Tips for maintaining defense against Flash Mob Race Riot Attack

As outlandish as the title of this piece reads, it has become a reality of the world we live in today. The information and communication age has produced many wonderments that have provided instant gratification while also lowering social inhibitions. Social networking has become a hyper-active lifestyle for many that has created an addiction to inputs that seek to bring about instant reward. Most of it revolves around Ego. People want to be important and they feel important if what they have to say, do or take part in is something that can be transmitted to a large audience. They feel as if they are on stage as a producer and director.

The Flash Mob phenomena started out simple enough with large scale public pillow fights. Criminals quickly seized upon this tactic to rob clothing and electronics stores. Over the July 4th weekend mayhem broke out due to Flash Mob violence in Chicago. MANY reports carried news of a racially motivated element to the violence, which the City of Chicago quickly tried to squelch. Now just two days ago black youths carried out a justicular Flash Mob attack, directing all of their violence against white people and white people alone. It is the first known time that a mass Hate Crime was conducted using social media as the technical component to enact the violence.

Now many of you are wondering how it is that you can prepare a defense against such spontaneous violence. Of course in most parts of the Country it’s legal to carry and use a firearm in self-defense. There are times however, when carrying a weapon may not be legal or practical. As such other effective countermeasures must be found. In order to best defend yourself while taking absolutely no chances of running afoul of the Law, it is best to formulate your defense around items that are not typically considered to be weapons and would not arouse the attention of a Law Enforcement Officer if these items were within plain view or perhaps were discovered while concealed.

The items that follow are proven to be effective in single-handedly defending yourself against a Mob of marauding black youths intent on committing violence. These countermeasures, when properly employed have proven to be 100% effective in all field tests I have personally conducted near the 4th most dangerous neighborhood in the United States. Most of these countermeasures are non lethal but can create mass panic that can lead to death, but it won’t be yours.

Imagine that you are stuck in traffic and all of a sudden a mob of black youth runs into the intersection in front of you and starts snatching Crackuhs out of their cars and start beating the shit out of them. If you are properly equipped you can begin an effective counter-attack within seconds if you know what to do and have the stuff to do it with.

First things first…

Put on your fighting mask. The mask below has proven to be 100% effective at creating mass hysteria and panic among attacking black youths with an effective range of 25 yards at night. During daylight hours the effective range is extended. This countermeasure has proven invaluable time and time again.

After donning your protective mask, place the item in the picture below on the dashboard of your vehicle. It will help insure that any would be attacker is completely taken off their game and begin to retreat or at least pass you by. For some reason, this is a very scary thing to see and it makes black youths freak out.

Always, always ALWAYS have the item in the photo below on hand. They are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk at several places on the net. A handful of these on the hood, top and truck of your car will make your vehicle 100% secure against unwanted forced intrusion. If you have a sunroof it is good to throw handfuls of these out on the crowd, as these act as instant crowd dispersants…

Wherever you get those rubber snakes, go ahead and make an investment in the items below as well. Use these as you would rubber snakes and/or along with rubber snakes. This creates an excellent crowd effect when launched from a catapult. Typically you will need a conversion van with large openings up top to perfect 360 Degree mass panic via catapult but it somehow seems worth the investment when you pull it off.

It also pays to search for MP3 downloads of Rattlesnakes rattling and Dogs barking to play on the sound system in your ride throughout the Flash Mob Attack. As distasteful as I find this to be, you may have to actually leave the security of your vehicle to help someone who is not doing a good job of defending themselves, you will need some hand tools. You will find that having a hand held weapon will give you quite a bit of confidence and utility should you actually have to use it. The three instruments that follow are THE instruments, combined with the Pinhead mask, that create the most terror in a would-be opponent/opponents.

First Choice…

Second Choice…

Third Choice…

Honestly, there is nothing much more that you need to know about defending yourself against a Flash Mob of black youths who are hell-bent on committing acts of violence against you, regardless of your ethnicity. As long as you are wearing the Pinhead Mask, have some rubber snakes in your pockets and have one of those three bladed instruments in your hand marauding black youths will flee from you on sight, screaming as if they are about to be murdered. There is nothing more that you really need to know. There is no complicated training required. Great physical strength is not a requirement. The only thing you really have to master is your attitude. You must remember that once you put on the Pinhead Mask, to your would-be attackers YOU ARE PINHEAD. All you have to do from there is ACT LIKE PINHEAD. Once you have these items in your vehicle at all times and a basic understanding of how to use them, you will have ALL you need to defend yourself and others in a situation such as the white folks outside the Wisconsin State Fair found themselves in a couple of nights ago.

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60 Responses to Tips for maintaining defense against Flash Mob Race Riot Attack

  1. Jim22 says:

    Good post, Brad. Perspective – always perspective.

    I have been troubled with some of the comments that followed the announcement of the black on white violence that took place in Wisconsin. There was so much talk about being armed and shooting the miscreants.

    As scary as it must be to be surrounded by a couple hundred teens of any race who are determined to misuse other people, they did not threaten the lives of anyone.

    I don’t know what the Wisconsin laws are regarding self defense. Realistically there will be an inappropriate reaction with the media if a white person shoots a black teen for hitting him. The police will probably also look closely into the ‘Disparity of force’ argument.

    All of a sudden what started as a beat-up of white people will be portrayed as a white person killing black kids. And they would be right.

    You can’t shoot someone for kicking you or hitting you with their fists. If they come at you with some kind of weapon it all changes. Even a tire iron is a deadly weapon.

    Think this through before any of you shoot someone and wind up in prison.

  2. Rockheim says:

    I LOL’d at that post. The Pinhead mask was awesome.

    However. I don’t know about the application of force argument by Jim. Under that logic.. if some people break into your home and are weaponless, at least to your view, would you be remiss in meeting them with whatever force you DEEMED necessary?

    When under attack there is absolutely no way to know what the intent of the attackers are, where they’ll stop, or at what point and time that blow to your head, kick, or knockdown will cause you significant brain damage or kill you.

    There are more than enough accounts of simple physical attacks causing irreparable harm and even death.

    The entire premise of home defense, or self defense, as I understand it, it to put down the attack as quickly as possible.

    Granted some laws have “grey area” regarding the level and application of force.. But at what point and time do you roll over and wait to find out if you’re merely going to be beaten or killed? If those you’re with are? Your children?

    This is escalation. It will end in tragedy. The question becomes.. “For whom”?

  3. MadBrad says:

    Look, there is no need to fear any battlefield if you can control it. Most of the time you don’t get to control the choice of the battlefield but you can ALWAYS choose to either master it or be mastered by it. One of the easiest ways to master a battlefield and what takes place on that battlefield is to master FEAR. First master the fear within yourself, then learn to master the ability to generate FEAR in others. When you use FEAR as a weapon you save lives, typically your own.

    NEVER underestimate the power of FEAR. You must either master it or be mastered BY IT. Fear costs little to generate and reaps great rewards if you can master it. Many battles have been won without firing a shot or spilling a single drop of blood because a Master of the Art of War was able to generate sufficient FEAR in their opponent that they surrendered. I know of many battles where troops forced the surrender of forces many times their number because they had the gift of being able to generate FEAR in their opponent. It is a tactic worth mastering.

    Our common Enemy has attempted to make us act out of Fear many times. We have not obliged them. We did not react to their provocations. Now it is our turn to generate FEAR in them and by all accounts we ARE!

    A great Confederate Cavalryman once said; “Keep up the Skeer”. He was a Master of FEAR. He gave us very good advice and we should not ignore it. They are scared. Keep them that way.

  4. Doc says:

    We don’t have this “flash mob attacks white folks” problem here in AZ. Sounds like a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT to me.

  5. MadBrad says:

    There is one other item to have on hand in abundance during the situation I described above. Have plenty of the labels as shown here, on hand and affixed to large manila envelopes. Pretend to be delivering certified mail that somebody has to sign for. Whoever is surrounding you will vanish.

  6. MadBrad says:

    Here you go Jim…

  7. MadBrad says:

    Guidance on how to get your Pinhead persona going…

  8. Uke says:

    If someone comes at me with fists, I’ll retaliate in kind.

    Exceptions develop when they either pull a weapon on me, or they deem it acceptable to pile on because I retaliated. I’m not about to let myself get put in the hospital just because it’s five guys, but they don’t have weapons.

    At a certain point, pulling a gun on “unarmed” assailants is valid. But hey… that’s why we were given brains. To not be careless about when you do so.

  9. BaconNeggs says:

    Madbrad, sound like the Police in London could use your advice and particually those masks, because after a recent incident two days ago, they havent got an Fn clue how to prepare and deal with a mob that uses a cell phone top coordinate their massing criminal activity.

    First thing anyone need when dealing with any kind of violent Mob, is to throw all PC out the window and go absolutely ape-shit on the apes. If they want to go crazy then step it up a notch.

    Now if they are armed highly likely then you have to take that into consideration if all you have is the skin on your hands.

  10. Ana says:

    We can thank the liberals for inciting this violence by calling anyone who disagrees with the idiot presently masquerading as POS a racist! But the libs will reap what they’ve sown because they or the ones they love won’t be immune to the violence. No one in the mob is going to be stopped by a patronizing bleeding heart liberal. I hope the mobs open their heads!

  11. Kenneth says:

    If I see a mob coming for me or my family with the obvious intention if causing harm, I’ll risk the manslaughter charge. It’s unreasonable to expect me to protect myself against more then three unarmed assailants without some kind of weapon. If all I have is deadly force, I will use it. You don’t necessarily have to shoot to kill, but you have to be prepared that what you intend as a non-lethal shot could kill.

    When it comes to my home, thank God for Texas Castle laws. If someone is in my home without permission, I can shoot to kill. Obviously, if someone is in my home, and I didn’t let them in, they aren’t up to any good. I have no obligation to wait and see if they’re armed.

    Be aware the this does not extend to your property line, unless they are actively trying to break into your car or home.

  12. MadBrad says:

    If you are going to shoot, ALWAYS shoot to kill. The cost of defending yourself in Court (if it comes to that) is a fraction of the cost of a Lawsuit. If the situation is bad enough to warrant the use of deadly force, be deadly with the force.

  13. R.D. Walker says:

    That’s right. If the situation doesn’t warrant killing, it doesn’t warrant shooting. Furthermore, if the situation doesn’t warrant shooting, it doesn’t warrant drawing.

  14. WingNut says:

    I agree with Brad. The way I understand our law in Michigan you must be in fear for your life or protecting a life in order to pull your pistol. If you shoot just to wound it shows you were not in fear for your life and the lawyers will go after that. If you make the decision to draw your weapon, END the threat.
    We have castle law here now too. Home is much easier to defend, just have to contend with civil lawsuit afterward.

  15. Jim22 says:

    “That’s right. If the situation doesn’t warrant killing, it doesn’t warrant shooting. Furthermore, if the situation doesn’t warrant shooting, it doesn’t warrant drawing.”

    RD is right. Be aware that most jurisdictions have laws against ‘Brandishing’ and for good reason. Brandishing amounts to showing your gun, even if it’s still in its holster. It is a stupid move for several reasons.

    First it tends to escalate the situation. All of a sudden it becomes life-threatening.

    Second it gives away the element of surprise. By revealing your gun you voluntarily give up that important advantage.

    Third it freaks out the civilians. That can cause panic and panic is often dangerous – for them as well as you and your assailant.

    If you shoot a seventeen year old black kid you will be crucified. Even if he is part of a mob. Your only defense would be to display your injuries in order to show self-defense. Expect to go to prison and stay there.

    Also expect an expensive civil suit. Maybe dozens of them. The kid’s family will sue and so will ACLU and other rights organizations. Your family will be destroyed.

    Not to mention the possibility of retaliation.

  16. Jim22 says:

    Watch the video above that Brad posted. Not the pinhead one; the one that’s titled ‘Cops fear violence against…” Observe how the media and the police portray this as a possibility of violence against ‘Children’. This is how a violent encounter will be portrayed.

    In past centuries warriors were frequently in their teens. That was the norm. Today our society considers them to be children and overlooks the fact that sixteen and seventeen year-olds are as capable of violence as twenty five year olds.

    It may not be fair or right but it is true and that is what is important.

    If you are going to be armed you need training in tactics, handling and the law. You also need to control your fear and your anger.

    Brad mentions controlling the situation. He’s right but in order to do it you must remain calm. You can act like a berserker but it has to be a strategy.

  17. WingNut says:

    I do not see how being in the middle of an angry mob, even if they are teens, can not be seen as life threatening to the people they are attacking even by the ignorant media. They speak of these thugs as if they don’t intend to hurt people or do damage, like they are just out for a little fun. These “kids” are dangerous and the police are so pc they are afraid to act. I would do what I had to to protect myself and my family and worry about the fallout later. If I didn’t act and somebody I love got hurt I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

  18. Jim22 says:


    Let me propose a scenario. Let us say that you do as you say. You are in the middle of an angry mob and you take violent action to defend your loved ones. Let us say further that you shoot and kill one or more of the mob. If the mob does not kill anyone you will be portrayed as the aggressor. Especially if one or more of those you shot are minors.

    You will go to jail. You will not get out for some time. Your name and picture will be on all news outlets. You will be known and you and your family will be sued.

    Also there is a real possiblity that supporters of whoever you shot may decide to take revenge. You will be in the slammer and only your family members will be free. Who will the revengers go after? How much will you be able to help your family?

    Learn the law in your state and work on your anger. You need to be smart. There is a place for deadly force in defense but remember – the word is defense.

    The media is not just ignorant. They are also slanted – and not in your favor. You need to know ahead of time when and where you can use a gun to protect yourself and your family.

    This is hard stuff, man. You need to think beyond ‘I couldn’t live with myself’. The scenario I mention above, and dozens more, would be no favor to your family.

  19. WingNut says:

    I don’t believe I have an anger problem. I am middle aged and have calmed down quite a bit over the years. I have a family that I would protect until I take my last breath.
    In your scenario, if I am caught in the middle of an angry, violent mob are you saying that one should just hope for the best , try to be invisible and pray they just attack someone else. Can you be certain that no one running in that mob might swing a 2×4 or hurl a brick just for fun.
    I would never look for trouble, I know if a shot is fired I am going to spend some time in custody even if it is justified. I would rather protect myself than become a chalk outline on the street.
    People in these mobs have no regard for others and are very dangerous

  20. Jim22 says:


    The way you write it seems you are advocating premature violence. Your points are well said but there is so much more involved.

    Your question about someone coming after you, yours, or someone else with a 2×4 is a good question. You will be OK if you shoot the guy who is trying to bash in someone’s brains. You will not be alright if you do it because you expect someone to do so. Same with bricks.

    If someone hurls a brick it doesn’t mean a deadly act. That’s the way our courts have interpreted the law. Speaking of law, there are two facets of law.

    First is statute law. That is what the legislatures legislate. That is pretty easy to understand if you read it.

    Second is case law. That is a big thing in American law. It amounts to how judges interpret the statute.

    Sometimes those are self defeating. But, anyone who carries a gun should know that American courts decide based upon prior precedent.

    My goal here is to try to mitigate those who think they can kill someone who is robbing or just being a jerk. You can’t.

    Taking the life of another human is a big thing in our society. It has developed rules by which you can – and cannot – do so. If you are going to carry you need to know what those rules are.

  21. WingNut says:

    Your points are well taken. I should have clarified that the only way I would draw my pistol is if the situation demanded it, life threatening. I take the responsibility of concealed carry very seriously, and knowledge of the law is important.
    Going back to a previous post, I notice that I am much more polite while carrying. A sense of calm if you will.

  22. Jim22 says:

    Thanks, Wing. Enjoy your evening.

    One of the things about blogs is that you never know who is reading what you write. I try to keep that in mind and believe that it’s OK to use something you might write to help another reader.

    I enjoyed the discussion. Let’s do it again.

  23. vanagram says:

    Philly has same problem. Now curfews. Inner cities are turning into a scene from the movie “Escape from New York”

  24. Roy Ryder says:

    What about defense of property? If I owned a store and it was in a riot zone, I’d want to be there with a shotgun. Granted, I’m not going to blow away some kid just for breaking a window, but what about a dozen kids who break through the door after being warned? I suppose the “fear for your life” argument comes in, but I’m with Wing in that being outnumbered is scary.

  25. RJM says:

    If you have a back door use it. Flee first, mob violence grows and feeds upon chaos. Riots start by a single circumstance and are not controllable, mass schizophrenia, global insanity, et al. I lived and worked a block from where the 1992 Los Angeles riots started. I thought it would burn out by dawn the next morning, it became a raging forest fire that consumed areas as far out as Pomona. The 2nd full day of riots I had a lunch appointment in the heart of the riots. We talked and ratonilized that we were probabaly the only 2 white guys stupid enough to be around. We decided that we were dumb asses and needed to get the flock out of there. It looked like a 3rd world war zone, fires everywhere, burning cars, National Guard on the streets with auto weapons. Last resort is to make a stand and take as many with you that you can. If you are going to sacrifice yourself make sure it’s damn worth it.

  26. wyatt says:

    I live in Wisconsin and we will be able to properly defend ourselves with concealed weapons in October. I don’t see how you can say that a person surrounded by hundreds of angry people obviously not in a right state of mind beating and robbing people. Defending your property is important.

    And pulling out a gun is usually a pretty good deterrent without firing a shot or even turning off the safety. One shot in the air would have stopped all of this fast.

  27. Bman says:

    “One shot in the air would have stopped all of this fast.”

    Wyatt- If you ever have to pull out a gun you better be preparred to use it with the intention of true self defense, not just shooting it in the air. That could get you killed.

  28. R.D. Walker says:

    Wyatt: Be careful. One shot in the air might be justification for someone to legally shoot you. Shooting in the air will also get you thrown in jail.

    Also, if they don’t run away but keep menacing you from a distance? Now what? Shoot them at more than 25′ away and I guarantee you will get a murder rap. Now you are exposed. You have lost the sense of surprise but you have escalated the situation. The burden is on you. Then, when you do shoot someone, 20 of the mob are willing to testify that you gunned him down in cold-blood while screaming racial epithets.

    Even if it is justified, it can ruin your life.

    I had a friend who was a deputy sheriff in Iowa. He was off duty in Des Moines on St. Patrick’s day and walking down an ally with a friend. Out of nowhere, a man – a known thug with a long criminal record – runs up and hits him with a flying kick in the small of his back. Another guy attacks his friend. A struggle ensues and my buddy and the thug both go for the CCW my buddy had on his belt.

    My buddy gets it by the grip, the thug gets it by the barrel and pulls it towards him. It discharges in his chest killing him on the spot.

    My buddy is put on desk duty. Investigation occurs, eventually he is cleared but it was a year of hell. The family sues my friend. Sheriff’s department doesn’t defend him because he was off duty. Media runs days of sob stories about a “life cut short.” Dude’s friends let it be known that my buddy is dead if they find him alone. Friends and family hold nightly candle light vigils in the alley. Newspaper runs an editorial about police violence.

    Finally, my buddy can’t take the shit anymore, resigns from the force and moves away. He was never a cop again.

    It is a big deal to shoot someone. I carry, but I don’t plan to pull the thing unless I am all out of options.

  29. MadBrad says:

    I’ve seen some of the milk toast reaction of the victims in the Wisconsin beatings. They act amazed an bewildered. The ONLY reason the Flash Mob chose the target they did was because they knew they had NOTHING to worry about in the way of getting their asses kicked. It takes a WHOLE LOT more than a firearm to defend yourself. It takes a PROPER ATTITUDE. Nothing I’ve EVER seen from the State of Wisconsin reflects that proper attitude.

    Weakness INVITES attack.

    What happened at the State Fair in Wisconsin was once a REGULAR occurance in our public schools here in the South. Actually it was much worse. I’ve seen school kids do a better job at defending themselves than the adults in Wisconsin apparently did. You can have all the guns you want and carry them any way you want. Unless you have the right midset what is most likely to happen is that your weapon will be taken and used on you.

  30. Uke says:

    Nobody wants to believe how terribly a law-abiding citizen can be treated by the justice system, but the sad fact is that it can and does happen. The shitty story that RD told is proof.

    One way to view it though is that if it really can go that badly for a guy that does everything right, then what more can we do short of cowering at home? Thus, why worry?

    “Be aware but unafraid,” is probably my go-to attitude when it comes to all this.

  31. R.D. Walker says:

    Pulling a gun is a very, very, very bad option. It will likely result in serious repercussions no matter how justified. At the very least, it is going to cost you thousands of dollars and much stress. Don’t do it unless the alternative is far, far worse.

  32. Kenneth says:

    I think it’s easy to say you’d be willing to kill if the situation called for it, but I think it’s a hard thing to do. Harder still is living with the fact that you took a life. There will always be lingering questions. “Was my life really in danger?” “Did he really deserve to die?” “Will God forgive me for what I’ve done?”

    It’s something I mentioned in a Survival Saturday post, but it bears repeating. It’s not enough to feel justified in the moment. For the law, maybe it will be, but for yourself, you will always question your actions. I will never forget the change in my dad when he returned from war. He was never the same after that, and the line was clearly drawn for him over there.

    I’m guilty of some big talk here too from time to time, but it’s always important to remember that few things are ever simple, and firearm usage is an incredible burden on the user. It’s the usage that keeps us in a free society, but it’s still a great burden.

  33. R.D. Walker says:

    I was in Grenada in 2002. Naturally I was unarmed. I was behind and old fort checking it out, I thought, alone. Suddenly I see I guy moving in the shadows paralleling me. It is clear his intent was malice. I look up and my wife is over by the gate near other tourists. I am pretty much out of their view. This guy is eyeing me like a cat eyes a bird.

    I can see I am a lot bigger than him but I don’t know if he is armed. I doubt he has a firearm but he might have a knife. He starts making his move. I decide what to do.

    I turn toward him, stride purposefully right up to his punk ass and say, “Hey, what’s up? You want something?” He is taken aback, stutters and stammers. I say, “WELL?!” He pulls out his billfold, pulls out a worn out religious track – the only one he has – and says he wanted to give it to me. I take it but don’t move. We are standing there and I say, “Is that all?!” He says yes and slinks off and I stand my ground watching him until he is gone. My wife saw none of it.

    Is this the attitude you are talking about Brad?

  34. Jonathan says:


    I can kill someone (easily) by punching them with my fist.

    At what point does the person being assaulted have to decide that their life is in danger? AFTER they’ve lost consciousness?

    No, Jim, I am afraid you are the one who is not thinking things through.

    If someone begins an assault against another person, they should be prepared to suffer whatever force their target chooses to respond with. The victim does not, and cannot, know the full intent of the assailant. Do not try turn the tables on the innocent with your shallow logic.

    Attack me, or threaten me with bodily injury, and I will use whatever force I instantly deem necessary to repel the attack. If you’re with a mob of people, that will unquestionably be deadly force.

  35. MadBrad says:

    Correct. NEVER let yourself be intimidated. Criminals are looking for weakness. Criminals only become bold WHEN they detect weakness. Criminals know you are a victim waiting to happen just by the way you walk.

  36. R.D. Walker says:

    Well Johnathan, you better hope nobody in that mob is armed because as soon as you pull your gun and start shooting, your ass is going to be deader than fried chicken.

  37. MadBrad says:

    I can walk all over my neighborhood safely and it’s LOADED with violent Thugs. With my chin up, chest out, walking with a sense of purpose as I keep a sharp eye all around insures that any would-be attacker checks me out for about two seconds and then starts looking for someone else.

  38. BrunDawg says:

    I frequently practice ramming people with my Hoveround mobility scooter. I’m just sayin’ watch your back. Particularly the ankle.

  39. R.D. Walker says:

    Well BrunDawg, in fairness, that is about the only weapon you are allowed to posses in Illinois, right?

  40. MadBrad says:

    The latest from Great Britain as London burns.

    Pathetic, but in an unarmed society I guess this is as good as it gets…

    (Click to enlarge)

    Terrorists are learning a lot from this.

    • R.D. Walker says:

      We do it differently in America.

      Click to enlarge.

      By the way, during times of civil unrest, martial law or general breakdown of society, the rules I expressed above are justifiably much relaxed.

  41. BrunDawg says:

    Well RD, in fairness, unarmed people get shot here all the time. 😉

  42. R.D. Walker says:

    “…unarmed people get shot here all the time.”

    C’mon! That can’t be true. After all, it is illegal to carry a handgun for any reason in Illinois. No handguns, no shooting.

    Stop lying.

  43. Bman says:

    In a world without guns, a guy with this could be king.

  44. MadBrad says:

    Here\'s a piece from the UK – These Riots were about Race, why ignore the FACT?

    The comments are precious.

    I dropped a comment on this article at their website with a link to us here on the Revo. All of a sudden we were getting flooded with hits.


    From the Real Revo to our Cousins in the UK, good luck in your fight over there! Go get some Halloween masks, it’s coming up soon anyway. Keep buying those baseball bats off Amazon dot com. Go the extra mile and put some nails through them so you can bludgeon AND rip out some muscle mass while creating a really impressive visual display that will terrorize the other opponents.

  45. RJM says:

    You have got to love those Rednecks! However, all I see is shotguns and handguns. Where in the hell are all the AK’s and M16’s?

  46. sortahwitte says:

    The big guns are for after dark.

  47. Uke says:

    Shotgun with 00 buck and sidearm is really all you need at 50-75 meters or less.

    (Further than that, even, with a good choke setup.)

    All depends on your environment though, ultimately.

  48. slaphappypap says:

    Just imagine if citizens were allowed to conceal carry in Illinois. I think we would lose some thugs. That would be a tragedy.

  49. R.D. Walker says:

    One final non-lethal defense tip. I guarantee you nobody can take a hit of this in the face and keep up a fight. No. Way.

    I got about 1/100th of 1% in drift back one time and I could hardly breathe.

    I can’t guarantee its effect on mama grizz, but it will take out any flash mobber.

  50. Don D says:

    Why, are so many poeple so afraid of what might happen if they choose to defend themselves?
    I guess the inmates really are running the asylum.
    If someone, or lots of someone’s comes at me, and it’s OBVIOUS they intend me harm, and I’m armed, someone is going down.
    Why do I have to take as ass kicking, when the only thing I did, was be in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Why should I be a victim of someone elses racist bullshit?
    As for them being children, then they were taught by adults to behave and act out in such a manner.
    They are an extension of their families, and culture.

    They are relying on several things to get away with these crimes against cociety.
    1. Children nonsense.

    2. Race protection. Police and prosecutors are broken about whether to charge them as hate crimes, when it’s obvious the primary targets, are race specific(other than their race!).

    3. The MSM has deliberately been silent on these events, on a nation-wide scale. Isn’t it so very obvious the reason id political in nature?
    What happened to the Philadelphia NBP lawsuit about voter intimidation in 2008?
    Yes, Holder and Obama dropped the case, because on race, and race alone. That act was an enabling statement to any group of person of that race.
    Do as you will, when, and how you wish. You WILL BE PROTECTED from prosecution.

  51. R.D. Walker says:

    I am not afraid. I would simply rather take on fists with fists than deal with the heavy consequences of killing. Killing is not to be taken lightly.

    I do carry a Glock 23. It is a weapon that will end a life and I will use it when I am out of other options. As long as their are options to killing, I will choose that route.

  52. MadBrad says:

    Halloween is coming up. Everyone here should be able to find a Pinhead Mask for around Thirty Bucks. I’m going with a more expensive model because I’m going to need one to last me through the Pockeelypse. You can laugh if you want to but in a couple of months I will be able to show you exactly what I’m talking about. I see the need for a video documentary here.

  53. slaphappypap says:

    I saw one online for $45.00. I intend to invest in one.

  54. MadBrad says:

    Check this out…

    They were easy Targets

  55. Karma Zopa Khandro says:

    living in the south is a nightmare from hell!! because it has gotten to the point that the laws only apply to whites… that is how far the tree hugging, earth muffin, do gooder bliss ninnies will go to pretend that whites are not the racially selected targets of DAILY nasty black peoples attacks… I am in a wheel chair and I got robbed and beaten and the first thing his white lawyer said to me is: “can you see the danger of a one man line up with a black man?!!?” I was ready for this and I told him that “there is no doubt in my mind that if I was a black lady in the wheel chair, he would never have done this to me… besides… he is clever inough to figure out who has the money !!!” This peice of human waste smiled during his entire attack on me and also smiled in my face as he pushed my wheel chair over and left me for dead !!!

  56. MadBrad says:

    I trust that you now have an easily concealable firearm. If you aren’t allowed to have one you should look into a Tomahawk. Add some good Pepper Spray to your rig as well but understand that it’s only going to slow them down and piss them off. Be ready with a weapon you can kill your assailant with before he can recover. You have no choice. If you fight back from a wheelchair you have to be able to kill the attacker quickly. Obviously you have the correct frame of mind. Now go get a proper tool for the job. Your disability pretty much means that no Jury is going to convict you of any crime when you kill someone who attacks you.

  57. notamobster says:

    RD- you’d be shocked at what people can do with a face FULL of cs/oc. If drunk or high or just jacked up on adrenaline – an angry person can fight through the pain.

    In a mob scenario, most folks are just caught up in the moment, their anger is ephemeral and easily dispersed with that wonderful tool!



  59. MadBrad says:

    Ah, the good ole days, back when we were promoting the use of the word “Justicular”.

    Do a Google Search for “Justicular Knight” and see what you get.