Different Presidents, a Different Corps

Watch the Marines and you will understand.

“Tepid” was kind.

Update, 3/12/09

This video has received a lot of attention. As of right now, it is showing well over a half a million hits since it was posted on March 1. It is also controversial. Many Obama supporters have claimed to “debunk” the video by pointing out that the events were not comparable. They argue that the event in Anbar province that President Bush attended in September 2007 was informal. The Camp Lejune event that President Obama attended, on the other hand, was more formal. They point out that it is not fair to compare two events in which the Marines are subject to different rules of behavior.

In fairness, they are correct. The events were different in many ways and the Marines present were subject to different behavioral expectations. There is, however, more to this video than that. If the content of this video were that easily “debunked” it would not still be drawing tens of thousands of hits per day. The different degrees of formality aside, this video is quite revealing.

In the video, the Marines exhibit obvious love and respect for President Bush. His visit was not an event that followed closely on the heels of 9/11. This video was taken after the worst days of the war and after the surge created major progress in the region. The president is visiting the troops in Anbar Province, the home of the infamous Falluja and Ar Ramadi killing grounds. This visit took place after the province had been pacified. In other words, the Marines showed their love of Mr. Bush even after the darkest days of the war.

The Lejune video, on the other hand, shows Obama entering with all the pomp and circumstance of a royal visit to the peasants. Hail to the Chief plays in the background; something that President Bush didn’t allow during his military visits. Obama knows that keeping the Marines locked at the position of attention means that no comparison can ever be made to the loving reception President Bush regularly received from the troops. Obama knows how the Marines feel and will always treat them exactly like the rabble he sees.

This is the real truth of the video and why it is so popular. It warms the heart of Bush supporters to see President Bush receive the love, gratitude and respect of these warriors. It angers Obama supporters because they also see the love President Bush receives and they know their man will never see anything similar from the troops. They know that these warriors loved the last president and will never give similar respect to this one.

A good YouTube video stirs the emotions and this one does that. It elicits different emotions in different people but the underlying truth that is the catalyst for the emotional response is the same for everyone. The Marines loved President Bush in a way they will never love President Obama.

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250 Responses to Different Presidents, a Different Corps

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    Nicely done.

  2. boris says:

    oooo rah

  3. 11B40 says:


    I think this is a good example of the “who would you want in your foxhole” effect.

  4. Mark says:

    Different? Hardly. There has been and only will be ONE Marine Corps. Period.
    Semper Fi

  5. Gary Joyce says:

    Ah, jeez. Damn Grunts!

    Thank God for ’em.

    An ex-(Army) LRRP/Ranger

  6. R.D. Walker says:

    Welcome to the Revo, Gary. I myself am a former member of the 82nd Airborne and LRSD trooper. I wasn’t a Ranger but I made up for it when my son became a Ranger in 1/75 BAT and saw the elephant in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Stick around and join the conversation, we’re glad to have you.

  7. GunnNutt says:

    The beginning of this video is the perfect definition for “thunderous applause.” OORAH!

    I had forgotten that Bush stopped the practice of playing “Hail to the Chief” whenever he entered a room. Not surprising that Obama would use it all the time.

  8. R.D. Walker says:

    Glad to see you here GunnNutt. You are among friends. Stick around check things out.

  9. S Pliskin says:

    You’re a bunch of traitorous pussies and should all be put in a can. Obama’s visit was formal at Camp L, Bush’s was a sneak in at Bahgdad. Think there’s a difference?\
    What a shame such disgusting pukes as you were allowed to live in this great country.

  10. R.D. Walker says:

    “Think there’s a difference?”

    Yeah, there is a huge difference. The Marines show a love of President Bush and icy tolerance for the Bamster. Do you always have to have somebody explain things like this?

  11. Burt Nelson says:

    Nice try losers. Completely different circumstances. And why I should give a shit what Marines think about the president is beyond me. If you don’t like the policy of course you won’t like the policy maker. I’m glad you moonies love Bush despite the fact he got all your buddies killed for a lie in Iraq.

  12. Wow Burt, You should thank these nice gentle your cussing at for the right to say what you like because they fought for your right to say it. Just you wait, Obama will be trying to take away those precious freedoms. He is our first Illegal President.

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    Notice Burt wants us to believe that a) Marines really do like Obama and b) it doesn’t matter that they don’t like him.

    You may be noticing that it is moonbat day here at the Revo. We are getting hits from this site. Expect these people to continue beclowning themselves here all day.

  14. Brandon says:

    No offense to anyone that served in any military branch, however, the war in Iraq is hardly about protecting our freedoms in the USA. Sorry to break this too you but they only thing our brave men and women fought for was to extend our overseas empire.

  15. Jill Infidel says:

    Funny that the glassy eyed Obot supporters here call us names like traitorous pussies… how much time did you do in the military?

    Although nelson does have a point in that Camp Lejuene is the knobslobbing crapital of the USMC outside of Quantico… so I am sure that the Marines there were told to just stand at attention. Things are a lot different out in the field than back in the cushy offices in Lejuene.

    Just glad i don’t have to serve under this one… Clinton was bad enough and hugely embarrasing when we went overseas!

  16. R.D. Walker says:

    Brandon, not to put to fine a point on it, but you are a moron. There are thousands of sites around the web where you can foist off that sort of flaccid thinking but not here pal. See, at the Revo we know that the business of America is business and that all liberty flows from property and the right to enjoy the fruits of your own labor. Without liberty, there is no freedom. You can’t be free if you are dependent.

    Commerce is the lifeblood of liberty in the modern world. If there are pukes in the Persian Gulf region who threaten commerce, they threaten the lifeblood of liberty. They threaten the liberty for Arabs to trade oil; something they must do to survive. They threaten the ability of the West to purchase that oil; something they must do to power the engine of civilization.

    When Marines protect and promote commerce by preventing others from inhibiting it, they most certainly protect the liberty of Americans and others around the world. The business of America is business; without it we have nothing. God bless the United States Marines for protecting liberty and freedom by eliminating those who would undermine commerce and trade. Semper Fi!

  17. Brandon says:

    your kool-aid is getting a little strong there buddy…

  18. R.D. Walker says:

    Yes, yes Brandon, I know that you believe that industrial civilization just happens. Nothing need be extracted from the earth, nothing need be harvested, nothing need be capitalized, nothing need be transported… it all just happens by magic and *viola* you have a computer, Internet and a comfortable house to post to the Real Revo from.

    Go find one of the few grown ups left in this nation and he will explain it to you. He will explain that civilization is built on commerce and industry and that there are people who will attempt to undermine that and destroy it for their own benefit. He will explain to you that rough men protect the freedom to engage in trade and industry and build a civilization with more freedom, health, welfare, education, leisure and comfort than have existed in any other place in time or history. None of it – NONE – would have or could have existed if men and women like these Marines weren’t willing to go to shit holes like Iraq and make sure that commerce and trade can exist. Without Marines, we have nothing.

  19. Roy Ryder says:

    While I don’t dispute that there’s a difference between a formal Presidential visit and the informal visit Bush made, that’s not exactly the point. If you watch the video, you’ll notice that during Obama’s visit, a handful of uniformed people ARE applauding politely while the rest are not. This indicates to me that people CHOSE their heartfelt response in both cases. Maybe if the Dali Bama bothered to visit the troops instead of denigrating them and seeking their failure (and possible death during that failure) he’d get a little more lovin’ from those who give their all.

  20. R.D. Walker says:

    True there seems to be a formal/informal disparity. But all you need to do is look at the Marines’ reaction to President Bush. If you can watch that and believe that, had the Lejune event been informal, Obama would received a similar response, you are delusional.

  21. Arch says:

    This comparison is nothing but negative slander against our president. The posting of it shows a lack of patriotic sprit. We just saw two different situations that had different people being spoken to for different reasons. The saying ought to go ” having a part of some information is dangerous! Give this stuff a rest and stop attacking your fellow Americans when things dont go your way!

  22. ccc says:

    Seeing the reaction to President Bush brings tears to my eyes. I miss him. Seeing the reaction to Obama, makes me smile from ear to ear.

  23. BJL says:

    You military people who believe you are somehow above the ones who didn’t serve, like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the idiots who sent you into an illegal occupation make me laugh. And by the way, you are not over there fighting for my freedoms, but if that excuse gets you through the day then use it.

  24. Col USMC RET says:

    Hey Bert Nelson,
    I spent thirty years in the Corps defending your freedoms.
    Screw you!

  25. R.D. Walker says:

    BJL: You are damned right puke, I wasn’t fighting for YOUR freedoms. I was defending the freedoms of Americans.

  26. R.D. Walker says:

    Col USMC RET: Welcome to the Revo, sir. Glad to have you aboard.

  27. real deal says:

    col usmc ret and rd walker:

    thank you for your service, and G-d bless you.

    the people of israel know one thing for sure: those who are compassionate to the cruel end up being cruel to the compassionate.

    the reason america has been able to be strong economically, culturally and stand up for freedom is due to a strong military and a death defying will to be free.

    israel and the jewish people will take a col usmc ret or a rd any day.

  28. skr says:

    Cute little propaganda piece. The world is well aware that you used two completely different settings to compare. One could say you are trying far too hard. What are you afraid of? I dare say you are afraid that George W. Bush will one day be indicted for War Crimes and Crimes against humanity – and he greatly deserves it.

    These right wing trolls can’t handle that we now have an intelligent person who speaks in full sentences rather than grunts and snorts like an animal.

  29. qc says:

    The Bush speech was the suprise Labor Day visit to Iraq in 2007, the guy introducing him says “Welcome to Anbar” and Bush makes mention of Labor Day himself.
    The Obama speech was a formal speech given at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

    Of course they are going to react differently to a suprise visit, in the middle of a war, on a national holiday, then they would to a scheduled, formal speech, where they were at attention and following protocol.

    It must be nice to be so blissfully ignorant listening to this bullshit.

  30. R.D. Walker says:

    “These right wing trolls can’t handle that we now have an intelligent person who speaks in full sentences”

    Surely you don’t mean Uh uh uh uh Uhbama…

  31. R.D. Walker says:

    QC: If you think Barry has a chance in hell of ever being received by Marines in the manner that Bush was, you are delusional.

  32. qc says:

    Given the choice between a President who is cheered in by Marines while waging an illegal and unnecessary war that has nothing to do with American freedoms, but rather a trumped up pissing contest, and a President who is capable of thinking beyond the gun(s) he uses as an extension of his penis, I’ll take the latter.

    Obama isn’t perfect, no President ever has been, none ever will be. I know it’s their job, but it’s about damn time we teach the military that war is not the answer. We have not won any war on terror, we have only served to create a new generation of terrorists.

    The problem with a lot of people, on both sides of the aisle, is that they see things in black and white, good and evil, when in reality, those terms are subjective, and only hold meaning to the person speaking them. To those that hate us, we are the “bad”, we are the enemy. This isn’t a movie, they aren’t going around saying they are the bad guy.

    Turn off Fox News, turn off Limbaugh and go interact with the people that make up the society you live in. You’ll find that there are an infinite combination of stories and viewpoints, not just 2.

    Or, I guess you could just sit here listening to idiotic propaganda and rhetoric and watch the fine country crumble. Not due to the actions of a President, or a military, or a terrorist attack, but because of the constant widening of ideology within our own borders. The idea that one side has all the answers and the other side is always wrong is ludicrous and small minded.

    These problems didn’t start with Obama, and they won’t be fixed by him. They started with individuals, like all of you on here, thinking you’re better than everyone else, either because of your political leaning, your religious affiliation, or your military service. I have news for you, none of those things automatically make you any better than any one else.

  33. Philip Nelson says:

    Hey Burt, Why do you call yourself a Nelson or an American. When you’ve come back from two tours in Vietnam and put your life on the line for your country because you LOVE it, right or wrong. Even if your’e 100% disabled(USN Seabees) now, because of it. Then you’ll know why George Bush was a great president and the Marines cheered, Semper Fi!

  34. BJJL says:

    Pliskin says we are traitors?

    You would have been right if BO was actually constitutionally qualified President but he is not.

    And it is clear his socialist-appeasement-antimilitary-proterrorist programs do not sit well with those who fight and die to protect our constitution and freedoms.

    Even for dolts like you.

  35. Loomis says:

    I have the privilage of meeting active duty military personel on a daily basis. Without a doubt, the overwhelming majority respect President Bush. Obama is looked upon as “fancy-dan” fruitpie who has absolutely no concern, nor understanding of the military. Many feel Obama pretends to show a patriotic face while the reality is that he he would just as soon they remain out of sight, until he needs them for a political background. As someone who had the privilage to serve our Country, I feel the same way.

  36. qc says:

    Not constitutionally qualified?
    Are you still listening to that “not an American citizen” bullshit?
    Do you really think he would have survived the vetting process if it were that questionable?

    Anti-war != pro-terrist.
    Christ’s sake, it’s like you cannot even think for yourself anymore.
    Have Fox News and Limbaugh brainwashed you that much?

    No one has faught or died to protect our constitution or our freedoms for at least 60 years. Every war is not about our freedoms. My entire family has or is fighting in the military. They’re just not stupid enough to believe that they are fighting for our freedom against some unseen enemy.

  37. Danish Bulldog says:

    I have never been in the Armed Forces (unless you want to count a stint in the National Guard when I still lived in Europe — probably not). Just want to say that I am always awed by the composure displayed by you gentlemen in uniform. The abuse from some of these individuals visiting your blog today is sickening, but my compliments for responding with restraint and staying focused on the issues. (That goes for you in particular, R.D. Walker.)

    This is my first visit here. I don’t know if you have had much experience with Internet trolls in the past, but what you have here is a regular troll infestation. The best advice is to ignore their posts altogether.

    The O-bots conducted a regular campaign of trolling right-wing blogs last Fall. The intent is to disrupt, distract, and demoralize. Repeat: Their objective is to inflame you and engage you in discussion. Every time someone responds, they have succeeded in distracting the discussion from the actual topic of the blog.

    For more in-depth comments, see here: http://www.flayme.com/troll/

    Best approach, if these comments are moderated, is to kill troll posts and ban their IP addresses. Next best approach is to respond only with the words “troll alert” and refrain from any further discussion.

  38. Danish Bulldog says:

    BTW, isn’t it remarkable that these left-wing radicals are always whining that anyone who opposes their fantasyland is engaged in “hate speech” — but who is it that has nothing to offer but rage and hatred of the good for being the good?

  39. R.D. Walker says:

    Bulldog: Thanks for the tips and welcome to the Revo. You are absolutely correct that it is best not to feed the trolls but it is so damned difficult to fail to respond to public displays of outright ignorance.

    We have a nice little community here. I hope you stick around.

  40. Thrasher6 says:

    Thank you, thank you…thank you!

  41. peggy says:

    You are too funny. A President that speaks in full sentences instead of grunts. You can’t be talking about the loser you call President. I guess you haven’t watched him much on tv, uh, uh, uh, uh. What a lying, corrupt, inexperienced person you morons voted for.

  42. Mad Brad says:

    I wish I had been here to bitch-slap Snake Pliskin yesterday. Like others here I fought Communists in order to preserve our Freedom, but Snake thinks it is a shame that we are allowed to be here.

    He also thinks we should be locked up in a Prison.

    Isn’t THAT typical for a Communist? Sure it is.

    I hope that Bitch Pliskin will be the one who delivers my arrest warrant. I look forward to the day when I can once again spill Communist blood. Note to Communists: I don’t do things half-ass and I’ve never lost sleep over killing the enemy unless I was doing it at night.

  43. GunnyB says:

    Obama was never vetted. He locked all his non-citizen evidence down before the vetting process began.

    I did not fight for any libtard’s freedom, but I will fight to take if from them when the call to arms goes out. They will have their azzes handed to them because they are a whiny bunch of mentally weak misfits, unaccustomed to the hardships of combat.

  44. qc says:

    If you want to fight for our freedoms, start a civil war. For the past 30+ years, the only threat to our constitution or freedoms comes from inside our own government. Your fellow citizens and a corrupt government (in all of the recent administrations, not just the current one) have made much larger strides in taking away your freedom than any outside force even dreamed of. Culminating in absurdities such as the patriot act, warranteless wiretapping, etc. These freedoms you’re fighting for are getting sold away in back room deals by the men you claim to trust and serve.

  45. Mad Brad says:

    EXACTLY GunnyB.

    We live in a society of people who call 9-1-1 when a fast food restaurant doesn’t get their order right.

    Who are they gonna call when EVERYBODY (except for the prepared) are going hungry every day?

  46. GunnyB says:

    Mad Brad,

    I suppose they will call on their local government just like the people of New Orleans did. The military had to be called in there eventually though because the local government let the people down. The military responded enthusiastically because it was a natural dissaster and Americans needed help.

    However, since this administration scorns the military and has begun to cut there funding and programs, the military may respond with a big yawn like they did in the video when Hussein Obama showed up.

  47. Mad Brad says:

    Gunny B…

    Our new Striker Brigade designed to maintain order in the event of a huge natural or man-made disaster will have it’s hands full delivering Chicken McNuggets, which of course is entirely in line with the goals of the Obama Administration.

    Meanwhile the self-sufficient freedom loving Patriots will be quietly getting along fine without government assistance. The government isn’t going to have time or resources to infringe on our Liberties because they will be too busy changing adult diapers and powdering candy asses. Did you notice that there were over sixty 9-1-1 calls on inauguration day from people complaining of being cold?

  48. Major Hooters says:

    Nice site you have here. I like to see the camaraderie of people that have actually served. I like to see people stand for something. Hell, even people who served in GreenPeace made a decision to actually do something to make a difference. It’s these Goddamned people who think that they deserve everything without ever giving anything to any cause that chap my ass. A bunch of spoiled pussies who don’t know the meaning of honor or duty or country. I don’t care if you were in the Boy Scouts, I will shake your hands and be proud for you and especially if you ever served in the Armed forces, I will do the same. These are people who want to serve for the GREATER GOOD. Which means for everyone, even the whiney Bastards that complain 7/24 that they are not getting their way or whatever, Fuck ’em, I am proud to have served, I will continue to serve when I can, either as a reservist for the Sheriff’s Department of my county or in a food line serving out soup to the homeless. Fuck all you who want it all and give nothing back other than your opinion. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit to me but you wanting to serve your fellow humans will get you a brother for life. Semper Fi! HOOOO RAHHHH. Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of the way.

  49. R.D. Walker says:

    Damn straight Major Hooters! You hit the nail on the head. Is it any wonder that conservatives volunteer more and give more to charity than the moonbat left?

    Thanks for the kind words. You are among friends. If you feel the calling, you can register on the right sidebar and submit posts in addition to comments.

  50. SOGHornetGunner says:

    “BJL :

    Date: March 4, 2009 @ 9:48 pm
    You military people who believe you are somehow above the ones who didn’t serve, like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and all the idiots who sent you into an illegal occupation make me laugh. And by the way, you are not over there fighting for my freedoms, but if that excuse gets you through the day then use it.”

    For your enlightenment, POTUS Bush served in the Texas Air National Guard from 1968 to 1973 as a pilot. SecDef Donald Rumsfeld served in the U.S. Navy from 1954 to 1957 as a naval aviator and flight instructor. Don’t let the facts get in the way of your argument.

  51. Foneguy says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words, video must be worth ten thousand!

  52. Jerry Chavez says:

    To all my brothers in arms, you guys go and let the liberals continue to drink whine and eat pity us burgers. Former Air Force SSGT and current Chief of Police.This is warrior territory !!!!!!!

  53. IncendiumX says:
  54. IncendiumX says:

    GUess that last one didnt work…

  55. IncendiumX says:

    Oh for pete’s sake…

    I’ll just link it. Want to see whats coming with the military?

  56. S Pliskin says:

    You guys have been exposed as frauds

    Nowhere on the video at the Real Revo blog does it note the difference between the two speeches. That the reaction to Bush was due to his making a surprise visit to a base in the middle of a war on a national holiday.

    One user at YouTube complained, “Ok you guys I have to say the responces here are disturbing… I am not for Obama but the aganda of the video is doing the same as the Mainstream media. you have to consider the two instances were set in 2 very different settings… one in Iraq, and was not formal. The one with Obama was a formal event…. come on people think!!!”

    In June of 2005, multiple news networks reported that Bush aides helped prompt Army soldiers to clap during one of his speeches.

    “After President Bush’s June 28 speech at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, reporters on ABC, NBC and Fox News noted that the only round of applause during the speech was initiated by Bush staffers,” Media Matters wrote in 2005. “But CNN and MSNBC made no mention of the staffers’ role, instead attributing the outbreak of applause to the troops. CBS’ brief post-speech coverage made no mention of the applause.”

    NBC News anchor Brian Williams had observed to correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, “Kelly, some folks at home no doubt were curious about the lack of applause breaks. By pre-agreement between the White House and Fort Bragg, there was no entry applause as the soldiers were at attention. We were 23 minutes into it before the first break for applause. Were the crowd addressed or given instructions in any way before the president walked out?”

    “I checked with some of those in uniform, and they were told to follow military protocol and to be polite,” O’Donnell reported. “It was my observation that that one applause break was actually triggered by members of the president’s advance team. They were just a few feet from me. They started to applaud– applause is contagious, and it then swept through the room. There was applause when the president left the room after the speech was over but people in uniform here told me that they had planned to be polite and to follow protocol. So, that’s the explanation behind that, Brian.”

  57. R.D. Walker says:

    The video perfectly exemplifies the feelings of the military for Bush v Obama. I have lived a soldier’s life and you can try to parse this any way you want but the truth is there to see.

  58. Mad Brad says:

    Hey Snake, you have been exposed as a Pussy. Guess what happens to Pussies.

  59. Mad Brad says:

    Nice motivational video IncendiumX.

    The most important support for Patriots at this time is to know they are not alone.

  60. BLB says:

    First time visiting the site and nice to see some people with common sense and character still exist. Ignore the libtards trolling around spewing their venim and hatred for the military. It should come as no surprise really.

    With people like the Marines on this board, I am confident that we will never be conquered by a foreign enemy. I am certain that we are very close to reaching the tipping point where the rotting from within cannot be reversed though. That rotting is caused by incremental liberalism that culminates with the end of the U.S.A. and transition into the U.S.S.A (United Socialist States of America). By the time Obama is out, the full transformation will have been made and the core (not Marine core) of the U.S.S.A. will be completely rotten.

  61. Eight Belles says:

    Ever since the feeble attempt at impeachment of Bill Clinton, the Dems have turned vicious. Scapegoating Bush is no different than scapegoating Jews in Nazi Germany. Reid and Pelosi had to support Obama because Hillary would have bucked their lead – Congress wants to run the US as witnessed by the 1000+ bills on the books.

  62. Minerva says:

    Has Barack Hussein Obama ever managed to produce a real Birth Certificate (as opposed to a Certificate of Live Birth) showing that he is, indeed, a native born American? And try Bush for war crimes and crimes against humanity? Give me a break! Let’s first do that posthumously for Kennedy and Johnson, then liberals can start on Bush. If it is just about a body count, then the one in Vietnam was far larger on both sides. Anybody who wants to put any of our Presidents in the same category with Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, etc. is just so ignorant they shouldn’t even be voting!

    Marines, I am glad that you are there so ready to go in to the most dangerous of places to defend America and her interests. If it was just about “expansion” then we would have picked out a leader for them without affording them voting privileges, they wouldn’t have their own military and police force, and we would be taxing them to pay for all of this!

    I am new at being a “military” family. My son joined the Navy a year ago. He is still in school, so I don’t know where he will end up. I pray that he won’t be put in harms way by a President who thinks so little of our military and has an attitude of appeasement and servitude toward Europe and terrorists.

    God be with all of you who serve our country so honorably and faithfully.

  63. Military Mom says:

    Nice Video –

    What I observe in the comments represents some self-absorbed tedious political “hack in a box” windbags expressing their opinion.

    What in God’s name was the point of Lexington and Concord!

    Freedom of Speech comes with the responsibility of accepting scrutiny of a healthy debate.

    Grow up – act responsibly – stop playing “got cha” – Support our young men and women in the service of our country. Hold those elected to public office accountable.

    Civility, Respect, Morality, Honesty – Have you forgotten proper decorum?

  64. Mad Brad says:

    Military Mom, when we are among our own Civility, Respect, Morality and Honesty is what we offer each other.

    War is no place for decorum and the only respect we give those who make us their enemy is an effort at expert marksmanship.

  65. DABIGRAGU, USAF-RET. says:

    Nice group here, I salute you.

    Military Mom,
    You’ll have to excuse some of the “hack in a box’s” they may have mistaken this for You Tube.

  66. R.D. Walker says:

    DABIGRAGU: Thank you, we do have a nice group here and, most days, the Revo is without troll infestations. I hope you hang around and get to know us. You are among friends.

    Military Mom: As a military dad, I know where you are coming from. The same goes for you, stick around and enjoy the group,

  67. Military Mom says:

    Thank you for your welcome. I have had the honor of participating in a Tiger Cruise with my Marine son after his sixth tour and have a high regard for the mission set forth for our troops. Within the month our youngest will begin his enlistment duty with the Air Force. (I think at 10 years of age, when he was on the Tiger Cruise he decided he didn’t have what it takes to be a Marine.)

    I have used and can keep up with an M-16 with a higher than average level of accuracy and admit, that having fired a 50 caliber, that it is more than Mom can handle.

    Armed combatant service is not my strength. So with as much grace an dignity as I can compose, I spent time in Washington DC this week with Representatives Doug Lamborn and Shelley Berkley, both on the Armed Services Committee and from different sides of the aisle.

    I will continue to use the ammunition provided by the credible source within these webpages to help identify what we need to focus on.

    In some ways there is a shame that the cold war ended. We had a clear picture of our enemies, instead of as some in this network are perceived as maintaining – that the enemy is anyone who disagrees with their point of view.

    Best regard and from the Mom’s grateful heart Semper Fidelis. Always faithful to our men and women in the service of our country and always faithful to hold the elected accountable and always faithful to be responsible enough to be educated, active and involved.

  68. DABIGRAGU, USAF-RET. says:

    Military Mom,
    Nice to see such devotion, hat’s off to you, and the best of wishes for your two young men.

    R.D. Walker,
    Thank you, appreciate it.

  69. And to the Republic for which it stands says:

    Wow. I just want to say to any on here who are marines or who have served in any branch of the military, at home or abroad:

    I appreciate you! Reading this, you’d think there are few Americans left who understand the realities of war and that peace must be bought with blood. History classes in public schools are failing us here-people don’t remember the revolutionary war or the civil war, both of which were fought on our own soil and which bought freedom for Americans. Remember that Abraham Lincoln also stood for principles during an unpopular and divisive war.

    Thank you, Marines! Thank you to all soldiers for protecting my son for as long as possible against an invasion that is just waiting to hit our economically weakened nation.

  70. Sam says:

    As I read these posts, what stands out is the exceptional manners and intelligence of those who appear to be in support of President Bush, and the extreme anger, threatening attitude, and overal rudeness of those who appear to be in support of Obama. Pretty typical. By the way, with marines and air force in the family (who served at the White House under both Clinton and Bush admins) need I remind the ignorant Obama supporters here that military personnel know what they signed up for, and the chose it. Don’t insult and belittle their efforts by saying things like ‘sent overseas to die’ crap because those in the military don’t agree with you. It’s their opinion that counts here, not yours as you sit on your pansy ass waiting for your government handouts, losers.

  71. R.D. Walker says:

    Sam: As a combat veteran and the father of a combat veteran I could not agree with you more. The left wants to define soldiers as children and victims. How often have you heard them say something like, “Bush sent our children to die”? That is an insult to the warriors who face down a fierce enemy.

    First, every soldier is a volunteer. They are adults who enlist in the military with their eyes wide open. The weren’t “sent” to do anything. They went after volunteering. Secondly they are adults. They are not hapless victims. They are warriors who volunteered for rough duty. To characterize them as victims and children is to diminish them and infantalize them. It is sickening.

    These men and women are individuals, endowed with intellect and immortal souls who are engaging in the toughest of duty.

    Nobody has to enlist for combat duty. Even those who feel they have no choice but to enlist in the military have hundreds of options to do duty in a non combat arms capacity. The odds of a US Navy sailor doing duty on an aircraft carrier ever encountering a jihadi or IED are about zero. Same for bomber ground crews and Coast Guard navigators.

    Those who volunteer for infantry, armor, artillery and other combat roles are a special breed. The riflemen meeting the enemy on the battlefield are proud American warriors; the best in the world. They aren’t victims and they aren’t children. They are men. They are the best men America has to offer.

  72. Sam says:

    RD – thanks for the backup on that. I need to now apologize for lashing out a bit at the end at the left. I am just so disappointed in people who sit in judgement and who are completely hypocritical when they claim “diversity and acceptance” but only when it supports their personal ideals; and turn the 180 and lash out and spit fire at anyone who does not agree with their ideals.

    I forgot I also have an army relative who was in the reserves and went to Iraq for a couple years, demining. Talk about courage.

  73. Proud2bAConservative says:

    I would just like to thank all the men and woman who have served this great country, it is an honor to be amongst your company.

    For all of you who don’t believe that these men and woman fight for our freedoms here, you should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s you who take all your freedoms for granted and don’t understand that if we weren’t fighting these ” unseen enemies” they would be seen, here right at your own front door.

    How does the saying go? If you can’t stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them!

    God Bless you all and Thank You!!!

  74. R.D. Walker says:

    Proud: Welcome to the Revo. You are among friends here.

  75. jodgey says:

    I’m brand new and I’d like to know what so many of you have against Ronald Reagan? I guess I take off a personal offense my last name being Reagan before marrying and knowing the most wonderful and honorable Presidents we’ve had since Lincoln and Washington.

  76. RK says:

    I am a Canadian and I say !! God Bless Pres Bush and the US military!!!
    I am very!! concerned about [[Obama]]] and all the other communists, that are bringing in The One World Government. All his actions so far, are to advance his cause, [at stealth speed]. I have always felt/[[hoped]] that the USA would keep this evil at bay, for my lifetime, but , it looks like it my happen this year, Can you give me any insight on how the Home Guard etc. will be able to take back your country with out major blood shed.
    We are so far down the socialistic road in Canada. We need permits for public gatherings/taxed to death etc. It will be next to impossible to roll back his policies, after this year, alot of poeople think a [so called free lunch] is great.
    It is very sad to see this happening, you at least have a perfect Constitution to fight this
    Please Help!!
    God Bless you All.

  77. Danish Bulldog says:

    Looks like your trolls came swarming through the crack the day their site linked here, and disappeared again just as abruptly. This is what these people do. This was the blog equivalent of a leftist “demonstration” — they show up in large numbers, chant and yell obscenities, throw rocks, and generally do their best to disrupt and intimidate. And then they are gone.

    Not one of them stayed behind to argue a reasoned case. If you pay attention you will notice that that is the one thing they never do. They can’t.

    I used to wonder why it is that the left always lies, manipulates, uses pressure tactics, tries to silence their opposition — and hurls rocks. But it is really very simple. They have no case. They have no arguments. They just “feel” that they are right. In the last analysis, their enemy is reality.

  78. R.D. Walker says:

    Bulldog: Yeah, they hate us because they don’t understand us. We, on the other hand, understand them all too well.

    I posted on this topic a while back. It is one of my favorites. Check it out here: http://therealrevo.com/blog/?p=3141

  79. rky7 says:

    RK SPEAK UP !! TELL US WHAT YOU’VE BEEN GOING THRU! IM AFRAID, AS MILLIONS HERE ARE, THAT WHAT WE MAY BE FACING IN OUR CHILDRENS CLOSE FUTURE IS REVOLT. THE GREAT HOPE IS THAT OUR MILITARY- CLOSER TO GOD and Country than most of us, will be able and willing to support a civil war that will be won by a conservative majority that I believe exists in this God Blessed America. But ….we must stand up! I realize that this sounds ridiculous…..didnt someone once say history repeats itself..hmmmm.yur grandad wasnt so crazy! Hopefully Im wrong , God please make me wrong! Lets be ready tho!

  80. Danish Bulldog says:

    Actually I believe they hate us because we represent the good. It is that black-and-white.

  81. R.S. Garland, SFC, USA, Ret says:

    The anti-military leftists will get no respect from me, or my comrades-in-arms. These are the selfish crowd who would NEVER serve, even if an enemy landed on our shores. They refuse to believe the truth; that George W. Bush had the respect of our armed forces, and Obama does not, just as Clinton did not. We military people know better….these clowns have tried to undermine us and betray us even while we were at war. They have poisoned our schools, our universities, our children’s minds, and our government. I only HOPE that this country will prevail despite these morons.

  82. UpNorth says:

    “My entire family has or is fighting in the military. They’re just not stupid enough to believe that they are fighting for our freedom against some unseen enemy”. I call bullshit on qc. He has no understanding of the military, or this country. The war wasn’t “illegal”. Just ask Jawn Freakin Kerry, who was for it before he was against it. He voted to give the President the right to wage war, as did HRC and most of the other Dems.
    qc smells like a dkos troll.

  83. Sam says:

    There is video of Clinton supporting Bush’s actions as well, saying he would have done the same thing. Love to throw that to the left if I could find it.

    Notice Obama isn’t pulling anyone out. Once he gets briefed and sees waht is really going, that which no lefty or journalist could possibly have any idea, I am betting he will stay in.

    Remember the Democratic congress voted time and again to continue supporting this war. Most of us are only privvy to the crap journalism ‘propaganda’ we are ‘fed’ which is SO far from the truth, and SO based on such a TINY scrap of potential fact, then skewed, embellished and twisted to be whatever they want the message to be.

    I know that firsthand from WACA staff who deal directly with presidential communications that VERY little fact ever makes it to the media. And they don’t have time to run damage control, or the freedom to do so if they want to be confidential at all.

  84. RWF, 29 Palms (Civilian) says:

    I believe the video speaks volumes.
    At least our MARINES have the true understanding of just what BHO is attempting to do to our great country. I salute all of our fine Military Men and Women and thank you from the bottom of my old heart.

  85. Slowrider says:

    As a 100% service connected disabled Veteran, who served in the U.S. Army. I would like to say that the Libtards are not Americans and they should be shipped out. Anyone one who dares to talk bad about our troops is a traitor. Anyone who believes in our goverment is a freaking idiot. All politicians have sold us out! If there are any good ones, they are out numbered by the corrupt ones! Our country is under seige and we are losing!

  86. Julie says:

    I keep reading about how BAMA the USURPER’s visit was “formal” and President George W. Bush’s visit was a surprise and that’s why he was so well received. You Libtard’s don’t get it and your reasoning is a crock of .

    President George W. Bush was ALWAYS well received by any military he stood with.

    BAMA stands before them and not with them.

    Believe me, those in the military KNOW the difference.

  87. GeoMac says:

    Burt, I may not like what you say; but, this Marine fought (27 mo. in South Vietnam) for your right to say what you please.

    Semper Fi,


  88. Julius and Anna Horvath says:

    We are sick of Obama’s promisses, he did a change already. Big garvament, balling out every one on our tax money, our Children and there Children and Grandchildren will have to pay for. He is punishing the working people and giving away to the lazy bums. Straight to socializum he is taking our contry.
    All our saving for our retirement has gone to hell,
    Thank You president obama
    You sure make us hard working people feel great. What do you say to that?
    There got to be the way to stop him..

  89. Danang "Catkiller" says:

    As an Army recon pilot in I Corps Vietnam in 1966 I saw first hand and was disgusted with how democrats fight wars.After my tour I vowed never to vote for a democrat, so far, so good.My daughter, an Iraq war veteran, just completed 8 years in the Navy and her husband,a Naval aviator still serving have the same philosophy.They arrived at this conclusion on their own.Democrats look down their noses at those of us who have served.Reading Barry’s fans comments was quite hilarious. Have you gun owners noticed how all the stores are out of ammo? Getting ready for the revolution I guess.By the time the three stooges (Obama, Reid, and Pelosi) get done we’ll be lucky to have a country left but we’ll survive.

  90. Eagleman says:

    To all you Nazicrats alias Democrats/Liberals, I’ve got a message for you friggen girlie boys, when the terrorist Obama’s castle falls around his ears you scum sucking girlie boys had better run for cover. Your finished….ooorah !

  91. watching you says:

    You are mistaken to believe that if someone doesn’t like Bush that they must like Obama. some of us like neither. The idea that you are fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world to protect my freedoms is absurd. You took a oath to defend the constitution of the US Last time I looked the people opposed to the constitution are in Washington DC and 50 other capital cities around the country. When you “Pukes” get the balls to fight them maybe we will take you a little more serious. You “fought” for my freedoms in Korea (lost) but I lost no freedoms. You “fought” for my freedoms in Nam (lost) I lost none of my freedoms, Win or lose in Iraq or Afghanistan, I will not lose my freedoms. Defeat Washington DC and you will have preserved my Freedoms until the next time they try again. Do the job you were hired to do and leave the rest alone.

  92. CAPT. USMC RET. says:

    All of you left wing pussies are probably descendants of Neville Chamberlain (I’m assuming that you morons know who he was – if not, look it up). If you devalue anything, it’s worth nothing, and that’s what you do to the freedom for which so many brave Americans have paid the ultimate price. It’s so easy to be critical from a cushy armchair when you’ve never done anything in your crummy life except earn a liberal arts degree from some left wing commie state university (for which someone else probably paid). Nevertheless, this Marine served in order for you to have the privilege of expressing your opinion, and would gladly do so again. OORAH!!!

  93. watching you says:

    I am neither left wing nor a pussy. I don’t have a cushy arm chair, a crummy life, or a degree of any kind. I do work hard everyday fighting for my own and others freedoms. I wear no armor other than that mentioned in Ephesians 6,(I’m assuming that you morons know what that is – if not look it up). If you devalue anything, it’s worth nothing. the people who over threw a tyrant in 1776 are heros, When you call everyone a hero you diminish those real heros. Using billions of other people dollars to fight an “enemy” that fights with weapons that can be purchased a home depot for a few dollars does not make you a hero in my eyes. Blogging about it and calling people names, does not elevate my opinion of you either. Everything you own, wear and eat was bought with taxpayer money(someone else paid for it) unless your wife has a J.O.B. my does not she stays home and raise our children.

  94. Rodgers says:

    I am always amused that a draft dodger (Dubya) who was off doing drugs when he was supposed to be in Guard meeting is revered as someone who is worthy of the military’s support. I see no reason to revere him more that Barack. I am a combat tested marine and find this type of display to be rather shallow in what it relates about the people who created it.

    The Marine Corps follows the orders of the commander in chief, period. That’s their job. There is no indication whatsover that the current president will be any worse than the last one when it comes to managing a war.


  95. R.D. Walker says:

    Well Rodgers, if you are honest and actually served in the military, you will have to admit that the military felt a hell of a lot better about Bush than they do about Obama.

    I am also a combat veteran and I choose my loyalties based on factors other than misinformation regarding events of 40 years ago. But even if the bullshit you repeat regarding Bush’s military service were true – it isn’t – I wouldn’t care. What matters is the character of the man today. George W. Bush, like all men, is flawed. He is, however, a better man on his worst day than Barack Obama can ever hope to be. I know that, most of the readers of this forum know that and, obviously, the Marines know it.

  96. Rodgers says:

    R D,

    You are certainlly entitled to your opinion. To paraphrase Voltaire, “I may disagree to the death with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”

    That being said, I am reminded of that old MCRD saying, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one.”

    Rant on, R D.

  97. watching you says:

    Following orders is no reason to do the wrong thing. Nazi soldiers were following the orders of their commander and chief. If you are a soldier , Did you or did you not take an oath to defend the constitution of the united states? If you did, get it out and read it. Are you defending the Constitution by killing/ rebuilding Iraq, Afgan., Etc.or by standing up to an oppressive US government bent on destroying all hopes of freedom on this continent.

  98. watching you says:

    P.S. Whether its led by Bush or Obama.

  99. McLaren says:

    Sweet Jesus. Bush didn’t “dodge” the draft. He enlisted in the TANG and flew mach2+ interceptors. He more than fulfilled his required credits (Nat’l. Guard works differently than active-duty, a small detail) and was honorably discharged.

    But keep drinking your Kool Aid. That’s it, lap it up.

    To all who have served, whether I agree or disagree with your opinions, God bless you, and thank you.

  100. R.D. Walker says:

    Watching: My son saw real combat in Iraq and he knew what he was fighting for: to keep the region safe for trade and commerce in the commodity that is the engine of our whole god damned civilization. I understand, watching, that folks like you don’t believe that anything must be taken from the ground, refined and shipped to give you EVERY THING YOU HAVE, but it does. Protecting trade and industry that lifted us from serfs with short brutish lives to healthy, wealthy, spoiled pricks on the Internet is about the most honorable thing my son could possibly have fought and killed for.

    Now, return to whining about wars that you didn’t fight that protect the trade that gives you every fucking thing you have.

    PS: Sadly, in the Obamanation, trade, commerce, energy and entrepreneurialism (aka “The Business of America and its Reason for Existing) are being debauched, degraded and dismantled. The warriors here are feeling betrayed for the conscious destruction of what they fought and bled for.

  101. Gail says:

    Men, thank you for your service. From Va.& NC. To the brainwashed , we will have terrorist whether we bribe,support, solve all the problems of the world ” it’s them or US”. So it better be the good ole USA who wins this war…so you won’t have to choose to become Muslim when they give you an ultimatum ” head chopped off or change allegiance “.. IF not for the greatest military we would be speaking German and or Japaniese today. Evil people want to rule the world.
    Bush understood this principle.. them or us..

  102. Former SF Paratrooper says:

    Time will tell whether this nation has elected a nation destroyer.

    What President Bush had to do he did, what this antichrist is doing he did not have to do. I am very blessed to have served this nation when I was younger and I watch is astonishment as good is being called evil and evil is being called good. As Alan Keyes has said, this man will destroy this nation.

    A word for you liberal over educated fools–if I had not been a paratrooper I would be ashamed.

    As for me and my family we will serve the Lord Yahweh.

  103. watching you says:

    R.D. I will ask you again to read the constitution and post where it says we are to keep any region safe for trade and commerce. I may have a different constitution than you do. If you are referring to oil, we have all the oil we need in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Etc. You would probably be surprised at how little oil I actually use. This just verified what many on the left kept saying that this was blood for oil.

    Gail, Its not always You and Them. There are also some of us out here.

    SF,Alan Keyes is right but the destruction started a long time ago.

  104. SSgt G Ussery USMC says:

    The USMC Will Never Have Former Marines, Once A Marine Always A Marine, SEMPER FI = Always Faithful.
    If You Don’t Like The Marine Corps, Just Say So, I Served During The Korean War, Spending 14 Months in Korea 1st Armored Amphib Batt. on Kimpo Penn. 1953/1954. Only Jesus And American Military are Willing To Give Their Lives to Gaurantee your Right to Liberty and Freedom Of Speech. and ask nothing in return.

  105. R.D. Walker says:

    The Constitution says that the president is the commander in chief and the Congress can authorize war. That is what happened. In any case, the Constitution is a document that primarily defines what the government CANNOT do, not a list of what it can.

    Yeah, you use a lot of oil. You are using it right now. The coal that is most certainly the source of power you are using to make this post, the servers that are holding it, the data transport that is sending is delivered by diesel engines powered oil. The food you eat is planted and harvested by diesel engines. It is delivered to you in trucks powered by oil. Every manufactured good you use is powered by oil.

    I don’t know if there is enough domestic oil or not but it doesn’t matter. It is a global economy and the freedom of trade and commerce benefits everyone.

    I recognize your brand of isolationist. That’s fine, but we stand for free markets and the right of all people to benefit from the fruits of their own industry. That includes all people everywhere.

  106. woodman says:

    Sure Obama can speak in complete sentences , but ONLY if he has a teleprompter in front of him.

  107. Anonymous says:

    looking at bjl’s comments is all you need to know about liberals … hey numbnutz … everything you said you were allowed to say because of the people you criticize … feel free to leave the country at anytime and while doing so put a gun in your mouth and do society a favor by pulling the trigger

  108. watching you says:

    RD Thank you. And a well regulated military to stop them when they do one or more of the things they are not supposed to do.

  109. erq says:

    Thanks fellow Marines for your service. It would be nice if the “watching you’s” of our world would think to say “thank you” for the dedication and courge you have shown instead of trying, by inference, to cast us as some kind of “baby killers” seeking only to expand, once again by inference, “America’s empire”.
    How sad, for them, really.
    The freedom we defend is for all, even the haters of anything connected to Dubya.
    OOO RAH!!!

  110. watching you says:

    Sgt G. I don’t mind the marines or the military at all. What I don’t like is how so many of them think what they do is just so much more important than what the rest of us do. They look down on us Call us names and categorize people into one group or another. Ya know us and them stuff. If you don’t like it leave, crap. If you want to protect me, Protect me but don’t make out like you equal to Jesus Christ!

  111. watching you says:

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, I never said baby killers,or American empire. I am not A obama Fan or a leftist in fact I’m so far right I make most of you look left. I voted for George H Bush I voted for George W Bush the first time But after his federal Government expanding Power grab after the 911 attacks I could mo longed support him I could not vote for the commie pinko… I’m sorry decorated war hero John Kerry so I sat out that election. I listened to and agreed with Limbaugh until he caved in and supported…decorated war Hero John McCain. I voted libertarian. All I ask is think for yourself are we headed in a direction you can continue to fight for.

  112. Grace Skudlarek says:

    First of all to all you boys out there fighting and keeping watching, God Bless you. As the wife of a deceased WWII vet, the mother of a 20 year Navy man and the sister of 4 men who have served in various wars, I thank you. Pay no attention to the other idiots who are writing in with some of their remarks as they have no idea what they are saying. The democrat politicians are going so far to the left with their socialist ideas that I hope you boys are ready for a big fight here at home. All I can say is that I will keep my guns handy and my powder dry. (I do competition target shooting) If that time comes in my lifetime this 69 year old grandma will be out there fighting with you.

  113. kentucky girl says:

    First visit for me. Just want to say that we could send some of these people over to Afganastan in your place and see how long they would last. Don’t pay any attention to these posters. They don’t have any thing better to do than whine.

    Thank you not only to the Marines who fight for our freeedom but to all the military and their families who sacrafice so much for my freedom. God Bless you all and God Bless America.

  114. Motherzoo says:

    Pay no attention to the sniveling, whining, loudmouths. I am the wife of a Navy SeaBee (Korea) and the widow of an Air Force pilot, and I’m here to tell you that I get on my 72 year old knees every night and thank God for our men and women in uniform.
    My sweet old bluejacket has also taught me how to shoot my 38, and to raise the flag every day.
    OohRah to you guys.

  115. Aussie Nan says:

    I am an Aussie, but I would like to say “Thank you US Marines” and all other US service people. Our guys are out there with you. 9/11 is always in my mind, and in the minds of a whole lot of us here in the land “down under”. God Bless you.
    It could have been us!

  116. Lonehawk6 says:

    Dear President Obama,
    I am a veteran—a former commanding officer. I have been both enlisted and commissioned. I learned a valuabe lesson over my 29 years of gladly serving my country. That lesson is that respect is a two way street. You must earn it as you are giving it. As our current Commander-In-Chief I just witnessed the less than warm welcome that you received from my Marines. I ask you to consider the above fact concerning respect. If you want to lead us, first you must earn our respect—just as we must earn yours. Yes, you are our most senior appointed commander and as such we obey your commands without question. But we honestly do not need another Vietnam with a “Mission Aborted” sign left when we leave without having accomplishing the mission leaving the roads open for a possible nuclear capable Iran to drive their tanks. Accomplishing the mission is our first principle of leadership–Welfare of the troops is our second. Playing basketball with a few of us in a well protected rear area is not leading. Since you are trying to emulate President Lincoln, I remind you that he visited the battlefronts on numerous occasions speaking at length with the troops asking them as to the conditions, their families, and if he could send them some things that would make their fighting easier. Since you have been elected, you have stated that you are going to reduce the military budget—and indeed that is in the next year’s budget. Could you please explain how that will help us accomplish our mission, the mission that you assigned us to do? You have cancelled several weapons development programs—weapons that we will require even now or in the near future to defend our country. If I, as a former Commanding Officer can see this, then my troops will surely understand it also—and morale will fall. For if the senior commander can’t or won’t support us, then who will? The third in line for your job represents a district that won’t even let us recruit, and shuns our mere presence—while using our aircraft to weekly fly her and her family to and from her home, 3,000 air miles each way. We could use this fuel, pilots, support personnel and the aircraft for more important military uses in our assigned mission. You have ordered the treatment of prisoners of war to be better than we are treated and afford them more rights that we have in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. You tell us not to torture or mishandle them while we find parts of hacked bodies of our wartime comrades left by the enemy. So, Mister President I ask that you consider these facts in your attempt to earn our respect, for with it you will win—without it you will lose—and the whole country loses. Many of us voted for you hoping for change. However, the change I am seeing to date is not that of, in my opinion, a strongly respected Commander-In-Chief. I say this with the greatest respect of the office you now hold and the Constitution that both of us have sworn to protect and defend. A United States Marine.

  117. dontbeatool says:

    obama? he’s just a puppet. just like the john birch society and heritage foundation. obama is a bankers dream as bush was an oilmans dream.

    sadly this matrix will be coming to an end soon. whether you are a civvy or veteran, it wont matter. it will be real revolution, not left or right, be careful the sides you choose. dont choose the lobbyist side… because the game is getting close to an end.

    what would jesus do? what did he think of the moneychangers? its all coming back to America tenfold… like a thief in the night.

  118. Janet Smith says:

    I am thrilled to have stumbled onto The Real Revo. I am so proud of our soldiers and grateful for their service. It is their voices I want to hear and I appreciate the opportunity to get to do that here. I love you guys and gals for what you do, and glad that you speak out the truth in this time when our great country is threatened not only by our enemies but from the ungrateful within its borders.

  119. w3sj says:

    If you folks don’t like the way this country is being run, just stop paying your taxes. This should earn you an invitation to Uh-uh-uhbama’s cabinet. Then you too can do your part to destroy this great country.

    God bless all of our servicemen and women, present and past, and may God damn those who show nothing but contempt and hatred for the greatest country on earth.

  120. Mr. Thank You says:

    R.D. Walker, you are right.

    Funny how the ‘no blood for oil’ slogans all got put away last year when gas was 4 bucks / gallon.

    Would you fight a war for food? Darned-skippy you would. Well, guess what? Oil is the life-blood of the US.

    Moreover, let’s not forget that Saddam Hussein was an evil man. And guys like that cannot be allowed to thumb their nose at everyone – not after September 11th.

    Thank you all who serve, and who have served.

    You never appreciate home until you leave it, nor the beauty of Old Glory til you see it hanging off the end of a broomstick on the shanty of a consul in a foreign town. – O. Henry

  121. R.D. Walker says:

    Mr. TY: Yes, I don’t know why people are so afraid of admitting that we fight wars to protect trade and commerce. The American Revolution was fought over trade and commerce. Fighting to protect trade in the commodity that is the fuel of the engine of all civilization is not only honorable, it is mandatory. There is no shame in it.

    The blood for oil argument is just emotionalism. Who wants to trade blood for anything? Nobody. It is trite and stupid. You know, like liberals.

  122. Retired Fed. says:

    As a retired Federal Agent that served our country for 28 years, and as a combat veteran who survived 2 tours in Vietnam (Oct. ’66 thru Dec. ’68), I want to make it clear that not all former law enforcement and service personnel are as rabid fanatics as some of those who claim to be patriots on this web site. It is obvious to me that many of the posts on this site are from faux patriots with big mouths, and little education or understanding of our government, the constitution or the role of our military. Like former President “W”, they seem to think tough talk, lies and intimidation will win the day. Well, it won’t! We are a nation of laws, not of men and the law will prevail in the end. After what Bush has done to our nation and it’s reputation around the world, how can any rational American honestly say they would still cheer for this man? If you do, you need to rethink where you want to live and leave America to those of us who love our Constitution and the freedoms that so many law enforcement officers and veterans have given their lives for. Hail to the Chief

  123. PROUD AMERICAN says:

    President Bush is warmly received as a true American by Proud Americans ans I resent the disrespect for any of our sons who face death or dismemberment everyday so we can write crap about who likes who. History will show Democrats for the womanizing, lushs they are. Hope you all are not too shocked when the true colors of Obama shine. God help America!

  124. R.D. Walker says:

    Tell you what there Retired Fed, Bush was a flawed president, no doubt about it. But saying that Obama is going to fix what Bush messed up is like saying, “Dad burned supper, let’s have the dog do the cooking.”

    Your reasoning is flawed in that Obama is doubling down on every economic mistake Bush and company ever made. Obama isn’t better, he is much, much worse. When you fall from the frying pan into the fire, it is change but it isn’t good.

  125. Dan Deman says:

    My first visit to this sight. How refreshing to hear from those who love this grear country and can’t believe what it’s going through right now. I did my tour in Vietnam in 1968 and came home to alot of cry babies burning flags and draft cards, and saying how cruel it was to be killing the innocent people over there. These are the same low life’s that would kill a 90 old lady to enough money to buy drugs. Ever notice how these bleeding heart liberals take cheap shots at our brave soldiers who kill to protect themselves and our country, and then support the right to abort innocent babies.

    Unfortunately fellows, these same weasels that were doing the flag burning back in the sixties, are the same ones that have been teaching our kids and grandkids for the past forty years. Wonder why the younger folks think like they do? Go figure!

    One positive thought for the day…We can still get up in the morning and look at ourselves in the mirror without throwing up. The Weasels have to know the real reason they didn’t serve (no guts), and they have to live with that. The only people who believe their lies, are the ones just like them.

    God bless the brave been who have served, and continue to do so.

  126. R.D. Walker says:

    Welcome Dan. I hope you have a look around and come back. You are among friends here.

    Same to the rest of the Sons (and Daughters) of Liberty new to our site. Join us as we ride out the storm.

  127. watching you says:

    Just tell me this. When this commander in chief sends you to shot ME, are you gonna just follow orders or are you gonna stand up for whats right. Some one mentioned baby killers, Bill Cinton took the military to Waco and had them kill 17 children. Someone mentioned Lincoln addressing his troops, Do you remember who they were killing at the time. This site is called the Revo, Which side will you Marines be on, the people or the politicians that pay you? That is the main question.

  128. R.D. Walker says:

    “Just tell me this. When this commander in chief sends you to shot ME, are you gonna just follow orders or are you gonna stand up for whats right.”

    I don’t know that doing the right thing and shooting you are mutually exclusive actions. I don’t know you.

    In any case, I know what I fought for and it isn’t for the commander in chief. It is for all the things we discuss on this site: free markets, free minds, private property, commerce, freedom to worship and work and the right to enjoy the fruits of our own labor and industry.

    Now, having said that, if I could turn back the clock and cap Timothy McVeigh before he ever got to Oklahoma City, you can be damned sure I would do it.

  129. Crow Brother says:

    Hello warriors! Just discovered this site by having someone pass it on to me. Former Army-Military Police 1967-1974;Special Forces (18B)1977-1994;Veteran Vietnam (’70,’71) & Desert Storm.

    Just want to say that these people who love to slam those of us who served in the military have no sense of honor nor do they appreciate what members of the military over the years have done for them. They would rather burn the flag than salute it, and rest assured they will be the first ones to sell us out and throw in their lot with anyone who would show up to invade our shores.

  130. Crow Brother says:

    RETIRED FED says:”If you do, you need to rethink where you want to live and leave America to those of us who love our Constitution and the freedoms that so many law enforcement officers and veterans have given their lives for. Hail to the Chief”

    I say: Piss off! If this was such a nation of laws…that were ENFORCED… then the person who “occupies” the Oval Office would not be there!!! I want to see his REAL birth certificate and he WON’T produce it! WHY??? If this was a nation of laws…that were ENFORCED…then the Secret Service should arrest him as a security threat to the entire nation and make him produce a VALID, ORIGINAL Birth certificate.

  131. God_Bless_Chesty says:

    You all are great Americans!

    Have you all seen the HBO movie “Taking Chance”?

    Hey guys. THIS is the America we fight for! Not the pliskins of the US. This shows the America we give our lives for. I lost 11 of my guys in Iraq. It was not possible to keep a dry eye for me.

    To pliskin and the rest of you X-games “heros”. Here is the truth. In my 22 months in Iraq I knew that if I wasn’t there that the hell would be in my hometown.

    Somebody said this was Audie Murphy (pliskin won’t know who that is) who said the follow but bears repeating in the midst of the best of the best: “A veteran is someone who at one time in their life wrote a check to the people of the United States of America FOR: ‘Up to and including my life'”

    To the pliskins of this blog I refer to you read Teddy Roosevelt’s “It is not the critic who counts” speech.

    Has anyone seen what the Marine Guard has done at the Presidential Helicopter yet?

    God Bless America

  132. sherrytexas says:

    I hope this is the section to leave a comment. I wanted to say, that if you do mail-outs, then put me on your newsletter list please. Keep up the good work!



    P.S. I wanted to embed a short animated gif image of the O-Hole (I’m sure you’ve seen it, the pict of hundreds of people running to/falling into a huge hole in the earth. But apparently this webhost won’t allow you to upload from your own machine–that’s really odd.

  133. DRS says:

    All you Obama-nation worshipers just remember… When all heck breaks loose in our country. OUR COUNTRY(and it will). The one I was born and raised in where Christain values made a difference in my life. I hope you remember slamming our military and the one that you will be hiding behind is the one or a relative of one that read this blog,and he or she turns around to you and throws your sorry self out in the front lines and YOU get what you wanted and deserved.

  134. McLaren says:

    Retired Fed:

    With all due respect, and I mean that, I disagree. I’ve worked for both the private and public sector. My Pop was 30 years, Army, tank commander and chief JAG of the Ohio Guard until a Dem was elected governor and he was shown the door because he committed the crime of having an “R” in his political portfolio.

    Wake your own ass up. I know how the governmant works because I’m in the trenches, just as you were. It is a cluster f*ck beyond description and you know it. Don’t come on The Revo and dare lecture us on what is and isn’t.

    Again, thank you for your service. I salute you regardless of your political opinion.

  135. Luke says:

    God bless our troops! I truly believe each person that has served deserves so much due credit and respect.
    Thank you for working and risking your lives for our freedoms, and for the freedoms of the other people in the world that deserve it.

    I’m sorry that you have to put up with and deal with the ignorant, selfish, pig-headed populace that would go as far as to insult you for your efforts.

    I salute you, thank you for all you’ve done.
    God Bless America!

    PS Great video!

  136. Tammy-Proud Conservative Christian from Arkansas says:

    I praise God for you men and women of our American military: Fallen, Veteran, Active and In-Active Duty. I salute your service and sacrifice. God Bless you and your families, and thank you for keeping us safe and free.

    For all of those who voted for this communist, capitalist, muslim- and yes I do mean Muslim- (If Barrack Hussain Obama isn’t Muslim I’ll kiss your foot-to be nice) We will all reap what you have sewn! So will our generations to come.

    Those of this country that have turned their back on God, will in the next 4 years surely know HIS wrath. We are seeing God’s grace being lifted from us daily. (Of course those who choose not to know God are blinded to that fact)
    I believe in American Sovereignty through the Grace of God. My God who has blessed this great nation from the beginning. When God’s grace is not upon us; we will no longer have that Sovereignty!

    So just how soon can we start Impeachment proceedings on this man who has repeatedly lied to the American people and then rubbed our noses in it! I have always respected the office of the President and known that he is just a man who can’t always be everything to everybody, but this man is no President. He seeks no Godly wisdom in his decisions and that is evident.

    It is my prayer that God continues to Bless America, even though we have allowed our foundations to crumble. When we take God out of everything how can we stand?

    God Bless Our Troops!!! I support you and thank you for fighting for my freedom of religion and freedom of speach. To God be the Glory!

  137. mike says:

    Congrat’s we are fighting a war with people with the same name’s as obama.
    who the hell got him into office.In 2008 we killed hussein in 2009 We elected one in his memory.

  138. Tammy-Proud Conservative Christian from Arkansas says:

    Greatest cartoon I’ve seen all month–

    President Barack Obama’s Tax Plan:

    “Look,he’s giving us all money, just like he promised!” said elated husband.

    “Honey, he has your wallet.” said Observant wife.

  139. Mad Brad says:

    Greetings Retired Fed,

    Thank you for taking the time to read The Real Revo and forwarding the link to ALL your Fed friends. This land is SUPPOSED TO BE a land of Laws, not men. Unfortunately for all of us the Law has been turned on its head because it lacks Moral Authority. In order for Law to be effective it must descend from Moral Authority. Moral Authority is what some describe as common sense and a universal understanding of the difference between right and wrong. The source of Moral Authority is in fact Almighty God.

    The enemies of this nation used our courtrooms to REMOVE GOD from it and then pronouncements from the courtrooms across this nation have been used to remove God from all public places. The chaos that has resulted are the times we are living in. Your Law means nothing to most people any more.

    When we finally reach the point where we literally have Hell on Earth, I can guarantee you that many of Satans Wardens will be wearing badges.

    The last time I effectively dealt with you pukes I invoked the 5th Ammendment.

    From this point forward any time I have to deal with any of you badge-wearing Feds I will simply follow the Code of Conduct of a fighting man of the United States. If you EVER manage to lock me in a cell again I know I won’t get treated as well as the Guantanamo Detainees who brag about killing my fellow citizens. When you come to get me you will be doing it for a paycheck. When I decide that I don’t want to go peacefully I will be motivated by much more than a heavily-taxed paycheck.

    I guess we will get to find just WHO on this forum is talking SHIT!!!

    Be sure to forward that to all your friends.

  140. Maddog says:

    Peloussy and the Air Force limo service.
    Bydon and his “ME and the prez” etc.

    B.H.Obambam and the “let me assure you”

    My Sgt.Maj. in Nam ” It don’t get no better than this!”

    Now I know who was right.OOHHRAAA
    Semper Fi

  141. RAM says:

    My 17 year old son met with a Marine recruiter last night. I have no idea what his intentions are but I would be very proud and honored if he decided to serve our country in any branch of the military. I also want to thank all the men and women of the military and President Bush for their dedicated service to our country. President Bush truly was a strong leader. As for President Obama, I pray that he does the right thing.

    God bless The United States of America.

  142. R.D. Walker says:

    RAM: In 2003 I watched my son leave for the Army. He attended basic, AIT, Jump School, RIP and Ranger School and served in the 1/75th Ranger Bat. He fought – and I do mean fought – in Iraq and in Afghanistan. On Thanksgiving Day, 2005 he was wounded on a combat op in Anbar Province in Iraq. He was evacuated to Walter Reed, recovered, and seven months later returned to Iraq. He has since completed his four years, left the military, gotten married and is attending college. He is a perfectly healthy, well rounded, personable young man who seems far more mature than his old high school friends. He is proud of what he has done and I am proud of him. He served in the the highest tradition of citizen soldiering and can comfortably tell his grandchildren what he did to serve his country.

    You have reason to be proud of your son.

  143. watching you says:

    Mad Brad: Ditto

  144. Lonehawk6 says:

    Yes, it is “Hail to the Chief”, but what we are all wondering is, Who is the Chief? Is it the President or is is George Soros?

  145. WJH says:


  146. watching you says:

    Fiscal, ethical, moral, christian, moron…. One out of five aint bad.

  147. SlapHappyPap says:

    What the hell???? I get two jobs,catch the worst flu in my life and then I check out the Revo and there is Moonbats everywhere!!!! I think I’m getting sick again. **Runs downstairs and starts making ammo.**

  148. R.D. Walker says:

    Yeah, Slap, the moonbats fluttered in and then they fluttered out. What you did miss is that the video above has had over half a million hits since March 2nd.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  149. Pam says:

    Very cool video. It thrills me to see someone speak up against Obama, it’s almost like you are un-American if you don’t like the “Little Messiah”. I want to be there on the day when his supporters learn how deceived they were. After being repeatedly insulted because I loved Bush and voted for McCain, I want to say “I told you so”. It won’t be a good day for me because I will be paying the consequences along with them…but there will be a great deal of satisfaction in knowing I didn’t cause it with my precious vote.

  150. Jerry says:

    God bless you George Bush for caring for America.

  151. RDS1987 says:

    I just want to say thanks to all the men, and women, especially in this forum, that have sacrificed of themselves to serve their country. I did not have the honor of serving my country and wish that I would have. One of my good friend’s brother was killed in action in Iraq on May 23, 2006. He believed in his mission to help release the Iraqi citizens from Saddam Hussien. He knew the risks involved and knew that if he died he would be going home to meet his Lord.

    Oh and GunnyB, if that call to arms goes out, I will be right there with you to protect my freedoms as an AMERICAN CITIZEN! Any liberal fuck that wants to take my freedoms, especially my guns, better come with backup, because I will not let them go without a fight!

    R.I.P. – LCpl. William J. Leusink

  152. Tony says:

    President Bush loved the military and we loved him. He always went out of his way to greet us and be among us. I didn’t agree on allot of his spending plans, but the fact remains he is a great man of faith and principles.

    For those of you who don’t think that this war is about our freedom, try meeting your loved ones at the gate in an airport some day. Their are groups that would love to chisel away at our everyday simple rights; especially our constitutional rights like right to bare arms.

  153. Mark says:

    How do you spell the end of a super-power? OBAMA

  154. Billy says:

    Leave the “Hail to the Chief”, different circumstances, etc. aside, the departure is the most telling. Look at whom Obama shakes hands with. Not one single regular soldier. That, unfortunately mirrors other visits by Obama to military bases/institutions and sums up my problem with this President very vividly.

  155. Aime Watts says:

    The Marines Corps never changes, I believe the title should be, “Different Presidents, Same Corps!”
    Semper Fidelis!

  156. Aime Watts says:

    Dear Watching You:
    In your post dated Date: March 9, 2009 @ 11:40 am, you asked if any of the Troops read the Constitution before going into Iraq, etc., Etc., well I’m here to say that I read the Constitution all the time and the troops are defending it by engaging the Iraqi regime when they did, and still are to this day. To wit: The Congress declared that the President had the authority to wage war with our enemies there, as the Constitution requires; and the President first asked Congress, got permission, then sent troops to remove a serious threat to our national security. Congress voted overwhelmingly to allow him to do that, too; so you tell us, how is what we’re doing there against anything in the Constitution?
    I ask you, sir, if sir you may be, do you know what the Constitution says or do you just throw the term out like fish-bait and see if it catches anything?
    Your posts meander and pander but they are not helpful in the least. Please, sir, get a clue before talking to people who know what they are talking about!
    Semper Fidelis!

  157. Anonymous says:

    Obama can not talk without a Tele-prompter. He never served, and lives in a dream world. In short he’s just another CORRUPT CHICAGO POLITICIAN

  158. DWS says:

    Bush didn’t “dodge” the draft. He enlisted in the TANG and flew mach2+ interceptors.He ‘magicly’ jumped ahead of HUNDREDS of his fellow Texans, who had much better grades, to ‘enlist’ as you say…

    He more than fulfilled his required credits
    (Nat’l. Guard works differently than active-duty, a small detail) and was honorably discharged.
    It works differently, in that your Daddy’s money can buy his way out, just like it bought his way in, when it’s no longer fun anymore, and when something more politically useful comes up.

    First Illegal President? Find out how many have actually won the popular vote.

    Please, tell me exactly how our puppet Saddam was affecting free trade, which I agree. is part of our Liberty.

  159. R.D. Walker says:

    DWS: All of the nonsense about Bush doing anything wrong as part of his military service has been so thoroughly debunked so many times that I can’t believe you are still saying it. In any case, as a man who has lived a soldier’s life, the father of a soldier, the grandson of soldiers and the decedent of soldiers – all of whom saw combat – I have absolutely, positively no problem with anything in President Bush’s military record. No soldier I know has any problem with it. Did you serve?

    Saddam wasn’t a US puppet. That is a submoronic moonbat thing to say. I will not respond to it further.

    Saddam was a proved threat to the region and commerce after he invaded Kuwait. After he surrendered, he immediately began violating virtually every single term of surrender he agreed to. This took Iraqi oil out of play (Iraqis must sell oil to survive) and created an environment in which trade remained threatened. Every president since the surrender, most of the congress and the intelligence agencies of many nations became convinced that Saddam was building a nuclear, biological, chemical warfare capability which would also represent a threat to commerce in the region.

    I could go on with this, but if you are intellectually honest, you will see my point even if you don’t believe these represent a real threat.

  160. DWS says:

    Mr Walker,
    Yes. I did serve. Two tours (six years (1990-1996) thank you.
    US Army Infantry, including over two and a half years and reinlistment at 2/502 IN BN, 101st Inf Div, FTCKY.

    So you can stick that “You didn’t Serve so you don’t know, or have a right to speak.” speech up your Ditty Bag.

    Debunked by who? A reputable source?
    I do not consider Faux News a reputable source.
    Rush Limbaugh is a drug addled liar, and teller of ‘half truths’.
    Nor do I consider missing documentation a reputable source.
    You might.

    Study up a bit on the region and it’s history after WWI, and then tell me Saddam wasn’t our puppet.
    Saddam was in fact installed by our beloved CIA.

    Get your facts straight.

    I do see your points, but they are the very same talking points of the ultra right wing propaganda machine.

    The same one’s preaching zero tolerance for anything not of their ilk.

    Until both sides can stop hating other Americans just because of color, or politics, or religion, we are doomed to end up just like Isreal and the rest of the Middle-east.

    Killing in the name of God and Oil.

    Welcome to your Ideal America.

  161. R.D. Walker says:

    Golly. I never met anybody who served – especially in the infantry – who is as confused as you are about these issues. You can imagine my surprise.

    I have studied the history of the region and I have seen it with my own eyes. Saddam was much more involved with the Soviets, French, Chinese and all of the Arab countries prior to Kuwait than the United States. The Soviet T-72s, BTR-60s, Migs, RPGs and AKMs in the Iraqi TO&E should make that obvious. But to some degree, virtually every country in the world sided with and assisted Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988. The portion of assistance from the US was trivial.

    The following data was provided by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Click to enlarge. Saddam was most certainly not a puppet of the US as he received massive military assistance from the Soviets and Chinese.


    I have little respect or admiration for the CIA. For a generation they have fumbled operation after operation. From the Bay of Pigs, to multiple failures in Vietnam, to not seeing the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets in 1979, to a failure to see the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, to picking the Chinese embassy to bomb in Serbia, to the failure to see Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, to the inability to infiltrate al Qaeda to the failure to see 9/11 coming to the total FUBAR of the WMD claim in Iraq… I doubt the CIA can find its own ass with both hands. To claim, with no real hard evidence and a lot of evidence against it, that the CIA installed Saddam is ludicrous. To even believe that the CIA was capable of it seems outrageous to me.

  162. R.D. Walker says:

    DWS: Your massive posts of cut and pasted articles went into the Real Revo spam filter and that is where they are going to stay. I am not going to debate writers who aren’t here while you act as their “cut and paste proxy”.

    Here is how that would work: You would spend seconds cutting and pasting stuff you Google up and I would spend hours and hours responding to writers who aren’t even here. Any moron can point to stuff on the web and say, “Answer that guy! Now go answer that guy!” That isn’t debate, that would be me allowing you to send me on a wild goose chase. If you want to debate me one-on-one using your own words, I will gladly do it. I will not, however, debate third parties simply because you cut and paste their writing and tell me to respond to them.

    If you want to debate me, cowboy up and debate me. Otherwise just walk away.

  163. Lonehawk6 says:

    Let’s keep it short Walker, What you are saying is, If you are entering a battle of wits, bring ammunition. You are absolutely right about the CIA. It was gutted by both the Carter and the Clinton Administratios and replaced with Bureaucrats and politicians, who have worked their way up and are now in charge. Carter appointed his Naval Academy classmate Stansfield Turner who sacked most of the experienced CIA operatives. Most of the Reagen and Bush 1 CIA hirees were sacked by the Clinton Administration. Now most of the Bush 2 hirees are being sacked by the Obama Administration. Read Tom Clancy he eludes to the facts in almost all of his earlier books. We need a Jack Ryan type—but what we have is Lannie Davis–a wimpy yes man for Clinton—and now for Obama.

  164. R.D. Walker says:

    You are absolutely correct Lonehawk. Among those who fear it, the CIA has attained a reputation of omnipotence that is the stuff of mythology. Around the world those schooled to be in fear of American “neocolonialism” see a malicious CIA agent behind every tree. If only it were true. The reality that the CIA has been gutted, de-fanged, and relieved of its most effective tools.

    I would like to add to my list above failures of the CIA to even manage its internal affairs. Aldrich Ames lived like a playboy millionaire on his mediocre agency pay while on the payroll of the Soviet Union and, later, Russia. He was able to undermine the CIA from inside for nearly a decade. This is far from the only security breech on the inside.

    I support a strong and effective Central Intelligence Agency… I wish we had one. We don’t.

  165. Sgt of Marines says:

    1st time “caller.” I was in the Marine Corps from 79-92. During that time I have seen my share of dying for the protected’s freedom, many of which are / has blog(ed) this site. I was in Beruit in 83 (that’s 10-23-83) for those who do not know what I’m talking about, Panama, and Iraq the first go round, now I’m back in Iraq. This time not as an active duty Marine but as an older Former Active Duty Marine. Not because I need the money (i can hear it now, War Profiteer), no it certainly isn’t that. I’m over here doing my part to help everyone get back home, and as soon as possible. I soon will be headed to Afghanistan in the coming months, to do the same there. What really breaks my heart and my viral distain for this new aged president is his “I won” and pompous assed attitude, he couldnn’t buy a callouse, much less know where one goes! He has glazed over so many people, with his “America needs Change,” Well I hope you people like what you got, cause change is all your gonna have. Between these two videos, there is really no difference.i.e.

    S Pliskin :
    Date: March 4, 2009 @ 1:45 pm

    You’re a bunch of traitorous pussies and should all be put in a can. Obama’s visit was formal at Camp L, Bush’s was a sneak in at Bahgdad. Think there’s a difference?\
    What a shame such disgusting pukes as you were allowed to live in this great country.

    They are both the Presidents of the United States, be it “sneaking” in or having to strike up the band and come in a motorcade. One doesn’t want to announce his every move, the other seemingly wants to be a Martyr. So all of you snot nosed, papmered assed, whiney $%%^& can kiss my and every other Marine, Airman, Sailor, and Soilder who are protecting you, asses! So the next time you just happen to peer or in your case lear at my Flag, wonder no more of how those stars and bars got to where they are!It certainly wasn’t because of you.
    Hon. Pres. G.W. Bush I will certainly miss you and I do Hon. Pres. Ronald Regan!

  166. Lisa in TX says:

    To all of my military heroes:

    I just want you all to know how very much I appreciate and thank you for the amazing sacrifice each of you have made to defend our freedom. For every COMPLETE IDIOTIC SOCIALIST TROLL that has blogged here, just know that there are thousands that feel like me! I am a wife and mother of 3…I always tell my kids to have the ultimate respect for our soldiers and veterans. I always make a point to thank ANY person I meet that is military for serving our country. You all AMAZE me!!! And for what it’s worth, I still get teary-eyed at the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, b/c it makes me think of the collective sacrifice our military has made.

    May God bless each and every one of you reading this!

    The critics can all go to h—!

    Thank you, thank you…I know that will never be enough, so I will choose to fight in my own way for America’s freedom and the honor you all so duly deserve!

  167. Lonehawk6 says:

    If spending money we don’t have and possibly will never get makes a good democrat, then our president, speaker of the house, and senate majority leader are the greatest democrats that ever drew a breath. This goes a whole lot deeper than how we Marines greeted a Commander-In-Chief, it goes to the heart of our freedom. I can remember Boris Yeltsin standing on a car in Moscow promising everyone in the now defunct USSR a new car if he were elected. He was elected—no new car. Are we going the way of that–some think so. We cannot continue to afford spending this way and having other like countries like China buying up our IOU’s for very soon China will own us and we will be just like another Hong Kong—a Las Vegas of China. We need to stop this spending yesterday. We need to let all those financial institutions fail, the car makers fail, and rebuild our economy ourselves alone without help from other countries. We have done it before and we can do it again. So let’s stop focusing on who Obama is and start focusing on America. Kick the illegal aliens that are helping to bankrupt the state economies out. Launch a military strike on the drug gangs at the Mexican boarder and wipe them out. Drill for oil everywhere we possibly can while working on alternate forms of energy. As long as we are at war with radical Islam, take the muslims and lock them in the same detention camps that we locked the Japanese Americans in in 1942 and let them practice Shria law there. Build up the military weapons systems and the military manpower by bringing back the draft. Lock up the protestors and put them to work repairing our road and bridge systems. Close down Hollywood and move the movie industry to Wilmington NC. Stop paying farm subsidies and allow the farmers to profit on their own. Strongly regulate the unions and management to ensure both production and jobs for all who want them without having to join a union. Move education from large campuses to small gatherings interconnected by the internet making it so that a student can connect directly with classes on the student’s own time. Make a certain level of certified education mandatory for upperward mobile company positions of management. We still need ditch ditchers as much as we need CEO’s. Stop all affirmative programs and start judging everyone by the content of their character rather then their skin pigment. That’s what we need.

  168. "Mom V" 13 yr Marine says:

    Thank you for the video.

    I’ve passed it on to several parties that have passed it on to several, etc.

    To all my Brothers/Sisters out there, Thank you.

    To the confused others, yes I saw combat, and I am proud to be called a Marine.I was one of the batch with 10th Marines that got to deploy for Desert Storm.

    I signed the contract then and will do it again when/if the need arises.

    I am not interested in being a “killer”, but would rather people understand that without our Armed Forces there wouldn’t be a USA. It started long befor any of us, and will continue long after us.

    Please just say thank you to a person in uniform and respect that they are willing to die for you.

    It doesn’t matter who is in the White House.

    Semper Fi!

  169. brat says:

    As always, our military is more than capable of speaking for themselves 🙂 Sooooooooo, this Canadian needs only to say THANK YOU to all who VOLUNTEER to serve our countries in this GLOBAL war. (Naaaaah, I am not going to waste my breath educating those morons who don’t have a clue what is at stake here.)

    Thank you ALL for your service.

  170. patrick says:

    if you agree with the politics or not,lets not forget the brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for those of us, for what ever reason,who have not not served in the military.these “heros” are the only reasons any of us have the right to be on these sites and voice our opinions in the first place.my hats to you men and women and a heart felt thank you for me and my family to all of you.

  171. Anonymous says:

    they marines were probably ordered not to clap for Obama.

  172. AF Dude says:

    If you don’t mind an Air Force retiree joining the conversation, I would first like to say “Thank all of our military, active, veteran and retired, for your sacrifice”.

    My brother was a marine that gave his life in Viet Nam. It saddens me every time I hear about another casualty in our military.

    While it infuriates me to read the posts of ignorant people who have no idea what they are talking about, I try and understand that not only do they not understand but they don’t want to understand. This only goes to show that when a coward addresses heros (or even talks about them), the coward must try and make the hero seem less than what they are. All military personnel, regardless of branch of service, have given us our freedoms and the liberty that we enjoy.

    I am far from eloquent, but would like to leave this one last thought for all to ponder (not that the over educated morons out there will agree or get anything out of it).

    Only two people have ever volunteered to die for you – One is Jesus Christ and the other is the American Soldier.

    Please pray for the military and their families.

  173. Karl Fulves says:

    My conclusion: So what? It is a slanted and distorted comparison.

    What conclusion should be drawn?

    The military disrespects its elected Commander in Chief?
    The military hates black leaders?

    The person who created this wants Americans to continue to feed on the politics of dissention or discord.

    I say no. I won’t participate….thank you very much.

  174. dude says:

    democrats are always been embarassing

  175. RP says:

    Sites like this are examples of the problem in our society today. Not the site itself but the commentary from both sides. We are so busy putting down that which we disagree with that we do not spend time working together to be a stronger nation. Our weakness is our congress and our own vanity. I respected and fought under Bush administrations and languished under Clintons. Smooth talk does not a President make. I am willing to give Obama a chance though I do not automatically fall for his double talk. Bush made mistakes but he made them by at least putting forth an effort for the people. Just like Rome the fall of our nation will be from the internal bickering and not an external enemy. The president does not make the nation the nation makes the President. And before we bash Bush for everything this nation is currently suffering Congress shares a large part of the blame for our predictament and they were not majority of the republican party.

  176. BIG D says:

    How can they respect a man with a terrorist name

  177. BIG D says:


  178. David B says:

    skr only if he has his Teleprompter!

  179. cmb says:

    President Bush recalled the Spectre gunships, nuclear sub, and Spedcial Forces personnel that President Clinton set out to get Bin Laden, bringing them all back home in the spring of 2001. Then, after 3000 Americans died as a result on 9/11 and he had effectively let Bin Laden go by outsourcing his capture to Afghan warlords, he ordered an invasion of the wrong country, sending our brave kids to die to remove a regime already on its last legs based on a series of statements which have been proven false – just so he could act like he had done something.

    Is it the fault of the men and women of the US armed services that they were misused? No. They do their best with the orders they are given, as soldiers do. Is it the fault of President Bush, the republican party, and the bought and paid for republican faux media? Absolutely.

    And that’s the reason rank and file republicans keep BS videos like this popular, regardless of quality or value – they now know what they did and are looking for all the cover they can get.

  180. R.D. Walker says:

    Clinton didn’t do dick to disrupt al Qaeda. During his entire administration, al Qaeda openly operated camps in Afghanistan under Taliban protection. After 9/11, President Bush quickly, and with an economy of force, overthrew the Taliban regime and put al Qaeda on a run like they have never been before. They have not been able to muster a single large operation since 9/11.

    Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but 9/11 had everything to do with changing the policy of Iraq. For years Saddam had been violating the terms of his 1991 surrender. Again and again he effectively told the world to fuck off when it demanded that he obey the terms that were the result of his surrender. As such, he was a hero among those who want to see America defeated. That, combined with the worldwide consensus that he was trying to attain WMDs meant that he had to be removed. In a post 9/11 world, Saddam could no longer be tolerated. It made perfect strategic sense and those who can’t see it probably don’t understand why America’s first large scale invasion post Pearl Harbor was the invasion of North Africa. Africa didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor and Iraq didn’t attack America on 9/11. Both Operation Torch and the Iraq Invasion made perfect strategic sense.

  181. Mad Brad says:

    DAMN cmb, if ONLY President Bush had allowed that Nookyuhlur Submarine to remain on station in the mountains of Afghanistan we MIGHT have caught Bin Laden prior to 9-11?


  182. cmb says:

    “Clinton didn’t do dick to disrupt al Qaeda.”

    A completely insane lie.

    “After 9/11, President Bush quickly, and with an economy of force, overthrew the Taliban regime and put al Qaeda on a run like they have never been before.”

    A completely insane lie.

    “Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but 9/11 had everything to do with changing the policy of Iraq.”

    A completely insane lie.

    “worldwide consensus that he was trying to attain WMDs ”

    A completely insane lie.

    “those who can’t see it probably don’t understand why America’s first large scale invasion post Pearl Harbor was the invasion of North Africa.”

    Sorry, Saddam did not tolerate Al Qaeda in Iraq. The only AQ base there was in the no-fly zone where he could do nothing about it, and the US refused to bomb it *twice* so Bush could have his irrelevant war.

    “Both Operation Torch and the Iraq Invasion made perfect strategic sense.”

    A completely insane lie.

  183. Mad Brad says:

    C M B = Communist Man Bitch

  184. R.D. Walker says:

    Wow, I have been crushed by CMB’s historical knowledge and geometric logic. He has found the unanswerable response to every argument and statement. All need be said is, “a completely insane lie” to any and all comments.

    If the many years passed didn’t render it impossible, I would be forced to conclude that CMB is one of the great anonymous authors of the Federalist Papers or perhaps a writer of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. His unassailable argument and rapier-like logic renders me mute and intellectually disarmed. I am humbled.

  185. WGT says:

    I can’t fiunderstand how a man I never heard of 5 years ago is now president of our great nation. Respect and loyalty have to be earned in this life they are not a given!!!!!

  186. ROD Hughes says:

    Deplorable. Obama seems to hate the Military.
    I wish this B–t–d be sent to HELL
    He is putting all of us in harms way!!

  187. TW says:

    What a one-sided crock. I am sure Fox news is proud. You should be ashamed for producing something so clearly not comparable and patently unfair in every regard. But then small minds produce narrow thinking. Hurray for winning the prize.

  188. NMRifleman says:

    Hmmm, now there’s a compelling argument…or rather it would be if there was even a single premise in any of TW’s post. I’ve noticed that the same people who purport to support “tolerence” only do so to the extent that is serves their purposes. Instead, their modus operandi is observed as “free speech, unless I disagree with you”, then it’s right on to name-calling and the standard ad hominem blather. They got one thing right – “small minds produce narrow thinking”. The rest of the post supports just that…so I guess there was a premise in there after all…it was just written as an unsupported conclusion.

  189. TW says:

    Here is a “premise” for you anyone needing to put “rifleman in their name likely lacks much of a rifle where it counts. Since Philosophy is not your forte (pronounced fort, not forte’) for those of you still struggling with grammar (see many above) pleased feel free to look up tolerance. There was never a suggestion of a question as to one’s right to show their intellectual inadequacy’s. I am more than tolerant concerning your right to narrow thinking. Spend as little time as necessary trying to understand the world as you obviously already do. Just don’t try to edit together what is obviously an incomparable situation and expect anyone who actually thinks to drive into your tunnel. But aside from that have a nice 4 or maybe 8 years ahead. Perhaps many of those Marines will now live to clap another day while defending your “right to play rifleman.”

  190. NMRifleman says:

    Bravo! You just illustrated my point perfectly! Feel free to look up ‘ad hominem’. It’s a fallacy (I’ll give you this one – “from ‘fallere’ to deceive, an argument using false or invalid inference”).

    Example: Meanwhile our Marines live to defend your right to “play intellectual”.

  191. TW says:

    I feel no need to demonstrate my clear intellectual dominance over the likes of you. Your writing does that for me with no effort necessary on my part. Philosophically, you are a joke. You know a couple of terms, good for you. I am sure your mommy is proud. Now go to bed little boy tomorrow is another vocabulary day.
    Oh, and work on spelling while you are memorizing your new words.
    And a final thought, logical fallacy’s, that would be your belief that you belong in an intellectual world.

  192. NMRifleman says:

    Oooh, mamma I’m-uh scared. That mean person just hurled more unsubstantiated conclusions at me. I guess that’s what passes for logic in our fine institutions of higher learning these days. You should get your money back…you was robbed.

    I guess it’s just that spineless peanut-brain of yours can’t get itself around getting verbally challenged by a (gasp!) Marine! Why, they’re supposed to be mindless cannon fodder, brainwashed by the ‘man’. Oh, there I go playing your games.

    Silly me, I shouldn’t expect the likes of an elitist to have a coherent, adult conversation.

    Let me ask you a question – what have you done for your country lately (or in your entire life)?

    Ok, two questions – do you happen to know what kind of government we have?

  193. R.D. Walker says:

    TW: I am proud of the video. It has received nearly a million hits and is the third most viewed video in its category on YouTube this month. YouTube is pretty competitive with thousands of videos posted daily. When any video to rises that quickly to absolute viral status it obviously must be of great interest to a great number of people.

    Is it an absolutely fair comparison with absolutely equivalent situations? No, but it obviously doesn’t need to be in order to appeal to the tens of thousands who have seen it and approve of it. It speaks to a greater underlying truth that is obvious to everyone but the willfully ignorant.

    Here is what we know for sure: Marines in the notorious Anbar Province, home of the Falluja and ar Ramadi killing grounds, greeted President Bush with great enthusiasm. This event was held eight months after the start of the surge after Anbar had been pacified. Most of these Marines had seen months and years of hard combat. Yet their enthusiasm for Mr. Bush cannot be denied. Perhaps more significantly, Mr. Bush is very comfortable in their presence. He obviously enjoys being with them. He prefers informal gatherings with the Marines and he insisted that he always have this sort of a venue.

    President Obama, on the other hand, entered a room full of Marines locked at the position of attention as Hail to the Chief was played; something President Bush never did. It had all the pomp and ceremony of a royal visit to the serfs. This attitude of Obama toward the troops is nothing new. In Germany during the campaign, Obama canceled a scheduled visit to wounded soldiers in order to get in an additional workout at the gym. This was after the visit was announced and the wounded troops were expecting him. He left them high and dry. On Inauguration night, Obama blew off the Salute To Heroes Inaugural Ball. For the first time in 56 years, a newly-inaugurated president did not attended the ball founded by President Eisenhower to honor Medal of Honor winners and those awarded the Purple Heart. He is the first commander-in-chief to snub these warriors since the ball was begun. Fourteen presidents, only one snub… Obama did have time to attend balls with Hollywood types in attendance, however.

    The Marines know this. They are much smarter than you want to give them credit for being. You know the truth about Obama too. That is why you were angered enough to post. You also see the underlying truth in this extremely popular video and that truth frustrates you. You will do well to get used to it, however. The Marines will never, ever love and respect this president as much as they did the last. Never.

  194. Jim Miller says:

    Mr. Walker,

    I found a link to your video on YouTube, but when I clicked it, it said it is no longer available. Same thing when I came here. Do you know why? I’d love it if you could notify me when it’s available again.

  195. Van-a-gram says:


  196. R.D. Walker says:

    Jim, I don’t know why that would be. It continues to work for me. YouTube’s Flash interface is weird. Maybe try another browser?

  197. McLaren says:

    Oh, and work on spelling while you are memorizing your new words.

    Will do, TW.
    Your spelling of “inadequacies” and fallacies” as “inadequacy’s” and “fallacy’s” are proof of your superior wit and education. Neither words are possessives and shouldn’t have been written as such. You give me a great pain between my ears.

  198. DOC KARSUN says:

    Hey all you Bush bashers and Osama Obama kookaid drinkers who have commented above:

    You are all and always will be LOSERS! (Just like your new PREZIDINK) Obama is a joke and does not deserve a warm reception by the “GRUNTS” and will never get one. He doesn’t “get it” and won’t ever “get it”.

    The video speaks for itself. I love it when you wankers get all worked up.

  199. DOC KARSUN says:


    TW, you are pathetic. Not to mention spineless, mindless, and intolerant. Trying to pick on us with yor BIG (that’s large) VOKABULAREE. I really feel like you put all of ussinz in ar place. You pussy whimp. Good thing yor not in the military, you would pee yor pants.

  200. TW says:

    McLaren, you are absolutely correct, I just wondered if the idiot with the small rifle would recognize this,clearly he did not. Kudo to you for spelling. (And yes before I start receiving emails about Kudo without an “S”, Kudo is the plural.

    As to Mr. Walker, popularity is hardly an excuse for making a presentation that is clearly unfair. You do, however, thanks to our military whom I support and appreciate, have the right to publish whatever you wish. I just wanted to point out I thought it was an unfair comparison. The premise, for those who actually understand this concept, is that comparisons should be comparable and this video,in my judgment, is not. That was all I was initially trying to point out. It was “little rifle” who made such a “to do” and admittedly raised my ire.
    The juvenile attempt at using philosophical terms incorrectly and inappropriately just got under my skin and I responded in a way in which I am not proud. My disagreements with you and others here are not based on writing skills but rather political ideology and should be kept on that basis.
    BTW, I and several members of my family proudly served. Finally, those of us who wish to see the war in Iraq end do so for many different reasons. For me, primarily, I wish to not see another death notice for an American soldier in a country we should not have invaded in the first place. Just my opinion yours will likely vary.

  201. R.D. Walker says:

    My purpose in pointing out the popularity of the video was to argue that it is of interest to many people. If it were just an inane, meaningless comparison, it would have a few dozen views rather than nearly a million. There is more to the video than can be dismissed by pointing out the dissimilar venues and different degrees of formality. If you served and you are intellectually honest, you will acknowledge that.

  202. TW says:

    I am sure it is of interest to a lot of people but that still does not make it a fair comparison. Again, I defend your right to edit and publish as you like but if you or any of the others who seem to have agreed with your point of view put themselves in these situations you would have to agree they are not comparable.
    There is no further reason to belabor the point we simply will have to agree to disagree. I do believe this, thank God we live in a country, defended by men and women willing to risk their lives so that we may have the freedom to disagree.
    I pray that in the future this President or anyone serving as President puts the well being of our service members before their own petty prejudices and personal retributions. And finally, like it or not, Obama is our Commander-in -Chief and entitled to the same loyalty and respect that title demands.

  203. R.D. Walker says:

    “anyone serving as President puts the well being of our service members before their own petty prejudices and personal retributions.”

    Absolute rubbish. This president does not as actions such as his consideration of a proposal that combat wounded vets cover their own medical expenses demonstrates.

    “And finally, like it or not, Obama is our Commander-in -Chief and entitled to the same loyalty and respect that title demands.”

    I respect the position. The man filling it at this time has neither my respect or loyalty.

  204. McLaren says:

    TW: With all due respect, I don’t need your “kudo” with which you spelled using a capital “k” for some odd reason. Also, perhaps the “President” (with a capital ‘p’ for some odd reason) should carry himself as the CiC instead of lecturing us on our thermostats then cranking the heat in the Oval Office because, as his sack-licker told us, “He’s from Hawaii” 24 hours after the president told us all that he’s from Chicago and a little cold weather and snow are nothing to fret about.

    This punk is a joke and pussy on a scale not seen since Caspar Milquetoast. Caspar would beat the shit out of this punk.

  205. Big Pop says:

    DEVILDOGS!!! First time on the site. Keep up the good work and remember: God fights on the side with the best artillery!


  206. R.D. Walker says:

    Welcome to the Revo, Pop. You are among friends.

  207. Bullet says:

    Served with the Marines in Vietnam and Army Medical Corps in the first Persian Gulf War.

    Now retired but always a Marine at heart.

    There will always be a special place in my heart for those who serve their country. One of life’s greatest pleasures was having soldiers as patients. They were the best, the least demanding, the most courteous and forever gracious.

    “No greater honor can be given to any man/woman than the privilege of serving the cause of freedom.”
    Gen Harold K. Johnson
    Chief of Staff, United States Army

    Semper fi

  208. GBC says:

    First timer.

    I have been sitting here reading all of these comments and have noticed a pattern. For the most part, the right wing posters have been respectful and considerate. The left on the other hand are always hateful inconsiderate violent foul mouthed koolaid drinkers.

    Come on, you guys are a bunch of radical, anti gun, anti war, anti capitalism, anti death penalty, baby killing, bleeding heart, religion hating, intolerant of any free thinking, non income tax paying, freeloading on the backs of those who fought and died for this country, Nobama loving pukes!

    I’m so sick and tired of listening to you whine! Grow up! It is a hard cruel world out there. Someone has to go out there and keep you safe while you and your children that you are corrupting with your hate speak sleep in your safe beds at night! You make me sick!!!

    I never had the HONOR and PRIVILEGE to fight for this country. Something I have always felt I was born to do. Yes, I served in the the US Army 9 1/2 years but I was injured during a training exercise and was paralyzed for about 6 months with about 18 months of rehab just so I could get out and live on disability. Unlike you, I am ashamed to be a burden on society. I still try and do something every day to feel independent and to have a feeling of self worth.

    When the first Gulf War started I tried to give up my disability and re-enlist thinking there was something I could do to further serve my Country that had been taking care of me for so long. And to keep whiny bitches like you safe. Unfortunately, I realized that I could not and resigned myself to making banners and mailing letters to help with morale. By the time this one started I had come to terms with my situation.

    I have yet to meet a Combat Veteran who treated me like anything less than a brother

    even though I wasn’t there. I salute each and everyone who has ever served in peace and in war. Even the whiny bitches who volunteered and then wanted out when war broke out because they didn’t want HONOR their contract. Don’t get me started!

    As for the video. Yes, two different situations but, I’ll tell you the real deal. Nobama’s advisers or the commanders probably put them at attention because they knew there would be a lack of enthusiasm and to save Nobama the embarrassment of not cheering for him. Come on you guys. Do you really think that the very people that Nobama and his peeps are criticizing are going to cheer for him unless ordered to do so? DUMB ASS! FIGURE IT OUT!

    I am a beer drinking, bible thumping, gun toting, Disabled American Veteran and PROUD OF IT!

    God Bless even you!


  209. R.D. Walker says:

    I am a beer drinking, bible thumping, gun toting, Disabled American Veteran and PROUD OF IT!

    And you are welcome here GBC. This combat veteran knows a brother when he sees one. Welcome to the Revo.

  210. WWJD says:

    We need to pray for Obama, … because as long as that man is president, though I dispise that fact, he will screw up the country beyond repair if we don’t ask God to help us. This video displays my heart as well. I applaud President Bush in my heart for being a GODLY man. For Mr. Obama, I can’t say he is my president. I feel like vomitting whenever he is called that. I respect the office only, and pray for the day a Godly man is put back in as the United States of America’s president. In fact Obama causes me to pray harder for the return of Jesus Christ to make things right. It will be a good day when Obama sees his errors. He is a baby killer, a socialist, a thief of the taxpayer dollars, and he is blinded to his sin.

  211. R.D. Walker says:

    As long as we are on the topic of Obama and the Marines, have a look at this. You know that corporal was asking himself, “What the hell was that crap?”

    Anyone who has ever served will find that painful to watch.

  212. LSS says:

    I have been working on my taxes and, while taking a break, I found this site.

    What a great video comparison. It is such a blessing to hear and see the enthusiasm of the Marines welcoming our last great President, George Bush. I know there were many who disliked him for many things, but in my heart, I knew he meant to do only good for this Country. To listen to the hateful, vengeful, accusatory (as if from Satan himself) attitudes of the few who want to mock what was good…makes me so sad. These people need to find something to do for others instead of only thinking of themselves and their miserable media-biased “taught-thought” perceptions.

    RD Walker, it’a an honor to have my words appear on the same page as yours! I am sure you would agree that we need to pray for those “Far-Left Trolls” and that “Barry” will discover a Truth greater than himself and begin to look to the One True God of all creation, named Jesus, for his answers…and NOT GOVERNMENT! (The Government’s pockets are empty!–as are the Governments Words…)

    Now I’ll sit back and be called a “wack job” or something… because there are many fools “out there”… God’s blessings to you, R.D.

  213. R.D. Walker says:

    LSS: The honor is all mine and I do agree with every word you wrote. Welcome to the Real Revo, we are glad you are here.

  214. LSS says:

    I’m “spreading the word!” I’m glad, too!

  215. phill says:

    We now have a chicken shit as president and all you who don’t believe that are the chickens turd wipers. A bunch of commie, left wing, democrats oh did I mention socialists. You sniveling bunch of freeloaders who want the government to give you everything for free. Well they will but you will be giving up all of your freedoms. Jerks!

  216. M.E. Braden says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I will draw FLAK for this but…..

    I spent 20 years in the Army and served under 5 different Presidents,
    some of them commanded respect some didn’t, I think we should all stop and look at the Office not the man in the Office.

    His Office as Commander in Chief requires that “respect” weather we like the Man in the Office or not.

    Look at history starting 1 year prior to WW1 and coming to the present, look at the times and look at the World situations.

    No I didn’t vote for this man, but as I said It’s the Office that requires Respect.

    I fully believe we need and still need a President like Teddy R. who is quoted as saying ” WALK SOFTLY and CARRY A BIG STICK ”

    If each President would have followed his advice we would not have had WW2, Korea, Cuba (Bay of Pigs), Viet Nam, Granada, Panama, Iran (Hostages) or 911.

  217. this should prove to america what the truth is.the president should be respected just because of the office,but the man in that job needs to earn our trust also.words our meaning less without substance!

  218. cmb says:

    “We now have a chicken shit as president and all you who don’t believe that are the chickens turd wipers. A bunch of commie, left wing, democrats oh did I mention socialists. You sniveling bunch of freeloaders who want the government to give you everything for free. Well they will but you will be giving up all of your freedoms. Jerks!”

    “Come on, you guys are a bunch of radical, anti gun, anti war, anti capitalism, anti death penalty, baby killing, bleeding heart, religion hating, intolerant of any free thinking, non income tax paying, freeloading on the backs of those who fought and died for this country, Nobama loving pukes!”

    “TW, you are pathetic. Not to mention spineless, mindless, and intolerant. Trying to pick on us with yor BIG (that’s large) VOKABULAREE. I really feel like you put all of ussinz in ar place. You pussy whimp. Good thing yor not in the military, you would pee yor pants.”

    “You are all and always will be LOSERS! (Just like your new PREZIDINK) Obama is a joke and does not deserve a warm reception by the “GRUNTS” and will never get one. He doesn’t “get it” and won’t ever “get it”.

    It’s good to see our national security is in the hands of those who carefully consider the facts before acting. 😉

  219. cmb says:

    R.D. Walker :
    Date: March 18, 2009 @ 12:10 pm

    Wow, I have been crushed by CMB’s historical knowledge and geometric logic. He has found the unanswerable response to every argument and statement. All need be said is, “a completely insane lie” to any and all comments. ”

    Be a man, and refute my words with facts.

  220. R.D. Walker says:

    cmb: I did refute your claims, carefully and seperately. All you did was call me an insane liar over and over. You have no “facts” to argue with. You are a troll and nothing more. If you want to debate, have at it. If you continue to pollute the site with trolls, however, you will be blocked.

  221. michaelv says:

    A huge ‘SEMPER FI’ to all Marines, past, present and future. May God bless, and keep safe, ALL of our brave men and women in the military.

    Michael Verrengia
    USCG 69-73

  222. FRED H says:


  223. cmb says:

    R.D. Walker :
    Date: March 23, 2009 @ 12:58 pm

    ” If you want to debate, have at it. If you continue to pollute the site with trolls, however, you will be blocked.”

    Both a long and a short message from me have now been blocked, each of them more civil than yours. Why are you lying to everyone on your blog?

  224. Brent Barnes says:

    That’s BS. The President in the highest in the chain of command for th military. When the Marines were loud for W, it was because they were allowed to be that way. Obama’s scene looked like a more formal event so members of the military are expected to act in a more respectful manor. What did you really think was going on?!

  225. Brent Barnes says:

    And to RD Walker who posted the video of Obama not saluting right: No offense to you and no intent of defending Obama, but that’s just the classic salute given by “officer” that’s high ranking. It’s short and quickly executed, and yes, not in the best of form. Again, not a formal event, so why the extra effort…

  226. R.D. Walker says:

    Where did I say anything about the way Obama saluted?

    In any case Brent, I aknoweldge that the situations are different and that accounts for some of the difference in behavior. If, however, you are arguing that Obama could ever receive a welcome as warm as that given Bush, you are just being foolish. Furthermore, President Bush never made a royal entrance to a room full of Marines with Hail to the Chief playing.

    You are right the circumstance were different. If you believe that, had the circumstances been the same, the entrances would have been the same, you are a fool.

  227. Anomalous DNA says:

    Obama is a socialist. He is a terrible choice for America. Conservatism is the true America. Hopefully this country can cut 50% of the social programs and increase military spending by 50% with the next president. Americans living off of other Americans’ hard earned money is not personal responsibility that Obama likes to speak about in his speeches.

  228. Skrogg says:

    I did not serve in the military. Was leaning that way and wound up coaching and teaching govt. instead. To be honest I rarely see a site like this one without feeling guilty for not doing my part. That being said I would just like to express the greatest respect for those of you who did. I also find it funny that the libs bashed Bush for 8 years but really get bent out of shape if anyone speaks out against Obama. Once again thanks for your service.

  229. R.D. Walker says:

    Obama got cheers in Iraq too. Here is what a sergeant who was there had to say about it…

    “We were pre-screened, asked by officials “Who voted for Obama?”, and then those who raised their hands were shuffled to the front of the receiving line. They even handed out digital cameras and asked them to hold them up.”

    Take a look at the picture at AP and notice all the cameras are the same models? Coincidence? I think not.

    Hat tip to Macsmind.

    Here is the photo with the repeating camera model.

  230. Roger Neff says:

    To Bert Nelson and his lefties;

    Some Presidents are a real son-of-a-bitch. Now we have something different: we have a real son-of-a-bitch who is president.

  231. Brian Stalans says:

    The word “FREEDOM” was written, signed, sealed, and delivered with the blood that our forefathers gave! To maintain it every following generation must also sign for it in blood. We all owe our deepest gratitude to those that have fallen to keep us safe and maintain the freedom we hold so dearly.

    Brian Stalans
    USAF 1990-94

  232. donsands says:

    This is very interesting. I have a good friend who is a Marine. He was in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said President Bush to him is the greatest. I told Sam that i appreciate him a lot as Commander-in-Chief, but as a Republican conservative president, he was lacking to say the least. He was pro-life, and did much for the cause. But he also helped to make government bigger.

    Obama is pro-infanticide. Amazing that a President of the United Staes of America can be against water-boarding, but for sucking brains out of babies heads while they are alive, and chopping babies up in a womb, and and if an abortion is botched, and the baby is born alive, Chairman Obama is for letting this baby die; lay in a closet and die.
    That’s wicked.

    He is a very bad Commander-in-Chief, and a worse President. Yet I will pray for him, and respect the office, but not the man’s ideals.

    I appreciate all the military. In 1971 when President Nixon called for a draft, the ping pong ball that first came out was March 6th, my B-Day. I was on my way, but Nixon later called the draft off, and so i settled down here in the States, and appreciated how the armed forces protected us.

    If an all out war with North Korea happens, then we will see who the “Patrick Henrys” are.

    Patrick Henry:
    “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

  233. Rocko says:

    It’s a shame that all of those individuals can be so easily dupped. Show’s the foolish power of the military.

  234. cbreitel says:

    While the point of this video is dubious, even assuming it was authentic it would be disgusting. Someone should take the English translation of “semper fi” and shove it up your collective arses. The Constitution provides that the commander-in-chief of our armed forces is the president as duly elected by the American people. The Marines don’t get to choose, other than casting their own individual votes. Disrespecting the president of the United States is disrespect of the American people, and disrespect of the Constitution of the United States. Semper fi? That phrase is a joke, and meaningless, if this video is accurate. Shame on you.

  235. R.D. Walker says:

    cbreitel: Pull your head out of your ass and smell the fresh air. First, giving the president a “tepid response” is not disrespectful. The Marines didn’t disobey any lawful order. Hell, they didn’t disobey any order.

    Secondly, disrespecting the president is absolutely nothing like disrespecting the American people and disrespect of the Constitution of the United States. American history is rich with disrespect of the president back to the very first president. Frankly, to argue that the president must be shown respect reserved for the Constitution is to make a God damned mockery of the democratic republic.

    For example, Thomas Paine, in a letter to George Washington wrote, “… and to you, sir, treacherous in private friendship … and a hypocrite in public life, the world will be puzzled to decide whether you are an apostate or an impostor, whether you have abandoned good principles or whether you ever had any.”

    Alexander Hamilton said of Thomas Jefferson, “The moral character of Jefferson was repulsive. Continually puling about liberty, equality, and the degrading curse of slavery, he brought his own children to the hammer, and made money of his debaucheries.”

    Harper’s Weekly described Abraham Lincoln thus: “Filthy Story-Teller, Despot, Liar, Thief, Braggart, Buffoon, Usurper, Monster, Ignoramus Abe, Old Scoundrel, Perjurer, Robher, Swindler, Tyrant, Field-Butcher, Land-Pirate.”

    I won’t even begin to try to document the insults and disrespect Obama himself heaped upon George Bush when he was in the office of president.

    Your insistence that the president be demurred to as if he were a monarch undermines everything the Founders stood for and actually, really is un-American.

    Now run along. This blog is for grown-ups.

  236. cbreitel says:

    Your response is disappointing, Mr. Walker. Thanks for so quickly letting me know not to expect a reasoned discussion with you.

    It’s interesting that you posted this video to illustrate a point, and are now backing away from it when confronted with the truth of how our constitutional republic functions. You posted the video to demonstrate the lack of respect Marines have for our current president compared to our previous one. That is clearly and undeniably your point. Too bad you’re not man enough to stand up for it now: Your rebuttal to my attacking that argument, as every patriotic American should, is to post some quotes from philosophers, political rivals and journalists criticizing the executive. You even laughably cite one presidential candidate criticizing the then-president as an example, as though that’s never happened before. If you can’t see the difference between rhetorical attacks against the president from those individuals versus rhetorical attacks from current soldiers of our armed forces who are under the strict chain of command established by Section 2, Article II of the Constitution, I can’t help you.

    I consider myself well-versed in the Constitution and unlike you I don’t pick and choose which aspects of it are worthy of respect. The 1st Amendment not only protects our right to severely criticize and question the actions of our president, but I have always argued that it mandates our obligation to do so, which is what makes our democracy vibrant. This isn’t about freedom of speech because I don’t question anyone’s ability to criticize the government and never have. This is about soldiers who have a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and obey the chain of command exhibiting disrespect for those institutions. Your video is all about advocating that soldiers in our armed forces disrespect the president. That’s what you’re arguing for. That’s what you’re hoping for. That’s what you so fervently wish to be true (even though it may not be).

    If you can’t respect the commander in chief your Constitution and the people you serve have put into office, you are nothing less than an unfaithful traitor in my eyes. Your job (and I don’t mean you specifically, since I assume you are no longer a Marine) is to serve faithfully. We don’t give you the privilege of serving in the armed forces to mouth off your “opinions”. There are others who play that role more than adequately in our society and government. Semper fi, eh? When you’ve translated that to English and actually understand the meaning of the phrase, let me know.

  237. R.D. Walker says:

    You posted the video to demonstrate the lack of respect Marines have for our current president compared to our previous one.

    Wrong. I never, ever said that the Marines in the video were disrespectful of Obama. They most certainly were not. They did demonstrate a sincere affection for President Bush that they clearly don’t feel for Obama. As I stated in the accompanying text, they loved Bush in a way that they do not Obama.

    “If you can’t see the difference between rhetorical attacks against the president from those individuals versus rhetorical attacks from current soldiers of our armed forces who are under the strict chain of command established by Section 2, Article II of the Constitution, I can’t help you.”

    If you look at that video and you see “rhetorical attacks from current soldiers of our armed forces” you are hallucinating.

    “Your video is all about advocating that soldiers in our armed forces disrespect the president. That’s what you’re arguing for. That’s what you’re hoping for.”

    My video is about showing the different reaction of Marines to a president they love vs a president they simply tolerate. Nothing more, nothing less…

    “If you can’t respect the commander in chief your Constitution and the people you serve have put into office, you are nothing less than an unfaithful traitor in my eyes.”

    While I served 14 years as an infantryman, I ain’t one anymore pal. Obama isn’t my commander-in-chief and he never was. Again, nobody in that video disrespected him. They showed a “tepid response” that was telling when juxtaposed with the response given President Bush. No Marine did one damned thing that was wrong or inappropriate, however.

    Furthermore, it sure is interesting how the left suddenly sees disrespect for the office of the president to be improper. This belief seems to have developed from nowhere on about January 20th of this year.

    “We don’t give you the privilege of serving in the armed forces to mouth off your “opinions”. “

    Again, you are delusional. Nobody mouthed off or even gave an opinion to or about Obama in the video.

    Semper fi, eh? When you’ve translated that to English and actually understand the meaning of the phrase, let me know.

    “Semper fidelis” means always faithful and, as it is used by the Marine Corps, it signifies the dedication and loyalty that individual Marines have for “Corps and Country”, even after leaving service. It doesn’t have dick to do with respect for Barack Obama personally.

  238. cbreitel says:

    What does this have to do with “the left”? I’m a conservative American who doesn’t buy in to the lies and distortions of our country’s values that the delusional Republican Party has embraced as of late, with the worst offender being President Bush. What you’re engaging in by assuming I speak for “the left” is known as a red herring. See also: strawman tactics.

    It’s obvious that you posted this video and aren’t going to man up to the original point of doing so. You acknowledge that the settings of the two scenarios are entirely differents, so the point is moot to begin with. My point is simple: if soldiers are unable to display loyalty to their commander in chief, they are unfit for duty. Their duty is to obey and execute. Period. We don’t give a damn what party they’re registered with. And if you have a problem with that, stop running around the Internet bragging about your military service. If your service in the armed forces was intended only to support those presidents with whom your political views were aligned and you could care less about the millions of citizens who voted for Democratic presidents, the country doesn’t owe you jack squat. This is the price to be paid by politicizing the military, as you are doing. Shame on you.

  239. R.D. Walker says:

    “I’m a conservative American “

    No you’re not.

    “It’s obvious that you posted this video and aren’t going to man up to the original point of doing so.”

    The intent is made clear in my comments in the post above. That you can’t understand plain English is your problem, not mine.

    “My point is simple: if soldiers are unable to display loyalty to their commander in chief, they are unfit for duty.”

    Are you really this thick? They didn’t do one damned thing in the video that is inappropriate. The point of the video is to show the difference in reactions to different presidents.

    “Their duty is to obey and execute. Period.”

    Yeah, I know. I served a lot of years and I sure as hell never said one damned thing in contradiction with that. You really need to do something about these delusions.

    If you want to go set up straw men and them knock them down, go do it somewhere else. You are getting boring.

  240. SGT Aaron [Medically Retired] says:

    R.D. Walker,

    I only recently (last night) viewed this video or even knew about it. It quite literally brought tears to my eyes and laughter at the same time (Bush’s visit compared to Obama’s).

    I was medically retired under honorable conditions after a year and a half tour over to Iraq with the 101st. I hold the up-most respect, love, and honor for our brothers and sisters still serving this country. The left wing flamers and trolls who have “tried” to derail this are despicable people and quite obviously take a lot in this country for grant it (i.e. freedom).

    So I thank you and quite honestly am glad a friend of mine told me about this website. I look forward to being enlightened by “real” news and embraced by like minded people.

    To all my brothers and sisters out there who have/are served/serving my heart goes with you and above that keep your head down and be safe.

  241. R.D. Walker says:

    Welcome to the Revo SGT Aaron. You are among friends here.

  242. cbreitel says:

    From your various comments, I can see that you are anything but a conservative, so I understand your baseless denial (since you know nothing of my political views, at all) of my being a conservative. Don’t let facts get your way, Walker. You certainly haven’t so far, starting with this laughable video.

  243. R.D. Walker says:

    This video on YouTube just passed 3 million hits! Sweet!

  244. jacksonsdad says:

    Great video and thread. I really got a kick out of the moonbats screaming for “fairness”. LMFAO!

    At one time….up to and including “The Clinton Era”….my sense of “fair play” included politics. Then the “Bush stole the election” lies started and that was the beginning of the end of me giving a shit about being “fair” to libtards. BTW…they still bitterly cling to that lie even though it was proven time and time again that Bush, by all standards, won Florida and thus the 2000 Presidential Election. Just ask ’em…they still get fired up about it. No amount of proof can convince them. That’s what they consider “being fair”. Fuck ’em.

    You would think that Dubya winning so handily in 2004 might have shut them up about that but….we have to keep in mind who we’re talkin’ about here. I still haven’t received a good answer from a dim about what went wrong in 2004 but I never tire of asking the question!

    They are the most unfair group of people I can think of. Double-standards, changing rules to suit their agenda, hypocritical finger-pointing…none of these things bother a lib as long as it’s biased in their favor.

    So RD, I thought that video was perfect and the point it made was valid. This Prez. has been pissing all over their mission (and morale) for many years now and he’s damn lucky he didn’t get “booooo”d.

    As for the hens clucking about the circumstances and particulars of those two videos and the “fairness” of their comparison….I couldn’t care less and you can all kiss my rebel ass.

    You set the bar. Quit yer bitchin’.

  245. jacksonsdad says:

    Something to add…..calling a handshake a handshake and a bow a bow might go a long way toward building that facade of “liberal fairness”.

    Also admitting that there never was a “civil war in Iraq” and that they should be ashamed of themselves for ever spouting that lie…beating that drum….emboldening the enemy.

    They want “fairness”? They have a lot of “reparations” to undertake. Until then reap what you’ve sown.

    And quit yer bitchin’!

  246. Ahissom1 says:

    this video was passed on to me by a friend. I would really like to see it, but when I visited the video on YouTube it says an error occurred. the same thing happened here. I’m taking it that somebody higher up wanted it banned. What a shame. Maybe you could change the name of it to something similar to throw them off for awhile. Just a suggestion. Thank you!

  247. Ahissom1 says:

    Another idea would be to save the video on your computer and then upload it to your blog space if that is possible. It would just be located in your list of files that make up your blog. You can then embed it into the page by using your own code. In other words, it wouldn’t be hosted on You tube. It would be hosted on your blog’s server. If this is something you can do and need help with the embedding code, let me know. I think I can help.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Ahissom1: The video is active here and on YouTube. I think YouTube had a maintenance window last night. That particular video still gets about 15,000 hits a day!

  248. MadBrad says:

    Dr. Bill Bennett mentioned this video on his “Morning in America” show this morning. Very nice.