A Mental Illness

Worth reading, Frank J. Fleming’s piece in Pajamas Media compares those who favor gun control to those who believe in a flat earth. Somehow they cling to their beliefs in spite of facts and hard evidence.

It’s like for some completely unfathomable reason they made the choice to be stupid and will not be moved from that position. It seemed like an urban legend to me — that there were some people out there perhaps pretending to believe in a flat earth, only as a gag — until I saw there were some people with just as stupid and illogical beliefs who I know aren’t part of a hoax: the few people left in the U.S. who still support increasing gun control.

When states first started passing right-to-carry laws, the gun control people warned of a return to the Wild West where people would shoot each other at the drop of the hat and criminals would become more violent in retaliation. Now, decades later, there are shall-issue laws in at least forty states, where anyone who is not a felon can carry a handgun. Crime has gone down. None of the gun control proponents’ wild-eyed fantasies have come true. The rare outbreak of random violence — the shooting spree — happens almost exclusively in “gun-free” zones. So what are the arguments of pro-gun control people now when there is a proposal to relax gun laws? They use the exact same arguments they used twenty-five years ago as if nothing has changed!”

You know, he’s right. Who was it, Albert Einstein who noted that the definition of insanity was continuing to do the same failed things and expecting a different outcome?

Just look at the cavemen in Chicago panicking that thundersticks are now legal for honest citizens to own. They’re freaking out that now there will be unspeakable violence in their streets. Worse than they have already made things with their gun prohibition laws? Is that even possible?

So what happens when someone tries to confront gun control people with basic logic these days? A reporter did ask Mayor Daley of Chicago whether the huge number of shootings showed that the city’s gun ban was ineffective. So what was his response? Daley threatened to stick a rifle with a bayonet up the reporter’s butt to show how “effective” the law was.

So, incoherent rambling and a threat of violence was his response, because what else do gun control people have left at this point? Their brains obviously aren’t working on the same level as normal human beings, as it’s the only way they could resist basic reason and statistics for this long.”

Perhaps the best answer is to declare those who resist reality as mental defectives. For instance, if you believe (feel) that more gun laws actually reduce crime, or think that Sharia law is preferable to the US Constitution, you should be deemed mentally defective and you should not be allowed to own a gun.

Kind of helping Darwin along.

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