Why does NM Gov Susana Martinez hate Mexicans?

Susana Martinez is obviously a racist, tea-bagging, white male, veteran who clings to her “guns and relgion and antipathy toward those who are different” like her. Why else would she revoke the “sanctuary status of the State of New Mexico?

Gov. Susana Martinez said Monday that New Mexico is no longer a sanctuary state, but some call this executive order a tragedy with implications far beyond our imagination.

Martinez ordered the reversal of the state’s “sanctuary status,” which prohibited law enforcement from asking criminal suspects about their citizenship. Now, officers will be able to ask anyone they suspect of a crime about their immigration status.

Marcela Diaz, of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, an immigrant rights organization, said this will essentially turn police into immigration agents.

The new governor said allowing law enforcement to inquire into immigration status is a big step forward in protecting the public…

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13 Responses to Why does NM Gov Susana Martinez hate Mexicans?

  1. Alltoy says:

    I live in NM, and thank God that Susana is now the Gov. 8 years of Richardson has done significant damage to the state. Not only is she ordering State police to check immigration status, but she is working to put an end of giving illegals drivers licenses! YES I SAID IT! NM currently gives drivers licensees to known illegal immigrants – another BS policy of Richardson.

    The real kicker of all this is that she is being called a racist. She is the first women Gov of the state, but she is Hispanic to boot. However since she is a Republican, she must be racist.

  2. Air Force Brat says:

    To quote a Spice Girls slogsn: “GIRL POWER”!!!!!!!

    Good on you, Gov. Martinez.

  3. Slaphappypap says:

    The last name Martinez has been oppressive to “Brown People” for centuries. Oh. My. Dear. God….

  4. Jim22 says:

    “Marcela Diaz, of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, an immigrant rights organization, said this will essentially turn police into immigration agents.”


    Police are supposed to uphold the laws. Ms. Diaz doesn’t seem to understand that. Or maybe doesn’t accept that laws should be enforced.

    “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  5. notamobster says:

    Wow, John Duran, you got deleted twice in a row. Maybe you should act a little more civilized and stop being a complete douchebag. Threats of violence are not tolerated.

    You rail against those who don’t “care about anyone but your selfs” in the same sentence that you wish death on a person and her family. You are obviously a very caring person, as well as being an emotional and mental retard.

  6. Amaris says:

    I don’t see how all these people are saying that people that are illegal shouldn’t be able to come into our country!!! All you idiots act like YOUR ANCESTORS weren’t once immigrants. THEY WERE!! EVERYONE deserves equal rights. Since Martinez is hispanic somewhere down the line, she should have more respect from where she came from. Without US Mexicans most of you racists wouldn’t be able to live!

    • Farm Worker says:

      On point! I can’t believe how that women can be a governor?! She is clearly a racist, even though she is of hispanic descent. She is betraying her ancestors by all the attempts she has made to negatively affect Mexicans. I don’t think her ancestors would be very proud of her! What a disgrace to have these type of governors…

  7. TN_Cat says:

    Here we have another Harvard Grad visiting The Revo to sharpen up their debating skills.

  8. slaphappypap says:

    Yes, Amaris. Immigrants. My Great-Grandmother. My Great-Grandmother on the other side of my family. They didn’t sneak across and leave trash or sneak in narcotics either. They didn’t kill any ranchers on they’re way either. Nor did they collect welfare or free healthcare from the system. They worked they’re asses off so my grandparents could have a better life. At least they signed the guest book when they were invited in. You can call me racist anytime you want. I’m also for closing the Northern Border as well.

    It seems that the trolls know that they are losing. This was posted back in February.

  9. Locke n Load says:

    Nice catch Slap.
    If I may be completely inappropriate…

    Um, Amaris? My ancestors were indeed immigrants as well although they came here while Mexico was still a Spanish slave state. Actually, they came here BEFORE that but I won’t belabor the point.
    About those immigrants? See, they came here as hard working refugees, much like some modern Mexicans. They busted their ASSES and still lost half of their people to starvation and sickness the first year. They, like your compatriots, tried to install collectivism but witnessed in the most BRUTAL fashion the effects of ‘living for the good of others’. They had the good sense to learn better and quickly, something I might suggest your fellow immigrants learn too.

    See, they also brought with them something called English Law, or English Common Law. They worked WITHIN that system and refined it. They refined/defined the very principles of Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness that Locke, Hume, and others would later write so convincingly of. They built the nucleus of this great enterprise by creating and OBEYING laws. They had a social contract, a societal mandate, and a religious foundation that, remarkably, cemented this American experiment in the minds of countless Europeans AND eventually Mexican natives. They built it all upon Law and the importance to the society of RESPECT for the law.

    There of course came the day when expansion was inevitable. America was so successful and so industrious that we needed to stretch out and make use of even more of the blessings of this amazing continent. Sometimes that meant wars. Sometimes it meant land sales and treaties. And sometimes it meant repelling invading bastards that decided Law wasn’t applicable to them. In those cases we generally beat the living crap out of the lawless, yes. One time in particular, we lost a symbolic battle that featured Mexican AND American settlers united in a stand for their right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit. We lost that fight because the USG didn’t feel they ought to get involved. Congress dithered and make speeches but little else (sound familiar?). That battle at the Alamo was fought by Texans, for Texans and Mexicans, against the LAWLESS Santa Anna and his asshat army of La Rasa types. Ok, so they won that fight. But DAMN did they ever lose the next one. And the next. And the next.
    See, Santa Anna got his ARMY chased all the way back to Mexico City once he finally screamed uncle after losing battle after battle to Texas Rangers, not even the US Cavalry. We kicked his ass, claimed back the land, and got a formal acceptance of terms. We OWN it, just like California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

    We took it by war, by treaty, and adventuring. We opened her hills for gold and oil, plowed ever more modern and productive fields, blazed trails through mountains and deserts, built steel then rail then automobiles. We took the blessing our forefathers gave us and improved every last bit of it. To this DAY we’re still improving it, making use of resources in ever more modern and efficient ways. We’ve made this land, in 200 years, more productive and free than ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

    Some of those we conquered or made treaties with now live in self-imposed exile, but they don’t HAVE to. They have all the rights we do and MORE. We fought a war to purge our sin of slavery and lost 100s of thousands of our own. We sent another several hundred thousand overseas to save Europe from Fascism. We’ve liberated HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS from tyranny, poverty, and slavery in only the last 100 years! We’ve busted our asses and done it only to improve our lives within virtually the same social contract we BEGAN with over 400 years ago.

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness DEMAND adherence to law.
    We have rules here Amaris. They’re the rules that western civilization was built upon. You act like human rights are universally accepted to mean ‘live where you choose’ but that’s pathetically simple. Human rights may be universal but CITIZENSHIP isn’t. To be succinct: American citizenship is NOT a Human Right. Get it? Citizenship is not granted but earned. Respect for the Law is how you earn it. Don’t come in here and lecture us about immigrant forefathers and human rights. Don’t pretend you have some argument we haven’t heard before. Trust me, you don’t. Many of us here have family that went through the entire labyrinthine INS process. We know firsthand what it takes, how much it costs, and the effort involved. Don’t even START acting like you can hold some magical La Rasa BS guilt over our heads. We know about sacrifice, respect for the law, and Human Rights.

    Human rights? Really? We fucking INVENTED THEM asshole.
    We have survived hundreds of years without illegals. They only became a national problem in the last 30 years or so. For centuries we have thrived with immigrants of all stripes but they have generally been LEGAL immigrants. Will the country fold without lawn care, restaurant help, or nannies? Um, no.
    It WILL however, crash and burn without respect for the Law. Get that through your head, please.

  10. vamd says:

    Locke n Load:
    + 1000!