Labor movement education in Middle America

Here we see professors and students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the University of Missouri-Kansas City talk about the usefulness of industrial sabotage, the appropriate role of violence in union protests, the violent overthrow of the capitalist system and the establishment of a communist state. Just another day in academia in the Heartland.

These fornicatards should probably be aware that a lot of us not hanging around it the classroom took graduate level courses in the killing of communists while serving in the Big Green Machine. Some of us even have hands on experience. I am a peaceful man but if a self-proclaimed communist tells me “power comes from the barrel of a gun,” I might just snap back to the training Uncle Sugar drilled into me.

There is just no time to think during a near ambush. You just throw grenades and charge toward the assault element. Some training just can’t be undone.

It goes on….

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94 Responses to Labor movement education in Middle America

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    These rat bastards need to be shown to the public, humiliated, and given an express ticket out of the country. Let’s see them be a labor organizers in Syria.

  2. James says:

    1) defund public schooling

    2) After the reds have seized all the assets, what do they intend to do with them? With no knowledgeable person working, repairing, within a year resources will be exhausted, and everything will be broken and filthy.

  3. Locke n Load says:

    This duo is giving lectures on intimidation and its called a college credit? Encouraging violence? Explaining how to do it? Wow.

    Ok fine, again, like James said and I’ve said over and over again. Decouple from these services, defund and decouple. Force their hand, force them into the open and let them expose their members. Sunlight might not sanitize the movement but it will be easier to tag and bag the bodies come shooting time. I’ve told you all before of my experiences around Teamsters and their affinity for murder. If they seriously want to bring that kind of pain down on society there will be plenty of us ready to return the favor. The labor war they’re encouraging will be different from all their past BS, this time the future of America will actually be at stake. They will be inciting revolution at an existential juncture in our country. They have NO idea how badly they will lose.

  4. notamobster says:

    Nobody’s gonna have to force a damn thing…they’ll push it out into the open. Unfortunately, alot of heads will get cracked in the process. They really don’t understand who they’re fucking with.

  5. Locke n Load says:

    hey, heres an idea New York… How about YOU start pushing a few of those Madison style reforms? Why? Well here, have a look.

  6. MadBrad says:

    RD, your instincts serve you correctly. That’s why you have them. To attempt to turn them off is suicidal. The death of a Cockroach should elicit more remorse than the proper disposal of this human garbage.

  7. Gern Blanston says:

    As a taxpayer, I am 100% supportive of my money being used to fund classes like this. It’s about time the working class started talking about fighting back. The oligarchs are fully in control of both parties, and frankly the Republicans are worse. Power to the people!

  8. Mad Brad says:

    Speaking of life forms lower than Cockroaches, welcome to the Revo Gern.

  9. locke n load says:

    hey Gern, when did the “working class” ever have their voice silenced exactly? And how is using a college campus (limited to those who pay tuition) to educate people about intimidation tactics, espionage, vandalism, the violent overthrow of capitalism, and theft giving the “people” a voice?
    Me, I’d be 100% in support of public dollars supporting marksmanship classes with pictures of Marxist rebels and Union leaders as the targets but hey, thats just my opinion.

  10. MadBrad says:

    I wonder when Gern and his Comrades are going to do more than talk. They’ve been talking for a long time. All they ever say is the same old shit. I look forward to helping bring their conversations to their inevitable conclusion.

  11. Gern Blanston says:

    Hey MadBrad, how’s corporate America treating you these days? How secure is your job? Your pension? All ready to pay for your own health insurance if you lose it at work? How many politicians do YOU have in your pocket? Just as many as Wal-Mart and Exxon? If your employer decided one day to just cut your salary in half because, you know, it’s cheaper that way, I suppose you would say “thank you sir, I deserve only what you choose to give me.”

    What’s so odd is how enthusiastic you are about making your own situation worse. It’s like you actually WANT to be some sort of neo-feudal serf, living on table scraps from the castle and offering up your daughter to the lord on her wedding night. Is it that you just feel lost without a powerful father figure in the form of an employer who can do anything they want to you? Or is it that you think somehow you would become the next Donald Trump if not for collective bargaining rights? What exactly do you hope to accomplish by siding with amoral, stateless corporations against your fellow American workers?

  12. TN_Cat says:

    You picked an interesting name Gern (AKA The Jerk).

    What people like you fail to comprehend is the power and self reliance that confident people have. If an employer is not treating us to our satisfaction, we take our talents elsewhere. We do not try to stand behind big daddy Government crying for protection and hand outs like so many weak, whiny liberals.

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    Tell you what, Gern, Brad is poor as hell. In fact, his job isn’t secure and he has recently had his pay cut.

    None of this has caused him to become a jealous little prick plotting to steal what isn’t his. None of this has turned him into a blood sucking parasite who demands sustainment from an unwilling host. None of this has caused him to suckle at the capitalist teat while condemning it. That sort of shit is more your game, isn’t it?

    I will let Brad tell you the rest.

  14. Gern Blanston says:

    TN_Cat — I hope that works out OK for you when you get hit from behind by a drunk driver and can’t walk unassisted anymore. Or when you get MRSA and lose an arm. Or have a stroke and can’t work for 4 months while you rehab. Best of luck with any such scenario without government to restrain the private sector from leaving you in the gutter to die. I’m sure you would remain confident, though, eating cat food and at church soup kitchens. And probably somewhere deep inside you you would believe that you deserved this sorry fate, because God only punishes those who deserve it.

    I would observe that if you really want to live under such rules, there are plenty of countries in Africa and Latin America where you could try it out. But here in America, we believe in taking care of our own, even if they would deny the same care to their fellow citizens. Let me ask, do you seriously call yourself a patriot while advocating for policies that would result in starvation in America?

  15. Gern Blanston says:

    R.D., the host is willing. I paid over $60,000 in federal taxes last year, and would happily double that to see Brad get free health care and cheap training for a better job. So who loves their country more?

  16. R.D. Walker says:

    “I hope that works out OK for you when you get hit from behind by a drunk driver and can’t walk…”

    Horseshit, Gern. Tort law and the court system have nothing to do with the union thuggery in the video. They are unrelated. Try to stay on topic, huh?

  17. Mad Brad says:

    Gern, I’m smart enough to know that I’m not guaranteed this day. You are looking for security where none exists. You are preaching the same gospel of the most notorious mass murders in human history. I’ve seen where it leads with my own eyes. The bullshit you are talking only appeals to the ignorant.

    Let’s get back to you, shall we? You are happy to see people talking about fighting. Shoot me an E-Mail directly so we can have a private conversation in person.

  18. R.D. Walker says:

    This isn’t about love of country. This is about freedom. We don’t want your handouts. Free fucking health care! Cattle get free veterinary care and how free are they? You offer the wages of slavery. Prisoners get free health care. To hell with you and your imposed dependency. We don’t want it.

    By they way, if you want to pay an additional $60,000 go ahead and do it and quit talking shit. There are ways to voluntarily pay more.

    Here you go big spender. You can contribute another $60,000 to Treasury Direct right here.

  19. Mad Brad says:

    He pays $60K in taxes and is glad that OTHER PEOPLE are talking about fighting.

    How big a boy are you, Gern?

    Big mouth, no balls, that is all.

  20. Mad Brad says:

    It’s always okay to talk about fighting if it’s the blood of others that gets spilled, huh Gern?

  21. notamobster says:

    The State of Arkansas tried the “extra tax” and got $0.

    Hey gern, I’ve been treated very well by corporate America for 11 years now. All of my jobs have been non-union. I manage union employees now – and they are by far the whiniest group of mindless adult-children I have ever seen.

    I would like to call out how gern follows the standard liberal M.O. in trying to turn this into an emotional argument to make people think it’s okay to legislate against every possible ailment or individual situation that could ever arise.

    It’s time for gern and his comrades to shit or get off the pot. If it’s a fight you want, gern -well…

    I for one, would be happy to see an America where scumbag communists aren’t allowed to operate in the light of day.

    Power to the individual!

    You think it’s acceptable behavior to bully and intimidate people? To sabotage equipment used to feed the children of hundreds of people? Why do you want the children to starve, gern?

  22. TN_Cat says:

    Don’t even try to label your socialist utopia as patriotic. That is pathetic. You would fit in well in Cuba, well not anymore since your system failed their too.

  23. slinger says:

    Gern, you might want to look into life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, short term disability insurance, or long term disability insurance. There are many options to deal with contingencies that do not involve handouts.

    Responsible individuals contribute to their own retirement, and they buy insurance to cover the contingencies. Irresponsible people expect to retire on Social Security. They buy beer, cigarettes, and lottery tickets instead of insurance. Grow up!

    BTW, I highly doubt you paid $60k in taxes. I don’t know anyone that can make that kind of money and be as foolish as you … with the exception of athletes, actors and politicians. I don’t figure that you belong to any of those groups.

  24. R.D. Walker says:

    Slinger: Gern posted from Lawrence, Kansas. Just a hop, skip and a jump from University of Missouri-Kansas City; the very same school that is the topic of this thread. If he is an academic, Gern could easily be raping a gullible public of that amount of money. If so, he is an expense item, not a producer of wealth.

  25. TN_Cat says:

    The only people that will be responsible for Americans starving are your heroes in Washington. The over regulation, market manipulation and tax policy that has driven over 67% of our farmers out of business these past 50 years. You can thank your peeps while your standing in the cheese line as your socialist utopia comes to fruition in the very near future.

  26. Locke n Load says:

    interesting, tne IP Itraced came from tampa…

  27. R.D. Walker says:

    You did it wrong. It is definitely Lawrence Kansas.

  28. Uke says:

    Oh damn, did I miss out on the fun? Just my luck. Oh well, my two cents demand an appearance anyway.

    Hey Gern, others have pointed out innumerable refutations to your socialist propaganda, but here’s another: You completely neglect the idea of individual responsibility. You act as if people themselves are not best served by managing their own futures.

    Secondly, you neglect to acknowledge that there is ANY solution to genuine, unforeseen tragedies in a person’s life that does not come from government. What if I told you that neighbors helping neighbors, and local charities are both forms of help that both 100% voluntary, but actually incalculably more effective than top-down, state welfare?

    Did you know that, in the days before the expectation of government assistance, people helped each other through hard times, rather than waiting at the trough for the state dole? I know, shocking.

    POTUS Grover Cleveland, in 1887, vetoed a bill to appropriate $10,000 worth of seeds to drought-stricken Texas communities, saying it is not the place of government to engage in such welfare practice. He believed, further, that the generosity and compassion of the American people is sufficient to assist those in greatest need.

    And you know? He was right. Shortly after vetoing the Texas Seed Bill, voluntary contributions from other communities and charities raised ten times the amount of assistance than the government was going to provide.

    Of course… if, over the course of a hundred years you inculcate the expectation of government assistance for every damn thing, you are very well apt to create a “utopia” in which everybody is disconnected from everyone else, and cares not for the well-being of his neighbor and fellow townsman.

    Helluva “utopia” you socialist twits are creating, wouldn’t you say?

  29. Locke n Load says:

    yup. somehow IP got buggered. my bad

  30. R.D. Walker says:

    Gern is a blogger. He has made exactly one post.

  31. TN_Cat says:

    Great post Uke.

  32. Gern Blanston says:

    You guys are too much. Angry as hell, but you’ve got the guns pointed at the people who are trying to help you, while you defend those for whom you are nothing but suckling pigs. I’m not an academic, I work in the private sector, and I did in fact pay over $60K in taxes last year.

    What you guys apparently fail to realize is that organized labor is pretty much the only force with any clout that you still have defending your interests. You only have what meager little that you have because of generations of labor organizing. You get rid of that and you will literally be owned by your employer. or is that the whole point? Is this really just about trying to re-institue slavery?

    I like the threats and intimidation–none of which I directed at any of you. That’s a nice touch. Sure to be popular with the voting public, soccer moms and such.

    You guys will probably get enough of the policies you want to destroy your own marginal existence, and then the rest of us will have to listen to you moan about how the government left you to starve and be paid slave wages and be poisoned by lead paint in your food from China.

    You are dragging our country into the sewer, so it damn well is about patriotism.

  33. TN_Cat says:

    That is a classic link. The blogger claims to be a leader but to the right you notice there are no followers.

  34. Gern Blanston says:

    Uke, all I’m saying is that collective action is more effective than each person struggling all by themselves for survival. Every try to build a barn all by yourself?

  35. R.D. Walker says:

    If organized labor means collective bargaining between management and unionized labor, it is legal and reasonable. But that isn’t what we are talking about here, is it Gern? We are talking about threats, intimidation, violence and sabotage. That is what the videos at the top promote and that is what you said you support.

    So. That’s the way you want to play it, huh Gern? You are cool with the tactics of force and thuggery? Well let me fill you in Gern. I was a Special Forces trained sniper. Many my fellows here also have training in the fine art of asymmetrical warfare including hands-on experience. We learned our skills to protect America and never dreamed that they would be used against our fellow Americans.

    But there it is, Gern. In the videos above we learn that violence has a role. We learn that “power comes from the barrel of a gun.” We learn that it is only terrorism until it works, then it is revolution. These are the rules you are promoting Gern, are you really ready to live by them? After all, you are glad they are being taught.

    Do we need to put together our own “union” Gern? Do we need to set ourselves up to play by the rules you promote? I pray not but, by God, we are capable of it.

    Here is the deal, Gern, I am not interested in the hay and barn for human cattle that you offer. My freedom comes not from the government but in spite of it. I will sleep with my head in the fucking mud rather than on a silken pillow that comes with the conditions you offer.

    So how are things going to go Gern? Is the future to be made up threats, intimidation, violence and sabotage? God, I hope not; I am a peaceful man. If it must be so, are you ready to receive what you dish out? Are you really, truly ready to live by the sword?

  36. Roy Ryder says:

    Gern, how does it feel to believe in something rejected by millions who have tried it? Do you even think about that fact that your ideology is so 19th century that even the Chinese have abandoned it? You’d be well served if you removed references to buggy whips and zeppelins from your propaganda.

  37. R.D. Walker says:

    “I like the threats and intimidation–none of which I directed at any of you. “

    Well, they are certainly directed at me, Locke and Nota but, okay, not Brad. Brad, are you cool with threats and violence as long as they against us and not you?

    Interesting cult these guys have.

  38. Uke says:

    “Uke, all I’m saying is that collective action is more effective than each person struggling all by themselves for survival. Every try to build a barn all by yourself?”

    Actually it’s notoriously evidenced over and over that money/assistance muddling its way through state bureaucracy and red tape is the most inefficient use use money in existence. Not more effective, as you claim.

    Secondly, I have built a barn, yes. And yes, it was with the assistance of family members and neighbors. However, those were all voluntary associations that made the barn possible. I assure you that not a single government-sent worker was present along the way, thank God for small favors.

    See, that’s the problem. You see terms like “individualism” and “personal responsibility” and think we’re talking about 300 million people all living like hermits on their own mountaintop, when that is not at all the case or the intent of those phrases, as evidenced by the Grover Cleveland example I cited earlier.

  39. Uke says:

    use of money in existence*

  40. TN_Cat says:

    The government is usually involved. You had to have your plans approved and had to pay the building permit. You mst likely had to wait extra days for a government inspection a few times through the process so they could tell you that you were building YOUR barn to their specifications. Then I am sure the barn increased your house value so a tax auditor adjusted your tax liability. See we all need government just to put up a barn.

  41. Uke says:


    Yes, and their assistance was of great help, and was greatly appreciated.


  42. R.D. Walker says:

    “Uke, all I’m saying is that collective action is more effective than each person struggling all by themselves for survival.”

    Isn’t that sweet? We should work together. As if voluntary association is in the least controversial. That isn’t what Gern is calling for, however, he is calling for mandatory collective action.

    He wants to make things “more effective” and would never let people like us opt out of his social improvement plan. We are all part of the collective and we all have a mandatory role to play. The collective, as managed by the will of the masses, is to dictate what is the greater good and what is the purpose of the collective struggle. The collective will define what are the abilities and needs of individuals and they will then serve the collective along these lines. We should unite! We have nothing lose but our chains!

    See? Utopia.

  43. Bman says:

    This is some good shit, *grabs a handfull of popcorn* I want Germ to come back. This is a good show, *takes a slurp of Dr Pepper*

  44. R.D. Walker says:

    Maybe, if we are very lucky, Gern will tell his fellow moonbats to come here and teach us a thing or two about our role in the collective.

  45. Mad Brad says:

    My response to the happiness he relayed to us about Communists inciting “the workers” to acts of violence, murder and mayhem was based on the experience I gained from the last Communist Revolution I helped to put down. I was happy to fight them “over there” because I NEVER wanted to see that kind of shit here in the United States. Gertrude is HAPPY that nighmare is being encouraged to come to pass here. He will be even happier when he sees cities in flames, blood in the streets and bodies swinging from lamp posts. My response has nothing to do with patriotism. It has to do with practical experience. There is only ONE CURE for his disease.

    He’s a PUSSY though. He will never find the guts to step up and do what he’s happy to see other people encouraged to do. Instead of getting his proper cure he will simply have to resort to remedies like Vagisil.

  46. Mad Brad says:

    I was a little over the top on the “bodies swinging from lamp posts” thingee. Communists usually use firing squads over the noose. Then they throw the bodies in a great big pile and try to burn them or they just pile them up in a mass grave.

  47. Gern Blanston says:

    I’ve got an idea. Maybe you rugged frontiersmen with all your self-reliance should just be allowed to opt out of the system of civilization completely. Maybe you should be able to not pay your federal taxes other than military spending, and in exchange, you don’t get any of the benefits. No social security, no medicare/medicaid, no grant-funded education or subsidized student loans, no protection from the company next door that wants to pollute your well, no flood insurance, no inspection of your meat, no post-mortem of your airplane crashes. No help at all if you get into a jam, other than what you can beg. The rest of us could then actually have our idyllic nanny state, and you could cough yourselves to sleep every night out on the range with happy thoughts of how ideologically pure you are. We could just fester away with our preventative health care, early education, drug intervention and public art installations, not one dime of which you would have to pay for.

    Of course, you would most likely be homeless, scruffy, possibly leprous, probably raving to yourselves in public, and so we wouldn’t really want you cluttering up our utopia. I’ve got it! Texas. You can have Texas. Take it. Really. In fact, have the whole former confederacy. Sorry we bothered with the Civil War, it was a waste of northern lives. We now see the error of our ways and wish we’d let you go form your little pariah state when we had the chance. But it’s not too late. Utah is still accepting applications for world’s craziest whackadoo, and I hear next year’s pageant will be in Idaho. I’m just fine if you guys want a piece of the U.S. to take for your weird little Lord of the Flies social experiment. Let me just be entirely clear that you can’t have the whole thing. Because meanwhile, back in reality-land, most of us are far more interested in being like Sweden than being like Yemen, which is basically where your vision leads.

  48. R.D. Walker says:

    Ah the favorite straw man of the left: That we want no government at all. Every time with these guys, isn’t it?

    If we even attempt to maintain any degree of control over growth of the massive central bureaucracy, these guys immediately go to the tired old argument that we are anarchists. We can suggest that we roll back the government to the size it was in 2006 and these guys ball up their little fists and accuse us of wanting the end of all government. I tell you, it is like dealing with children.

    Look Gern, try to stay on task. Focus. You came to this forum and said that you are glad that they are teaching intimidation, violence, sabotage and revolution. We responded predictably and now you are accusing us of wanting no government at all. Seriously, you can’t see how you have slid off track here?

    So come on, Gern. Instead of setting up straw men to knock down, tell us more about how it is good that the university is teaching about the acceptable role of union violence and industrial sabotage. That is what this thread is about. You don’t need us to fight straw men.

  49. slinger says:

    I just watched “National Geographic: Inside North Korea” last night on Netflix. That is an excellent look into a worker’s utopia. They all have FREE health care too.

    Seriously, watch the film to see what worshiping the Beast will look like during the tribulation. Of course, the North Koreans in the film are the ones with reasons to praise their dear leader because they are the few in North Korea that are actually allowed to EAT.

    It is interesting that Gern wants the United States to look like North Korea. It seems he could save a lot of effort by just moving there himself. It’s very easy to get in, but not so easy to get out.

  50. Mad Brad says:

    Oh come on now Germ, you can do better than that. To Hell with “giving us Texas”, why don’t you come TAKE what we’ve got. That’s what Communists do. That’s what your original comment is all about.

  51. CK says:

    What always strikes me as odd is that these Commies are the same people that trumpet animal rights. Their “logic” is all over the place.

    The natural world is governed by survival of the fittest and the aggressive use of force where necessary. Yet they refuse to apply that same logic to human affairs. Rather than allow our society to at *least* be modeled after higher animals, they choose the collective model of the ants. Weird, huh?

  52. Uke says:

    Ah the favorite straw man of the left: That we want no government at all. Every time with these guys, isn’t it?

    Yep. Could damn near set your watch by it.

    There’s a big difference between limited and restrained government, and lawless anarchy Grundle.

    Back on topic now. Do you see yourself as the commander of the masses that encourages violent revolution against the capitalist system? Or merely one of the useful idiots they send out to do the dirty (communist) work for them? I’m curious.

  53. CK says:

    Mad Brad:

    “There is only ONE CURE for his disease.”

    It’s a shame, but it’s true. We’re diseased. Soon we’ll have to stop treating only the symptoms.

  54. TN_Cat says:

    Wow, is that really how the mind of a socialist thinks? After bleeding California, New York and Michigan to death, they want to take the rest of the country with the exception of Texas to further their insatiable appetite? Got news for them, it is not going to happen.

  55. Mad Brad says:

    Yeah, we had a guy who works in Detroit in our office today. Detroit was once a nice place. Germ wants the whole U.S. to become as nice a place to live as Detroit is today… except for Texas.

  56. RJ says:

    Damn Gern, sucks to be a commie troll on this sight don’t it.

    BTW you might want to think about giving us Texas considering how much gasoline is processed here, food grown here, electric generated here…

  57. Mad Brad says:

    Germ doesn’t know anything about Texas and the less he knows, the better. Trust me, Toto knows he isn’t in Kansas anymore. Germ hasn’t had this much attention since the neighbors dog humped his leg. Have you seen that pathetic blog of his? He’s happy to have anyone who will actually talk with him.

  58. Locke n Load says:

    DAMNIT! Why do I have to be driving when all the good shit gets going?! I call a time out! We resume after midnite!

  59. R.D. Walker says:

    Uke: Tell the dude you don’t approve of union violence and he accuses you of eschewing all human cooperation to the point of raising barns solo. Tell the dude you are opposed to increasing the role of the government and he accuses you of being an anarchist. It is like he couldn’t care less about the issues but simply wants to charge the windmills of his imagination.

    Gern wants more collective effort but at least half the population think like we do and feel we already have enough collectivism, thank you very much. Of course if half the people that would be the collective won’t cooperate, there is no collective, right? Wrong.

    That is the point of his support for the video. If we refuse further collectivization, he supports forcing us there with intimidation, sabotage and violence. That is always and everywhere the natural inclination of the left. They know how to create a better society and, if the people won’t cooperate, cooperation will be coerced. That is why the logical destination of the collectivist thinking of the left is always the same: the guillotine and the gulag.

  60. Roy Ryder says:

    Gern leaned back in his chair, causing it to creak, and sighed. A full day of blogging and trolling was hard enough work, but he’d had to walk up the stairs twice to answer the front door, leaving him exhausted. Still, he was satisfied that the effort had been worth it, and he let his mind wander back over his day as he wiped orange Cheetos dust from his fingers onto the Che Guevara t-shirt.

    First, after waking to NPR’s noon-hour show, he’d synced up his iPod and tossed a recently purchased copy of Reds into his blue-ray machine for ambiance. Then he’d gotten down to serious business. After checking his email and failing to find a reply from HotProletarietChick5, he hit the socially conscious forums. The ongoing debate over dialectical materialism at had heated up and he wrote over a dozen posts describing how intellectually challenged and politically unreliable his opponent was, closing with the zinger “I Marxed all over you!”

    Once that display of brilliance was done, he indulged in a microwaved Broccoli n’ Chedder Hot Pocket and returned to his labors. He found a forum of right-wing Neanderthals and attempted to illuminate them, but all he got was hostility. They were just typical fascists with their demand for self-reliance and contempt for the working man. In a perfect world, he’d have them all shot, but the worker’s paradise wasn’t here yet.

    A brief interruption caused by his mother had followed when she came down to the command center to fish the towels out of the dryer. She’d started off by asking about whether he had applied for that job at Subway yesterday. Gern tried to explain to her how the manager was exploiting the working man and that Italian dressing made his nose run, but she’d deflected his lecture by telling him to clean up the used Starbucks cups collecting around his bed.

    Later, after his maternal figure had left, Gern returned to his work on the computer. There was a poetry reading in two nights and he needed to find something that rhymed with “imperialism.” To help him concentrate, he put on his jaunty black beret, although the fit was off thanks to a freshly erupted pimple on his forehead. It stung, but then again, everyone sacrificed for the greater good.

  61. Gern Blanston says:

    Wow, it really drives you guys nuts that I am actually a job-holding normal person, doesn’t it? In fact, our household income (80% of which I generated) was well over $250K last year, and we earned every cent of it from old fashioned sweat-of-the-brow WORK. I know that doesn’t compute in your weird little world, but there it is anyway.

    OK, back to the original point. You guys are acting like these professors were advocating violence. They were quite accurately pointing out that the history of labor rights is a bloody one, and that when gross economic inequities exist, sometimes workers have to engage in revolutionary acts to be heard. I’m not advocating violence, and I don’t believe these guys are either. They are doing what professors do — teaching facts. What part of what they said do you find inaccurate, exactly?

    It is currently a time of gross economic inequity. I happen to be one of the beneficiaries of that inequity, and so under your world view I should just shut up and enjoy my economic security. Well, I don’t believe that is moral when so many of my fellow Americans are living at, or beyond, the edge. People should be outraged at the state of American labor rights. You guys have the outrage part down, clearly, but you’ve got it aimed in the wrong direction. If you’re looking for who broke the American economy, look no further than the free trader open market types who allowed all this outsourcing of jobs. Oh right. Those are the guys you all vote for.

    Where you should be directing your rage is at the total lack of corporate responsibility for the health and well being of this country. You think only private enterprise can save you, but private enterprise doesn’t give even the smallest fuck about you. All you are is a consumer. If you’re not consuming, you’re an expense. You OUGHT to be directing your totally justifiable anger at the companies who would presume to buy and sell you like a sack of grain, without the slightest regard to your humanity. If you want to stand up for your rights, you have to start by identifying the actual power center in this country. Hint: it ain’t Washington. Washington is just the puppet show. Washington was bought, paid, for, and turned into an irrelevant joke a long time ago. If you want to improve anything in this country, you have to start by making the oligarchs and the corporations pay their share, and paying it to EMPLOYEES is way better, I agree, than welfare checks.

  62. R.D. Walker says:

    Of course they are advocating violence. They are not talking in the past tense and they are not discussing history. They are discussing what is appropriate in the current environment.

    I understand why you would deny that and back peddle away from that. It is reprehensible. Still, denying what is there for all of us to see and hear is pretty penny ante. Still, at least you are embarrassed by it.

    “Gross economic inequity” is the whining cry of the pathetically jealous. Class envy is a sickening thing, Gern. I am guessing you are either lying about your income or wallowing in some kind of self-hating guilt. If you aren’t lying, give more of it away pal and quit demanding that you are generous when you give away other people’s money. You can do whatever you want to with your wealth sport, just stop demanding access to the wealth of others. That is thievery. As for inequality of wealth, I don’t give a shit if there are wealthy people in the world. In fact, I am glad there are and I have no desire to parasitize them.

    Our outrage is aimed at EXACTLY the right direction. It is aimed at thieves who feel they have the right to appropriate the property of others to satisfy their own subjective vision of justice. Your vision of justice is, from my perspective, bullshit. I don’t want handouts and I don’t want anything seized on my behalf. Let the rich keep what is theirs. It isn’t mine to take and I would rather live poor as a free man than dependent on the state to steal from others on my behalf.

    Corporations are just groups of people and they create wealth and jobs. Right now many of them are in bed with the Leviathan in Washington and, in this unholy alliance, undermining the markets that serve our communities. That corporatist bullshit deserves our outrage and I believe you will see it here. Corporations aren’t truly menacing until they are in bed with the state.

    You seem to think you are an outsider. You seem to think you are a rebel. You aren’t. You are tool of the machine. You are a consumer of liberty who would trade it all for some kind of a worthless equality of poverty. You will find that most of us here aren’t willing to trade freedom for baubles and material goods.

    So, Gern, who is that employer who has you so afraid to reveal your true thoughts? The one who would punish you for the essays you never wrote. I fear no one.

  63. R.D. Walker says:

    “…but private enterprise doesn’t give even the smallest fuck about you.”

    Damn! You so don’t get it, do you Gern? I don’t ask corporations to “give a fuck” about me. I don’t need a mommy. I need entities to provide goods and sevices and nothing else.

    Seriously! That comment is so revealing. It never occurs to me for a split second that corporations are supposed to give a fuck about me. Tell me Gern, does it hurt your feelings that corporations don’t give a fuck about you? Is that what drives the moonbat mind? The longing for somebody to care about you? A sense that some higher power loves you? Is that what you need? Well, you are right. You won’t find that in corporations.

    Corporations don’t give a fuck about you – that is true – but here is a newsflash for you. The government doesn’t give a fuck about you either. The unions also don’t give a fuck about you. Nobody gives a fuck about you Gern except maybe your mommy. Grow the fuck up man. You aren’t going to find love in institutions. Not in any of them.

  64. TN_Cat says:

    a couple questions, please answer them to the best of your ability.
    1) in comparison to every other country in the world, where does the US corporate tax rate rank?

    2) you earned 250k last year and paid 80k in federal taxes. How much in charitable contributions were claimed?

    3) if our wealth inequality is so great, why is our poverty rate almost four times the average income of the country we owe the most money to?

    4) did you actually listen to the speakers in the attached video?

    5) in the 2008 elections, who contributed more money, the unions or the fortune 500 companies combined?

  65. jacksonsdad says:

    Those evil corporations who you like to demonize but still pander to; who you hate but can’t live without; who have never ever forced me (or you) to buy a single one of their ‘sacks of grain’ or any other fuckin’ thing; who make life on Earth exponentially easier (all the while at the mercy of free-market forces); who donate billions to every cause under the sun; who produce affordable shit-paper so that I am free to wipe my dirty ass with EXACTLY my preferred number of “ply’s”…

    THOSE evil corporations are the problem and NOT the entity that loudly promised to pay for ObowmaCare with $500 billion (with a B) of ‘waste and fraud’ recovered from a single federal program?

    Just makin’ sure i understand WTF you’re talkin’ about. Of course, doublespeak like this….

    “If you want to improve anything in this country, you have to start by making the oligarchs and the corporations pay their share, and paying it to EMPLOYEES is way better, I agree, than welfare checks.”

    makes me wonder if it’s worth the effort. So… you want them to ‘pay their fair share’ by hiring people? by paying even more taxes? by withdrawing their DC lobby so that Trumpka Inc. will enjoy EVEN MORE access to the WH? All of the above?

    Just want to be clear on just how much you are willing to ask from people who you are all-too-willing to demonize as you sit reading one their creations and typing furiously on one of their creations while sipping one of their creations and sitting on one of their creations.

    It reminds me of that fat fuck Michael Moore, whose parents enjoyed life in these United States to the point of raising an excessively obese food-confiscator. Now he’s full grown (and then some) and says “capitalism never did anything for me”. Right. Just like what he confiscated didn’t contribute to his size. Dumbass.

  66. jacksonsdad says:

    Too funny. Dude says this…

    “I also happen to believe that I’m right on a number of points, and someone damn well needs to speak up.”

    That was over 9 months ago…. lmao.

    I guess it just depends on what your definition of the word ‘needs’ is… or perhaps he doesn’t know WTF ‘speak up’ means.

    “Every try to build a barn all by yourself?” lmao again! Really? What you would probably never understand is that us right-wing extremists are the best family, friends and neighbors in the world. The thing is, we pay it FORWARD. We don’t say “That’s not my job” or “What am I getting paid?”. We put in the sweat equity helping others and then, if we (Heaven forbid) find ourselves in need, there is a line of good folks eager to help. Got it?

    George Bailey is a good case study. Does he look or act like a hippy to you? THAT’S what it’s like to be a conservative. I know you think that only happens in movies but… you be wrong. We pull our weight the best we can and there is plenty of collective horsepower to take up whatever little slack is left… plus have some fun along the way and throw a few pig-pickin’s every year.

    We don’t segregate based on race, gender or sexual preference and nobody goes hungry or uncared for on our watch. All we ask is that those who can do, do. For reasonable people, that’s not too much to ask. But to entitlement brats… well, you might as well be asking for a kidney. Still, we help them build their barns and we even let them pick a piece-o-pork, even though they possess ZERO knowledge of what it took to get that tasty critter into the cooker and deliciously prepared for consumption.

    Just look at the gnashing of teeth that comes from simply asking for fiscal restraint and responsibility from a totally bloated and inefficient government. They say we’re out to ‘starve the poor’ and put the elderly out of their misery (I notice they don’t say too much about ‘the unborn’ when they start playing the ‘euthanize card’). They seem to say we need MORE government, not LESS.

    If adults are unable to agree that this distended behemoth that we call The Fed needs to go on a serious and meaningful diet then we are at an impass. When facts, math and fundamental logic fail to compel a reasonable course of action then there is no hope for ‘bipartisanship’.

    In this case, not only are the patisan leftwingers not compelled, they want to double-down on stoopid…. SPEND MORE — GROW GOVERNMENT. It’s the very definition of “bass-ackwards”.

    Hey, at least they’re consistent.

  67. Uke says:

    Goebbels, I frankly don’t care how you make your living or where you live.

    But it does perplex the shit out of me that you listened to those professors and saw nothing wrong with what they were teaching. They weren’t saying that sabotage, vandalism, and violence were valid tactics in decades-ago reforms. They were saying that violence and thuggery are valid tactics for social change.

    As in they are valid and defensible NOW (and at any time), with the current environment. Running through all sorts of rationalizations as to how destroying buildings, livelihoods, and people would be defensible somehow, in the same way that defending your wife and child from a home invasion is. Give me a break.

    They were not, as you claim, merely teaching history. They said (among other things), and I quote, “Terrorism is terrorism until it succeeds. Then it’s a revolution.”

    Or were you not watching the same videos I was?

    Furthermore, you conflate free market capitalism and corporatism, which explains the silliness you write about in your 3rd and 4th paragraphs. You probably also think that what’s been happening over the last couple years has been “evidence” of free market failure, without even considering the fact that the markets failed precisely because politicians couldn’t help but muck about in business that they should not have been mucking about in.

    The aforementioned mucking about that our politicians love so much (both left and right) is precisely what makes the markets NOT free, and in fact begins to resemble something much closer to a “state capitalism,” which is never something you’ll hear advocated around here (and with good reason).

    No, in truth, labor unions do very little good these days. With few exceptions, they are organizations that exist to perpetuate their own existence. They eat in order to be able to eat s’more.

    And they’ve extended their power and influence to such an extent that they leech off their host industries with such reckless fervor that the host industry actually dies. In nature, this action might be punished via the death of the parasitic union, as well. However, in today’s modern era, the action is rewarded by a bailout or something similar, which only perpetuates the undead zombie-crawl of the host industry and encourages the union to keep feeding with the same level of blind gluttony.


    Anyway, don’t try to do us any favors. You say you want to “help” us with more entitlements and more welfare, and I say that such “help” only breeds dependency, an overblown sense of entitlement, and a victim mentality, just to name a few things.

    Oh but it’s not just me saying that, by the way. Do a little research, check out studies from around the world of welfare and affirmative-action-like programs. Almost without exception, they breed complacency and all the other sorts of things I mentioned.

  68. R.D. Walker says:

    Great comments, Uke, JD and TN. Tonight you are the voices of reason. For whatever reason, I have no patience with this guy. The whole thing where he explained to us that corporations don’t love us is so very revealing. Never, ever, for the slightest moment did it ever occur to me that they should care about me. It was such an out of left field thing to say.

  69. TN_Cat says:

    Actually, I can’t wait for LNL to take a piece. Should be great reading along with Uke and JD.

  70. James says:

    “You OUGHT to be directing your totally justifiable anger at the companies who would presume to buy and sell you like a sack of grain”

    Unless a company is using government to gain an advantage over me they wouldn’t otherwise have, they are not taking anything from me. Companies have no power. If I don’t like their products, I don’t buy. There’s even competition in gasoline production. I can buy elsewhere. Companies are nice to me because they want my voluntary business.

    Government has power. If I don’t pay them, I get fined and jailed. Name a company that can do that. Increasing government power is a bad thing. Yet some people think government is “good.”

    Why is it companies have capital they receive from voluntary trading of goods they produce and run a surplus, whereas government takes capital by force and runs deficits?

    Why is it some people prefer corrupt government over the free market?
    Because they think they will receive something without working for it.

    Gern you also have this misconception that without government, society would be poverty stricken. Government doesn’t produce anything. I can name no government products I can buy at a store. Government can only steal from the producers and redistribute.

    We have become a nation of thieves.
    If you wish to fund government programs, Gern, please donate directly to them. But do not force your morals and ideas about society upon me and my money.

  71. R.D. Walker says:

    Guys like Gern scare the living shit out of me. Their existence is like a terrifying harbinger of our coming bondage. They are just ready to give it all up for “stuff.” Each step of the way, these guys promote an agenda where more and more people are made dependent on the state.

    They push and push until there is no way to escape the rising waters of state control over lives. Once the dike is breached, the waters of state influence begin to fill every nook and cranny of our lives. There is no place to escape it. A greater and greater share of the people became compressed, enervated, extinguished and stupefied.

    More and more we are reduced to dependent serfs numbed by an entertainment culture and addled with idiotic diversions. Greater and greater numbers submit to the Leviathan and even embrace its principles. For these people and their decedents, bread and circuses from the state are far more desirable than the danger and toils of freedom.

    Step by step, law by law, liberty is eroded. Each step is embraced by a growing subset of the citizenry. More liberty is surrendered in exchange for more security. The people become timid. They became fearful. They became easily scared by tales of sickness, poverty and financial challenges. They beg to trade all upside for minor securities against the downside.

    Millions of Americans would prefer not have to worry about taking care of themselves and their families. In exchange for the removal of this worry, they are willing to submit to and become dependent on the state. They voluntarily surrender their liberties and look naturally to the state for their needs. They have become the serfs of the soft despotism of a Leviathan state. Dependence leads to bondage.

    We have fought this and will continue to fight it. We will throw tumblers of water on the raging inferno of statism while our subservient fellow Americans luxuriate in the bosom of the Leviathan. We will fight and, ultimately, we will lose. The natural state of civilization will return and Americans will join the 99.9% of humanity who have lived since the dawn of civilization: as serfs, subjects, vassals, servants, and slaves. The Tytler Cycle rolls on…

  72. James says:

    “They beg to trade all upside for minor securities against the downside.”

    These stupid people think The State is giving them security. The State is supporting a Fed dictatorship that is destroying their dollar. That’s stealing, not security.

    These dupes only receive the promise of security, but never get it.

  73. TN_Cat says:

    RD, please post that on a regular post. Deserves the exposure.

  74. jacksonsdad says:

    RD mentioned the strawman of ‘anarchists’ but… it’s funny cuz we actually could get through life without The Fed a helluva lot easier than they could get through life without those evil corporations. This dipshit wants us to ‘take Texas’…. OK. We’ll take Texas and all those evil corporations that you loathe and you take The Fed. Deal Howie.

    We will ‘check’ our own meat and fix our own potholes TYVM… and good riddance.

    Seriously though, isn’t it the height of hypocrisy to loathe Pfizer as you simultaneously pop your Xanax? To kvetch about huge corporations by pounding on your HP keyboard? To hold your nose as Charmin Ultra helps you effectively clean your ass?

    Just STFU and say “Thank You, Microsoft…. that Windows 7 is da’ bomb!”.

  75. jacksonsdad says:

    On that cycle chart we have passed 9 o’clock with a head of steam. The Tea Party has provided a headwind but the entitlement momentum is gonna be hard to diffuse. The ‘Gerns’ among us refuse to recognize sloth at the individual level…. choosing instead “to start by making the oligarchs and the corporations pay their share”.

    Bass-ackwards as usual.

    I was a self-employed paint contractor. I reaped EXACTLY what I sowed and I was as productive as I could possibly be. On the other end of the spectrum is a small cog in a small gear of a big machine who’s output is barely missed when he’s gone. His job is more about what he’s NOT gonna do than what he actually does. He is as non-productive as he can get away with and still keep his job.

    Gern says “but private enterprise doesn’t give even the smallest fuck about you.” I would submit that the average public union employee doesn’t give a fuck about their employer. Even worse, they don’t give a fuck about how their demands affect the general public who pays their salary. Case in point, the WI teachers union.

    I’m glad that they showed their asses the way they did… lying and bullying in front of God and everybody. That’s exactly what brats do when you ask them to help clean up the mess they helped make. And the senators who fled the state to thwart the will of the people…


    Keep up the good work moonbats! It’s all on the record and I hope you get EXACTLY what you deserve. That’s fair, right?

    Later y’all. I’m out till the AM.

  76. R.D. Walker says:

    Yep. They like to pretend there is no such thing as the “deserve it poor.”

    I have known a lot of very poor people in my life. Hell, I was one for a number of years. Here is how they break out..

    About 70% are temporarily poor or, as they refer to themselves, “broke.” They will pass through this period of poverty and live the remainder of their lives in the middle class or better.

    About 25% are “deserve it poor.” They don’t want to work. They want to drink all day. They want to do drugs. They commit crimes. They are self-destructive and reaping what they sow.

    The last 5% are hard cases. The handicapped, the sick, the injured, the elderly… These people are poor and it isn’t their fault. They probably won’t lift themselves out of it.

    The left pretends that all 100% are the same as the last 5%.

  77. Uke says:

    Great contributions from y’all folks. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of this post.

    Three cheers for Comrade Gernovich for making it all possible.

  78. Bman says:

    (from Germ) “….making the oligarchs and the corporations pay their share,..”

    This phrase is really popping up all over the place lately, eh?

  79. notamobster says:

    WOW! Go to work. Come home. Laugh your ass off.

    Thanks, Germ! Dick.

  80. Locke n Load says:

    Yeah, no shit Nota. Sometimes I hate my job, I would have loved to have jumped into the fray but didn’t get even half a chance.
    Oustanding thread. Sorry TN, its 3:30 and frankly I’m just wiped out. Home tomorrow with the Fam then back out. Honestly, you all covered 90% of what I would have said anyway.

  81. jumpstart says:

    Listening to some of these people makes me seriously consider retro-active birth control.

  82. equityveritas says:

    for all the lefty communists and anarchists out there:
    you talk big ideas (ones that have historically failed and continually been proven faulty) and pleasure yourselves with fantasies of violent overthrow and harm to others. let it abundantly clear and well known to your vapid skull that if and when such actions occur (and we’ve put up with your irrational nonsense for far long enough), we who love this country and the US Constitutional principles of freedom, liberty, and free market capitalism (not crony or corporatist or socialist hybrids) will swiftly and harshly put an end to your uprising of traitorous idiocy – not because we cling to our guns, but rather because we ultimately will defend our nation from your kind when the moment is ripe and right.

  83. Brian says:

    Hard to share this with decent people on facebook with the word “fucktards” on here. Now there’s people who won’t get this important message. Please clean it up, your audience wasn’t raised in the outhouse.

  84. MadBrad says:

    I got your back Brian. Try it now. Welcome to the Revo!

    Is this Big B from the Spice Island?

  85. notamobster says:

    Grown folks will need to one day, some day, any day now…….. be able to handle terse language in their pursuit of liberty.

    You see, that’s the thing about liberty – it isn’t predicated upon what is deemed acceptable by ANYONE!

    NOT ANYONE! Liberty would tend to indicate that folks are FREE. If your audience doesn’t approve of grown folks using language appropriate to grownfolks, or free people saying what they want to say, then I am sorry.

    Your definition of free people is seriously lacking, Sir.

    (I understand what you are putting out, but I feel the need to take stand for those who don’t speak in code, for the kids. I don’t use such language in front of my younger children, or women in person, but the folks who frequent these parts know that terse language may some times be in use.)

    Welcome, though. I truly hope you return.

  86. notamobster says:

    As a free man, you could always copy the embed code and post the video as you see fit and completely omit the site with the language. At least the message would get out, which IS THE OBJECTIVE HERE.

  87. notamobster says:

    Besides, wasn’t the subject-matter about how some folks took graduate level courses in killing communists?

    Really? You’re going to instruct folks on how some folks kill communists, but they don’t use the “F-word”?

    Is this, how we parse language these days?

    It’s okay to discuss the irrevocable damage inflicted by death, but not the injured sensibilities of mere words?


  88. Locke n Load says:

    Relax Nota,lol. I’ve known quite a few foul-mouthed Catholic priests when they had a whiskey in them but you can sure as hell bet their sermons were squeaky clean 🙂

    While expecting us to be sunday school prim in our language is a futile request, at least he was trying to pass the word.

  89. Locke n Load says:

    And Brian? We ARE decent people in here but we’re talking about Communists and their plans to indoctrinate skulls full of mush. As much as I appreciate you as an audience, please do the same to understand THIS site’s contributors and audience. You can certainly warn whoever you pass it along to that they should expect to see military-grade language reflecting a military readership and their hatred of scumbag thuggery in this thread. Generally we’re more polite but stuff like this MUST be understood to be gasoline on the fire of varied patriotic souls. I think anyone you hopefully pass this along to would understand.

  90. notamobster says:

    I’ll pull it back a notch… My bad. Alcohol is to blame. My bad.

    The Bacardi Corporation forced me to say the things I said. (They forced me to bang that fat broad, too… once upon a time.)

    Now, the Real Revo, forces me to sit on the couch type, type, typing away. It’s an addiction. Just ask the Missus.

  91. Locke n Load says:

    Eh, we aint an addiction, we’re a family. The Revo is my family away from home and to prove it, just ask my wife. I’m gone so much she gets jealous of anything that takes my time or attention when I’m home. She doesn’t suffer a mistress well.

  92. notamobster says:

    I acknowledged you folks as my mistress years ago. She’s grown to accept you all…though occassionally she complains. I just act like I didn’t hear her. 🙂

    Yeah, like that shit works.

  93. R.D. Walker says:

    I don’t really have much to add. I both use foul language here and regret it. I agree with the guys above however. The subject matter of this post are such that, if you can’t suffer vulgarisms, you can’t suffer the topic at all. What is being taught at the University in the videos is far more vulgar than an F-bomb.