No more “oil men” in the White House

Who will Nanzi Pelosi blame now?

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2 Responses to No more “oil men” in the White House

  1. BetterDeadThanRed says:

    She like all other useful idiots will claim ” we can’t fix what GWB did in 4 yrs”. And of course ” it’s racist if you doubt the one “.

    She is one of many shining examples of what’s wrong with our political class.

    Take some more botox Nancy, you will need the numbing effects when your Marxist revolution starts.

  2. vamd says:

    In some strange way this is a circular world. Left wing elitists have taken over the traditional media and the education system, turning out people who cannot think. At the same time they turn to the internet in droves. If those same brainwashed people can see the inherent cognitive disconnect among their anointed leaders, there may be hope for this nation yet.