Muslim Immigrants Want Cross Removed From Swiss Flag

Hudson New York:

Ivica Petrusic, the vice president of Second@s Plus, a lobbying group that represents mostly Muslim second-generation foreigners in Switzerland (who colloquially are known as secondos) says the group will launch a nationwide campaign in October to ask Swiss citizens to consider adopting a flag that is less offensive to Muslim immigrants.

In a September 18 interview with the Swiss newspaper Aargauer Zeitung, Petrusic said the cross has a Christian background and while the Christian roots of Switzerland should be respected, “it is necessary to separate church and state” because “Switzerland today has a great religious and cultural diversity.”

The issue of Muslim immigration to Switzerland has been a hotly debated topic in recent years and the flag controversy is sure to add fuel to the fire.

The Muslim population in Switzerland has more than quintupled since 1980, and now numbers about 400,000, or roughly 5% of the population. Most Muslims living in Switzerland are of Turkish or Balkan origin, with a smaller minority from the Arab world. Many of them are second- and third-generation immigrants who are now firmly establishing themselves in Switzerland.

The new Muslim demographic reality is raising tensions across large parts of Swiss society, especially as Muslims become more assertive in their demands for greater recognition of their Islamic faith.”

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4 Responses to Muslim Immigrants Want Cross Removed From Swiss Flag

  1. notamobster says:

    “Switzerland today has a great religious and cultural diversity.”
    ~ …because the muslims aren’t in charge.

    “…demands greater recognition of their Islamic faith.”
    ~You’d probably be more productive in your quest for tolerance and sensitivity, if you didn’t begin by saying that Switzerland’s long-established (Christian) religious traditions are “offensive”.

  2. rj says:

    5% is low end starting point for demanding their rights be protected, at about 10% they will demand your rights be subjacated to theirs

  3. William Haley says:

    If they are offended by the flag I may be offended by their prayer rugs.

  4. Roy Ryder says:

    Unlike most the flags of most nations, the Swiss flag is square instead of rectangular. Therefore, it would be harder to place an image on it that is more pleasing to Muslims, such as a plane flying into a building or one figure beheading another.