“Obama needs an Oklahoma” City Bombing to reconnect with voters

Disgraceful. The liberal call-to-arms has been made.

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28 Responses to “Obama needs an Oklahoma” City Bombing to reconnect with voters

  1. Kenneth says:

    If they ever get caught perpetuating something like that, I won’t bite my tongue and I would find it incredibly hard to wait for the law to work when it’s made up of half their guys.

  2. Uke says:

    And no one batted an eye when he said that Barry needs an Oklahoma City bombing to get back on track.

    What the shit.

  3. Kenneth says:

    I’m curious is Mark Levin will say anything about it. He’s usually the best guy to cover that sort of information.

    If you haven’t read Liberty and tyranny yet, quit wasting your time and get to reading.

  4. Uke says:

    You should see my reading queue, Ken. It’s quite, erm… extensive. I finish a book, even fairly quickly, but by the time I’ve finished reading it I’ve added 2 more to the list. πŸ˜›

  5. shawn says:

    Only in the MSM can someone tell the world that we need another man-made disaster/terrorist action in order for the president to get his popularity back.

  6. ironhead82 says:

    As someone who lived in OKC during the terrorist attack, this almost made me puke. They say the right is dangerous, but we dont call for bombings of our people. If O’Reilly or Beck had said something like this, heads would be exploding in the MSM. All I can say is apparently the battle lines have been drawn.

  7. His Servant says:

    Matthews is next after Olberman.

  8. Charlottean says:

    Hard to imagine that these people seem to think the country needs these necessary situations. Wow, talk about manipulative.

  9. Kenneth says:

    What’s terrible, is I believe them when they say they don’t feel their news stations are biased. They seem to really and truly believe that their stations represent nothing but truth, justice, and the American way, but it couldn’t be more wrong.

    I just want them gone.

  10. trunip says:

    It’s said aloud today, since even the dull witted know that it’s rather common to have one of these terr’st acts facilitated by the very agencies and institutions tasked with preventing them.
    Pearl, Liberty, Tonkin, Lusitania, OKC bombing, JFK, MLK, Nine-One-One, Underwear, Anthr4x, Swine etc, etc.

    Just as an FYI. Most of the bright people that I’ve met, believe this, and I happen to be in the power triangle of countries best universities. These people won’t tell you they believe it, even if you ask them specifically. But they do. We are always – ALWAYS – attacked by our own people, because modern war, is always – ALWAYS about money.

  11. shawn says:

    Matthews is next after Olberman.

    Probably. It will not be Maddow, since you can’t fire a bull-dyke anymore, no matter what they do wrong.

  12. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe in that conspiracy crap. Oswald acted alone, OKC was McVeigh’s work and 9/11 was al Qaeda. Why? Well. Occum’s Razor for one reason. Another reason is you will never convince me that they could pull this crap off and get away with it. Clinton couldn’t engage in a blow job conspiracy of two and get away with it.

  13. Air Force Brat says:

    Obuttbreath could have multiple OKC-type bombings and would NEVER get any popularity back. In fact, I daresay that someone, somewhere, would eventually make sure he was IN one of those buildings when it blew.

  14. ironhead82 says:

    Why is so much easier for a liberal to believe a conspiracy than evil in the world?

  15. Uke says:

    I’m not so naive to think that there are zero conspiracies in this world, but by their very nature they are improbable and most are indeed not true, and thus you’re safer (and saner) to bet against them across the board.

    Occasionally you’ll be surprised by the one that turns up true, but that’s a far cry better than believing that most/all are true, looking like you’re a nut the whole time, and once in a blue moon you’re vindicated.

  16. notamobster says:

    iron: it’s easier because it gives one a sense of superiority, intellectually and inter-personally, to say that they are in the know. It makes you feel like you’re part of a select group who can see through the fog and uplifts the psyche.

    I have studied many a conspiracy. In depth. Most are bullshit. Why? Hanlon’s (Heinlein’s) Razor, for one. (Don’t be lazy, look it up.)

    While there have absolutely been homegrown provocations used to justify one thing or another, most of these claims are bogus. Yes, our government authored a paper called Project Northwoods which suggested shooting down our own planes to justify invading Cuba. Did they do it? No. You never would have seen the document, if they had. There are literally tens of thousands of papers written on every imaginable subject each year, for the purpose of influencing policy. Most are never even read.

    Does the government (ours or others) use boogeymen to keep the people in check? Absolutely. They have for thousands of years. Do conspiracies give one a sense of purpose and a reason to fight when things seem bleek and hopeless to so many? Absolutely.

    Am I in the golden shower of universities? Nope. Does it give my words any more validity or credibility? Not an ounce. Do I give a fuck. Not a chance!

    (the lazy comment wasn’t for you, Iron…it was for anyone who would read “Hanlon’s Razor”, wonder what it is, and shrug it off.)

  17. R.D. Walker says:

    I look at the people that are supposed to be pulling off these evil genius conspiracies and just laugh. There is no way. It just isn’t possible.

    Any conspiracy theory that would take more than, say, ten people and any physical action to pull off is bullshit.

    Now I am not talking flat crime here. Nothing like the Watergate burglary. I am talking about so-called “false flag” type conspiracies. The kind of stuff where some big thing happens right in front of our face and it is 100% different from what we all believe. I am talking moon landing conspiracy, Kennedy assassination conspiracies, 9/11 Truther crap. That stuff just doesn’t happen in Democracies.

    Sure, the Nazis burned the Reichstag and blamed it on the Communists but I am not convinced that most Germans weren’t aware of what REALLY happened even in that. In a Democracy… no way.

  18. Uke says:

    Conspiracies are naturally difficult/impossible to maintain in free democratic republics with free press. The further you get from that point, the easier it is for those who control either of those to cover up said conspiracies.

  19. shawn says:

    There was a great NewsBusted a while back that said something like “what’s more probable: that a bunch of cavemen couldn’t figure out how to steer a plane or that the US government actually got their shit together enough to plant dozens of large explosives in visible areas within an occupied building.”

  20. notamobster says:

    I suppose the Japanese pilots at Pearl Harbor were American double agents who wormed their way into the Imperial Navy just for the purpose of crashing their planes and sacrificing their lives to make money for bankers?

    ALWAYS? Really? Was the underwear bomber an American spy? How about the shoe bomber? The turds who shot down Pan-Am 103? 1972 olympic terrorists? Embassy bombings? Any of the MORE THAN 16,000 JIHAD ATTACKS IN THE LAST 9 YEARS? All perpetrated by the federal government so they can listen to your phone calls I suppose?

  21. slinger says:

    Just in case some fucktard on the left thinks this is a good idea to try to boost Obama’s approval rating, remember this:

    Obama is NOT a leader. He is not able to lead in the calm, so he certainly will not be able to lead in the storm.

  22. sortahwitte says:

    The Oklahoma City Bombing touched most of us who live here. Our population is roughly 3.5 million. In the smaller towns, when our kids finish school, the usually go to Tulsa or OKC. Both my daughters lived in OKC at that time. My best friend from grade school was on his way to the credit union in the Murrah Building. He was late and was about a mile away when it happened.

    For that insensitive, arrogant asshole to make a comment like that is beyond belief. I will remember him.

    By the way, when Clinton and Mr. Clinton came to OKC to comfort the survivors and families of the dead, the local media showed all of the memorials and speeches. Enough to see one or both of them with the patented smirk on their scummy faces. I think the clintons are in the same class as the kennedys. Which means no class. My family and I will never forget.

  23. His Servant says:

    Was it Rahm that was qouted as saying” “Never miss the opportunity to take advantage of a disaster.”

  24. Uke says:

    That was Rahm, yes.

  25. shawn says:

    If the lib terrorists really wanted to get zero to act “decisively”: they’d attack a golf course.

  26. notamobster says:

    If it was to happen, and they wanted him to respond in a timely fashion, they’d better attack some oppressed minority class, cause Zero doesn’t like white folks.

  27. xiphos says:

    o’blame-a had “an Oklahoma” ….. between his friggin ears.

  28. ww says:

    Let me beat this horse one time. I believe its easy for “bright”(?) Liberals to believe in conspiracies because that is their nature. For instance, consider their performance during this last election; violations of campaign finance laws, various forms of voter fraud, threats and intimidation at the polls. Its doesn’t take much to project their own lack of integrity/morals to others. For the less bright(me) who knows only that there are many things he doesn’t know, while some things seem implausable, not much seems impossible