Coburn: “It makes me want to vomit.”

Here is Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) nearly alone on the Senate floor lamenting the Omnibus bill and the state of the Republic. He represents the the few remaining members of a dying breed: The American patriot. Coburn explains that the Democrats have the votes to pass any bill yet are still blocking debate and amendments. He tells Democrats they lack honor, dignity and courage. He is absolutely, positively correct.

The video is 9:22. You can get a feel for it by just watching the first two minutes. I bet you will want to watch it all.

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152 Responses to Coburn: “It makes me want to vomit.”

  1. IncendiumX says:

    Ugh… this crap makes ME want to throw up. I’d go on a tax strike if the damn IRS wasn’t able to garnish my wages…

    This is assinine

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    IncendiumX: Almost 9,000 earmarks in that POS. That is in addition to the stimulus bill which was one big, fat earmark. They are trying to reinflate the housing bubble. It is impossible and, even if it were possible, would be stupid. I’m with you. We are getting close to tax strike time.

  3. Francisco D'Anconia says:

    We need some senators who are willing to throw decorum completely out the window and stage acts of blatant defiance on the floor, provoking media coverage and public sensation. Obscure rants that wind up only on obscure webpages aren’t enough.

  4. Doug Stewart says:

    It’s time to form a new government, run by real conservatives. All in favor, say ‘aye’.

  5. James Utley says:

    This ia a GREAT LOSS TO DEMOCRACY. We no longer have to wonder when will the first LIE BE TOLD. It has been said. “NO EARMARKS IN THIS BILL” BY OBAMA.

  6. watching you says:

    R.D. :…Getting close..?!

  7. Sam Noto says:

    Since the Republicans are basically locked out of the process of any input, discussion or debate of any of these bills being passed, I suggest that THEY simply no longer SHOW UP for work until the Dems are ready to allow them into the process. What’s the point otherwise since the Dems have the votes to pass whatever they write without the Reps.

  8. roger secreast says:

    Do the republicans know how we got to this place? they were in charge…check their closets. This is a new era they need to work for the us the people…hopefully all will soon be gone.

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    This isn’t a Republican blog Roger. This is a conservative blog and it has been a long time since conservatives were in charge.

    There are no new eras in human nature and nobody will ever really work for anybody but himself. The only system that works is a system in which self interest is also the public interest. Any other system will fail and, as it fails, its increasingly desperate proponents will demand more and more liberty be seized to prop it up.

    Whenever somebody starts talking about “working for the people” the logical end is always the same: authoritarianism and the loss of liberty.

  10. Ken Lipkowitz says:

    The process is so broken that they our elected officials don’t attempt or seem to know how to do the right thing. There are a few with honor and to them thank you. Lets fire the rest of them and the rest of the story is a third Independent Party which will pull votes from both parties and will become a factor over a couple of elections to make a impact and give us our country back!

  11. Terry says:

    This whole thing makes me soooooo angry. Politics as usual..

    All politicians ( they should all be ashamed )are in this for THEMSELVES, NOT for the people.

    When did all these companies realize they where in trouble! only when it got to this magnitude..?
    What the He&& where the company leaders doing when they where Millions of dollars in trouble…why didn’t they make changes long before this..that is of course if they are making changes now!!!

    Totally irresponsible!!!

    It is appauling that we have so many lemings in this country who could not see through the bull crap that was being handed out by the democratic party…

    What do we do!!!!

  12. Marty9957 says:

    I take my hat off to the Senator. He is absolutely right. We need to get rid of all these supposedly public servants. They no longer represent the American people.

  13. The Oklahoma Kid says:

    Sen Coburn (NO ‘L’) is right on. The spending is now, as it has been for YEARS, irresponsible. Greed seems to be the legecy of the ‘babyboomer’ generation. We all keep electing these representatives -I have attending many political functions and the local populist all swoon at the fact they know or have contact with politicians, which I am confident is the same nationwide.

    No one is right – or wrong- all the time. The thirst for news headlines or your name being mentioned for some outragous statement (Rush are your ears burning?) doesn’t help! Ratings equal $$$ – rather than whine constantly and second guess every action taken to the point no good can ever happen if a ‘D’ makes the decission, or an ‘R’ – it is all just wrong!

    Woody Guthrie had it right – “this land is your land AND this land is my land” together – you and me – is the only avenue that will save our republic – apathy will destroy us all.

    I share Sen. Coburns frustration.

  14. thank God for Dr. Colburn!

  15. pissed of senior says:

    I am a babyboomer and I am ashamed of the wey our generation in goverment is acting.They want to cut unemployment pay to make people find jobs faster.What jobs Do these people not know how many jobs are gone.How many people are out of work?Come on goverment get off your buttss and look at the real world.Get out of your limos and see what is happening out here in the real world.People are loosing their homes, and familes because of your greed.
    Is it all worth it? Can you sleep at night because of your dessions? I would be worried.
    God will hold you to answer how you took care of the people you sword to protect.I could not do as good as God.

  16. Terry says:

    What I cannot understand is the same question Ron Paul ask. What about the constitution? How can we pass these bills which are unconstitutional? When did we loose the rule of law? Why have a constitution when congress and our President ignore it? I am not only talking about the situation now. It has been that way for a long time. It is like a snowball rolling down a hill.

  17. James T Keys says:

    The blind cannot see, the deaf cannot hear,— and that’s just the Politicians !!
    The Senate floor might just as well be a “bog” all the “crap” that’s about !!

  18. Kent says:

    It’s too bad that the chamber floor appeared almost empty. I would say that Tom’s word’s fell on empty ears, but there were not many ears present to hear him!
    Those senators just don’t give a damn about anything but themselves!!

  19. Jim Waite says:

    I echo Tom Coburn’s sentiments—there are too many crooks (spelled “politicians”) in Congress who don’t care about anything except preserving their own status. If eber there was a case for term limits, except for a few men of Coburn’s stature, this is it

  20. Susan Cobey says:

    The lies told by Obama during his campaigning, along with those similar lies told by all the house and senate reps running, pretty much are one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the American public, who will be paying for these lies for the next 2 or 3 or more generations if we are lucky enough to survive this huge spending in the dark and haven’t been taken over by the Taliban or worse.

  21. Lars Uber says:

    IF every American taxpayer would make a stand and not pay a penny, maybe that would be a first step in revising this unjust system of taxation. The IRS thinks they’re god.
    Now THAT would wake some politicians up !

  22. Marlene Hutton says:

    At last! One Senator who makes SENSE! You folks from OK voted with your brains when you elected him. I should have such representation!

  23. Bruce says:

    This is what all of our elected officials should be like. Unfortunately, there are too many mind-numb people in this country that don’t want to hold our officials to a standard that we deserve. I don’t like what happened during the end of the Bush administration, and surely don’t like what is happening now, but every elected leader that votes for these bills need to be removed from Congress.

    I read a good quote earlier today:

    “Life is hard. It’s even harder when your an idiot!”

    Unfortunately, with all the idiots in Congress, life is going to get a lot harder here in America.

    God Blessed America, maybe he can find it in his power to help us one more time!

  24. Jackie says:

    Sen. Coburn has stated truth in a chamber that rarely sees or recognizes truth anymore.
    I cannot believe the money that is being thrown out to agencies, institutions, and organizations that support the politicians.

    The businesses that are in trouble, for the most part, have been playing with other people’s money. Taxpayers should not be expected to bail them out. Americans have been overcharging and overspending for decades. They have been encouraged to do this by banks, credit card companies, car companies, mortgage companies, and the house of cards has fallen.
    I am just an ordinary American citizen who loves this great country we are blessed to call home. It saddens me to see the politicians on both sides of the aisle run our country into the ground because of their special interests.
    We need true statesmen and true leaders who have the best interests of America at heart, and are willing to stand up, as Sen. Coburn did, to denounce the misguided behavior of both houses of Congress. We are quickly going down a road away from democracy. I am truly concerned for our country’s future.

  25. Paul Davignon says:

    I hate to tell you all this ,but the
    election of Obama was the tipping point . The ones taking now outnumberthe ones earning . How will they ever lose another election . The
    Constitution is no longer held valid
    Obama said it was “fundamentally flawed” That says it all folks . Welcom to the “peoples republic of america” This fraud, Obama does not even have a valid birth certificate .No one in government challenged him under the constitution .Obama was elected with the help of hundreds of millions in foreign contributions.The people have been let down by the liars in charge lead by the liberal media . It will get far worse and then the end will come .Foolish dumbocrat voters put us here .

  26. Pete Hanks says:

    Why don’t Texas and any other state that wants to join us secede from the USA? The liberals could all go North and let’s form our own country. I am so tired of all the liberals trying to make others accept all their wacko “ideals” like homosexuality and other abnormal things. Let’s get back to the Bible.
    Read Romans chapter 1.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Pete: While I understand your sentiment, that whole secession thing was pretty much put to bed in 1865, don’t you think?

  27. Allan Boone says:

    You are so right Senator Tom Colburn. May GOD help us. We are going down hill fast.

  28. Tarry says:

    Sen Tom Colburn, I salute you. I applaud you. I would have you for my senator anytime after seeing you stand up to the cronies in Congress like this. God Bless you for standing up in what I am sure was an unwelcome environment. Congress actions like this make me wanna puke too! You get an A+. You okies need to keep this guy in office.

  29. Kiltiegirl says:

    Thank God for Sen Tom Coburn! Don’t give up the good fight Senator.

  30. S. Stafford says:

    The situation this great country is now in is a test of our faith. It will finally work out for the best, especially if we continue to elect officals like Sen Tom Colburn. He should be running our republic right now!

  31. Watch King Joe Boles Spending says:

    No amendments to the Bill! That is how they passed a 3.5 million birthday party for St. Augustine, FL.

  32. Jerome Jahn says:

    Thank you Sen. Coburn for you courage and honesty. This congress is out of control, and
    Americans sick of this. If only we had 100 of you in the Senate instead of what we have.
    God Bless you, and keep up the fight.
    J. Jahn

  33. Bill says:

    This is horrendous. I think you are correct about the revolt, but then again, they are trying to take our guns away too!

  34. Ron Lee in Waikiki says:

    It’s all about Entitlements … when over 50% + 1 gets something from the Gov..the rest of us are to pay the bill… and that my friends is where the power of the Dem’s comes from..

  35. Joyce says:

    Greed has put this person in control of our country. We will be socialist country under his dictatorship. Wake up America. God is in control, but he has given us free will. We did this ourselves by allowing this person to win an election based on lies and deception. I would wager a bet that all the companies he is giving our money to, has his name on their agendas. I pray God will give us a chance to right what is wrong so our future generations will have A FREE LIFE FROM SOCIALISM, GREED OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND THE ABSENSE OF LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, UNDER GOD. THE ONLY WAY TO CORRECT THIS IS BY VOTING OUT THE OLD AND VOTING IN THE NEW. WE DON’T NEED A PUBLIC SPEAKER, WE NEED A GOD FEARING, HONEST OFFICIAL, WHO PUTS OUR CONSTITION, LAWS, AND PEOPLE FIRST, NOT THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE OUR BOARDERS FIRST. THIS IS AMERICA. MAYBE AMERICA SHOULD BE DISCOVERED AGAIN. OUR FORE FATHERS DID A GREAT JOB. WE SHOULD GO BACK TO OUR ROOTS AND FIX THIS MESS. I AM FROM OKLA AND WE ARE PROUD OF OUR MAN OF THE HOUR.

  36. WitchAzle says:

    Lars Uber has it right. The first commenter, IncendiumX, said, “I’d go on a tax strike if the damn IRS wasn’t able to garnish my wages…”

    I think we’ve all forgotten the men who had the courage to stand up and say NO EFFING WAY to unfair taxation, to taxation without representation (which, if you look closely, is exactly what we have and what Sen. Coburn is talking about). They believed in America, and they pledged “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to get it done. In print, up front, in public and without shame — with only an incredible amount of faith in their ideals and courage that Nature’s God would back them up (they were mostly Deists, not Christians).

    King George could have done far worse than “garnish their wages;” he could have and did declare them criminals whom anyone could shoot on sight. And even that didn’t stop them.

    So why haven’t we, each one of us, consulted our own hearts and our own principles? Why are we waiting for “a leader” to tell us what to do?

    WE PAY Congress. If we do not believe that Congress is acting in our and the country’s best interests — if we believe that so far from getting what we pay for we are getting shafted and poisoned — then should we continue to pay them to do that to us?

    Is that right? Is it any more right than what Congress is doing, as Sen. Coburn has pointed it out?

    Sen. Coburn spoke on the Senate floor to an audience of very few. I hope that, thanks to YouTube, what he has said reaches an audience of 200 million voters and taxpayers (assuming we have that many people left in this country who pay taxes instead of sucking off the rest of us) — and that each and every one of us who hears spreads the word.

    True, we each are only one person. But one person can do so much! Even if the only thing this accomplishes is to enable us to look in the mirror without shame, that’s a major accomplishment.

    If you bought a huge big-screen TV and it didn’t do what the packaging promised, you would demand your money back. Maybe you would stop payment on the check or credit card you paid with. How is this different? If you don’t get satisfaction with a contract, you tell everybody and then sue, right? How is this different?

    Politicians must be held accountable for their promises, and obviously we can’t trust politicians to hold themselves accountable. That’s like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse “on the honor system;” pretty soon the only eggs left are plastic, put there just to fool anyone who looks but nutritionally worth nothing.

    If you discover that someone who works for you is stealing, you fire them, right? You REFUSE TO PAY an employee for stealing from you. How is this different?

    In 66 days in office Obama has already proven that the only “change we can believe in” is in the names of the lobbyists he’s hiring to work for him. If we want real change, we’re going to have to start it. I believe we must start by stopping the paychecks. Violence would only invite martial law (sooner), but if we can impress on Congress how it feels to have no paycheck coming in, perhaps we can remind them of what life is like for people who don’t get a lifelong retirement income after only one term in office, performance be damned.

    Check Article 1 of the Constitution, where it sets up a bicameral Congress with built-in checks and balances to keep this kind of stuff from happening. And then check out the 17th Amendment, which was the Senate’s recognition of how to hack the system, stay incumbent forever, and gain the clout and power that enabled lobbyists to earn a living bribing Senators to act in their own interests — not the States’ and certainly not the people’s.

    Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor are at stake. Not to mention our children’s and this country’s. What does it matter if you still have a home, wages and food to eat if you have to be a voiceless, displaced and dishonored slave to keep them? Congress will still get paid, and will continue to betray us … unless enough of us Just Say No.

    I think we should flood Congress with (blank) 1040s on which we have written, “Dear XXX: I don’t pay employees who steal from me and my children. Due to your mismanagement and the lack of a bailout for the average non-rich person, I am having to downsize; one big thing I can no longer afford is your wages.”

  37. Abbie Smith. says:

    I beg to differ about Texas not being able to secede. They reserved that right when joining the US. That’s why their state flag flies at the same height as the U S flag.

  38. Mad Brad says:

    WitchAzle, I am with you. I have considered asking my boss to cut my wages back to the extent that I fall into the non-taxable bracket. As the good book says; If my right hand offend thee, let me cut it off”. We need to quit paying for our own demise.

  39. Wendy Padilla says:

    Years of quiet compliance and compromise have brought us to this point. Every action of Congress, both Democrat and Republican has contributed to the erosion of liberty. We are reaping what we have sown – SOCIALISM.

  40. R.D. Walker says:

    Well Abbie, speaking as a non-Texan American who has great respect for Texas, I would prefer that you stay with us and help make the rest of the republic more like Texas.

  41. T from Texas says:

    My suggestion is to send this to everyone’s state senator and Congressman since obviously the cahamber was empty and include a strong letter with your sentiments about what is happening with our money and how we want earmarks stopped entirely. Those bills with hundreds and thousands of pages no one has time to read should be stopped in their tracks. Maybe we should also send them a copy of Mr. Smith goes to Washington, maybe it would crack their callousness and disdain for us taxpaying citizens. Is their a law where we as citizens can impeach them????? If not their should be…

  42. T from Texas says:

    Please Excuse my incorrect spelling of “there” . Don’t know what I was thinking about….

  43. Barbara Olsen says:

    May God have mercy on us.

  44. R from Tucson says:

    I think the 1st step is getting this video clip out to everyone and anyone who will listen.

    If this doesn’t get people to take action then nothing will.

    I personally will be sending in a blank 1040, it has to start some where and I am tired of all the BS in Washington. It’s no wonder that other countries see us ALL as self-indulgent, greedy Americans. We all get painted with the same brush and I for one don’t like the color…

    What about YOU???

  45. E from Texas says:

    The founders of America would turn over in their graves if they could see what has happened to America! I this last Presidential election had not been rigged so that illegal aliens, dead people and foreignors were able to cast votes, Obama would never have won the election! Only blind greedy fools voted for Obama. Congress is full of greedy money hungry men and women. For the very first time in history, America has its very first Marxist, Socialist President. Politians that are conservative need to be pro-active and we the people need to support our conservative politicians. If we, the people don’t do anything, we will continue to get what we have now and worse. We have some depraved, greedy people in Congress and we must vote them out! If we don’t, what freedoms we still have will be taken away from us.

  46. M from Texas says:

    I agree with Pete Hanks. We need to get back to the Bible. Governments that are powerful enough to give the people everything they want are also powerful enough to take everything away from the people. Some people asked that God, prayer, morning devotions and Bible reading be removed from the public schools and we said okay. Our government has made that a law it is being enforced. That is a freedom that has been lost because our courts gave in to the atheist, Madalene Murry O’hare. The ACLU needs to be disbarred because they are not for the God fearing people of this country. If the God fearing in this country don’t fight back, our houses of worship will be padlocked by the government and we will have to go underground to worship together. The only religions that will be permitted, will be those that worship idles and animals. Radio programs such as those of Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin will stopped. They are the conservative voices on the aireway.

  47. LewLew from Mulberry, Florida says:

    Thank the good Lord for men like Senator Coburn. I think we should all vote for him as President in the next election. I certainly would! Makes me proud of being born in Oklahoma. Thank you Senator. You made me aware that I’m still an American and if you’re willing to fight for the Constitution and for freedom, so am I. We may have lost this battle, but, with God’s help, WE WILL WIN THE WAR!

  48. Ray Arons says:

    Senator Colburn is an example of why I have been a Democrat since I was 8 years old. My parents, there parents and there parents before have been life long Democrats. His parents are recipients of Medicare and Social Security. He and his wife, and children use the best health care system in the world. Our nation of 300 million people enjoy a standard of living that cannot be match worldwide: all this as a result of the compassion, education, and leadership of Democratic administrations. God Bless Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      Ray: Because that is the meaning of life, right? Free veterinary care for human cattle? I would rather live short and free than long and dependent on the government. You can keep your socialized medicine. I don’t want it.

      As for the standard of living you praise. You are correct, it is praiseworthy. The America capitalist system has provided more people, more freedom, health, wealth, education, leisure, travel and consumer goods than any that has ever existed in human history. The government didn’t create the standard of living, however. It was created by the people who through discipline, hard work, capital and entrepreneurialism built this nation and its great wealth. The government created none of it. The government is an expense that survives on the wealth created by the private sector. When you see Obama speaking, the suit he is wearing was created by the private sector. The teleprompter he relies on was created by the private sector. The televisions, radio and computers we see and hear him on were developed, manufactured, distributed and sold by the private sector. Obama’s limos, helicopters, airplanes and SUVs were created by the private sector. Even when the government subsidizes businesses like it did GM and Chrysler, those subsidy dollars were created by the private sector, taken and redistributed.

      The government is an expense. It creates no wealth, it only consumes wealth. Politicians aren’t responsible for the standard of living you praise, they are beneficiaries of it. Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama – as well as Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. – are and were nothing but takers and users of wealth. None of them created any of it. If you want to praise the creators of wealth, praise the entrepreneurs, capitalists, business owners and workers. They created the standard of living we enjoy – not the political consumers of it.

  49. Cmarcus says:

    This is just the beginning. It may be good that this is happening. The day is close when enough people are getting mad enouhg to clean out Congress.
    we need new Congress people and term limits and get rid of career politicians

  50. I agree with Mr. Colburn. He is right. The democrats have become Hitlers. Just remember in four years, these new laws could come back and bite you on the tail and then lets see who cries.

  51. Marge says:

    At last I see some backbone showing.
    Senator Coburn, do not feel alone, many feel as you do, but have felt like one just can’t do much. You are in a position to do a lot. We are behind you, and I hope the nation stands up to be counted. I remember when we in Okla. elected you. I’m so glad we did.

  52. Mike says:

    Senator Colburn missed his calling. He shouldn’t have been a doctor or politician…he should have been a Bible-thumping evangelic prreacher! That’s how he comes across. As with all such demogogues, he is easily tuned out as he has little of importance to say…only criticism. As they may say in Oklahoma, “big hat, no cattle.”

  53. Diane Smith says:

    I vote Senator Tom Colburn for President!

  54. Carl E.Carnahan says:

    I worked to get Dr. Coburn elected, I and a lot of Oklahomans voted for him, with pride. He speaks for all who are conservative enough to know that the government can only give you what it takes from somebody else. Obama was elected by people who wished for more government handouts. That what Socialism is all about and Obama can deny that he is a Socialist, but his programs are all based on the Socialist belief that government should be in charge of everything that people want or wish for. Then he can provide for their wishes and wants as long as they vote for him and his liberal colleagues. That is Socialism.
    When are all you people in the other states going to start nominating and electing people like Dr. Coburn who believe in our constitution and what this country was founded on.
    All of us need to start making our voices heard that we will not stand for Socialism as the form of government for the United States of America. Rebellion of the Tax Payers was the origin of the Boston Tea Party. It is not too late!!!

  55. Sen. Dr. Coburn is correct. Since the media shows all on TV, the opposition does not want the public to know the problems and excess pork with this bill; therefore, the manditory silence by the majority leader not allowing debate of the issues. This is shameful and deceptive and an outrage. We should all be “thumping the pulpit” about the wrong doing our government is throwing at the citizens. I will never vote for another lawyer—–we should have more people like Dr. Coburn in our Senate who has another occupation rather than life long politicians. I’m proud of my Senator.

  56. Gordon says:

    President Obama is not the real President it is Nancy Pelosi along with the likes of Harry Reid, Barney Frank and the other top Democrats. He was voted in becuase Pelosi knew she could control him because of his lack of experience whereas if Hillary Clinton was elected then Pelosi couldn’t have been the true President, not Obama. This will continue for the next four years and we will pay dearly. Hopefully the American people will come to their senses and vothe these people out when their terms end

  57. Ray Westmoreland says:

    I would really like to know how Mr. Obama became President without having to turn in his “Birth Certificute”?????

  58. Tony Vu says:



    Unfortunately, Tom Coburn ignored the plea of the taxpayers last fall and caved into the Paulson’s demand of the 700B. In fact he switched sides after voted no at first. This Republican is a coward. He is the same as the rest of “them”. Now he is fighting against the Democrats for excessive spending as if he had no part in it. Hmmm… Know what? his (re)election is coming up.

    That’s how career politicians work.


    by the way, I had been a Republican but now I’m a conservative. I don’t buy that name brand anymore. It stinks.

  59. Tony Vu says:

    Addendum to my msg above:

    To the web owner of the Real Revo:

    If you want a credible and trustworthy representative in Congress that can properly represent our voice, get videos of Jim Inhof. He has been consistent with conservative view, was against every bail-out there was, from housing to bankers to whatever. He’s the man that no one can flame/deface.

    Conburn video get good sound byte, until it’s not good anymore.

    Thank you.


  60. R.D. Walker says:

    Tony: Senator Colburn certainly seems to be on the right path now. If the man supports liberty and a government restricted to its legitimate roles as defined by the Constitution, he is a friend of the Real Revo. We welcome all who have found redemption during the Obamanation, even if they are new comers to our ranks.

    I agree, Jim Inhof is undoubtedly a great American.

  61. Joel 2:12-14 says:

    Well said Sen. Coburn! However, do any of US see our part that led to this? This is a spiritual problem at root. This country’s citizens have turned their back on God with all the sexual immorality, lies, greed, etc. and now God has turned His back on the US in judgment. If we let it have it’s intended result – namely to drive us back to Him – He may just relent and bless us once again. EVERYONE serves a god – what’s yours? For our government it is clearly not the eternal living God of the Bible.

    “Yet even now,” declares the Lord, “Return to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, weeping and morning; and rend your heart and not your garments.” Now return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness and relenting of evil. Who knows whether He will not turn and relent and leave a blessing behind Him, even a grain offering and a drink offering for the Lord your God?
    Joel 2:12-14

    There is much weeping and nashing of teeth going on with fingers pointed at our leaders, but are we willing to look at our own hearts, repent and turn toward the only one who truly has the power to SAVE US?

  62. Ronald Cummins says:

    Isn’t it something that our Senators won’t even listen, much less do anything about what is going on that will damage th american people.

  63. Warren Peacock says:

    When did this all start??? It started when Congress was allowed to give themselves pay raises. It is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Wish I could give myself a few good raises. I am all for taking back OUR Government. Term limits and taking away their ability to set their own penisons, health care benefits and pay will do it. A person who has only 4 to 8 years to make thier mark is far more likely to do some good.

  64. Cindi says:

    It is coming to the time that we must have a courageous group that will speak out. We also need a courageous media that will go back to their roots and report the facts. When did they get bought out?

  65. Gregg says:

    We’ve gotten to this degree of decay, despair and dismal stewardship because when YOUR ”Conservative” team was in you backed them no matter what, just like the Obama CoolAid drinkers are doing now.

    Each ”side” is guilty of being apologists for THEIR ”side” when THEIR ”side” was performing miserably, while blaming all preexisting and/or newly evolving problems on the ”other” side.

    The entire ”left/right” paradigm is INTENDED to cause conflict and divert attention. It’s the old ”divide and conquer”. Nobody wins except those involved with the Military Industrial Complex; (the proverbial ”They”).

    Someday we will smarten up and realize that there are MAYBE one or two government representatives who are doing their job in representing their constituents and defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Unfortunately, I fear that ”someday” will be well after ”The Collapse” which has been coming (as in ”WRITTEN IN STONE”) since Nixon debased the currency in 1971.

  66. david says:

    Unbelievable! The Constitution is the Backbone of America. Once it’s shackled by the chains of traitors in our midst, the country will be ripe for conquest. When will the American people both individually and collectively realize, without your 2nd Amendment rights, the rest of your so-called rights mean absolutely nothing, without the means to protect and defend them at all cost and this ladies and gentleman means,guns lots and lots of guns….

  67. Sharon says:

    This is nothing short of frightening!!! In a few short months our country has been hijacked. We must all do whatever we can to stop this nonsense. Especially because we are being asked to bail out the very people who put us into this mess. If I had performed so poorly on the job, I would have been fired. What happend to the competence requirement? Most importantly, its the very people who put us into this mess that are performing the shakedown of my wallet. What is wrong with this picture? Why do we re-elect the same incompetents?? Or has ACORN been working overtime? Or, more sadly, does the majority really want this horrendous transfer of income from those deemed undeserving to those deemed deserving by those in power.

  68. GRBeatie says:

    The best thing that could happen to America is just send every last Representative in Washington home and start all over again.
    Society in America is, and has been in a regressive mode for way to long.

  69. Kurt says:

    It’s time for the citizens to take back our country from our corrupt officials. We did it once before and we can do it again. We need to get organized. They need to see that we are serious. Refuse to obey any law that is not consitutional. Refuse to blindly follow. Fight back.
    Impeach the “president” and any offical who goes against our rights and freedoms.

  70. GP says:

    At least he read this one. NOT ONE Congressman read the “stimulus” bill..most said, “it was too long, and not enough time.”

    THAT is the sadness.

  71. Ray Arons says:

    R.D.: Thoughtful and well written response to my comments regarding Democrat since I was 8. I respectfully disagree with a number of issues you have raised. I will address health care. Almost 100 million American are either covered by Medicare (50) or Medicaid (50). As a by product of the these programs we are able to provide jobs to 15 million Americans, working in 6,000 hospitals not counting the VA and federal and state facilities such that operate across the nation. We have built the largest and newest health care infrastructure in the world. Who do you think floats and insures $5 trillion for “private non-for-profit hospital construction? – employing another 20 million. Who funds GE Cat Scans, MRIs and Pet Scans that are located in every city across the nation? We will continue our discussion in the future.

  72. R.D. Walker says:

    Ray said: “Who do you think floats and insures $5 trillion for “private non-for-profit hospital construction? – employing another 20 million. Who funds GE Cat Scans, MRIs and Pet Scans that are located in every city across the nation?”

    Not the government. The government has no ability to fund anything except through the appropriation of wealth created in the private sector. Every penny used to fund the programs you mention was created in the private sector, appropriated by the government and transferred to the the health system. The government is a conveyance of wealth or a consumer of wealth. It creates none.

  73. Morgan says:

    Is there anything as a people that we citizens can do?

  74. R.D. Walker says:

    I had the good senator’s name misspelled. I regret the error. It has been corrected.

    Thanks to VM from Texas.

  75. Thank you, Senator Colburn! We need more courageous, honest senators. Our prayers are with you. Keep up the good job!

  76. Philip T. says:

    Blessings to Senator Colburn for having the courage to say what so many of us are feeling. And a note to Morgan about what we can do: You might consider getting involved with one of the Americans Tea Party organizations that are springing up all over the country.

  77. Ed Shearer says:

    Is there anything “we the people” can really do? You hear all the talk, you see all the crap thats going on, but I don’t see anyone putting a plan togather that “we the people” can get behind to make serious, needed changes. For example, term limits for Congress and the Senate. That’s were the corruption truely resides as we all just saw. Someone start the train and lets ALL get on it and off out behinds. I would love to be that person, but I’m honestly not smart enough. I know my limitations. I would however get onboard with people, groups, organizations, that have the smarts and help cause a change. Is there anyone out there who knows how we start the ball rolling on making a serious change and wants support? Post it here!

  78. mescal Sell says:

    Senator Coburn is so right.It looks like only a few people in the senate
    has got enough sense to be in the
    position to represent the american people.You could pick up people off
    the street that could do a better
    job than our congress has this year.
    And they talk about George Bush. I’ll
    take George any time I think he knew
    what a trillion dollars was.

  79. rave reyes says:

    were are you.people, during the elections. this is the change that most of you people wanted. now we all suffer, for all help us.

  80. Midwest American says:

    I’ve been ranting and raving with the best of us. But a never ending spat of sounding off just adds more words to the mix, and nothing else. So isn’t it time that we look at what kind of ACTION we can take?
    We need to ask ourselves what can we do to prevent the system of free enterprise from going haywire again and it has? And if we don’t want to REGULATE Wallstreet, bankers, home loan officers, auto executives, and savings and loan companies, what can we do instead to insure that they do the morally right thing in the future, in regards to all of us Americans?
    We’ve already learned that when left to monitor themselves that dire consequences ensue, such as the present devastating economic circumstances that we’re in. So what can we do that does NOT ACT LIKE SOCIALISM, but allows private ownership to flourish, while keeping greed and self-serving risk taking in check? If private enterprise and we, its supporters, do not want society to interfere in its business, then something else must be done. It’s easy for me and others to rant and rave. Even a monkey can jump up and down in rage. But the true heroes are the ones who take the time and grueling effort to put their brains and creative juices to work in solving problems such as these. So who amongst us can come up with some idea, any idea that will meet the satisfaction of both private enterprise and society at large? Those are the people that I want to hear from.

  81. Another Midwesterner says:

    I hear what you’re saying, “Midwest American.” We wouldn’t even have the Democrats in office with their overspending ways, if it hadn’t been for some of our fellow businessmen doing what they did. Those in our family have run their business always with the good of all in mind. And companies like ours have flourished because of it. So what other private individuals do hurts our reputation as well, despite our laudable efforts of not taking advantage of our customers in predatorial ways, as they have done. It’s time for us to clean up our own house so that socialism does not clean us up and out any further. Maybe that way the Republican Party will reinstate itself back into congress and the white house again.

  82. Okie from Tulsa says:

    One thing we can do that will not have an impact today but will in the long run is get our kids out of public schools. WE have teachers (for the most part) teaching our kids who have never worked in industry or any business setting. Except at Mazzio’s Pizza during college. These teachers went to college and were taught that Liberalism is the way of the world. Now they teach this to our children. We must break the cycle. Teach kids about the Constitution, about the founding of American and it’s Judeo Christian background. Teach them about ethics and honor and commitment to family and hard work. BREAK THE CYCLE in the schools.



  85. R.D. Walker says:

    Shirley: I gotta tell you, it isn’t science that is at the core of the problem here. There is nothing mutually exclusive about science (including evolution) and Christianity. Other hard sciences and mathematics aren’t the problem either. If there is a problem with the education system it is what Okie said it was: an education system that barely acknowledges enterprise, entrepreneurialism, business management, economics, industry and the Constitutional framework this nation was founded on.

    The Constitution is very clear on religion. It prohibits the congress from establishing a religion and prohibiting free exercise of religion. Pretty simple. The government can’t support religion or suppress it. If you want your children to believe the Earth is only six thousand years old, teach them that.

    I am a Christian and I am as right wing as they come, Shirley. My work here on the Real Revo should give me credibility there. We should be about free markets, free people and free minds. To me it is clear that evolution is the basis for the origin of species and the Earth is billions of years old. You have your religion and I have mine. Looking out for our self-interest is what the Real Revo is all about.

    This isn’t a religious site, per se. We have Christian regulars and we have atheists. Thomas Paine was an atheist who, as much as anyone ever, embodied the spirit of the Real Revo. If you are a freedom loving person who believes that the spirit of this nation is in men and women who are fiercely independent, largely self-reliant, skeptical of government power, fearful of the passions of the public at large, and modest in their national ambitions, then you will like it here. If you are looking for a theocracy, you will need to look elsewhere.

  86. Gayle Blair says:


  87. Ty says:

    Change… the change in your pocket instead of cash.

  88. Ray says:

    One thing that must be accepted; that Obama wouldn’t have been elected, had it not been for George W. Bush and the evil Cheney!

    I’m a conservative, but the Republican party has gone over the edge. We lost more constitutional rights under W than we lost under the previous 10 administrations.

  89. R.D. Walker says:

    Evil Cheney? Please. How is Cheney evil?

  90. Okie from Tulsa says:

    It is so easy to say silly things like “the evil Cheney, and we lost so much under Bush”- but you give no credible comments to back it up. It’s like saying “Elvis is alive and living in Phoenix”. Balogna. Granted, there were some problems with the Bush-Cheney administration. But they were not evil (to the contrary) and the biggest part of the problem (as always) is the Congress.

  91. Paul Jones says:

    Thankfully, I live where I could vote for Dr. Coburn.

    I have seen one split in this country caused by the Viet Nam war. I have NEVER seen a situation where we, the working public, have been treated like so many serf’s with the goal of keeping those with money, in the money. So now we see a total split between the have a lot’s and those of us that are just trying to live a decent life.

    I have never seen this country so close to civil unrest by those of us that are the backbone of this country.

    Look; without ANY regulation the banks have been allowed to shotgun credit offers to ANYONE. Then, when the obvious happened; many couldn’t pay, the bankruptcy laws were changed so everyone would have to pay at least something. The excuse was this was necessary to prevent those chronic offenders from hurting the banks. With NO regulation banks have been allowed to charge 24%+ per cent interest giving most folks no hope of paying off their debt.

    Now that all of this has finally caught up with the big banks, high risk, lenders, the final solution is to give your tax dollars and mine to these same hucksters to keep them on the standard of living to which they think they deserve.

    Do you really believe that you can write to your congressman and the message gets into his hands? Not unless you have many bucks attached to the letter or to the PAC/re-election committee.

    Like I said, I have never seen my peers so angry and so willing to do something…. finally…

    Paul Jones
    Guthrie, OK

  92. R.D. Walker says:

    “Look; without ANY regulation the banks have been allowed to shotgun credit offers to ANYONE.”

    That is untrue. The banks were and are heavily regulated. They didn’t make the toxic loans behind the back of the government, they did it at the demand of government.

    Virtually 100% of the current crisis is the fault of the United States Congress. They created and nurtured Fannie Mae. Had they not done so, this absolutely, positively could not have occurred. I am not even going to blame this on Democrats or Republicans. They share the blame. They fostered the fiction that the government could guarantee an unlimited number of bad loans and everything would be fine. The consciously decided that inability to make monthly payments should not mean you cannot qualify for a mortgage. They consciously decided that welfare payments should be counted as income when qualifying for a mortgage. They consciously created laws mandating quotas for low income, high risk loans. They purposefully poured imaginary money into the real estate market creating the price bubble. They propagated the fiction that the mortgages were “guaranteed” by the government and therefore AAA quality… right up to the point they defaulted. This crisis could not have happened without the conscious, purposeful efforts of both parties of the United States Congress.

    Now they stand before us an posture about Main Street versus Wall Street. The very assholes who presided over the current disaster demand additional oversight. And we will probably give it to them. We wanted what they gave us. We wanted to feel good that every American could own a home. We wanted to see our home values appreciate 15% a year. We wanted easy credit. We wanted low interest rates. We wanted to treat our homes like ATMs pulling out cash from growing equity every time we wanted to buy the next bauble. Once again, we deluded ourselves into believing there was some kind of new economy and we could vote ourselves rich.

    This isn’t a failure of free markets. Not even close. This is the opposite. This is a failure of the Congress and the entire government. This is a failure of the representative government that allowed people to attempt to vote themselves largess from nothing. If the market would have not been short circuited by the Congress, this crisis would not – could not – have happened. This was absolutely, positively a failure caused by the government interfering in the markets in the arrogant belief that they know better. The bailout wasn’t to save Wall Street, the bailout was to save our foolish selves from the government we elected.

  93. James says:

    When you borrow money to buy stocks, you’re required to have a certain value of equity in your account. If stock prices drop much below your buy point, you get a margin call from your broker. Meaning, you must liquidate some of your leveraged positions. The broker of course, is worried about your defaulting.

    Now look at these 0% down government backed loans, in the name of “affordable housing.” All upside, with no downside risk from an investment point of view. No margin calls, and you can default. Without government guarantees, no banker would issue such a loan without 20% down. No one would trade such a loan.

    Now who thinks government isn’t the problem?

  94. Sean says:

    for 8 years, the DEMs were shut out of the process, and look where it got us.
    The current state of affairs is something we built up over 10 years. (That’s right, Bill. You started the ball rollinging. George just sped it up…)
    So now the bill has come due and it needs to be paid. We are in a position where some must be done, and we have a man trying to make the tough decisiions. i for one have great confidence that he will get us back in the right direction. It will be the next admiistration that hopefully will finish the job.

  95. R.D. Walker says:

    The housing bubble has been building a hell of a lot longer than that, Sean. It started in the Carter Administration with the CRA. It accelerated with Graham/Leach during the Clinton Administration and it blew up in the Bush Administration.

    I have no idea why you have faith in Obama to fix it. He, his partners in Congress, his buddies in ACORN and Fannie Mae are more responsible for this than anybody. Even if Obama managed to walk through the sewer without having any of the shit stick to him, he, his partners and his philosophy are absolutely, positively more responsible for the housing bubble and resulting crash than anybody else. If you think putting this fox in charge of the hen house will reduce the ongoing shrinkage of poultry stock, you are a fool.

  96. R.D. Walker says:

    It passed.

    Congressional Democrats overwhelmingly embraced President Obama’s ambitious and expensive agenda for the nation yesterday, endorsing a $3.5 trillion spending plan that sets the stage for the president to pursue his most far-reaching priorities.

    Voting along party lines, the House and Senate approved budget blueprints that would trim Obama’s spending proposals for the fiscal year that begins in October and curtail his plans to cut taxes. The blueprints, however, would permit work to begin on the central goals of Obama’s presidency: an expansion of health-care coverage for the uninsured, more money for college loans and a cap-and-trade system to reduce gases that contribute to global warming.

    The measures now move to a conference committee where negotiators must resolve differences between the two chambers, a prelude to the more difficult choices that will be required to implement Obama’s initiatives. While Democrats back the president’s vision for transforming huge sectors of the economy, they remain fiercely divided over the details.

    There is no agreement, for example, on how to pay for an overhaul of the health-care system expected to add more than $1 trillion to the budget over the next decade, nor is there consensus on how to spend the hundreds of billions of dollars the government stands to collect by setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions and forcing industry to buy permits to pollute. Those issues will be decided in committees where lawmakers have begun the torturous work on the specifics of Obama’s broad plans.

  97. Tom Belding says:

    I hope everyone who voted for Obama can now see who and what he represents!! More to come!!! Blaming it on Bush only shows your ignorance! All the blame is on the Democratic Congress! As long as the ignorant continue to vote these people in to represent them…you can expect more of this. As I told Rep. Pomroy when he told me he would not be for the Obama Health Reform if it led to the demise of the employer sponsored health plan…”remember Hitler did not win on campaigning that he was going to kill millions of Jews”!!! Similarity??? I think so!!! I’m proud of Dr. Coburn and that I am from Oklahoma!!!

  98. Pam and Al says:

    Who is the jerk who keeps trying to shut him up? I really like what Coburn is trying to do and say. Coburn is right on!

  99. NativeTexan says:

    Obama never obfuscated who he was or what he stood for during the campaign. People looked at him with stars in their eyes and rapture in their hearts about all the goodies they were gonna get. Hypnotized by the “Change, change” mantra. They didn’t care about where the funds for all this manna from heaven would come from or the immense mortgage on our children’s futures. “The government will pay for it.” If people had done ANY research into his background; association with Acorn, voting history, less than 300 days spent in service before he hit the campaign trail… well, most of his Followers don’t give a hoot, but it was all there. Obama’s approval rating is dropping almost daily. All I can say is, You Get What You Asked For, you silly sheep!

    R.D. is absolutely spot-on with his evaluations. I completely concur- and wish others would bother to do the work to get at the actual truth of a matter. I cannot wait for the 2010 mid-term elections. Americans, let’s get a strong Conservative force in there to speak for the backbone of this great country whose stuck footing the bill for all this nonsense!

  100. George B says:

    The first speech after being elected Obama told us a “Bold Face Lie”. He said there is NO fat/pork in the stimulous bill. Well he set the stage for what is to come.
    Unfortunately too many Americans are like cattle, they eat/sleep and have no idea what is going on around them, take a look at what % vote.
    Obama, crazy Joe Biden, Nutty Nancy and on and on. We reap what we sow.

  101. Al says:

    Senator Coburn has a backbone unlike most of our elected officials.

    We need 20,000,000 voters to march on Washington and demand justice for the taxpayers. On second thought we need to run 95% of the lowlifes out of office now. This country can not afford to wait for the 2010 elections. All those in the pockets of special interest groups need to be recalled.

  102. Lee Williams says:

    May God be with America and the hand full of conservative men and women fighting the rush to socialism, the largest deficit creating spending and freedom ending bills in the history of this country. Those making these decisions are leading us away from a chance for better days, they are destroying our constitution, freedoms, security and the American Dream possibly forever. Taxes will be insurmountable and we have seen the ruthless way they treat people. It is time for the silent majority to stand up for America or forever loose it.

  103. annie says:

    All the comments that people leave hear are not being read by the right people……..Why is that we agree on this issue, yet NOTHING will be done to change it.? WE are selling ourselves, our grandchildren right down the river and we just sit back and say, oh well, its politics as usual. It makes me sick, sick, sick.

  104. marimu says:

    There is something each of us can do. Go to meetup sites and join with one or more of the groups associated with the 9/12 project. These are groups of like minded individuals. Not democrats,republicans,or libertarians—Americans like you and me that are sick of this crap and worried about the future of this country. Wether you can actually participate in a tax tea party on April 15th (I can’t-have to work my 12 hour shift!)you can be a part of a constructive movement to get the ball moving for true constitutional reform- they will provide organizational foundations to get us back to our constitutional basics. Read, read, read, and become very educated. Start writing your congressman and senators and remind them that they are YOUR servants. This will be a long battle my friends- we can’t give up. OUR children and grandchildren depend on us!

  105. R.D. Walker says:

    You can also check out this great organization. They are doing something.

  106. Ray Arons says:

    As a result of George W. Bush and the Republican Party’s policy’s and ignorance for the past eight years, it is April 2009 and we are in a full blown depression. The unemployment rate of 15.1 percent and growing daily and is equal to that of 1920, when the nations first depression occurred following World War I. As a life long Liberal Democrat, I am so thankful that we have President Obama to lead us out of this disaster. In my opinion he is the most intelligent, competent leader that ever has been elected President. Obama won the popular vote by a six-point margin of 52 to 46 percent over John McCain. This equaled 62.98 million votes nationwide and for Senator McCain, 55.78 million. I am most proud to be one of the 63 million Americans who share my opinion.

  107. R.D. Walker says:

    Hitler’s election: Democracy in action.

    The Jim Crow south: Democracy in action.

    Chavez president for life: Democracy in action.

    Obama’s election: Democracy in action.

    Don’t be too proud of the numbers. Obama isn’t the first authoritarian creep to win a majority.

  108. McLaren says:

    Ray, the Dems have had the congress since 2006. The economy started tanking in 2008. Dems forced banks to make horrible loans, just so they could pat themselves on the back for being “compassionate.” That’s what has caused this. Bush tried to warn congress 15 times over 8 years that this was heading south. But Barney Frank and Sen. Dodd wouldn’t hear of it. Probably because they were getting paid to protect Fannie and Freddie.

    Obama is an FDR retread, a fascist in a nice suit.

    Ray, if nothing else, always remember that in order for “the government” to give you something, it must first take something away.

  109. obuzzardo says:

    Elections have devolved into a means by which people are herded and fooled into thinking they are participating constructively. DON’T VOTE ANYMORE. Don’t give a “mandate” to any “lessor evil.”
    Instead, vote with your feet, with your wallet, with your everyday choices.
    It’s THAT bad now.

  110. Spydo Staxxe says:

    I don’t disagree with Hon Mr Coburn. This bill looks bad. Really bad.

    But I wonder where was the indignant Hon Mr Coburn last October as Bush and Paulson pressed for their non-transparent 750 billion (almost TWICE this bill)?

    I guess out of control spending = OK for GOP, and BAD for DEMS?


    Rise above it. Short T- Bills The more they waste, the better for my portfolio. I’m BETTING on it, in fact. SPEND SPEND SPEND..

  111. RAY GANNON says:


  112. Bill says:

    What Bull !!! For the last 8 years we have had a Repulican prestident and look at the mess we are in.
    The people have spoken and elected Obama because we are tired of the same old thing..bad economy, no jobs, stocks are down, companys going under. GO OBAMA !!!

  113. R.D. Walker says:

    See Bill? It is ignorant comments like yours that toss me into a depression. That a man who is able to use the Internet would believe something that stupid is disturbing. Saying that Bush messed up the economy so we are going to have Obama fix it is like saying, “Dad burned supper, lets let the dog do the cooking from now on.”

    Everything Obama does is designed – consciously or not – to cause a bad economy, unemployment, low stock valuations and companies to tank.

    If the Bush years put America in the frying pan, the Obama years will put us right into the fire. Yeah, you are going to get change; change for the worse.

  114. McLaren says:

    Bill, can you name one economic policy of the Bush administration that caused the current situation?

  115. Splash says:

    Another reason for term limits. Many of these senators are in for themselves rather than looking out for our country. Ear marks, BAH!!!

  116. Pauliemole says:

    Dems want the goverment to fail so they can creat a world of “Im incharge” Ill take your money, control the banks and the businesses until you close up and move to another country. Ill tell you what Doctors you’ll see, what treatment you will get. I will give you what I think you should have and you will give me your money, If you rebel, I’ll throw you in jail. You will sit in a social medical facility for a tooth ache surrounded by EDP’s diseased degenerates, many of them who couldn’t spell english never the less speak it. we have become a pathetic country and it will only get worse.

  117. Pauliemole says:

    Bill one thing is sure, the next Leader of our country will be a republican, There goal will be to turn this country back to a Democracy . Not a left wing controlled socialist failure

  118. hungry says:

    an opinion about the future of the changes that are on the horizon and their similarities to the 1930s

    See the struggle that exists here and how this same thing was what happened in the late 1930s and after the law of averages ruled that paper was worthless after the multiple attempts were used by FDR to revive the paper economy , FDR even went as far as to Confiscate the Gold , remember reading the history ???? here we are again at this point of capitulation , and the same mindsets of the Paper world are at work still today ……..what do you think will happen ??????? this is what worries me about the power grab thats in play right now , they are trying to make it look like it was not their fault , that the capitalist system failed , and that there is just no other choice but Socialist ………..but these events prove manipulation to the point that even Communism would have a hard time trying to function well under these kinds of smoke and mirror moves by our Government …….what do you think will happen , how does the world play this , war , or do they go along this time , because the last time we were able to pull off this nationalist / socialist move that FDR did , the rest of the world was already at war with each other and did not give a dang about what the USA was doing …. but this time everyone is watching and tied directly to our every economic twist …. what do you think will happen ????????????????? changing the rules all the time is like a welder trying to weld on a piece of steel that someone is moving all the time when the welder is in the dark with only a little light from the spark of the welding torch to guide his line of sight …… while everyone else stands behind in the light of day with prefect sight and can see everything the welder is having to deal with .
    Its both Political parties fault , they let the merger of the Corporate Big Box retailers take over the Free markets and consolidate the wealth . Remember when the retail sector was made up of the Mom and Pop stores , thats when we had equality in wealth redistribution … but then came the Lobbyists and the merging of the retail sector began ….. Where was the FTC all this time starting in the 1990s when they lifted that Tariff Trade agreement that was when we had balance in our Trade with other countries . I tell you even Communism would have a hard time keeping its ship up right in this storm of smoke and Mirrors of economic manipulations and consolidation of the wealth of a society !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Extremely Important
    Posted: Apr 09 2009 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: April 9, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Filed under: General Editorial

    Extremely Important

    Be Prepared

    The end is close for the effectiveness of Naked, Pool and No Up-tick Short Selling

    There are still extremely large (legal and otherwise) short positions in junior gold & silvers plus junior producers of both remaining uncovered as the ability TO POUND LOWER is coming to an end.

    The short of gold on the COMEX, the short of gold in everything gold and silver is incestuous.

    We have differences from time to time in market views, but I believe you respect my understanding of the technical characteristics and mind of the opposition in precious metals.

    With a maximum of 60 days for comment on the reinstatement of a form, but an effective form, of the Up Tick Rule, cover needs to be accomplished in the next 90 days for the extremely large short position in the modest or low-volume trading silver and gold issues.

    The short sellers, having DONE THEIR BEST TO POUND DOWN THE PUBLIC

    COMPANIES TO COVER, now have only one option left.


    You will recognize the dirty trick when it occurs.

    You witnessed it in Royal Gold (RGLD) when it occurred. You have seen it in multiple silver

    issues. The South African shares have not been immune.

    No precious metal share is immune for the next 90 days, none, no exceptions

    Upward Surge From Uptick Rule’s Return?
    By RANDALL W. FORSYTH Barron’s Weekly

    Market’s bottoming is a process that can’t be hastened by government interference. WILL THE UPTICK RULE SAVE the stock market again?

    Back in 1938, the original establishment of the uptick rule helped to reverse the 49% drop in the stock market over the 1937-38 period, according to Louise Yamada, the highly regarded head of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is scheduled to take up a number of proposals Wednesday that would curtail short-selling, including a reinstatement of the uptick rule. (To review, that regulation required that a short sale — the sale of borrowed shares in anticipation of lower prices — could only take place after a trade that took place at a higher price, that is, an uptick. The idea is to prevent piling on by the bears.)


    How do you prepare?

    1. You must eliminate ALL margin. Margin is the tool of dirty tricks, which still exists under $5 as maintenance margin. It is the killer. If you have any form of margin in anything gold between now and mid-June you have made yourself a sitting duck for the last try to cover, the DIRTY TRICK.

    2. Be prepared mentally to go through what the shareholders of Royal Gold had to endure around $10 before it rose to over $40.

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    4. If you know that emotions have a nasty habit of driving your market or investment decisions, please reduce the size of your position to the point of comfort, but stay prepared to reenter if your issue becomes the target of the DIRTY TRICK.

    Please remember that Royal Gold (RGLD) earned its position as a target because it was a leader

    in the field and had a large frustrated short position made up of the same suspects as today.

    The Mitchell Report
    Email Exposes Short Seller Plot to Destroy a Public Company
    February 17th, 2009 by Mark Mitchell

    This is Part 3 of an ongoing series.

    A few years ago, a clique of influential journalists went to extraordinary lengths to cover up the problem of illegal short selling. In the face of indisputable data and evidence, the journalists insisted, over and over, that “naked” short selling (hedge funds manipulating stock prices by flooding the market with phantom stock) rarely occurred. And they said short sellers (who profit from falling stock prices) don’t set out to destroy public companies.

    Moreover, if a person were to criticize illegal short selling, the reporters would smear that person’s reputation with a savagery that was almost without parallel in contemporary journalism.


    1. Silicon Investor — Royal Gold fights back after Barron’s sledging 12/08/2005 10:53:58 PM.
    Dear Diana Olick, we just saw your piece on the … Royal Gold Inc … – 40k – Cached – Similar pages

    2. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. – Forum Topic: “Gold Enters … Then came the assault against the leader, Royal Gold. …. relating to gold and a future role that it may play in supporting the Dollar in the year 2005 … – 65k – Cached – Similar pages

  119. J. Jordan says:

    Sen. Coburn is taking a courageous stand in Congress. Just how we got here is SIMPLE. In Jan., 2006, the DEMS took over Congress (which people conveniently forget, with the Press mainly responsible) and have done nothing but wreak havoc on this Country. How anyone was dumb enough to have VOTED for Obama is beside me. He is and was a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST from day one of the UNENDING CAMPAIGN. He is a fake and the DEMS are happy to continue this charade. They are the ones who have destroyed all they could since 2006!!! NEVER FORGET!!!

  120. brenda shults says:

    My daughter is not allowed to do her report for school, as assigned, because it is against Obama- she will instead get a zero- the teacher just knew she would be in support of him, as we are an average American family-poor.
    I do not have the answers myself, I chose to leave that to those whom had been schooled in the way a government is run. I am naive, I want to believe that our government really did want all Americans to succeed in the American Dream. I simply did not see how many freedoms we had served them, “freely”, until there is nothing left. I did not see that the American trust had been betrayed, until my American Dream became feeding my kids this one meal, and may God grace us with another tomorrow. Anyone’s God; mine, his, yours. At this point I am not being picky.
    And what now? My husband and I both served our country. We both are disabled because of it. He is dying, I am limited but not terminal. Not much comes in for the sacrifice but we have not complained….we survived. Well, not anymore. We cannot feed our kids, we are loosing everything and I still am working as many jobs as have not been given to illegals as I can. And he (Obama) claims more jobs are coming, but to whom? Not us. But our illegal neighbors?- yes, they have all been given their start dates. I figure by the time the environmentalist are done our business will belly up (aviation). And we are not well enough to work for someone else (liability issues we are told), but not sick enough for help from our government. My estimate is by Summer, we will be starved, homeless, with four kids wondering why this has all happened, as will I. But I take responsibility for my ignorance; for allowing- what was it?-28Million for a frisbee park for the first family, and other OH SO Important BS.
    I will do what I can to support any one that has the means/knowledge to battle it. I am great with a gun, as are my kids, and not afraid. Bush, Obama, McCain- there were no good choices- and haven’t been for some time now. But my next thought will be towards Coburn- provided he doesn’t prove to be a People- Pleasing Liar too….But I didn’t vote this time, as I felt there was no good choice- this is America- why wasn’t there (a good choice)? So some feel I shouldn’t say anything at all- I respect your opinion- I used to feel that way too.

  121. R.D. Walker says:

    Brenda: You didn’t choose the economic system you are forced to live in. The great burden the government places on the private sector contributes to deeper busts than we would otherwise see.

    In any case, you didn’t write the script to this badly acted farce, but play in it you must. That said, go get whatever you can from the government: food stamps, housing assistance, whatever is available. You are suffering because of socialism so go exploit it. You have the support of R.D. Walker and my conservative credentials are rock solid. I say, for now, go bleed the beast, sweetheart. When we get back in control we will put all this behind us.

  122. Betsy says:

    There is no difference between the two major parties. Both are bought-and-paid for. We got into this trouble in 1913, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve- – which is neither federal nor a reserve- – and which is a cartel owned by banksters, many of which are not even American. The Congress is wholly owned by lobbyists. The Constitution is not observed. For insights and concrete ideas for action, get connected to and read Devvy Kidd, Edwin Vieira, and others. Get Vieira’s book, Constitutional Homeland Security, wherein he lays out a PLAN. “Google” for Committes of Safety that Vieira proposes. Get Bob Chapman’s newsletter that he has been writing for 30 – 40 years, The International Forecaster. Subscribe to the weekly newspaper, American Free Press, which prints the TRUTH. Listen online to Republic Broadcasting Network, especially to John Stadtmiller and his guests, M-F. We waste energy by lamenting our situation (which is dire) and had best apply it to action.

  123. Bob Davis says:

    The stark reality is they are not organizing a fillabuster. That requires that the republicans get organized and stall the bill to the end. This is eloquent but there is no action to back it up. We need Constitutionalist Congressmen/women and Senators to start fighting this plague of socialism before it is too late. I think they are giving the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves at our peril.


  124. C Reece says:

    The nice/bad thing about the US system is that the people get what the people want. We elect representatives and they bend over backwards doing wise/or unwise things chasing the pleasure of their electorate. We collectively, dear brothers and sisters, are responsible for where we are and where we are going. Finger pointing and invective aid nothing. If anything, such only evoke reactions that shut down communication and thus tend to propagate the status quo. Go back to your civics class. Rational, respectful argument that has a chance at actually changing the mind of your fellow citizens is your real route to effect changes you desire. Here, the playing field is level. At present, it seems pretty clear that the US voters want the collective guiding hand of government strengthened but directed to be nurturing and constraining rather than supportive of exploitive buck-makers. It is the nature of human experience to swing between excesses. Our system is specifically designed to minimize the extremes. Analysis of world history will show that it actually is working pretty well. Flame on, it is part of the system, just don’t expect flaming to actually contribute to positive change.

  125. R.D. Walker says:

    “At present, it seems pretty clear that the US voters want the collective guiding hand of government strengthened but directed to be nurturing and constraining rather than supportive of exploitive buck-makers.

    News flash for you there sport: The Democrats didn’t get 100% of the vote. There are tens of millions of us who don’t want what Obama is selling.

    You put on a pretty fancy act of being oh-so-moderate and above the fray but I know a troll when I see one. Here is a bit of advice for you: Keep on trolling, just don’t expect trolls to actually contribute to positive change.

  126. Laurie Ark says:

    so he’s crying because he doesnt get HIS pork?

  127. NOT MY PRESIDENT says:

    Thank God we have the internet and cameras in the Senate (at least for now) so people can see what’s going on – Pray for men like Connors who make speeches like this to an empty room – I hope he knows his message is going out to the people who read, with help from “Real Revo” & others – – With the election of the “affirmative action” prez obama “common sense” died.. We must support Dr. Alan Keyes (and others) in his attempts to force obama to comply with the US Constitution – we are in a Constitutional crisis –

  128. Graham Compton says:

    I have been wanting to say a few things on my mind now for some time and have not had a place to do it that I would consider legitimate. I don’t know how legitimate this sight really is but I like the attitude of its proponent, so, standby for further comment.

    Bravo Zulu to the senator, today.

    Most Americans are working too hard for too little and are mesmerized too much by the repetitive training media (self inflicted or not) to be anything but apathetic toward the political and governmental processes.

    Those working for a living know exactly what I am talking about.

    They are just trying to live their lives unimpeded by the government as much as possible.

    Those on the government handout programs on a continual basis, while having the capacity to understand me, probably out of some twisted emotional state, won’t even read this much less try to see my point of view.

    I’ll accept that, regretfully so, but I cannot change some ones mind that is set in generations of doubt.

    Moses tried for 40 years in the desert and finally that old generation died off. New thinking began.

    We have not had the opportunity for that thinking process to die off yet here in America.

    Or some other thinking processes I won’t mention here either.

    I guess as the author of this letter I can be vague enough for the reader to read between the lines without so much instruction.

    On a clearer note, I would like to know if the man who came up with the old adage of “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, had any idea that our nation of laws would soon be as numerous in those laws as the grains of sands on the beaches?

    There are so many laws that our legal minds now specialize in law fields and that there is no one man capable of knowing all the laws we have.

    And I understand congress is writing more bills as we speak. Why? Aren’t there enough to keep us confused and apathetic right now?

    So how can the untrained mind of a normal work a day world person be expected to be educated in these laws he or she may unknowingly break. Should we spend all of our spare time reading and studying these laws because some attorney decided to write them?

    It is impossible; most of us have the attention span of maybe ten minutes before we are ready to “change the channel”. Not to mention we would like to sleep a few hours before returning to the grindstone tomorrow x 24x 7x 365.

    I believe our leaders know this and know just how apathetic we have become, and they use it for pay raises and keeping us in the dark.(fairly easily)

    Now that the government is stealthily proposing to get into our pants pocket through more taxes I believe the pain of this may shake us to our foundations, coupled with the payment plan for bailing out big banks and other entities that loaned out all that money for homes they knew would be defaulted on. (more apathy)

    You hear our great great grandkids will still be paying for the debacle going on now.

    While that is a travesty, it is hard for me to think that far into the future, I have a suggestion.

    90 Percent of us believe in God.

    I believe that 90 percent should get on our knees and ask God to inspire one of his servants to run for office at every election for every office.

    Until it happens.

    I believe God does everything with the most divine purpose in mind.

    He wants to see who is willing to serve him.

    I would run for office myself but have no idea if I could resist the overwhelming temptation to become corrupted as many of our countrymen have who now hold the once most sacred offices in our land.

    It will take a servant of God to serve us properly in every office.

    Most respectfuly

  129. McLaren says:

    Thank you for your comments, G.C.

  130. Jill says:

    I am glad to hear someone spoke up. Not that it has helped, but when we do not have respect for life.. such as the unborn, then what do we expect is going to happen to our country?? We protect the rights of terriosts, but are terriosts in that we rip a baby out of their mothers womb. What is wrong with us? God help us.

  131. Marilyn Lawrence says:

    When the tax revolution hits this country, the old 80 yr old woman running to keep up with the younger men and women, will be me.

  132. Walt says:

    From a historical, political perspective, the senate has a unique capability…power of the minority. In order for passage of a bill in the senate, 61 votes are needed. Right now, there are 42 “Republican” senators who, if they voted nay, could stop any bill from passing. Obstructionist you say and I say yes. If that is what it takes to be sure we don’t saddle our country with debt we can’t pay of by the turn of the next millenium, so be it. And I might add that if that “obstructionism” occured, then those who voted nay consistently be labeled as statesmen and patriots.

  133. Sybil Martino says:

    We are headed for another revolution in this country. God help us.

  134. Neina says:

    how much is a BILLION $$$$, how quickly can they add that high? sho does this addition? that word is bandied about like it’s a very ordinary amount of money. damn scary to me I have to depend on my SS.

    I agree with the Senator.

  135. Kenneth Slack says:

    It is my considered opinion that the only way any of the incumbents get the message, is to speak it LOUDLY that their terms in the senate and congress are over. Save but about 3 senators, the entire lot or these greedy SOB’s should be thrown out of office in the next election cycle they are up for. I have NEVER seen such a moral disaster in my lifetime. God save America from these theives, cowards, traitors and liberal liars.

  136. Mad Brad says:

    Hey Kenneth. I know some Slacks. Where are you from?

  137. Jim Daley says:

    Why can’t we elect a patriot? Someone that will stand up for American principles, put our country first?,Protect freedom of speech and individual rights for all people.
    The right to life and happness for all, including the unborn.
    We blame the politicians for having no courage, while we the people, have backbones of jelly. We have allowed our Government to over tax us, suppress our rights,intimidate us with the IRS, thousands of bad laws, many in violation of our Constitution.
    Senator Coburn is a Bright Light, a true caring, Patriotic American that stands up for his principles and America as the way it should be.
    I believe that he is trying to wake up the rest of us , but there is not enough of him. We need to get to the ballot box and send politicians to congress that have the best interest of the people and the country in mind and not, special interest groups, politicians and their individual fortunes.

  138. Sue Merriner says:

    Filibuster the doggone bill!

  139. R.D. Walker says:

    Too late Sue. It passed some time ago.

  140. Another Midwesterner says:

    I totally agree with R.D. Walker, the creator of this website, that mankind has the innate or inborn trait of being self-serving. It has been a reasonable survival tool that has led to man’s success. And if one looks around one sees it everywhere in the living world. Animals fight with other animals over territory to insure a plentiful supply of resources that keep their kind alive. Birds don’t say, “Here, take my worm. I’ll starve so that you may live” because such ALTRUISM does not keep their species from going extinct. Thus there is some “VIRTUE TO SELFISHNESS.”
    But as animal behaviorists know there is a down side to this philosophy. And it rests at the other end of the discussion continuum. It is part and parcel of Mother Nature’s PARADOXES that lie everywhere. And as paradoxes, opposing and contradictory points of view become just as valid in the world at large. Thus altruism and NON-SELFISHNESS is revealed as being equally right, good, and meritorius as selfishness is.
    Where do Americans fall on this line of opposite extremes?? If one looks at what has created our present ECONOMIC CRISIS it becomes very apparent that we lie way to the side of extreme selfishness and greed in this country. And I say that about all walks of life in America. We want everything now, and have no sense of delayed gratification when it comes to dead and inanimate material possessions. There is NO RESTRAINT on how far we’d go in order to get more and more “things” into our lives. We’d even sacrifice the future of our children just so that we can hoard one more non-living object in our lives. And our basements are bulging at the seams because of it.
    It is this LACK OF RESTRAINT that is reminescent of how PRIMITIVE MAN has acted when he gourged himself on some fresh kill. Yet it was appropriate then because a GLUTTONOUS or GREEDY APPETITE could help sustain humans through bad times of famine. But the things that modern man hoards and has gluttony for do not serve to feed his body nutritionally. Instead they are things meant to assauge, mitigate and lessen the psychological pain and stress that he feels over being modern man in today’s society. It’s a sort of ANTI-DEPRESSANT PILL for modern man. Rather than deal responsibly with the issues confronting him, he has fled to drugs and addictions as forms of distractions. Out of control “BUYING” of inanimate things is just one of those addictions. It is a symptom of a nuerotic species making its way to psychosis.”Things” NUMB the mind. But the problems of America never go away.
    “LACK OF RESTRAINT” from the CAVE MAN ERA does not serve us well in present times. It is only serving to speed up the process of our final demise as a species. And to passively accept this is to be like one of the Jonestown Cult members, who willingly chose to end their lives rather than change that which no longer serves them well.
    It is time for Americans to EVOLVE. One doesn’t have to stop looking after one’s own self-interests in order to become bigger and better as a species. One just adds more to the mix. There can be a time to be self-serving and virtuously selfish and a time to be altruistic and non-selfish. But we need to move the pointer of who we are more to the MIDDLE of this paradox. We need to REBALANCE our psychological selves. As the saying goes: “There is a time and place for everything.”
    Traditional Native Americans had known the need to evolve in this way. They understood the INTERCONNECTEDNESS of all living things, of which mankind was a part of. They believed in survival but acted not in ISOLATION

  141. Midwesterner says:

    (finishing the above comments after being cut off accidentally.)

    ………”They believed in survival but acted not in ISOLATION”………
    from all other living things, as if they were the only species or person on the earth. There was a time to COMPETE and a time to COOPERATE, a time to think of themselves and a time to think of others.
    Yet presently, mankind and Americans in particular are at the extreme and competitive end of the competition/cooperation spectrum. We act as if the rest of the world and other living things don’t exist. Like Primadonnas we demand that the whole world should revolve around us exclusively.We ignore the needs of others both in this country and throughout the world. And it is that kind of selfishness that other countries so resent. It’s also what fuels our massive need to sue each other whose lawsuits only serve to clog up our courts.
    Our “US VERSUS THEM” mentality amongst ourselves as promoted by this Ayn Rand philosophy has created great DISTRUST of our fellow Americans. And we relegate ourselves within our home fortresses because of it,and then wonder why we feel so lonely, so detached, so alienated from each other. It is a sad, sad state of affairs.
    But it can be made WHOLE again. We can come back into BALANCE. We don’t have to give up our Ayn Rand philosophy on the Virtues of Selfishness. We only need to COMPLETE THE PARADOX by adding more altruism and non-selfishness to the mix that already exists.

  142. James says:

    Too much selfishness is not the problem. The problem is government has not decoupled, but reversed consequences of reality from actions. Productive behavior is punished by taxation. Failure is rewarded using the transferred wealth.

    This is worse than an engineering system running open loop. Polarity of the feedback signal has been reversed. Miswired systems usually destroy themselves.

  143. McLaren says:

    As Americans, we are some of the most generous and giving people on Earth. It’s the issue of having a gun put to our heads to pay taxes to bail out GM and AIG that irks many of us.

    Liberal pro-choicers say “Keep your morality off my body.”

    Well, hello liberals, keep your morality off my wallet.

  144. R.D. Walker says:

    Self-interest is a universal human attribute. The lack of self-interest is a kind of insanity that, at its logical extreme, results in suicide. No society can exist without self-interested individuals. Self-interest is not a vice; it is a virtue. In fact, self-interest is a responsibility. You are responsible to look after yourself. You are responsible for making your own way in the world and not becoming a burden to others. Without self-interest, society collapses. Self-interest is the foundation of civilization.

    Understanding that humans act in their self-interest is necessary to understand economics, politics and society. Self-interest drives the fulfillment of wants and needs and is the engine of the economy. In the long run, all work is based on self-interest. People will not work as hard for others as they will for their own interests. Liberals are unable to comprehend this basic truth regarding the human condition. Every increment taxes are raised results in an incremental decrease in effort put forth. Less effort means less wealth created which means, at some point, raising taxes decreases government revenue. Conversely, at some point decreasing taxes drives self-interested work and increases government revenues.

    Liberals fervently believe that self-interest isn’t a natural human state but is a learned trait. They believe that institutions train people to be self-interested and, if institutions are changed, self-interest can be diminished or eliminated. At its logical extreme, this view of human nature leads to the gulag.

    I believe you are confusing self-interest with selfishness. You can never have too much self-interest. Sane, rational human beings always take their self-interest into account in everything they do. Selfishness, however, is not the same as self-interest.

    For example, self-interest is the desire to have enough to eat, clothing and shelter. Self-interest is why people start business and have families. Self-interest is why people worship God. Self-interest is why scientists create medical cures and why artists paint and why musicians write music. The desire to be a billionaire is not selfish.

    Selfishness is conscious theft. Selfishness is seizing the property and the fruits of the industry of others for your own use. Selfishness is robbing a liquor store. Selfishness is robbing Chrysler bondholders. Selfishness is stealing the life of an unborn child for purposes of convenience.

    Self-interest is a virtue that is the foundation of civilization. Every member of a society can be self-interested without the rights of any member of that society being oppressed. When you working in your self-interest, you do not diminish the quality of life of any of your neighbors.

    When you are robbed at gun point, a selfish thief is stealing the product of your self-interested efforts. When a murder kills a neighbor, he is selfishly stealing his neighbor’s self interest in remaining alive. Selfishness is the theft of the self-interests of another. Self-interest is matter, selfishness is the anti-matter that consumes it. Self-interest is good. In that selfishness destroys that good, it is evil.

    Stealing the wealth of Chrysler bondholders in order to transfer that wealth to political supporters is pure selfishness. The desire to retain assets which the bondholders purchased and have a legal right to is in their self-interest, but is not selfish in the slightest. Capitalism is self-interest and is virtuous. Socialism is the theft of the ability of people to practice self-interest and is therefore selfish and evil.

  145. James says:

    Thanks for the lexical distinction, R.D.
    Many definitions for “selfish” I found included phrases such as “lacking regard for the rights or feelings of others.”
    Clearly “self interest” is the desired term. Self interest broadly is having a stake in, and tending to your own well being, your work, your immediate environment, and those you care about; that which you value.

    As Milt Friedman said “The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests.”

  146. Lloyd L. Wilson says:

    It is time for tar and feathers!

  147. M says:

    I am tired of all this crap- get it right- dont spend more than we have to spend. I am feeling we the people have no voice anymore. If any elected officials read this- take note- you work for us do mwhat we elected you to do- be responcible to our country not yourselves.

  148. Midwesterner says:

    Dear R.D. Walker, I am not questioning the belief in SELF INTEREST and all of the good that comes from it. In fact I agree with all of what you have said on May 15th, 2009 in regards to self interest. What I am attempting to do is to expand on the idea.The vast majority of the times self-interest is good and necessary. But like all good and wonderful things it has its down and negative side, as well, which people must be wary of. I say that because there are those times when being too focused on one’s own self-interests puts the individual’s welfare in a good position and that of the collective whole in a bad one. The knowledge of this is what had motivated past cultures to build in a safegaurd for this. In these cultures the individual’s needs were addressed and honored, but never at the expense of the entire community. Thus when community issues seemed to be playing a more important and bigger role, which affected the individuals, community problems were addressed and attended to with a quick return to that of the individuals. And they did this because they realized that if the community at large failed or went down the tubes, the individuals followed shortly afterwards. Everything is connected and inter-related. One small pebble of action by one person produces rings of influence that pervades the whole pond. Thus as individuals we cannot act in isolation with our entire focus being solely on ourselves at all times. If we become too SELF-ABSORBED we run the risk of ignoring the BIG PICTURE and how that can boomerang back upon ourselves later on down the line. We don’t have to stop or end our philosophy about the goodness of selfishness or self-interest as you now call it. We just have to expand it a bit. We can be more inclusive, and still demand that responsibleness and hard work is required of all. We can demand that we not be burdened with those who diminish the quality of our lives. And I’ve been doing that because I’m so fed up with all of the slackers in our society who have no idea what rugged individualism is. They’re like children that never grow up! Yet I also know that my reaction to the slackers could make the pendulum move to the opposite extreme as well. There can be a fine line between self-interest and self-absorbed selfishness that is easily crossed without me even knowing that I’ve done it. And evidently the therapists have been sounding the alarm on how NARCISSISM has ballooned in recent decades, which echoes my own concerns. And maybe this is what has motivated you to change your usual use of the word of ‘selfishness’ to the more benign one of ‘self-interest’ as of late. No one wants to be seen in that light. But sometimes the minor change in terms is just that I.e. a replacement of one word for another, while the underlying way of operating gives the field of psychology just cause for concern. It’s easy to mask one’s real ulterior motives with a little tweaking of the spoken word, in order to gain more acceptance and agreement.I’d rather see how the person lives his life and whether his sense of self ends at the tip of his nose or is larger than that.I want him to take care of himself all the way to the tip of his nose but not at my expense. I want him to factor in beyond his own skin my rights and freedoms as well, which is pretty much what other countries want as well from Americans but don’t feel at times that they are getting. They don’t call us “The Ugly American” for nothing. And I’ve seen the condescending and arrogant and self-centeredness first hand that they speak of when out traveling.They act as if the whole world should revolve around them. And it’s embarrassing to see my fellow countrymen act that way. And in the final analysis it has cost our self-interest big time.

  149. R.D. Walker says:

    Midwesterner: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I don’t disagree but I would perhaps argue that rationally caring for others is in our self-interest.

  150. M.R.JOYCE says:

    Conservatives have a key tool in their arsenal which they should use to hinder the liberals both democrats and RHINOS. It is called the Phillibuster.Use it and bring publicity to the issues. Read the Bible during it. Our country was founded on it and God promises His word will not go void. God keeps His promises unlike many politicians! Conservatives need to act and reclaim their party!