A tool for sticking it to The Man during cold weather months

Duraheat Kerosene Heater

As some of you may recall, a couple of months ago the Jacksonville Electric Authority got on my very last reserve nerve. The cost of my utilities was through the roof after the beginning of Hurricane Season and I could no longer afford their products. Because of the callous attitude of their customer service representatives I disconnected myself from their grid by means of the main breaker in my power panel. I soon learned that I wasn’t dedicated enough to do without hot showers, so I turned the power back on and began using it very sparingly.

I immediately sought out and purchased an alternate heating source. I found what I was looking for at Home Depot. I purchased a Dura Heat Kerosene Heater for $129.00 . Thus far I have saved nearly One Thousand Dollars in Electric Utility Cost and the cost of fuel for a week of heat is Fifteen Dollars. I expect that savings to double before the end of cold weather.

This heater has been one heck of an economic survival tool for me, but for people in areas of the country that are subject to severe Winter storms that can disrupt electrical power it can be a life saver. My heater is able to hold the interior of my three bedroom house at Seventy Degrees when the outside temperature is at freezing. A single tank of fuel (slightly more than One and a Half Gallons) will last Twelve Hours of continuous use. It even has an electronic ignition so I don’t have to waste matches. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to save money during cold weather months while insuring the safety and comfort of their home. It can save your wallet and perhaps your life.

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14 Responses to A tool for sticking it to The Man during cold weather months

  1. Mad Brad says:

    I have some related news at the link provided. I don’t get treated as humanely as the World War Two Vet who died of Hypothermia in his home. Thankfully I don’t live in Michigan.

    The Obama Administration wants to eliminate Coal as an energy source and will soon have the ban on offshore drilling back in place. Get ready for a future of unaffordable energy.


  2. Mad Brad says:

    In the Irony of Ironies, the Veteran who died of Hypothermia had some money in the Bank. He has donated his Estate to a local Hospital. It makes you wonder why it is that he couldn’t pay his utility bill. It was probably because he was sick and needed to go to a hospital.

    Read it here…


  3. Mad Brad says:

    My utility bill came in yesterday. I owe the JEA $78.10 Now THAT is sticking it to The Man.

    The Dura Heat 23,000 BTU Kerosene Convection Heater is commonly sold for $129.00ea.

  4. Mad Brad says:

    Utility Worker attacked while disconnecting service for non-payment.


  5. Mad Brad says:

    Just to show you how decreasing your utility consumption is a crime that cannot go unpunished, check THIS out…


  6. notamobster says:

    Brad – Imagine the utility of a heater like this, with a 2-3 liter insert in the center. One could fill said insert with water and heat it while heating their home. Just a thought.

  7. Uke says:

    Are there issues with an ungodly odor/mess associated with this heating method?

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    Brad’s computer is down. Since I heated one whole winter with one of these, I can answer. There is no mess if you don’t spill the kerosene. There is an odor, but it isn’t too bad. Hell, I don’t really mind it. There is no smoke or soot or anything else that leaves a permanent effect.

    The only real concern is is a fire hazard. You have to be very careful around kids and pets.

  9. Greg B says:

    When we were kids living near Wichita, my Dad & Mom kept the TV in the main room in the basement.
    In the winter we used a similar kerosene heater to keep it warm down there. Since we would usually gather together after dinner, homework & chores to watch.

  10. Notamobster says:

    See what searching the real revo survival tips section can do? Generates a while new conversation. 🙂

  11. James says:

    An old hot tub is great for winter.
    I have a small one on my back deck, and it’s very effective at body warming. Heat up, put clothes back on, you’re good for about 2 hours.
    With a good insulating cover on it, electrical use isn’t that much, at least when it’s 35 degrees here.

    I also use an electric blanket on a timer. Very cost effective.

    Although Texas winters are not severe, we do have ice storms and a few weeks of 20 degree weather. My perpetual remodel project keeps the house ceiling open to the attic, so I don’t bother to heat the house. Only one space heater in my office. So I only heat one room.

  12. fubar says:

    we have a coal stove in our basement. a smallish job that cost @200 used, and luckily we had accesibility to the existing chimney. Heats our 900sqfoot house nicely with one bucket of coal a day (only when it’s under 32 degrees outside, otherwise it’s too hot)

    our shop has a waste oil burner heater (to recycle our own motor oil instead of paying hazmat company to remove ) and a multi fuel furnace (mahoning outdoor furnace) runs on coal, wood or whatever. of course my local DEP agent told me the fly ash is hazardous waste, but that’s another story..

  13. notamobster says:

    Fubar using coal for the win! That’s awesome. You’re doing your part for globull warming!