Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote For Democrats?

It is about time that the role of the Republicans, as well as the role of the Democrats, in the civil rights story of the United States is told. Klavan takes a good first step. First you have to ask the simple questions. Second you have to tell the true history.

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6 Responses to Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote For Democrats?

  1. Uke says:

    I, too, am at a loss to figure out how this message isn’t more understood in the black community.

    The following is not the only logic string that can be made to show how Democratic policies are harmful to blacks:

    1. Minimum wage laws (esp. high ones) lead directly to high minority unemployment, particularly high youth minority unemployment.
    2. High unemployment coincides with high rates of poverty.
    3. High poverty “demands” government entitlement programs.
    4. Entitlement programs create “easy poverty.”
    5. “Easy poverty” leads to dependency, lack of ambition, victim mentality… and it is self-perpetuating.

    And yet, as of a few months ago (probably little changed now), Obama had support from 95% of the black community, and they continue to show fervent and overwhelming support for Democratic candidates.


    In a strange twist, it arguably is “The Man” keeping the black man down, only there seems to be a great misconception about who “The Man” really is.

    Hint: It sure as hell ain’t us.

  2. Johm Petersen says:

    Ever heard of realignment?

    It’s an important concept in US history that essentially answers your question. Indeed, black voters were staunchly Republican and very against the Democratic party during Reconstruction. That changed in about 1936 and then the change was cemented in 1964.

  3. Locke n Load says:

    Naming the phenomenon doesn’t really explain it, does it Mr Peterson? The question for us now is WHY do they continue to vote Democrat..and the answer more often than not boils down to class warfare and race baiting. Add to that the self destructive nature of an urban culture that generally abhors educational success and he picture becomes clearer. democrats have convinced their base that slavery is freedom, that economic freedom is GRANTED not earned, and that nothing can be accomplished without the government paving an individuals way. Also headlining the Big Lie parade: class is entirely determined by birth and is unalterable, all whites are racists, America OWES you something, justice means taking from others, and Equality means hobbling the competition because anyone who succeeds got there by virtue of LUCK or the color of their skin.

    This kind sir, is why Black America continues to vote Democrat. The Democrats promise goodies, absolution from failure, and revenge. Period. Its class warfare, pure and simple, and the folks that fall for it cannot be excused their foolishness. Urban black America isn’t failing because of America, it’s failing because it worships at the altars of Socialism.

    As long as acceptance in a predominantly white culture is considered selling out, they will vote Democrat. As long as they look outward instead if at themselves, they will vote Democrat. As long as they continue to believe the lies about white people hating them,they will vote Democrat. Surely, as long as they believe the game is rigged against them…they will vote Democrat.

    There are FAR more poor white folks in this country than black. And just as the white folks migrate between “classes” throughout their lives, so can, and do, black families. Class is a marxist construct. Economic opportunity is not. As long as urban black America believes Class is a permanent (not fluid) structure and opportunity is a fraud, they will continue to hobble themselves and nothing the Republicans, average white folks, or government does will help. Self determination is a self fulfilling prophesy.

    Oh, bw, welcome aboard Mr Peterson. Hope that didn’t sound like I was barking at you,lol.

  4. shawn says:

    LnL, awesome comment. πŸ™‚

  5. Locke n Load says:

    Thanks Shawn, and here I thought I might have come off as a bit…harsh? lol.

  6. Don Rice Jr. says:

    Wow. It’s hard to imagine the mindset of people who take this video seriously, as if Mr. Klavan is speak unadulterated truth. The first clue that he’s not is right near the beginning when he states that Lncoln “invented” the $5 bill. This is so clearly satire that it amazes me that people just don’t see it. And the clues that it *is* satire are scattered all through the presentation.