Food Stamp budget cut…

…sales of Mt. Dew, Doritos and Skittles plummet.

Okay, they haven’t cut the Food Stamp budget but they are considering it.

ABC News’ Huma Khan reports: Congress is under pressure to cut the rapidly rising costs of the federal government’s food stamps program at a time when a record number of Americans are relying on it.

The House Appropriations Committee today will review the fiscal year 2012 appropriations bill for the Department of Agriculture that includes $71 billion for the agency’s “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.” That’s $2 billion less than what President Obama requested but a 9 percent increase from 2011, which, critics say, is too large given the sizeable budget deficit.

A record number of Americans — about 14 percent — now rely on the federal government’s food stamps program and its rapid expansion in recent years has become a politically explosive topic.

“Relying on it” my ass. Both my adult children work in grocery retail and they constantly regale me with stories of the abuse of food stamps and recipients’ access to cash for beer, tobacco, Lotto tickets and prepared foods. I have no doubt there are some desperate people for which Food Stamps are important, but there is no program in the American welfare state that is more rife with abuse than the Food Stamp boondoggle. They could cut the hell out of it and nobody would go hungry.

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15 Responses to Food Stamp budget cut…

  1. Matt says:

    I recall being in line at a convenience store in Idaho along I-15 many years ago. A Greyhound bus was making a pit stop, and its passengers were milling around the store. In front of me in line was one of these passengers, being told by the cashier that he could not accept food stamps for her purchase. The lady began to squawk indignantly, “But how’m I s’posed ta feed ma baby?! How’m I s’posed to feed ma baby?!” Alas, recognizing defeat, she shoved her beer, Slim Jims, and sunflower seeds back onto the counter and stormed out.

  2. Juliereuter says:

    well There are some that do abuse their food stamps and some that don’t and what are people going to do if he cuts them? People will steal or starve. Alot of single mother’s depend on them to feed their children, maybe he should cut what you are allowd to buy with them???? Instead of taking them away.

  3. Juliereuter says:

    ps and anyone who trys to buy stupid things like beer or slim jims auuta not have their food stamps and should be working. lot’s of us work and get food stamps!

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    How about three meals a day for kids only in public schools? Seems like a fair trade-off. The kids eat and the single-mom is able to use money saved by the avoided cost of feeding her children to feed herself.

    How’s that sound? If that is no good, why isn’t it?

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    Obama’s budget for food stamps next year is $74 billion.

    There are about 14,000 school districts in America.

    That is about $5.3 million per district.

    And that is about $14,500 per day, per district for 365 days a year. I’d say that would cover it since thousands of those school districts only have a total of a couple hundred kids and maybe a couple dozen who qualify free meals.

    Maybe it is two meals a day and the kid gets an MRE for supper, huh? Save huge money that way.

    Of course you would save $30 billion that is currently spent on free school lunches as it would be redundant, right?

  6. R.D. Walker says:

    There are 61 million Americans under the age of 14. Let’s say 25% of them have parents who can’t manage to feed them. That is about 15.3 million kids.

    $74 billion divided among 15.3 million kids is $13.25 per kid 365 days a year.

    The cost of the average school meal in 2010 is $2.72 or $8.16 for three meals.

    That is $46.6 billion per year. Add $10 billion for program overhead and the total is $56.6 billion. The savings is $18.4 billion on food stamps plus an additional $30 billion on the redundant current free lunch program.

    There. I just fed all the hungry children and saved $48.4 billion. None of the kids I fed will be getting Skittles and Mr. Dew for lunch either.

  7. slaphappypap says:

    If anyone is interested I had this deal offered to me two weeks ago…

    $100.00 cash gets you $160.00 on Illinois Link Card.

  8. Kenneth says:

    I grew up in a welfare home and around a lot of welfare abusers. There’s definitely a need for the system, but the theft from working Americans needs to stop. If you can afford cable, smartphones, cigarettes, or alcohol, you can afford to take care of yourself. That’s not to say I’m completely opposed to bump-in-the-road assistance, but reliance on the system in absence of a disability or impairment of some kind is bull.

  9. Uke says:

    My family was eligible for welfare stamps for my entire childhood. Many years it was not just barely so, either. Yet my family never took any such assistance, and indeed I never even realized we were that broke until much later.

    My family always made sure to keep food on the table as the first priority. We didn’t have cable, big stereo systems, didn’t take vacations other than to the beach, and didn’t get many presents at Christmas (and most of them were useful gifts rather than toys), but you know what? Life was pretty good, in my mind.

    Now, I submit that the vast majority of families eligible for food stamps are like that. Fully able to provide for their children without government assistance. Whether they do, however, is another question.

    I see many “poverty-stricken” families today that have cable/satellite, broadband internet, 2 cars less than 5 years old, a well-furnished house, iPhones, and you name it. The list goes on. Now I know the line about how our level of poverty in the US is like being rich in other countries. But the point still stands that our welfare-eligible populations are largely capable of making sacrifices to feed themselves and their children. One does not need broadband, cable, new cars, vacations twice a year, and any number of those other things.

    Now then, that leaves what I would call a “small percentage” of those poor that really, truly need food stamps. They’ve made every single cut they possibly can, and without the stamps, someone in their family would malnourishment. Every purchase this family makes is necessary and wholesome in a nutritional sense (as opposed to Doritos and Marlboros).

    However, I will make the leap to say that this category of family is so very limited as to make the current number of 50 million welfare recipients appear monstrous by comparison. In fact, the number is so small by my guess that voluntary charities and church groups could easily cover the families in real need, hence eliminating the need for food stamps entirely. Churches and charities covering the needs of 50 million people seems an insurmountable task, but 5-10 million? I have no doubt that our nation can help that many on a local community level.

  10. jacksonsdad says:

    I remember vividly the day the veil was lifted. There I was, trunk open, loading my groceries when a friend of mine from school pushed his cart right up next to me. He showed me several ‘nice tick’ ribeyes that he had just bought… at least $20 worth (pre-sales tax). He said “Gimme $10 and they’re yours.” Of course I was skeptical and I said to him “What’s the catch”. He said “No catch… I can’t buy my cigs with my stamps so you gimme cash for this meat, you get the meat and I get my cigs. It’s a win/win!”

    My dad smelled them cooking and felt compelled to inquire just how it came to be that his broke-ass teenager was searing bovine flesh on his grill. I proudly told him about the “too good to be true” deal I had made. What followed was a There’s NO Free Lunch Clinic for the ages, including a chapter on why it’s abso-fuckin’-lutely NOT ok to cheat on your taxes… despite the fact that the POS pols are terrible stewards of your hard-earned dollars (which results in BS scams like the MEAT FOR VICES fraud I participated in).

    He told me way back then about the entitlement mentality and how he pitied the coming generations who would be forced to fight this battle (he predicted we would lose). He knew that The Free Lunch was too alluring to resist, even for good, well-meaning people (just for the record… my old man was NOT a pessimist. In fact he believed in The American Dream more than anyone else I’ve ever known but… he saw the writing on the wall).

    Now here we are at Ground Zero of the battle he warned me about and these assholes are absolutely refusing to relent… in fact they are doubling-down and insisting on NEW SPENDING. How can you reason with that?

    We The People: “We’re Broke!”.

    POS pols: “What we have here… is a failure to spend ENOUGH!”


    Sorry for the rant… the food stamp topic got me remembering my old man. I know he’s laughing right now… reminiscing about that day in the early 80’s when he was warning me about the menace of liberalism and the dependence it nourishes (as I was stuffing my face with half-price steak).

    His breed is dying fast and I’m afraid we are all screwed. I hope he was wrong in his prediction but this much is certain…. we will know soon enough. The reckoning approaches.

    Fuck it. Who wants pie?

  11. Uke says:

    Fuck it. Who wants pie?

    Free government pie??

  12. zellamaria says:

    The Food Stamp Program is rife with abuse because USDA does not monitor the types of food that recipients purchase and as a result some people spend most of their food stamp allowance on sodas, chips, cookies, and other junk food. The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 defines eligible food as any food or food product for home consumption and also includes seeds and plants which produce food for consumption by SNAP households. Herein lies the reason that childhood obesity is a major problem in the U.S. There is ample food but parents feed their children junk food.

    Why doesn’t the USDA disallow junk food? The answer is quite simple. Too much work.

    Further, if you really want to observe the abuse of food stamps, go into a grocery or convenience store and watch the purchases made by some of the food stamp recipients. After paying for the chips and soda with an EBT Card, watch them pull out the hundred dollar bills and buy beer and wine.

    Every food stamp program should be managed by credentialled Health Educators and/or Nutritionists. Food Stamp recipients should be required to participate in nutrition classes as well as contribute something to the community in terms of community service. Let them clean the streets, work in the school system as aides/food service workers/etc or send them to school so they can develop a skill.

    This nanny state situation needs to stop. We need to take care of children and the elderly and let the rest of the population learn to take care of themselves.

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    Hear, hear, zellamaria! And welcome to the Real Revo! You are among friends.

  14. zellamaria says:

    I can tell you all about the Social Service System and the so-called “Poverty Programs” in this country. You see, I worked in those types of programs for over 20 years and finally I left when I realized that I was in the wrong field. Why? Because I was one of the very few Social Workers who insisted on responsible patterns of behaviors from the clients. My philosophy is that if one makes a decision to have a child, the parent must be held accountable to raise a healthy, aspiring child. Child Abuse in my opinion includes neglect (physical and emotional). The numbers of mothers who receive an adequate amount of food stamps and, yet, feed their children soda and chips or cookies for breakfast are unimaginable. Trust me, the young women on my caseload learned quick, fast and in a hurry that I didn’t take “no stuff.” I insisted that they either go to school and learn a skill or find a job OR suffer the consequences of their behavior.

    I am so tired of hearing about “Childhood Obesity” and such cutesy tootsey mantras like “Let’s Move.” Childhood obesity is a result of neglect by parents and the “Let’s Move” should be used as a means of insisting that parents be responsible for their children or be placed under supervision of the courts. Childhood Obesity is also a direct result of a lax and poorly structured Food Stamp Program. How can the Government justify taxing the hell out of those of us who work so that Food Stamp Recipients can buy junk food to feed their children? Yet, the current Administration thinks that we aren’t paying enough taxes so the “less fortunate among us” can get their share of the “American Dream.”

    I was raised in a very poor family. My grandmother raised the food and chickens. She preserved the food so we could eat in the winter months. More importantly she taught us a work ethic and a belief that we could overcome anything we faced in life as long as we worked hard and believed in ourselves. My grandmother couldn’t read or write but her one goal in life was to see me acquire an education and I did. I paid for my own college classes. I worked as a waitress to earn enough to go to school and buy my clothes. I wanted more than anything in the world to make my grandmother proud. Yes, my grandmother was eligible for Food Stamps but she always said, “When you take something from the government, you become a slave of the government.” How right she was!

    By no stretch of the imagination am I selfish. I always give donations to the Wounded Warriors Project, St Jude’s Hospital, and the USO. I work hard, sometimes 12-14 hours a day and get paid for 8. Why do I work so hard? Because I am a proud woman and I am so grateful to have a job….and more importantly I know my Grandmother is in heaven looking down on me….and she is happy with her granddaughter.

  15. R.D. Walker says:

    “When you take something from the government, you become a slave of the government.”

    Truer words were never spoken. God bless your grandmother.