Checking In On The Remaking Of The Global Economy

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You can catch up very quickly on the goings on of globalist financiers and their plans for the degradation of America, our lifestyle, and our status in the world.

What would you think if George Soros were organizing his fellow anti-American, globalist, neo-Marxist “thought leaders,” in pursuit of globally governed banking and finance, in a second Bretton Woods conference?

Would you consider that their goals include dragging American influence and incomes down, while confiscating much of our personal finances and giving them to other nations (and yes, the age-old financier network behind them) in the name of “communitarianism?”

Would you find their goal is to replace the bad influences of the IMF and the World Bank, with a much worse, more powerfully controlling, post-American global apparatus?

What would you think, if that meeting were being held this April 8th through 11th?

I got an email, last week; it was Tuesday the 22nd.  It was from George Soros.  To hear as straight from the dragon’s mouth as feasible, I had subscribed.  In this emailed article, he lamented the inequities of wealth among the nation-states of Europe, under the strains of their continuing insolvency crisis.  He warned of the dangers of national interest.  Rather, he proposed, not surprisingly, a further blowing of the global insolvency bubble, so the more indebted European nations may get along owing, while their lending nations get along being owed — all the while, blending and worsening the  financial and monetary crises and spreading this yeasty recipe further throughout the world, especially to America.

That was quite provocative.

Please be patient to let this article be a rather personal narrative and a kind of portal, and follow its links. Then, follow the links within the those articles. Perhaps, even one more layer. That will limit the redundancy involved and inform you as well as a book might, but in much less time.  To begin, here are my observations upon receiving his email, “Oh. My. George. Soros on Europe’s Worsening Banking Crisis & the Most Evil Plan Yet.”  Go ahead.  Big Government will generously wait.

“’Most evil plan yet,’ was that an overstatement?” I wondered.  No, knowing what one may see about Soros, it was not hyperbole and the statement was well with my soul.  The next day, confirmation came from Dan Gainor of Business & Media Institute and Media Research Center, by his “Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy,” first published in Business & Media Institute and at Fox News.

If you read nothing else stemming from this introduction, do peruse that.  There, Gainor puts this iniquitous plan into context and elucidates.  Nope, not going to excerpt, nor even quote. Just read it if you have not by now, please.

It was my privilege to interview Dan last Monday night, for about a half-hour.  That discussion may be found here.

Again, no reiterations offered, except that I will repeat that the documentation shows we were raped by European banks, in their own, deep insolvency trouble in 2008, using us at exactly the time it hurt us the most — during the Mortgage Meltdown’s peak, right before the general election.  You know how that went.  (It was also swept along as in the sport of curling, by peculiarly timed internal operations, including those of Soros comrades, Herb and Marion Sandler, and Senator Charles Schumer’s tongue. One must not distract further, by going on about the Community Reinvestment Act(s), Franklin Raines and Fannie Mae, the Pelosi Congress and their shoot-to-miss regulations, Goldman Sachs and friends, etc.)

That being our reminder of how they operate, what may we expect from our nation’s finances being thoroughly and systematically controlled by a megacartel of despotic foreign interests?

For further reading

Just presented by colleague, Kelleigh Nelson:
Klaus Warns Euro Pact will Lead to Full Political Union,” in, 3/29/2011

See the observations of compatriot blogger, Maggie Thornton and the related articles she links at the bottom of her piece:
George Soros Bretton Woods II Conf: Changing Finance World-Wide — New World Order: God’s Gonna Cut You Down…

And three caveats about this subject matter

1. Yes, this is anti-American and grossly evil.  It is warfare against our People.  America has been given us at great sacred cost, to preserve and pass along our freedom to our progeny.  Just as our Constitution rests squarely upon our Declaration of Independence, our freedom rests upon our personal, intra-national, and national sovereignties. There is no exception to this rule, whether it is assailed by any seemingly altruistic ideas and ideals of global governance, or of global finance.  And even the most generous offerings of internationalism require its antecedent, nationalism.

2. One must neither be taken with, nor be deterred by any coincidences of ethnic heritage, when studying banking, globalism, and collectivism.  While antisemites will at times present lies and distortions as facts, facts by their nature, can not be prejudiced nor bigoted.  Each individual is a free and ontologically equal, moral (and immoral) agent, all are sinners, all are offered redemption.

3. Come, let us be conspiracy investigators, regardless of the connotations and prior concoctions.  I suggest you start, or start afresh, with the startling and paradigm shifting research led by a gentleman named Norman Dodd, an energetic but humble young banker from the prior century, who eventually found himself going to Washington and working for Congress.  (Much of the records of the Reece Committee have been destroyed, hidden, or buried, but they are still preserved.)  If you saw Glenn Beck’s TV program last Friday the 25th, about the Federal Reserve, you will recognize Mr. Dodd’s interviewer.

One reason there are so many wild claims in this subject matter is that not enough people of discipline and sound epistemology engage in it.  But remember your Alinsky and do not be intimidated by ridicule.  There is a vast, worldwide conspiracy shown a few inches from your nose right now and many near the core of it meet next week in New Hampshire.

Live free or die.

Follow those links.

And follow the money.

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4 Responses to Checking In On The Remaking Of The Global Economy

  1. notamobster says:

    I reposted this piece because it is critical to understanding the coming years and why our national standard of living is going down. It all ties into the Occupy movement, the Open Societies Initiative, the arab spring, et al. The global left is working it’s ass off to destroy our country and our standard of living. Barack Obama is a part of that.

    Soon, the cost of manufacturing with our current low-cost labor pools in places like China & India will be near-parity with domestic manufacturing. We will be competitive again, but only because we have been dropped to our collective knees.

    So, if this was the plan in April of 2011 (and long before) – where do we find ourselves today?

    You simply MUST read this article.

  2. locke n load says:

    I’ve read 2 pages into this and I’m forced to ask, seriously;
    Does ‘thou shalt not kill’ extend to this shitbird?

    This is going to take some time to get thru. All our talk about SDR’s ( a couple years back) and Petrodollars (recently) are coming into much better focus.

    must study. thanks Nota

  3. conan says:

    I read about other things close to this. But, thought the Rothschilds would have came out of darkness to do more. I guess they are just using there puppets.

  4. rj says:

    serious stuff, I recently took a look at a Alex Jones video called End Game, serious stuff along the one world control meme unfortunatly too many see it as tinfoil hat.

    Locke I have wondered about that question myself. Matter of fact giving it serious consideration.