NSFW: “Black People Have Become Too Ignorant For Me To Claim, I Need To Invent A New Race”

Be careful.

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497 Responses to NSFW: “Black People Have Become Too Ignorant For Me To Claim, I Need To Invent A New Race”

  1. Jim22 says:

    I really think that there are thousands, and maybe millions, of black people who have not bought in to the D notion that they are better off letting the woman take care of them.

    Those are the Americans who will help lead the U.S. out of the hand-out based economy that we see today.

  2. Jim22 says:

    This guy has more. This, I think, is his first:

    • Joe LeBlanc says:

      I love this guy!!!! Finally, Black people, Black Americans, Not African Americans such as Cain and The Honorable James D Manning are saying it right. Sad is the lazy “niggers” do not want to change as lang as they are getting “free” from the government. Democrates love niggers, give or promise them something and you will have their vote.

  3. Jim22 says:

    “Is it any wonder we became slaves?”

  4. notamobster says:

    Jim – Great find! I love this guy.

    Of course there are millions. There’s no other way that Chris Rock would be so rich. He spoke the truth. That routine catapulted him to superstardom.

    The problem is getting them to disengage from the machine, and act on what they know to be true. Many are doing so…and more each day.

  5. BaconNeggs says:

    Man, the guy spoke a book.

    Ghetto mentality of “urban” sluts and thugs who kid themselves as representative of an entire Race of people.

  6. a guy says:

    I’m sure this hurts some people’s pride, but then again.. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  7. vamd says:

    I want to join his race.

  8. Ronnie says:

    Now I,d love to see him set the story straight about modern slavery in America. The slave owners are called PIMPS. They abuse and actually murder their property if they choose to. They live of the labors of their”property”. They sell or trade them as they please. The provide little if any health care as they can just go out and trap another runaway girl with drugs and romance to turn them. I wont go on but there’s a whole lot of reason I believe in an “open season” on Pimp Slave owners” !!!!!

  9. Johnnyjoet says:

    I wanna drink beer and talk around a bonfire with this guy

  10. LEO says:

    Well…. He speaks a lot of facts. If more people (from all races) would listen and take notice the world would be a much better place!

  11. Liz says:

    This guy is awesome!!! He spoke the truth and I would be proud to join his race as a light skinned person!

  12. Joe12 says:

    I’m glad he pointed out the problem with allowing Mexicans to freely come over here. They will make it even harder for poor people to find jobs and the people working will have to pay even more because there will be a larger population joining the welfare cycle. By the way, Mexican families are large. So vote Democrat, bring on the Mexicans, and say good bye to the American Dream!

  13. Uh huh says:

    WOW! He spoke it, spoke it well and made the case – bravo for you, sir!

    However, I hope you have body-guards. Because when the Sharptons, Jacksons, and all the other racist black leaders track you down….. well, I’m just sayin’!

    More power to you, sir, and may God keep you safe!

  14. AverageWhiteGuy says:

    I have thought for years that there are black folks and there are niggers just like he said. There are white folk and white trash too. This man speaks the truth whether it is white trash or niggers–it’s all the same. Thanks to you for speaking the truth. You’re a guy–no race qualifier necessary.

  15. AverageWhiteGuy says:

    Meant to say GOOD guy.

  16. USAFGIRL1994 says:

    AMEN! AMEN!! AMEN!!!

    Same goes for all you white trash folks out there too!

    Run for office man!!! I’ll vote for you!

  17. R.D. Walker says:

    “Same goes for all you white trash folks out there too!”

    No doubt. Most of it applies equally well there.

  18. Sandschild says:

    You go sir! Only thing I see that should be changed is that is not only the black race, but in most races this is so true.

  19. Riz says:

    It’s time for the american blacks to leave the Democratic Plantation.The only one who has been of any benefit you was Dr. King, and you let him down.Vote Independent and vote these career polititions out of office. PEACE

  20. Walter says:

    I wish you would have ran for President America would be a better place to live

  21. averagejoeamerican says:

    This link needs to be advertised through out the internet. This is the first Black Man who knows what common sense and truth is all about. Where ARE the men like this??? Lets all send this viral!!!

  22. MadBrad says:

    Average Joe, this is not the first Black Man who knows what common sense and the Truth are all about. This isn’t even the first Black Man to address this subject on YouTube. This guy just did it well.

    Quite frankly, less the profanity this man sounds like EVERY Black Man in my Church congregation. Even further is the fact that this message is one that is preached from the pulpit of every so-called “Black Church” I’ve attended. White folks in the USA should know that this man expresses the thoughts of the majority of the men in their community. They absolutely HATE the pop culture bullshit that only teaches young Black Men that engaging in self-destructive behavior is the way to be. I can’t blame them. White people only see this bullshit from the outside looking in. Imagine having ghetto rats in your FAMILY!

  23. leo says:

    never thought i would hear a black man talk this way about his race, but he sure hit the nail on the head.when it comes to politics, hes right, most don’t read,just listen and follow like a bunch of sheep. i could list a number of things, but he said it all. he makes me proud. if all blacks were like him, there would be no race problems.

    • Joe LeBlanc says:

      There are blacks as he and they are getting tired of it as much as we are. watch the “African” Americans who like to act so proud, hell they change their labels every 2o years! They cannot decide what they are or want to be except Americans!

  24. Dewan says:

    And you don’t think whites are having babies out of wedlock, abortions, live in trailer parks (that’s their version of a ghetto by the way), steal, kill and destroy? Do you actually think there’s a difference between a “call-girl” and a ghetto prostitute? Are they not selling the same services just in two different geographical locations and prices?, What’s the difference between a ghetto crack addict and a wall-street cocaine fiend? At what point is it wrong to march or protest for human rights over race rights? I see what’s going on here loud-mouth. You’ve taken time to vent your frustrations on a mass media platform in hope of being one “telling it like it is.” Let me help you out “Oh-ignorant one” and those of you who subscribe to this fool’s nonsense. The proverbial line has already been drawn in the sand! There are people like this guy who claim to have the answer to a particular race’s issues, and then there are just plain fools! One thing is for sure, there is no difference between the foolish BEHAVIORS of people from all walks of life we’ve come to know, and fool making a video…go figure!

  25. Dewan says:

    Further more, why not take your nappy-headed self and get a job! Who has time to make a 9 min video about a whole lot of rhetoric. People like me wish you would create another race. Try creating a new way to race your a** off camera and get a job! But before you do that, stop off somewhere and purchase a bottle of common sense and sip on that throughout the day! do that…

  26. R.D. Walker says:

    He is black so he was talking to black people Dewan. I’d say the same lecture applies to a similarly situated portion of any race or group.

    I notice you didn’t refute any specific point…

  27. dan says:

    this guy – and Dave Manning -are the Paul Revere’s of the 21st century. they are ten times smarter than the smartest black man (aka HNIC in the WH). and NO Teleprompter!!

  28. Robert says:

    it about time someone said the truth about black people and how they are duped into a voting block ..dems do not want you to get a head..otherwise
    they can not win..keeping you dumb broke and lazy and all the other wrong ways is there way of insuring themselfs of a politally position

  29. MadBrad says:

    Decent black people HAVE been duped as a voting block but decent black people aren’t niggers and they are usually found in Church on Sunday. Before the last election they didn’t know what an Anti-Christ Obama IS. Now they know and it becomes more clear to them every day.

    This has been a valuable lesson for decent black folks who got duped. We are only beginning to see that they have learned a lot from it and will do something about it in the next election.

  30. Liam says:

    100% correct sir. However…the whites are there too….the entire nation is on its way under…How we gonna stop it?

  31. MadBrad says:

    The same that applies to black folks applies to white folks. Decent white folks are in Church on Sunday. Because they have seen what this guy is all about, many practicing Christians will not be able to support him.

    As for the rich white liberals, Obama has cost them a lot of money. Hopefully they will realize it. Maybe they will do something about it.

    I’ve given up on the dumbasses in my family. I’ve let them know that I don’t associate with Communists. I’m sure that a few of them won’t be sending me Christmas cards this year. I’ve let them know not to expect me at dinner.

  32. Slaphappypap says:

    I’ve mentioned this to some of my family members as well. My disgusting, suburban, spoiled, rotten-ass cousins. (You know who you are.) They still can’t find a way to move out of my grandmother’s home. They still find a way to vote. I’ll let you guess what party they pull the handle for. Thanksgiving should be interesting.

  33. tom swapp says:

    Federal Black Plantation.

    Our federal government has found a different way to keep folks on the plantation. Welfare, food stamps, etc. The government want folks to rely on them. Self reliance is a crime to the progressive(socialists).
    Those self procliamed like Hillary Clinton, Kerry and the rest.

  34. Mo K. says:

    Wow! He and Mr. Lloyd Marcus are exactly right! God bless ’em both for having the courage to speak out.


  35. ert says:

    I love this guy. He is actually correct. If only Americans, I don’t care what color you are, would get off of welfare and try to fend for themselves, we would not be in the mess we are in today. An stop having babies when you cannot afford to have them, again I don’t care what color you are. I am sick of seeing someone with manicured nails, cell phone expensive clothes and using the free food card. Sick of it.

  36. MissyT says:

    This man has said more about who and why others are controlling the black race than anyone has before him. The only point I think he left out is how abortion is genociding the black children of tomorrow. They could be the next research doctor to find a cure, a businessman to hire hundreds, someone to invest a new vaccine. All future citizens gone because planned parenthood, origignally deisgned to eliminate minories and blacks is allowed to “sell” the bill of goods that it’s a choice. Remember most of the children aborted are minorities and black. When will be have enough?

    Check the stats on the urban situation for blacks who keep electing the same people in Newark/Camden/Trenton and their situation never improves…and they never ask “why?”

  37. MadBrad says:

    60% of pregnancies among non-hispanic black women in New York City end in Abortion.

    A billboard went up there not long ago, claiming that the most dangerous place for a black child in NYC is in the womb.

    THEN, Rev. Genocide got involved…

    Racial anti-abortion billboard in SoHo comes down amid outrage from pro-choice NYers, black leaders

    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    A controversial anti-abortion billboard in SoHo equating abortion among black women with genocide is coming down.

    The Rev. Al Sharpton says Lamar Outdoor advertising has agreed to yank the ad above Sixth Ave. and Watts St., which features a picture of a young black girl below the message, “The most dangerous place for African Americans is in the womb.”

    “The billboard was offensive, especially during Black History Month and I had intended to hold a press conference Friday in front of the billboard to protest the message of racial profiling and against a woman”s right to choose,” Sharpton said Thursday.

  38. Mike says:

    His comment about there being black folk and niggers is what I’ve been telling my kids and grandkids for years. This guy is simply a MAN, who just happens to be black. I respect him for addressing this issue. In my mind honorable black people have respect for themselves and others, while niggers have neither and are out only for themselves. And all you white trash MFs are in the same boat. I’d like to be this fellows friend.

  39. MadBrad says:

    I absolutely can’t stand white trash niggers. The only thing they are good for is a chain gang, if that. I wouldn’t want to be chained to one because I could never turn my back on him and would have to choke him out.

  40. Anthony says:

    The same goes for Italians. I hate the morons on Jersey Shore perpetuating the myth that all Italians are as classless, stupid, ignorant, and promiscuous as they are. Most of us are hard working, proud, cultured, and responsible people who rather rake gravel than take handouts.

  41. bill says:

    How exciting to hear this upbraiding from the black side. There is much light at the end of the tunnel and guys like this one are the power source. This ol’ white boy has a lot of respect for people rising against an enemy, in this case not racism but culture, and it’s more self imposed. Good grades, ambition,high moral standards, are “a white thing?” ..I point no fingers as the decay in both our societies is scary, and it began with welfare.

  42. Torpedoman says:

    Absolutely the correct information but the tone will turn many off unfortunately. If he could say most of this in a more matter of fact without the personal attacks, I could post it on my Face Book page…

  43. jimmy says:

    thats the best i’ve heard on the problem of the black race!

  44. Steven S.Baum says:

    LOL, the comment “ghetto bastards” is worth the listen to this man and he should be running for office.
    As a white guy I am amazed that blacks are not kissing the ground they are born on as the trip to Africa would kill them.
    So why the fk call yourself a “afro American”.
    Slavery was a horrific thing,but the FORTY MILLION black’s in this nation would not exist if not for that act of buying and selling your ancestors.
    G=D bless this man and I can only pray that he is contagious.

  45. reggie1959 says:

    I have to agree with the person(s) that said we have white trash. Yes, indeed we do. They are all over the country even in rural areas. Just look at the reality TV show called the hoarders..what trash they keep in their houses. Some are just junk collectors, but others have actual trash- garbage they never throw out. Animals they never take care of, the filty environment. How can they even think of being on TV is so absurd. They don’t even realize they are humiliating themselves to the nation. It’s time we all do better in our lives.

  46. Christian Prepper says:

    if i had a company, i’d make a place for this man to work – even fire someone just to have him on my staff…

  47. Dr. B says:

    Wow… I love all the profound comments. Especially the ones from MadBrad.

  48. JenHow says:

    AMEN!!!!! I 1 million percent agree with you. Everyone of those ghetto fabulous what ever the hell you think you are need to listen to this brother. KEEP ON KICKING ASS AND TELLING IT LIKE IT REALLY IS.

  49. A_Nobody says:

    Okay, I’m impressed. He has hit the nail on the head, but he was only speaking to blacks. Almost every other race in AMerica hs the same issues. Perhaps not as bad but they’re there and a punk is a punk, period. Actually we do ahve anotehr race; they’re called punks and they come from all walks of life. Just look at those “protesting” now about Wall Street. MAybe it’s time we deport them.

  50. Mary says:

    Fantastic! Love this guy! Glad to see someone is not afraid to say it like it is! Good Job!

  51. Michael says:

    Wow, don’t know this guy but spot on.
    Next US Senator? I’m white but lets cut the crap. We’re all Americans with equal opportunities. The world owes me a free lunch. All I have to do is work my ass off to get it.

  52. TravelerChris says:

    This guy is fabulous. I think there are a lot of Blacks that feel like him, they just don’t speak up. I’ve read all the remarks, and 98% agree that all races have a certain element of trash and they are just as bad. Now what do we do to clean this mess up? The Poverty Pimps (Sharpton, Jackson) won’t give up. It’s their sole income. I can’t say it often enough. Kudos to this man. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

  53. tom says:

    It’s good to hear that someone else has thought about this situation and put it in such “down to earth”, easy to understand, plain english.Last person I heard speak up on the subject was Bill Cosby,a few years back.People really raised hell with him, but he stuck to his guns and said it was the black people’s own fault that they were left in the dust financially,socially.Nothing will change unless you pick your self up by your boot straps and quit blaming white people for your place in life.

  54. Bj says:

    I do not pay much attention to leechs anymore no matter who they are. Tired of all theire problems.

  55. Kathy says:

    check out https://www.numbersusa.com/content/
    for those of you who want to become actively involved in faxing and/or calling Senators/Congress to change our immigrations laws.
    “This is a non-partisan site. We have Democrats, Republicans, Reformers and Independents both among our advisors and in our offices. It will take members of all parties to bring federal immigration policy back to a logical place.
    –Roy Beck, Executive Director”

  56. notamobster says:

    Mike / James: Your comment was not posted because the language got caught in the filter. I was going to publish it, but the name you signed your comment with and your email address used to comment were different.

    Also, by signing in with the a real name based email address, it would expose you, or whomever actually owns that address to possible problems.

    Since I can’t tell I’ll ask that you don’t use an email address as your name, and re-post your comment.

  57. Jim22 says:

    Thank you, Nota. It appears we have struck a nerve. Those who are actually sympathetic should have their say. Those who want to spread hate should be exempted.

    This is a touchy subject. It is said by a man who can not be legitimately called a racist for calling out the unfairness of the Jackson/ Sharpton faction.

    Many will call this man names in an effort to weaken what he says but his message is not scripted by anyone but him and his understanding of right and wrong.

  58. mail says:

    it is about time someone said it like it is smart man i totally agree

  59. Harrison J. Bounel says:

    Martin Luther King said it best- judge a man on the content of his character, not the color of his skin. — This is a guy with good character.

  60. Jim22 says:


    Your MLK quote is apt. It is disappointing how his teachings have been misquoted by those who try to use his glow for their own ends.

  61. Frank says:


  62. Doug says:

    I worked with a black person his name was John.He was kind of a poor soul of sort.Ever so often he had a bad day as some people do and sometimes it was a black / white thing. But I always left him be during these times because in some instances he was right about what was going on at that time.Probably after 20 some years of working together he said to me,”You know you are the only person working here that has never judged me for being black”. I look at him and said, ” John, we have been working here for so many years that I don’t see you as a color.” This is a bit off from the original story ,but things need to change just as times are changing.

  63. dg says:

    WOW, this guy is amazing. Just like the work “gay”, the word “nigger” no longer represents a race. Over time its meaning has changed to be: lazy, bum , none caring, irresponsible, freeloader. Individuals who fit this description may be black, white, brown!

  64. Ebeast says:

    Red, yellow, black, or white, trash is trash. I have to agree with this gentleman. I live in the subs of Detroit and you can tell the difference from one part of town vs another. I was I one area not long ago where it was all run down, people were just hanging out, no where to go and nothing to do. Just across the main highway were decent working mans neighborhoods. People were out working, taking care of their yards, trash was not blowing around, families were out walking spending time together (black and white) . I have nothing against black people. A couple of my best friends have been black… But I do hate trash that won’t get off their ass and expect me and others to just hand out to them just because they are breathing. I owe no one crap… I work 80 hours a week to take care of myself and I go to school full time. Who are these morons that demand of the fruits of my labor while they do nothing. I say cut the money of and make them work… I have to agree with the statement in the bible that says if you don’t work you don’t eat.

  65. tj says:

    I have known many very intelligent black men. I now know one more. Yes, I am a white man.


  66. Carol Mae Harrod says:


  67. Bill says:

    Just finished with a two year hitch as a pilot for the UN World Food Program in Sudan.

    I got a message for black people in the U.S. who think they have it bad.


  68. Jim22 says:


    First-hand reporting is valued here. I have heard it said that there are third-world countries and then there is Africa. Your message seems to confirm that. I have also heard that Sudan has some of the worst living conditions for people on the continent.

  69. Maybell says:

    He is refreshing! Truthful and honest. WE need more of this kind of “sharing” inner thoughts. We all have them but opt to glaze them over or just keep them to ourselves because it is not politically correct. White, black, brown, yellow, red….. lazy is lazy, and ignorant is ignorant. The white trash I know are sometimes worse that what he is talking about. There should be a collective race for all those who are lazy, living off others, on drugs and don’t want to work and be responsible for any children the bred. We should call them the Zero Race because they add/contribute nothing to humanity other than taking up space. The Race Pimps like Sharpton and Jackson can be their leaders. Then when they finally find out they have been duped…. They can do to them what the Libyans just did to Guadafi

  70. Jim22 says:


    Very well said. Please come back and get involved. We need people who speak the truth.

  71. SHESHE1313 says:


  72. Randy101 says:

    This guy is absolutely 100% bulls eye on the target. His words could be translated to fit any color or nationality. The only are where I would disagree is that the military isn’t just an escape for the young, it’s an honorable position, and a dream for many young men and women to serve their country.

  73. Katrina says:

    You are just amazing – you’ve said very clearly, what many feel. Good for you – and watch your back please?

  74. Chad says:

    In Louisiana our Blacks vote about 95% Democrat.
    Our Black folks think “R” next to a candidate stands for “Racist”. Many only find their own way
    To the poll on election day if they have a black
    Candidate on the ballot, otherwise the white Democrat Candidate has to pay a few Black “Leaders” to carry the others to the Poll
    And pay them for their vote.
    Sad situation in Louisiana where we have over
    30% black population.
    This has became our Norm down here.

  75. barbara says:

    If some black folks are so enamored with “Africa”, why don’t they just move over there? Do they not know how good they have it here? They should be glad that their ancestors wound up here, by whatever avenue.They aren’t the only ones who have ever been hungry, had to work hard for someone else etc. They are not special. There have been “slaves” since Biblical times. Get over it and grow up.

  76. archivesDave says:

    Now let him take on Wall Street and
    the Federal Reserve/ Globalist Banksters!

  77. Mike says:

    This is so true: when I was teaching in Brooklyn, NY I could not get my Black students to do serious work. I was constantly getting from them this line: “I don’t want to be ACTING WHITE”. It is a very difficult situation, pray God we can trun it around.

  78. MadBrad says:

    My Grandmother came over on a boat with her Mother and Sister and ended up on a Minorcan Plantation in St. Augustine, Florida. My Great Grandmother was part of the house staff and they lived in staff quarters. Everybody had it tough when they first came over but what matters now is that we are all here together in a very bad situation. We are going to lose our civil society and then our Nation to a bunch of backwards ass heathens very soon if we of Gods children who are called by His Name do not get on our knees and get on one accord in prayer.

    The Enemy has been at the gate for some time. Now he’s picked the lock and is coming in the house. This War is real and we need to get real with it.

  79. Mark says:

    You can pray all you want but if we keep re-electing these criminals we call ‘politicians’ this whole damn country is doomed. It won’t matter what color you are. The only thing they care about is getting back into the cush jobs they’ve created for themselves. They want to keep everyone divided as much as they can so they can move forward with their agenda. Time to vote these bastards out and make REAL change.

  80. MadBrad says:

    Yes but never before in the history of the United States has there been a greater degree of moral reprobates imposing their satanic nonsense on this Nation than there is right now. A mobilized Christian Church can defeat them. With each day that passes more Christians find that they can no longer abide these heathens. When we become united in our resistance they will be defeated.

  81. GEORGE says:

    It’s not just the blacks that are dumb.Look at all the whites who still get excited about democrats and republicans.

  82. jacksonsdad says:

    Sorry GEORGE, I cannot abide that BS comment. “It’s not just the blacks that are dumb”? Really? “the blacks”? Show me anywhere in this thread or in that video where anybody said ‘blacks are dumb’. In fact, just the opposite is true.

    At the very beginning of that video the guy specifically states that he’s not talking about black folks. Nowhere in this thread does anyone assert that ‘the blacks’ are dumb. In fact, it has been made abundantly clear that ‘the blacks’ and ‘da niggas’ he’s referring to are two completely separate entities. This thread is chock-full-o-folks declaring unequivocally that no group has a monopoly on lazy and ignorant. No clear thinking adult could possibly believe otherwise.

    I swear, it doesn’t matter how many times you qualify an assertion, you will always be required to endure some blunt instrument who can’t resist the obligatory “but but but…”. Just as NOBODY in their right mind has EVER said “All muslims are terrorists” yet we still have to make absolutely sure to qualify any mention of Islamic Extremism so as not to offend a buncha blunt instruments’ fragile sensibilities.

    Meanwhile… MSNBC and their ilk say we’re like OJ and we wanna throw grandma over the cliff and our HC Plan is “Die Quickly”… and we’re supposed to give a shit about being PC???

    It’s ridiculous and I’m sick of it.

    Sorry GEORGE if you didn’t mean it like it sounded but I READ WHAT YOU WROTE and then I READ IT AGAIN and frankly, it sucks.

  83. Apache says:

    A whole lot of white folks fit in these categories also.

  84. Jim22 says:

    I’ll be darned. I found a video about a man telling others to grow up. It turned into a hit, not because of me but because he said, “Grow up”. We got like eighty comments in support of what he said before someone started to say something stupid.

    That must be some kind of a record.

  85. Bill Shean says:

    This is good, no he’s great. How objective can one get!!!

  86. Happy NOT to be you! says:

    Really, pheasko? You thought you could sneak that thinly veiled racial comment by? I have news for you–the prisons would be just as full, crime would still exist and welfare was abolished back in 1997 (it is now a VERY restrictive program called TANF). Race is not the issue with those things, but poverty is–and poverty affects ALL races.

  87. HD says:

    I have to admit the lad is a breath of fresh air. You people of color have alwyas had the hammer, without you the socialist party of America (democrats) would have no power. Been on this planet 70 years and they have always kept you down with their handouts. Join up and lets get this thing together before we lose it all.

  88. mameshki says:

    Will anybody, W, B, Brn, Yellow, or clear skinned, tell me why all of us follow the likes the Al Sharptons, the Jessie Jacksons, the Obama’s, the Bushes, The Biden’s etc of the world? Why cant we follow the ML kings, the Billy G, the black baptist preacher, the priests etc. of the world. I must be missing something.

  89. MadBrad says:

    Darlin, when the Devil is offering something to you, trying to make a deal, he always makes what he’s selling look real good. If he made his way look like a tough road with potentially deadly consequences, how many would he get to take it?

    What folks miss are the simple instructions that it is by their Fruits that you shall know them. Fruits of the Holy Spirit are Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. People who are in the Spirit seek the Spirit and they know their Masters voice. People who aren’t tuned in are lead astray.

    Keep the Faith. Contend for the Faith. Love the Lord God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself. Be a prism of His Light in a world filled with darkness. Let the light shine. We win this battle one person at a time. Put on the armor of God and fear not. He lends us his hand in battle always. Overall conditions in our Country today are driving people to their knees more quickly by the day. The enemy knows its days are numbered.

  90. Paul Kulik says:

    Amen, Brother!
    We could use a man with your common sense for President!

  91. tommy g says:


  92. Mike says:

    Whites have been saying this all along but no one will listen to them but call them racists for speaking the truth.

  93. R.D. Walker says:

    Whites have enough of their own people who are exactly like those criticized in the video. They would do well to clean their own house before they worry about the neighbors.

  94. Whitey America says:

    You rock . your on my list of my favorite black people . I say the same things you do but I am called ” a racist KKK Nazi ”
    I keep saying that anyone that calls himself a nigger is one and that is the problem . They blame whitey for their problem when it is them and the liberals that control them . the libs keep them down by telling them they can not be anything because of whitey . It is BS. they can be successful if they want .

    Chris Rock black vs niggaz

  95. Linda says:

    We really need this guy in office. Hes right on it! Well except for some white people are that way to. 🙂
    BTW, I am white lol

  96. Jim Pruett says:

    If 98% of blacks voted for Obama, like they did in the last election, then why do I hear so many blacks say they agree socially with whites about illegal immigration, babys out of wedlock,high rate of crime by blacks, black men fathering babies out of wedlock and hitting the dusty trail and welfare abuse? No the black leaders worry about things like the confederate flying in S.C. and bull crap like that. Keep voting with the democrats

  97. Bob Stefano says:

    As a white boy who grew up in a multi racial inner city neighborhood I learned at and early age the “Nigger” is not a color of ones skin, it’s a way of life one makes a conciencious dicision follow. This guy is right on and I for one would love to have him ane his family as my next door neighbors.

  98. Rick says:

    Finnally, a African American that speaks the truth clearly and accurately. If there were more of these gentlmen around we could unit as the American people and save this country. Unfortunately, except for Bill Cosby this is the only other African American that I have seen that clearly speaks the truth. If there was a march made up of people like this I would join it myself, and I’m white.

  99. Thomas Jones says:

    Excellent. I’ve been saying this for years. Which party supported desegration, the Republicans. The Dumbocrats opposed it. Herman Cain for President in 2012.

  100. Andy says:

    Unfortunately, his message is unlikely to reach the intended audience.

  101. Rebel says:

    Andy,you are right,wish I could do something to get it there.

  102. Rebel says:

    Why don’t you take a shot of coke,sit on your pot,and flush yourself down the toilet!!

  103. redeye says:

    Thanks for a sane view of the madness in this country!

  104. Ray says:

    Not only is he right about Blacks and not only are some of the comments about Whites very true, but the Mexican people need to be included in this. They are on our welfare rolls by the millions and are a drain on the economy.

  105. Joe says:

    Man, you hit the nail dead on the head,but I would like to add,if I may, there are a lot of sorry a– whites also, and the whole bunch are looking for the free be’s.
    The welfare program is a program made for parasites.Parasites on the working people of this nation.
    I applaude you for your viedo,hang in there!!!!!!
    Joe in Florida

  106. Carly Baker says:

    Right on man…someone speaking his mind without trying to be politically correct! I love the fact that he challenges people to educate themselves and to not just listen to an idiotic self-proclaimed leader. The Wall Street Protesters should be required to learn a bit about economics and how Big Government hurts our country.

  107. Elizabeth says:

    This guy is truthful, but he could go easy on the foul language and be just as affective.

  108. daisey1998 says:

    “Alas, some one other than Bill Cosby, whom I dearly love, speaks the truth! Yes, by all means this should include all ethnic populations including the Islamic population that has also invaded our country along with the hispanics taking jobs/business’ the American people should and could have. The Islamic, persons from India etc. that own/operate 90% or more of the convience stores across the nation are given so many tax shelters and funding it is disgusting! After their time limitations are up for their funding, they sign it over to a family member who then get funds! The 14th Constitional Ammendment needs to be ammended or removed from the Constitution! I saw on the news last night there are stupid “white” people that have set up housing for the “rich” from different countries to come here and have their babies, assist hem with obtaining citizenship for the babies, they then take their baby go back to their countries, support the economy there with a free ticket to return to the US and automatically qualify for a grren card and ability to become a US citizen, because they have a child that was born in the USA! Our border patrol officers are being killed in mass each and every day. I am a “middle” class “white” woman who is a single mother, I work hard on a daily basis to support my family and teach morals, values, religon and the importance of getting a good education. I teach them to first be true to GOD then to themselves. I agree with many of the other comments there is a lot of “white” trash that fall in this catagory along with the other races that have invaded our country. Many of my black friends and I got into heated debates when Obama was running for president because I researched and read about his religous beliefs, he is true blue Islamic, and hates the “white” people and even had balls enough to publish that in his book. His wife is no better and has made public statements she hates the “white” people. I was told by all of them it was a black/white thing. Well, not so much. I am following Herman Cain closely, he has many of the values and beliefs I stand for and of course other Republican candidates are starting to sling mud to hopefully decrease his popularity among the republican party, but many did not take heed to all of the truths about Obama because he was black and the black population wanted a black president. HELLO! Herman is black and has a huge “WHITE” following. If he is true to his word, he will be elected the as the next “BLACK” president” The “WHITE” people are not the ones that keep the prejudice alive! Nor are they the ones responsible for the myth White people are responsible for keeping the black race opressed! Get an EDUCATION then get a JOB both WHITE and BACK TRASH! I am tired of supporting you! I need my money to support MY FAMILY!!!!!

  109. C.H.Tanner says:

    This man is great!I think he should run for V.P. with Herman Cain.

  110. Albert Palmer Short says:

    The protest in Az was against policeman being able to stop anyone with who happened to be brown skinned. And don’t blame the Mexicans if no one will take those back breaking jobs for low pay and terrible living conditions.It’s so easy to sit before a camera and complain. If he had any gumption he would be out on the street with his message. Like the old saying “Don’t tell me of any problems if you’re not doing anything about it”

  111. Surfgrande says:

    The new race should consist of all people. Call it the HUMAN RACE based on the common sense platform of life.

    Amen to Everything and it should go for all people!

  112. Clyde says:

    Sign me up to join the new race, cause trust me there are some ignant ass white people out there I do not want to claim. I want him to be my new best friend, I believe we can have many hours of great, intelligent conversation.

  113. greg f says:

    AMEN A very educated black man and believe it or not most educated white people feel the same way it’s not the color of ur skin it’s ur dumd as” way off thinking never follow a crowd think for urself

  114. Von says:

    @Joe12 Black,white or other’s don’t want and can’t do the jobs the Hispanic immigrants have been doing in this country, so basically they haven’t taken any jobs from the American workers. You can’t make people work who don’t want to.

  115. Bill E. Cox says:

    Hey Brother, I think you might have it wrong. I am white, high school education, retired military, and believe that it isn’t (Heck, how do you say it politically correct these days?) “People of color” that are the problem. The problem is the system. Babies, baby mommas, and “pimps” come in ALL colors, but the system is letting them do it. You are absolutely correct about illegals, however, they are from MANY areas, even the Middle East. I grew up in an all black trailer park, kind of like the white eye on the black gold fish. I was accepted. When I bought my first Harley (back in 1984), I bought one when my best friend “Chuck” bought his. We went for our first ride together (What a frigging BLAST!! I bet he can STILL out ride me!!). Yup, he is a “Black” man. I just call him a man. My father tried to instill in the family being racist (I remember my sister bringing home her best friend (And still is) a black girl of maybe 14 on Thanks Giving and him throwing away the turkey). I abhorred it. When you take the skin off, we are all pretty much the same. Yup, I can’t jump (probably since I am 5’6″ and 51 years old), and I can’t spell well or do math like a person of the color yellow (probably because I was a stoner in high school and didn’t apply myself), but I’ve done OK because I believed in my Country and always thought that we would be OK. I always believed that “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUIL”. In Gods eyes (no matter whom your god is, and I am not particularly religious) we all are the same. Man, woman, child.

    Thanks for letting me talk and thanks for reading. If you disagree, it is your right.

    Bill E. Cox
    Not ashamed to tell you who I am. I have my beliefs, you have yours.

  116. notamobster says:

    Welcome Bill. I take only one exception with your words.

    In Gods eyes (no matter whom your god is, and I am not particularly religious) we all are the same.

    No. That is simply not true. If your god is allah, everyone else is an unbeliever and can be sexually abused, enslaved, extorted, and/or murdered and the muslim who commits the atrocity – is told to expect a great reward for their trouble.

  117. Rancher says:

    Perfectly put in close to the vernacular of those who need to hear it most.

  118. Ed says:

    BOY the truth hurts; If only the American people (ALL RACES) could see that this man speaks from the heart.

  119. kirk says:

    I love this guy want him to be my neighbor like Mr. Rogers .

  120. dusty says:

    Finally someone brave enough to say what every decent person has been thinking.

  121. Chrissy says:

    He hates worthless nigger punks as much as I hate worthless white trash scum!! Can we cut off the welfare and start letting the fat asses start starving?? Would love to met this man, we would have alot in common!

  122. Chris G says:

    FINALLY!!! Thank you so much for speaking the truth. I am a white man and would be arrested for a hate crime if I said the same things. However, I will say this….”Nigger” is not a color, it’s an attitude. Act like a human and I will give you all the respect in the world and never even think the dreaded “N-word” in your presence. On the other hand, act like a savage and I will consider you a “Nigger”, “spic”, “Camel Jockey”, or any other racial slur that happens to fit the situation. Feel free to call me white trash when I act that way. Until then, let’s get real in this country. The issue of race is propogated by the black community itself. Most white people are content to live together in peace. That’s what this country is all about. But for some reason, the Head Niggers in Charge, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, just can’t let it go. They have done more harm to their own race than any white man or group there-of ever considered doing.

  123. cindy says:

    We DO need a new race….ALL of us. The HUMAN race. People we HAVE to start thinking higher…not black and white or repub and democrat..NOT US AND THEM!!

  124. berferto says:

    OUCH!!! That was harsh! My ass is as white as the driven snow but I can’t say what he said. There’s plenty of white trash in this country behaving in the ways he’s complaining about.

  125. Geb says:

    I’m a white southerner who has moved to the Pacific Northwest. The white trash up here is every bit as bad if not worse than anything in the deep south.

  126. belleboy says:

    This is as close to the truth as you can get without starting a riot. Hooray for some one who is not politically correct and will to say what many, many know.
    We can thank Presidents Johnson, Carter,
    Clinton, and Obama for putting up the smoke screen that has done more to hurt the American Blacks than all the money that has
    been appropriated in the name of saving them.
    The “War on Poverty” was lost before the ink
    dried on the bill.

  127. Geb says:

    belleboy: you are part of the problem. Thomas Jefferson said “people get the government they deserve.” The fact is, the American people are given more to ideology and religion rather than think for themselves. The politicians and religious leaders exploit the ignorance and laziness of the masses and; use it against them to take power/money.

  128. Bill says:

    Wow, I really like this guy! Maybe he should be Herman Cain’s running mate as VP. An intelligent, brutally honest, brave, insightfull man. His comments include a lot of white folks too. I’d be proud to break bread with this man and call him my friend…

  129. notamobster says:

    Geb: Are you socially retarded? Is there some encumberance to your mental faculties, of which we should be made aware?

    From where I stand, belleboy is speaking from a position of intellectual honesty.

    Please, explain wherein he erred…

  130. Ablelove says:

    Man, you hit it right on the head. I sure wish you could publish some of what you say. Keep it up. Write more. Love it.

  131. Ablelove says:

    Great, you for VP. Hit the black problem right on the head. Keep it up.

  132. Lotus says:

    This man is not alone. His common sense is beginning to affect a great many people.

  133. Karen says:

    This is a multi race issue. Not just black. Any race can use this video just insert white, mexican, etc. in place of black. It is across the board.

  134. cvg says:

    This guy is awesome! Very honest and to the point. U will never hear a white person say that they were discriminated against on the job by a black person, hispanic, indian or asian. I never discriminate against anyone based on their color,but I will treat you differently if your lazy, waiting on a handout and living off the system because you cant fend for yourself. Be a contributing member of society and this world would be better.

  135. eour 60 says:

    I just wish he could do something about all that. everybody knows what he is talking about.

  136. maxcat says:

    Perfect! The Democrates were the slave owners in 1840 and they still are. Social programs for votes. Get a clue Black folks. You would be better represented by the Tea Party than that egotistical manipulator in the White House. If you do not like the Tea Party after listening to what they have to say then form your own party. We are tired of the lack of leadership ourselves. Realize who is really holding your ball and chain. We need honest hardworking people to work with us. Both of the major parties want us divided. It is how they control the masses. We are not your enemy. Think for yourselves! Act for yourselves! Stand up for yourselves. Unite for freedom.

  137. Geb says:

    notamobster: Intellectual honesty? Ahahhahahah!!!You had to call me a name so you lose!!

  138. wow…this dude speaks the truth..finally someone has the courage to speak up and tell the truth!

  139. notamobster says:

    Still didn’t answer where he was wrong.

  140. soulman says:


  141. mauimuscles says:

    This guy is fantastic. Thank you, a fresh breeze of air.

  142. GeorgiaWhiteRacistCrackerHonkie says:

    You really know what you’re talking about and part of the problem is that good black people all over this great nation are terrorized in their own communities by the thugs you describe and they can’t speak up, speak out, or get out. They are tired of putting up with the same things you talk about — I know, because they tell me. But, everytime I say something to help them, I’m a white racist MF. If I was a racist and didn’t care about all the young people in this nation – regardless of color or ethnic background – I wouldn’t be trying to help. I applaud you for saying what you think and what you believe and I will be proud to stand beside you and defend your rights to make things better for all black people. You are a brave man who deserves tremendous credit for telling it like it is and standing behind what you say — preach on brother and get rid of the money monger black slave owners like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Rev. Wright – they’re not preachers, they’re leadin’ sheep to the slaughter and the slavemasters.

  143. cagie says:

    As Frank Zappa said it “I’m not black but there are a whole lot of times I wish I could say I’m not White neither”. And it’s allways been said You don’t have to be Black to be a nigger there are a whole lot of white niggers.

  144. Brenda says:

    I must say that I agre with “cagie” there are white niggers too. This man has spoke a lot of truth to both the black and white communities. There are many that will follow anyone just because of their color or race. I soooooooo wish that the people in America will wake up and see that we need to start thinking for ourselves and realize that we are in the shape that we are due to not thinking with the brain that God gave us. IT is time that we all wake up!!!!!!!

  145. steven p says:

    Wow finally a black man who calls em like he sees em, right on.

  146. benalbanach says:

    Ok Ok Lot of truths there..But that doesn’t let the white folks off the hook,You can be damn sure there were few if any blacks on Wall street when they turned the world economy upside down.
    The mess that is the USA has a shared responsibility.

  147. jeff f says:

    telling it like it is ,,white vs black,, if todays black man blames todays white man for what yesterdays white man did to yesterdays black man ,things will never change between blacks and whites ,,find a new excuess

  148. notamobster says:

    What deep-seated guilt causes people to feel the need to equivocate this man’s perfectly logical, perfectly true commentary by saying “Yup, but white folks are bad, too.”?

  149. sean mccaffery says:

    Thank you sir! I am a white cop who works in the inner city and i would follow this gentleman into war

  150. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for defending the white people. I am a white female, a vetern and I was laid off from my job. But you know what? I went back to school to get a degree to get a better job. I did manage to find a job at McDonald’s after being unemployment for 2 1/2 years! Anyone can better themselves if they truly want to.

  151. @ karen

    spot on coudnt have said it better. besides its all social engineering anyways. the dumb blacks hes talking about are that way because they have been manipulated by mass media propaganda all their life, and alot of them are forced into lives of crimes just because thats how the world is rigged to begin with.

    you cant put someone in a poor neighborhood, with no moey, no jobs, and no hope – and expect something good to come out of all of it.

    if you do – your dreaming, and please give me some of what your smoking to be dreamin like that.

  152. notamobster says:

    Sure you can. There are many factors involved, but good follks come from the ghettos all the time. You have to make good choices. The system isn’t rigged. People are where they are because they choose to be there, most times.

  153. @ notamobster

    are you telling me that 1 billion people in this world CHOOSE to be in poverty, or wake up and have to go rob someone, beg for change, or steal from people to survive?

    your actually going to state that THEY CHOOSE THIS LIFE?

    what the HELL are you people smokin tonight?

    did you ever stop do do a mathematical equation for their to be 7 billion jobs for 7 billion people on this earth? NO – you havent because no such mathematical equation exists because it is IMPOSSIBLE

    SO – when simple mathematics tells you that there is no way for there ever to be 1 job for every one person in this world – well then just how do you get off thinking like this?

  154. BillWhit says:

    Outstanding! It is so good to see a Black man speaking the truth, one who has not been blinded buy the Demons lies. Following Obama because he is a Mullato is insane. I am white but have always voted on Record and Accomplishments. As a Lifelong Democrat, in 2008, all I heard from Obama’s mouth was smooth delivered BS and outright Lies. I refused to back him and was called Racist. I will not vote for him in 2012 either. I prayed he would make me feel like a Fool for not believing his words, but he has proved me Right instead! I will be voting for a REAL Black Man in 2012. I will be Raising Cain for Herman Cain! Mr Cain has more Work Ethics, Intelligence, Common Sense, and American Values, in his SNOT, than Obama will ever hope to have in his entire failed pathetic life! Raise Cain for Herman Cain in 2012!

  155. Kenneth says:

    That’s not what he’s saying at all, NWO. He’s saying that you have a choice to make, regardless of where you come from. If you’re in a bad situation, you can make bad choices and perpetuate your own situation, or you can make good choices and turn your situation into something better.

  156. Leona Rogers says:

    I often thought to myself where are the sport stars and movie people that could make a difference as mentors and leaders in the black community.

  157. Beerman309 says:

    I need to buy this man a beer!

  158. Billmot says:


  159. Van-a-gram says:

    @ New World Order:

    “…and alot of them are forced into lives of crimes just because thats how the world is rigged to begin with.”

    Typical victim syndrome– “forcing” people to deal drugs, rob banks, jack convenience stores. i bet you’re one of those OWS people who were “forced” to take out $100K in student loans, too. You know, the whole educational system is rigged for that purpose…

    “You cant put someone in a poor neighborhood, with no moey, no jobs, and no hope – and expect something good to come out of all of it.”

    Really, would you like me rattle off some inconvenient examples to the contrary? Try as you might, you can never “justify” crime, violence or in most cases, simple apathy. This just bleeds of the “not my fault” and “I take no responsibility” set.

  160. notamobster says:

    Van seems to have done pretty well. Gracias.

    I’d be one of those inconvenient examples. My friend Dexter would be another. He still lives in the ghetto, yet he makes good choices and lives a good life. He’s a police officer, and he sends kids to Saints football camp every year with money he collects from the community.

    Money they were forced to steal or sell crack for, no doubt. You know what they called him when he sent a white kid a couple years ago? Uncle Tom. How convenient that everything to the victim class is based on some convenient excuse why they just can’t get by, but non-victim Dexter gets by just fine.

    There are only 300+ million people here in the US, nwo… you can’t compare our poor with the truly poor in the 3rd world. You have obviously never been to a 3rd world shithole. I have. There is no comparison. Our “poor” live like kings in comparison and still find excuses from simpletons like you as to why they make poor life chices.

  161. MadBrad says:

    I live in da ghetto. In spite of some of the stuff that goes on I like it there just fine. There are fewer assholes in da ghetto than there are in ANY gated community I’ve been in. That’s just a natural fact.

  162. James Brenner says:

    This guy is entertaining – he should have his own radio show. He’s got the tough love down.

  163. KatSun says:

    I applaud you Sir. Would you run for president? Please?

  164. JP says:

    I Love this Guy!

  165. Carol says:

    Bless you, Sir, for speaking the truth, and having the courage to “tell it like it is!! I haven’t cheered while reading an E-mail in a long long time, but I cheered for you. I agree with KatSun- will you please run for president? You’ve got my vote!!

  166. OM G says:

    OK, so he talks to the stereotypical black. But you know, as rude and crude as he is, he is telling some truths about poor-black community. As a community, if the community changes and decides to fight to get off poverty and take advantage of ALL THE GRANTS available to blacks to study, get a degree and get ahead like so many “other” blacks have done and are living great productive lives and have the right to DEMAND respect, then none of this talk would ever exist again! Good luck poor-black America, it is up to you!

  167. Renee says:

    This young man is a credit to the human race and is welcome to come visit us any time he wants….this from an old white southern lady. Tell them like it is Jim…great job

  168. mr bill says:

    Naming kids with ghetto names. Shithead is just one. Yes the boy hits school with the name shit head. How does this look on a job application.

  169. Karl says:

    I love this guy … He’s speakin’ my mind for me … I think I could really like this guy as a neighbor.

  170. Scott says:

    Rock on… hindsight is 20/20 and the future is clear as mud. At least you can get the real deal from those who dare to speak the truth. Try Herman Cain v. Barak Obama… sums it up nicely.

  171. peter pica says:

    His remarks about Sharpton are right on. I’m surprised he didn’t nail Jessie Jackson too about the horrible situation in Africa. I’d love to hear what he has to say about Herman Cain.

  172. kevin donovan says:

    Thank you sir.

  173. kevin donovan says:

    you got a bit mixed when you said “the best place to hide anything from a “Black” man is to put it in a book, Chris Rock really said the best place to hide anything from a “Nigger” is to but it in a book to demonstrate the difference between the Black man, who reads, and the nigger who dosen’t. We have the same in the White community we call them rednecks. Lets put the niggers and the rednecks together in one state so the rest of us can get on with working together

  174. lucy says:

    i agree with him complety.but there are white people just as bad. but i think there are more black, than whites that are like that.i know some very nice black people.and they work hard to do for there famlies.but most just want the goverment to keep them up. that is why oboma got elected….. color doesn’t matter. it is what is in there heart.

  175. Maria says:

    This man has great courage to speak the truth! Bravo and well said! I witness what he is talking about almost on a daily basis as my job is located in the “hood”/inner city.
    Hopefully someone is circulating this to the people it is intended for and perhaps they will listen to one of their own!

  176. Albert says:

    I am a white guy, who over the years had MANY Black friends and enjoyed them as much as any white people I knew. I supervised Black in the service as well as out of the service and cannot firgure out why the Blacks want this handout that Obama is sending to 49 million people in the usa. He is breaking our country and putting us into a Gov. ruled society which in the long run, NO One wants. Lets get him out of office next Nov. Lets vote for Mr. Cain and let him show us how to do it.

  177. Millie Banner says:

    Too bad Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wouldn’t’ understand his message. They are the worst thing that could have happened to black people….they keep them down and out because they get them on welfare. They ought to be telling them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get to work!

  178. Vicki says:

    I really liked the way this was said. I also am glad he talked about partial abortion because of different things I was hearing, I was not sure what that was. Thanks NSFW

  179. CAJeffO says:

    What if the blacks are just “The Patsies”?

    What if the elections are “FIXED”?

    What if our “Government is Hacked & Hijacked”?




    Folks we are being divided and conquered. We don’t even think of acting in unison any more.

    I have begged dozens of patriot groups to use my website as info as a template to speed up the learning curve. Put it on a Road Tour. 6+ years now falls on deaf ears and I’m still here waiting.

  180. Bob Pelsang says:

    Great Points! You hit the issues square in the face. All races have the same problem, same issues, I wish we could all come together and make this country work better than it is. I would love to hear more!

  181. matt callahan says:

    thank you know we have white niggers also. you are truley a good black man would like to meet you. tell it like it is.. thank you for the truth

  182. Clare says:

    Rev. Jesse Peterson in LA is another black person who has his head screwed on right, just like this fellow. Both on “right on” and it is about time it is said. I would like this column shown in every prison.

  183. dcreep says:

    This fellow is a very good speaker, and he presents with humor some serious thoughts.

  184. tennbob says:

    This guy should be Herman Cain’s running mate! Articulate,direct and to the point. Refreshing! He speaks to personable accountability-something in which many in this great land could learn from. Keep up the good work my friend…..

  185. Don says:

    This guy gets it. My new hero. Now we need someone to nail the friggin Muslims.

  186. MadBrad says:

    I’ve got much more respect for Muslims than I do ghetto thugulas.

  187. notamobster says:

    At least the hajjis believe in SOMETHING.

  188. badboy says:

    I need to meet this guy he is awesome. I will buy him a beer any day.

  189. Alfie says:

    If pollitics didn’t always corrupt men and women I would vote this guy all the way up. I am a Caucasian who loves and admires all races for their positive influences in the world. This guy nails it!!!! Language a little rustic but aptly used. things are ill eagle because you are hurting someone else, black, white, brown, orange, ” green” etc. This guys attitude would stop the train called “dysfunctional!” Amen and Amen!!!!

  190. peter pica says:

    Just like the Eagles beating the Giants yesterday, this guy’s a welcome breath of fresh air!

  191. Spots says:

    This applies to every race and we need to revvamp the welfare system. It has created lazy, no-good people who find it easy to live off the system. We don’t need Mexican’s to do our work. Get rid of the welfare system and Democrats who push it and there will be enough jobs for everyone. Make them get off their lazy asses. There are enough Mexican’s using the system as well and having babies just to do that. We give them everything free. Why not come to American. Why are we still importing Mexican’s? We have enough here, so why are they not working the crops and other jobs we say we need them for? They are on the system as well and importing drugs, gangs and crime and at the same time hating American’s. They say they will take over America without firing a shot and they are doing just that. The Muslims are also doing the same thing and we defend them. Wake up America!

  192. biff pennington says:

    thank you for the truth, about your race, ours could use some help too.. you don’t hold the patent on stupidity, and please white, red and yellow people too. pay attention.. this dog could bite us all.. learn to earn….

  193. Gabriel says:

    I work in the LA Unified School District and I would love to take your speech on tour. Make it multi-racial. Our Hispanic brothers and sisters also need a talking to like this, and the few whites that are left, are tagging along like a bunch of wanna-bes trying to emulate those styles that lead to nothing but ruin. I salute you. You are truly an American brother of mine.

  194. marktwain2000 says:

    FINALLY–since everybody has a racist squirming around somewhere inside of them, and since everybody has a brain, even if it is the size of a hazelnut, then everybody should shout out YES! Somebody has finally said what all thinking, literate people think…There is so much stupidity in the world that many of us are in danger of contagion. There are too many politically correct watchdogs that have kept this man’s thoughts masked for many years…he’s not a BLACK man, he is a man–as are all of us with a zipper…it isn’t the race, it is an attitude–confrontational, expectational, dismissal, excusal, defensive and insecure (won’t ever admit it)…not niggers but “tuders”
    which includes niggers and wiggers…

  195. lpd290 says:

    My man, as a white guy, I like the way you talk. What you say is true and it doesn’t sit well with those who think they are owed a certain “hand-out”lifestyle in this country, and that goes for the shitbag white trash, the shiftless mexicans, and anyone else who doesn’t want to pull their own weight. I’m so fuckin’ tired of hearing these bastards blame everyone for their situation other than themselves, and let’s face it, they’re usually to blame for why their lazy shiftless ass is in that situation in the 1st place. Rock on brother, you speak elloquently and intelligently-a lot of people just don’t want to hear what you’re sayin’, because the truth hurts!

  196. John says:

    thank YOU AND AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. John says:

    It is about time some one told it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

  198. John says:

    Some one finly got right

  199. Kirk says:

    I am pleasantly surprised at this man and his observations. I grew up as a white kid in the 60’s with lots of black friends. Those friends for the most part went on to raise families and do positive things in the world. Something changed in the eighties, it all fell apart. What he is saying is right on the money. I wish that the young blacks today would realize Abraham Lincoln was a republican. We are not racists, we are realists. Thank you sir for your input.

  200. Nancy says:

    Hurray for you! What a courageous thing for you to do. You are right on the money with your comments. I agree with some of the other comments that it is any race of people that is expecting the hand outs and someone else to take care of them is the problem in this country. The hard working people are getting it stuck to them by having to pay so much for all of the entitlements for those who are to lazy and shiftless to go out and work. Unfortunately, the nonsupporters are beginning to outnumber the supporters and are voting in those politicians that will continue the entitlements. That has to change! Keep going, sir, and God Bless!!

  201. John says:

    This is a young Uncle Ruckus from Boondocks!!!

  202. Jim22 says:

    I’ll be darned. More than 200 comments to this post. Musta hit a nerve. I’m glad I found it.

  203. James Haddad says:

    Dear Speaker: Handouts, welfare and charity are all passed from one generation to another. And most welfare children come from parents who were welfare children themselves. It appears what you said is true. The black man, regardless where he is from, is very complacent with being a welfare recipient and passing it down to his children. I heard many Negroes say that they have a legal right to be a welfare adult, by being black, a victim of the white man, and because the black man built this nation so bring the welfare and he can sit back and make five babies by the time he is 20 and look proudly at the white man and say, I am important because I am a man who made all these children. But those babies become the burden of the state and drain the white mans tax to support these kids who, most of them will be deviates, drug addics, mental patients, losers, freeloaders and criminals. A real man would not create this nightmare but support any child he makes. The Negro is not looking at life the way it exists but the way he wants it to exist.

  204. nethinim says:

    well spoken God Bless.

    lazy, immoral, hateful, liars and thieves have NO racial boundries. all races are cursed with them.

    it is time to get the government out of the welfare/freehandout buisness. and allow the religious/spiritual community to provide for the poor/disadvantaged in their respective communities.

    we need to leave the handout mentality for the hand up mentality.

    the bible states “if you dont work you dont eat” and ” the poor you will have with you always”. however when their was a famine in jerusalem the churches in greece, turkey etc. took up collections and sent money to jerusalem.

    the government did not provide, their fellow man did.

    brother you are a fellow man

  205. hugh snyder says:

    A new race? LOL I get you. I’m white but here is where the problem is. Lack of Fucking Responsibly in all races. and idolization of ignorance. your right about a lot of things, ignorance is the start of it.I would say try joining the Human race but they have their problem since the start. Flies Fk and create other flies once and a while they make a butter fly. but thats few and far BETWEEN my W is fked on my computer. any way. folks of all colors are out of jobs not just blacks. one reason is technology,I used to be an union elevator man. I’m now disabled so it’s difficult to type this. anyway thaey used to have BIG generators that change AC to DC to run the elevator motors, they made a mess and broke down often my job was to fix them and clean up the mess they made and maintenance them. I must say in around 2003 they had a lot of work around replacing them with VVR drives that do the same thing electronically without the mess and maint. and new computer Controllers that have to have Air conditioning in the Machine rooms instead of being a hot sweaty job that was messy and paid good just in Ft Lauderdale west palm and Miami there were Modernization’s and new building going up everywhere Then we finished them all 2008-9 They laid off just in my area 700 employees and now can do the same work with less experiences to just change a computer board and all my schooling is now worthless because that technology is obsolete.More People Less Jobs is a disaster formula and then add ignorance well you can imagine why we are where we are thats it. not only elevator men got fked but the people that make generators repair them and sell them are now fked. what a chain reaction, Peace my brother your not alone.

  206. R.D. Walker says:

    Hugh: It’s harsh when your trade is to make carriages in the age of the automobile. No doubt about it, tech advancements kicked you in the butt. Still, your personal experience isn’t extrapolated into the aggregate economy. You are promoting the Luddite Fallacy.

  207. hugh snyder says:

    PS your Black? i never knew LOL. Also technology screwed the natural purpose for war and that is to 1 thin out the herd of people and 2 to destroy things and create jobs rebuilding them, you can do the same with a $70.000 Hell Fire missile than you had to use 150.000 soldiers.now there is an imbalance not enough people die in war as opposed to past wars and if your legs get blown off they used to say your disabled now they fit you wit springs on your legs teach you how to play baseball and say your not disabled now your on the Unemployment list. god help us if the soldiers come home and no more war if you think unemployment sucks NOW just wait. It’s a desaster that only a comet can cure. start over from cave men.

  208. R.D. Walker says:

    Now you are promoting the Malthusian Fallacy.

  209. hugh snyder says:

    Ps Jd walker I didn’t know my views had a technical name. I never got past 9th grade. no one in their Educated right mind would do a job like elevators that require you to hang in a hoist-way 42 story’s up. in a small basket suspended by small cables with a chipping hammer in their hands or hanging rails off of a ladder. I thought that job was right up my dumb ass alley

  210. hugh snyder says:

    Also those rails weigh 18lbs per foot at 16′ 18 X 16 = 288lbs try lifting that for 28yrs OUCH not including two rails per floor in a bank of 6 elevators. i’m lost on that math but you can imagine how i feel now that im 53.Generators weigh aprox 2000lbs try taking that up the stairsto the un accessible machine room on the 45 floor. sorry I didn’t see technology coming. like going to college to be smart why I have a compuer to teach me what i want to know without going threw all those hamburger non a credited classes they make you take to support some out dated Teacher in don’t need a teacher now hows that for Obsolescence. people who spend money on college can’t find a job not even Teachers LOL

  211. hugh snyder says:

    PS I’m not a promoter of anything? i’m just voicing my opinion as a human that sees the obvious.and the theory i said about teachers what do they call that Fallacy

  212. hugh snyder says:

    PSSS: sorry to the host of this channel for taking over your sight im done now LOL PEACE

  213. hugh snyder says:

    OH shit one more thing. My baby can read technology is fking 1st thru 5th grade teachers. now if they can only do it with my baby can do E=MC squared. college is really obsolete.

  214. hugh snyder says:

    Uless you play college Football.

  215. hugh snyder says:

    Unless I mean

  216. hugh snyder says:

    Ok all those people anti handouts Well Fine I agree some what on that. Like you don’t work you don’t eat. No one works less than political people unless you call thinking up reasons to take money from my pay check for social security and taxes work !!! ive worked since i was 15yrs old and paid into all that. SOOOOOO??? Give it back I’m disabled dumb asses

  217. notamobster says:

    I dated a bank teller once for a few minutes. I wonder if the local ATM put her out of work…

  218. Wazzoo says:

    Good, frank commentary. But I’d like to put forth the following proposition: You don’t have to be black to be a N. It’s more an attitude, a state of mind, and there are millions of white people that have the same characteristics. They just lack the nice skin color.
    It’s pretty sad, to a N and not even be black. That’s double-damned.

  219. jeffreymac says:

    I’m a whiteboy….I’ve been saying this for years…i agree with 99% of wht thi man is saying…that other 1% goes for so whites too….

  220. L Boyd says:

    The Same thing that happened to American Indians is kind of happening to many in the Black communities. Once the Indians were put on reservations they were given free shelter, free food, and free anything else. As the Press pulbished stories of Indian plight,and rarely publishing the brutalities of the American Indian, people demanded that more and more benefits be given to each tribe. When they had first arrived they were given enough land to grow their own food and hunt game. But once the Press and liberals got evolved the government begam to give Indians more and more of the things they had always provided for themselves. It wasn’t long before realized that they didn’t have to work to eat so they didn’t. It wasn’t long before very few of them grew their own food. They waited for the government wagon to come along and issue eggs, cheese, milk, flour, bacon, and other food stuff. Over the years, poverty among the American Indian was the highest in the country. The more the government gave, the more the Indian lost his self reliance. The same thing has happened in the Black Community and to many Whites, and Latinos as well. When people don’t have to work for their own livelyhood, they lose their self estem and their pride. It isn’t long before people are complaining that they want more stuff for free. Welfare and most other social programs like Foodstamps, loing term unemployment insurance, and other programs hurt instead of help people. At least that is my opinion.

  221. cali_girl2010 says:

    Ur entitled to ur oppinon even if its wrong. The indiana r native to america..so how did they just get here? The government stole their and killed their ppl.. The indiana and mexicans were here first! Before the whites came bringing blacks to do the heavy lifting.. If you disown the blacks because they embarrass you..maybe your the one thats the embarrassment.. How can you discover a land when there were millions of ppl there when you arrived?

  222. MadBrad says:

    Hey Cali Girl, deal with the reality of the here and now. Your State is out of money and will soon be bankrupt due to the propensity of your legislators to give away money to people who don’t work. Did you ever stop to think about what’s going to happen when the checks don’t arrive?

    FYI CG2012: I discovered Disney World several years after it was built and after millions of people had already been there.

  223. Ellimar says:

    God bless you MadBrad. A couple of years ago, Ms Frances Rice, a black authoress, was interviewed on a radio program about her book, “Martin Luther King was a Republican” and I have heard nothing more about it. I don’t remember the radio program but it was conservative talk radio. If it weren’t for such programs like that one, her voice might never have been heard.

    Also, you were very polite in not commenting on the semi-literate comments of cali_girl2012. She should have gone to a school that could have taught her to read and write coherently. Maybe there are still some out there doing such a job. Obviously you were a good student and it shows. You learned history, too.

    Keep the faith, friend; your work is valuable to this country.

  224. L Boyd says:

    You must not be very bright. Not only are you to lazy to spell out words, you aren’t bright enough to understand what I wrote.Plus your sentence formation is terrible. Your GED is showing. Where did I say I was embarrased of anyone? Like every country, there are some bad in the past if you want to dwell on it. Apparently you didn’t understand what I was saying so try to keep up. Anytime a section of people are helped over a long period of time, it ends up hurting them instead of helping them. Older folks in their 50, 60,70s+ would never stay with their parents into their twenties, thirties, or longer. They would also be ashamed to have to depend on the government because they couldn’t make a living. They had self pride, self reliance, and were determine to make it ON THEIR OWN. Today’s kids in their 20-30s, have no self respect and are etrememly lazy. They want so one esle to pay for their expenses. Laziness comes in all colors not just black.

  225. disillusioned says:

    this guy is great, another larry elder. most of my friends are black and feel the same. you know if there is anyone to blame for slavery, etc. it is due to the african tribal leaders who sold tribes they took over for slaves for themselves and to sell. they’re still doing the same thing. a couple hundred years ago those slave traders brought slaves to the us to sell as they didn’t know the difference. i think all races should be treated equal but will that ever happen unless we act as equals rather then as the guy says some have to act and be treated special?: therealrevo.com keep it up brother i am listening. it goes for all races in some ways not just the black race. everyone feels they have something owed to them for doing nothing. i worked three jobs most of my life so it can be done and i felt i needed to do so to make enough money to eat and make it through life not because it was owed to me. if you want to be treated equal then start acting equal. i love my black, yellow, white, olive, brown, red, etc. skinned friends. i love them because they earned it. treat others as you would like to be treated and don’t expect anything special because of your color, gender or religion. expect it because you earned it.

  226. ga lady says:

    The real slaves are those of us who go to work everyday, so other people can stay home and do nothing. When you have the gov’t handing you the world on a gold platter, where is the incentive to get up off you ass and become a productive citizen? Haiti, Africa, those are poor folks. Every ghetto from coast to coast is not full of poor people, they are full of worthless parasites sucking off of my paycheck! And I am soooooo disgusted. This guy has it nailed!

  227. bdobbz says:

    BRAVO!!!!! Well said. Everything he said is so true and applies to all races not just the black. I’m so tired of hearing what the white man did to the blacks and the American Indians. This is 2011 not 1700. Get over it. I didn’t do it to you and it wasn’t done to you. Our forefathers don’t it to your forefathers and dang it their all dead now. You are lucky enough to live in the free world, you could have been born in Haiti or Ethiopia or any other 3rd World country where extreme poverty is the way of life. You are BLESSED to have been born in this GREAT country and have the opportunity to be anything you want to be, but there’s just one thing you have to do first, YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT HONESTLY. Quit taking and earn it.

  228. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    OUTSTANDING! I’m a new subscriber and glad to be here!

  229. R.D. Walker says:

    We are glad you are here too PSG. Welcome.

  230. kimmypie says:

    Amen, brother. Can’t deny the facts.

  231. JDWest says:

    This guy is smart. I am white but have always considered myself as enlightened. There are white niggers out there too just like there are in any race. The Webster dictionary defines a nigger as any lazy no good person. There are some in my own family. Just ask Bill Cosby or Condoleezza Rice
    or Chappy James or Colin Powell what they think. They would agree with this guy.

    • notamobster says:

      JD – I apologize but I must throw up “ye olde-fashioned” bullshit flag on this one:


      That’s a copout. The word nigger derives from many latin variants such as negra, negro, neger, and the latin niger.

      It means “black”.

      If people would just accept the word for what it is – black – it wouldn’t hurt so many feelings.

      Unfortunately, it has been co-opted and stigmatized over generations to equate it’s original meaning – black – with it’s additional meanings through common parlance – lazy, stupid, useless, etc (the copouts).

      If people were a bit smarter, they’d see that nigger means black. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      There is nothing inherently wrong with identifying people by their color: black, white, etc… You just don’t treat em wrong because of it.

  232. notamobster says:

    Welcome, Southern Gal.

  233. MadBrad says:

    I must also add to this that there are several homonyms/spin-offs/ethnically derived words that can express humor and/or friendship.

    Niggra – Typically used by a white guy when he parodies an older white man in some over the top racist comment. Suitable for use anywhere.

    Nukka – Can be used by anyone anywhere in a conversation as a means of expressing friendly familiarity in dialog.

  234. Derek says:

    Your obviously some right wing idiot spewing your hate ideology like the rest. Fuckin uncle tom.

  235. Jim22 says:

    Derek, Derek. Nothing but hate and condescension. You came to a happy place, the Real Revo, to drop your childish turds and then run off to your mother’s basement. Why did you come here?

    We discuss things here. Your approach is not discussion. What is wrong with you?

  236. duane says:

    This man is speaking the truth this country in general has become lazy and depends on other money to get along. Work has become a dirty word in this country, White race, Black race, Mexican race all are depending on the tax dollars that welfare give them. We need more people depending on themselves instead of the government welfare.

  237. KWMatthews says:

    How fitting, Derek. You counter dissension of ideas in a race and so you counter by calling the man Uncle Tom? I feel sorry for you to be so bound to a party that even speaking out against it is a crime against your race. I can think of no better example of voluntary slavery.

  238. dan friskel says:

    I am a 60 year white male… from Kansas and Oklahoma I heard the comment “a nigger free free race” hmmm I do agree….. way tine and is the time to accept all just as they are and who they are. A nigger free race.. yes… all the way

  239. notamobster says:

    Derek: If you come back – stop being a dumbass.

  240. firechild says:

    This guy has it nailed! Let’s not forget that every race has their own share of lazy ass people that expect the world given to them on a silver platter.

    I’m so glad you mentioned Al Sharpten and the other black leaders that WANZ to manipulate the blacks. They don’t want them to think on their own. These people are in deep comas and they need a verbal awakening…thanks Derek, you’re quite a true leader for your race.

  241. Tony says:

    This guy is a breath of fresh air. Welcome in my home at any time. Free accommodation awaits him should he choose to visit our Pacific Island country of Vanuatu. Thank you for speaking openly what others (by law) cannot.

  242. This guy is GOOD!! WE have the same PROBLEMS up here in CANADA!! Can you direct your comments to ALL of north AMERICA!!! WE are in this shit together!!! THANK YOU!!!

  243. SonnyWest says:

    I think the content was informed and the delivery was very good. Work on your ease from script to camera and you’ll have a future in broadcasting. When is the next instalment?

  244. James says:

    Dayam! I doubt many people have seen this though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRd35Vo9zkA

  245. James says:

    Hey RD, there’s another “James” on the board. Uniqueness of posting name is not required.

  246. R.D. Walker says:

    Until I institute a policy in which you have to register in order to comment, people can enter any handle they choose. He can’t register under “James” however.

  247. sixpackdan says:

    Whatever race you come up with…..so me where to sign up!

  248. sixpackdan says:

    oops…..fat fingers… Show me where to sign up!

  249. Befuddled2 says:

    The issues spoken of here are very real and true. However, many of them jump over to the other side of the equation (whites) as well. The plight of the negro has advanced so far in the last 40 years it is hard for me to remember the days of racism like the 60’s. I’ve known a good many good black people and been pleasured to know them. It just seems to take a lot longer for black people to realize that there are many good white people out there as well. How about we stop with this racism talk and all of us start becoming better human beings. It really is getting boring.

  250. ray williams says:

    he was the kind of african american we need. check at what the Hatians get in Miami and the free things africans get when they come over here,Kenya,Nigeria.Would U believe the Hatians , get here: free food stamps,free Meidicaid,unemployment payment and a working green card.Who pays for this? On the Hurrican, 8,000 HaTIANS WENT TO THE MIAMI HOSPITALS,after 6-8 months they were to be shipped back to Hati,,,welll, they found only 2344 in the hospital,,,,The ones they could not find , are in southern florida, taking jobs away from the americans.I know, I live here. He was correct on all his statements….ray

  251. Marauder says:

    The best statement I ever heard on this subject is: “Not all blacks are ni663r5 and not all ni663r5 are black.”

    I think this gentleman proves the truth of that statement.

  252. notamobster says:

    AGAIN- the PC factor is in full effect with this one.

    Why does everyone feel the need to say that white people “do it too” ?

    Seriously, anyone with a functioning cortex knows this ………. Enough already with the PC crap!

  253. Ruler4You says:

    Why are there so many black folk in the military? He’s right, it’s a war on the streets of their cities for a lot of these guys. It stands to reason that if only ~1% of combat duty military ever die or are wounded then the chances are they will come back unhurt and a little more prepared for life as a productive member of society. They stand a better chance in a WAR ZONE than on their own streets!

  254. Steve says:

    Yep, this guy says it like it is. Too bad more people don’t see things as they are. People are quick to say:”Not all blacks are bad” — Of course not! The bad ones are the niggers. If a black person is responsible, working, and not causing trouble or commiting crimes, then there’s no problem. The same is true for all races.

  255. Mike says:

    I just wonder how many black people really feel this way, how many of the above comments are from black people. Trailer trash knows no race.

  256. Mark says:

    Run for the White house….you’ve got my vote.

  257. BoneDog says:


    To think that we presently have a “hand-out economy” is absurd. the strategy is to tell the lie … repeat the lie … repeat it again … and eventually it becomes fact. You, apparently, have bought into the lie.


  258. R.D. Walker says:

    The federal government spends nearly $1 trillion every year to fund approximately 70 welfare programs. That is in addition to state programs. Corporate welfare is hundreds of billions of dollars more. Now Social Security is being funded out of general revenues.

    If this isn’t a “hand-out economy,” I don’t know what is.

  259. jacksonsdad says:

    “the strategy is to tell the lie … repeat the lie … repeat it again … and eventually it becomes fact.”

    Kinda like “I can see Russia from my back porch”, right? Or how about “Global Pandemic”? And let’s not forget this oldie but goodie… “Civil War in Iraq”.

    Oh wait, that last one really IS ‘becoming fact’. Hmmm…

  260. Ping Pong says:

    My discomfort with this video is that it leaves the impression (even if unintended) that most people of African descent are lazy, shiftless and ignorant. The official statistics show that 66% of African Americans are solidly working class or better. By working class, I mean are gainfully and permanently employed in the legitimate economy. I know that the caveats re. Black versus “nigger” were given at the start of the video. However given the historical association of the word “nigger” to Black people and the anecdotal linking of the destructive behaviours noted, solely to Black people, the video presents a crass, unbalanced and unfair characterisation that is also untrue. Psychologists have recommended that positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement. I would prefer that the rich, positive and historic contribution of Black people to the building of the American culture and economy be highlighted. One does not have to be a liberal demagogue to acknowledge that the “promissory note” of a guarantee of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as Dr M.L.King pointed out in 1963, has not been honoured for many groups, Blacks included.

  261. Palantir says:

    this gentleman speaks truth with one point left out. there is just as much white trash if not more, so we in the white community need to acknowledge that, REGULARLY. good people of all races, creed, and color that work for the betterment of us all is where our salvation lies. i`d rather have this gentleman as a friend, neighbor, and a family member than someone who is trash and white.

  262. Slaphappypap says:

    Palantir, he doesn’t bring up white trash because he isn’t talking about white trash. Political correctness is worse trash then any race trash.

  263. Air Force Brat says:

    Amen, Slap. Truer words were never spoken.

  264. notamobster says:

    Regularly? Really?

    Why should “we in the white community” point it out “regularly” ?

    I have nothing to do with any black folks or white folks choosing the path of least resistance. Why should I have to point out the failings of other white folks? This guy is pointing out the failings of black folks of his own volition.

    I like that he is doing so because there is a shortage of people doing as much. There is no shortage of people pointing at the failings if white people.

    White liberal guilt. That’s why. I refuse.

    White liberal guilt got Obama elected. I refuse to be a party to such nonsense.

  265. Becky says:

    You have great insight for all people… White, black, Asian, Mexicans it’s all the same… Laziness and the feeling of entitlements. Great going and I hope to see you and your common sense ideas out there on TV…

  266. Jerry says:

    I like this guy, but there is white niggers too I wish all people would take this to heart, we would have a great country!Stop giving my money to freeloafer.

  267. Carol says:

    I give this guy a lot of credit for saying the truth. He’s a smart man!

  268. Robbert Hoekstra says:

    Right on, my friend. My African American neighbors, generations of the 1920s and 30s, would have been proud of you for having the guts to express your honest opinion. They had been my neighbors of 27 years, till they all died, and had lived through the era of racism and discrimination. We were living in a neighborhood where her carpenter husband was allowed to build the houses in the 50s, but not to live in. Before the old lady died, after her husband and her brothers had died, I asked her why she didn’t move in with her family in the South side of the city. She told me no, that she felt much safer living next to my family and she thanked me for being the best neighbor she ever had. When she died it was like losing a family member.
    Martin Luther King would have understood what you are talking about because that is exactly what he had been fighting for and died for. And what is the African American generation of today doing with the FREEDOM the Civil Rights leaders have fought so heart for? Following a black messiah full of hollow promises and who is only using them for his political Agenda.
    I will pass on your message to anyone who wants to hear.

  269. James says:

    I don’t think that anyone else has pointed out one other simple fact. There were poor black folks in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. They sometimes lived in ghettos, but they didn’t rob and steal and sit on their duffs waiting for a handout, they worked, often at menial jobs and sometimes both parents worked, but they had PRIDE. They were good responsible folk. Only in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and onward, when all the social engineering by the liberals took effect did things fall apart. When people no longer had to take responsibility for themselves and their families is when things really went downhill. Now, the more we give, the more they want. The big problem is, the givers (working folk) are having tough times. The middle class who have always paid the bills have lost their jobs to unfair trade and “globalization”.

  270. Air Force Brat says:

    Sometimes I disagree with you completely, James, but definitely NOT this time.

  271. MadBrad says:

    A couple of years ago I explained to an open-minded Atheist (who is now a Christian) that the struggle we face in this Nation has much less to do with politics than it is a battle of Faith between Good and Evil. The Communist Movement knew full well that the only way to defeat this Nation is to do it from within, so they went to work. Economics is simply an expression of human behavior. Government programs helped to alter the behavior of those to whom it applied. A Legion of Attorneys insured that lending practices were based around class warfare interests instead of sound financial guidelines. Another Legion of Attorneys worked on turning our Justice System upside down, based on class warfare interests. Do we need to mention what goes on in public schools?

    Since I was a child I watched case after case of government and court mandates that were absolutely destructive in their intent and application and I wondered why on earth it was. As I got older I starting finding answers, to which I could only say; “This can’t last forever. One day this whole thing is going to come crashing down”.

    Now it is.

    Turn to God, not the government for your security. A Mighty Fortress is our God. All else fails.

  272. Deb says:

    THANK YOU !!!!!!! I WILL FOLLOW THIS MAN ANYTIME. I live in a town with lots of white young men doing the same thing as these black men who make tons of kids and as just make the rounds when they need a place to lay their head; The women have lost their way and think this is ok. I now understand why a MAN not A BOY is needed in a young girls life while she is maturing. We have become a county of savages….

  273. Monjet says:

    This man has brass balls and will be considerd an “oreo” by other blacks, oops “African-Americans”.
    Some “white” folks should take his message to hart too.
    BTW, What is this hyphenated American bit ? Are you or are you not an “American”? I see you are an “on the fence” American, you will move with the wind. Better now to be an African, German or Italian and later on an American. One will fall of the fence if one sit to long on it.
    Happy New Year anyway.

    P.S. This country is beyond praying,
    it needs a miracle.

  274. Air Force Brat says:

    No such thing as an “African-American”, unless the person was born in Africa and later became a naturzlized American citizen. Born here? AMERICAN, period.

    All those who want to worship at the altar of hyphenation and political correctness need to get the hell out of this country.

  275. Deb says:


  276. Vulture 69 says:

    This man tells it like it is. When growing up in La. I had black people like this that I was proud to be around. We had them over for lunch at the table, hunted with them, plowed and picked cotton with the blacks. All I called FRIENDS.

  277. notamobster says:

    One of my Lt’s on the police force (in Louisiana) was like this guy, only funnier.

    When I told him I was quitting the force because I’d lost my job in the oilfield “thanks to your President” (whom I knew he didn’t like) he said: “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for that cocksucker.”

  278. MsAbby says:

    Thanks – it’s nice to know that not everyone buys into the crap that Jesse and Al dish out to make money.

    I’m a Sioux and there is nothing more degrading to me than to be labeled a “Minority” by my government. I am an American and it’s sad that the government puts me into an entirely different category so that I have an excuse to fail.

    Keep it up! It’s nice to know there are people that are comfortable who they are and don’t need excuses for failing.

  279. Bman says:

    MsAbby- Any chance you are from the Dakotas?

  280. MsAbby says:

    Albert Palmer Short:
    The Mexicans have invaded my state. Crime is way up, guns are prevalent, breaking in the front door and stealing is a way of life, and they are not working at back breaking agriculture jobs… they are working construction jobs that used to pay $20.00 per hour or more for $8.00 so the wage scale is going down down down.

    Meanwhile they are all over the grocery store with multiple children they can’t afford and paying with food stamps or cards handed out by the government. They have invaded the local subsidized housing and their children are bringing the grade point average down in our schools. They are running local landscaping business out of business, and they are bankrupting our local hospital because they all use the emergency room for the health care.

    But hey if you want a third world country in the US just keep defending illegals and uneducated immigrants that our government allows to come here legally.

    Jobs for Americans, not for law breakers and cheats.

  281. MsAbby says:

    Yes – North Dakota. Mandan.

  282. Bman says:

    Ah! A fellow North Dakotan! Welcome! 🙂

  283. MsAbby says:

    Thanks – I live in Texas now as I have a small business here. It’s nice in the winter, not like ND, but I visit ND during the summer and still love it.

  284. KIM says:

    Love this guy! Amen and Amen!

  285. Robert says:

    Now there is a man. I don’t care if he is purple, he has the right ideas. If more blacks thought like he does there would be no more poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson. There would also be much better relations between us. I would be happy to call him friend!

  286. Don says:

    This guy is so right, Not only would I vote for him in the presidential election….I want him to move in next door to me on both sides!!

  287. MrRudog says:

    This guy made me laugh, not at him, but the way he presented his speach. He’s goooooood! I have a lot of respect for him speaking up and out in this manner. Like the one guy said, I too would like to sit around a campfire drinking beer and bsing. That would make for one awesome night! I’m just a big ole midwestern white boy that doesn’t know the meaning of racism. (Well I do, but don’t believe in it) One of my very best friends is a black guy that was from Cicago, and not the nice side either, he came to our small town of unde 4000 and was greeted very well, married one of my best female fiends. We have done alot of things, pretty much like family, and yes, I claim him as my big brother. So when I had the chance to see this video I thought to myself, Dennis ha to see this! Because Dennis is just like this guy in his thoughts and feelings.
    He would be one of the few speakers (no matter the race) that I would actually go out of my way to see! Preferably in a front row seat! Peace.

  288. Air Force Brat says:

    I’ve played the vid several times. You know how you can re-read a good book, and always find something new that you missed the prior time? Same way with this guy.

    Now THAT man is not just a credit to the black race, he’s a credit to the HUMAN race. And brave too. Many, many kudos to him!

  289. Air Force Retiree says:

    This guy certainly knows what he is talking about. Maybe “HE” should replace Obama, I think he would and could do a much better job, anyoen could do a better job than this usurper who should have never been allowed to seek the president of the US.

    This guy is a credit to his race as well as to the “Human Race”

  290. Air Force Brat says:

    My thoughts exactly re the guy being a credit. See comment above.

  291. TheSupporter says:

    You should come down to Macon. You pretty much covered every black stereotype here. Be an inspiration. lol.

  292. RANDY says:


  293. jim bo says:

    I want more black friends like this guy.

  294. chad says:

    I love it. As a white American though, I think there is just as much ignorance in the white race relatively speaking to population. BTW, Mexican will now be the new black. Even black Americans discriminate against them, go figure? Between the money we pay for illegal aliens, welfare loafers and white trash wife and kid beaters, this country has a huge uphill challenge. Keep them coming bro.

  295. John Otto says:

    I see America involved in a Tug Of War. How refreshing to hear truth from a man pulling on the same side as me.

  296. C says:

    Every race has niggars, yes I said every race! Im 85yrs old and I grew up in the Italian projects of Chicago. We had our fair share of the good and bad as well. The differece within our race was the fact that we stayed together as a family, believed in God and we put education first for our children so that they could grow up and have a better life. Black, white, mexican or asian look at what moved most of these people forward, education, family and faith period!

  297. Swampdog says:

    Dewan, perhaps you would not be so upset if what this man was saying wasn’t true. When government interferes in the free exchange of ideas and property, welfare babies are what you are going to get. If bad behavior is rewarded, you will get more bad behavior,this is what our government has done. The republicans freed the slaves, the democrats gave us the KKK, now where do Hey Hey Hey Fat Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackass stand? With the Democrats! And they want all the N!@@&$ to get back on the plantation so they can collect their reparations for being the whore babies of long dead slaves. Wonderful, apparently it’s easier to blame others for your screw ups than it is to take responsibility.

  298. Head First says:

    Makes me proud he’s an American and part of the “Human” race.

  299. TARHEELBORN says:


  300. Rachel O. says:

    “Imagine having ghetto rats in your family!” Yeah, their called Wiggers or wannabes. The problem is so many whites are brainwashed by ghetto pop culture bullshit as well. Its an epidemic.
    It sucks watching other poor whites simply get carried off into that fabricated culture of waste, ignorance and really awful music (nowadays-not so bad in the early 90s. Even then rap had transformed into something hypnotic in its rhythms, beat and meter. Its for enslavement that’s all.)

  301. Rachel O. says:

    And yes…it flares race wars. When whites only feel disgusted with modern black culture. The powers that be want to divide and conquer so black is pitted against white etc. Lords of chaos:everybody against everybody. ;(

  302. Franklin says:

    I want to shake this man’s hand!!!!!!!!! And what he said is just not about the black race!!! There are a lot of stupid, ignorant, white honky ass cracker idiots out there, as well. So I am white, not a cracker. Amen brother – keep it going!!!

  303. Karl W. Schwab says:

    There are millions of smart black people in this world, this guy is one of them. I wish he were President instead of Obama. HIs message speaks to all races, not just black people but dumb ass whites as well.

  304. Deep South Country Boy says:

    I see much truth in what this man says.
    I am a white American male, that has been raised in the deep south.

    But, this problem is not only confined to the Niggers….. You should also include the the White crack whores, the white boys that want to be niggers (Wiggers), The Latino HOMIES, the Latino crack whores, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc, etc, etc, etc.
    The list goes on & on.
    This isn’t about race, color or creed anymore! It’s about MORAL Values!
    It’s about FAMILY Values,
    Most of which have been lost in our society.
    It’s a damn shame that The U.S. & the rest of the world, has come to this.
    I’m light skinned, your dark skinned, but we see …… eye to eye.
    We should all, simply take out the trash…… throw the rotting, maggot infested…. Government subsidized …. garbage into the dumpster….
    The rest of us will be OK.

    A brother at arms.

  305. Jack Barnes says:

    I’m not black, but I agree with you. And there are a lot of white people just like that. They say give it to me FREE and I’ll vote for you.

  306. Senior Citizen says:

    I think this man should run for President! He would get my vote!

  307. DOGHOUSE says:

    hahahahahah i love this guy and hes speakin the truth , nice work buddy , takin out the trash !!!!!

  308. topsoldier says:

    Coming from NYC…this man has his shit together..and — he is ABSOLUTELY correct.. There ARE NIGGERS..and there ARE BLACKS….
    If a man calls himself an AFRICAN AMERICAN — he is a NIGGER……
    If you were born in this country — you are an AMERICAN…. My family is from ITALY..and if someone calls me an ITALIAN AMERICAN — I jump their ass right off– and tell them I am an AMERICAN..I spent 30 years in out military – and am damn proud of it… Go fo rit Brother…you are right on !!!!! and have the balls to tell everyone…. GO FOR IT !!

  309. montefraya says:

    You keep standing strong Man!!You’re a hell’uve a guy!! We need more like “you”.

  310. Watchman on the Wall says:

    It’s so refreshing to see a real man speaking the truth to a community that has been horribly manipulated and deceived by evil politicians seeking nothing but power and money for themselves. But it’s not just a black issue and both Demo-rats and Rinos are pimping for the same masters: the “jewish” blobal elites who are pitting one class and race against another hoping we will destroy one another and they’re just waiting to pick up the pieces of what’s left. All of us, of all races, need to stop amuzing ourselves, start reading and discovering the truth that the world has been hijacked by some very sinister global elites who are about to usher in a worldwide totalitarian police state that only they benefit from.

    Yes, Obama sold Americans a bill of hype; but 3 of the 4 remaining Rino candidates for President are not much better – they all are beholden to their globalist masters; with Gingrich being the very worst by far. It’s time for America to wake up to the reality that our leaders have betrayed all of us and taught us to blame others vs. assume responsibility for ourselves. It’s bullshit and it has to stop! It starts with each of us.

  311. Tom S. says:

    This is an amazing man with great insight and incredible courage to speak out as he does.
    Another black man that deserves your very close attention is Col. West from Florida who was elected to the House of Representatives this past year.

  312. impressed reader says:

    This guy speaks the truth…..very intelligent observations! The color of one’s skin doesn’t matter…it’s the state of their character and brain. Black, white, yellow, red….all of us should take heed in what this guy is saying. You go guy!!! Spread the word. Excellent job!

  313. Bill Patriot says:

    Who is this man? I want to buy him a steak and a beer and write his name on my presidential ballot. Add any race to his thoughts and he is right on!
    God Bless you sir.

  314. Lloyd says:

    This man HAS a race. He is American.
    No African-American, Mexican-American etc.

    Be American, Period! This fellow is a real American, not a member of the tribe.

    I’ll buy him a steak dinner and a beer also.

  315. Ron says:

    The truth will set you free!

  316. Ron says:

    Smart “black” man.

  317. STEVE says:


  318. raytownjim says:

    Being a “white guy,” I’d be proud in calling him “brother.”

  319. entropy says:

    He is a credit to his race…..the human race. EVERY “race” needs to take a good look at themselves and do some “policing up” of the nihlistic, self-centered scum produced by “pop CULTure.”
    To see where this country is headed, read Gibbons’ “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”. You can skip ahead to @ 400 AD, and take into account the events that took down the Roman Empire from withtin are occuring at an accelerated rate.
    A shorter read that drives the same point home is “Atlas Shrugged”, by Ayn Rand. Note that those who survived and prospered in both books moved to the hinterlands and became self-sufficent.

    “Who is John Galt?”

  320. Victoria S says:

    People of all races that are grown and healthy and expect others to take care of them( whether it be an individual or the government) begin, at a young age, to live life full of hate for whomever is the provider. As that hate builds, they end up in the jails supported by us…more hate, etc and the cycle destroys many individuals in the vicious cycle. When anyone refuses to stand on their own feet and take responsibility for their life, there is no good and there is no reward! God bless America and God bless you!

  321. Just People says:

    Bottom line is this. It doesn’t matter what race you are. Give money to a human being to be lazy, and they will accept the job, most of the time. My Dad always told me as a boy, “Obey the rules and your life will be easy. Break the rules and your life will be hard.”. Drop your excuses and do what is right in your life, because like my Dad also said, “Excuses are like an ass. Everybody has one.”. Live a moral life and don’t worry about others. Be a good example to them to follow. That is what is really needed in every corner of this country now. As for the black community, I am beginning to sense a change in direction, to live as Dr. King dreamed. We’ve come a long way since then. We just need to all stand up for what is right and moral.

    Yes we can!

  322. We Are One says:

    Bottom line is this. It doesn’t matter what race you are. Give money to a human being to be lazy, and they will accept the job, most of the time. My Dad always told me as a boy, “Obey the rules and your life will be easy. Break the rules and your life will be hard.”. Drop your excuses and do what is right in your life, because like my Dad also said, “Excuses are like an ass. Everybody has one.”. Live a moral life and don’t worry about others. Be a good example to them to follow. That is what is really needed in every corner of this country now. As for the black community, I am beginning to sense a change in direction, to live as Dr. King dreamed. We’ve come a long way since then. We just need to all stand up for what is right and moral.

  323. Air Force Brat says:

    Interesting. The exact same post, under two different usernames. Worthy, but unusual.

  324. Steve says:

    Hell, I’m a white guy and I’d and jump at the chance to join this guy’s new race. Finally, someone with a boatload of intelligence and a ton of self-esteem–the good kind. Revo, you need to run for office. Of course, you’d never make it because you’re not willing to promote the lies and stupidity of the current culture. I’d sure as hell stand in line to cast my vote for you!

  325. Tom The Cracker says:

    Very well spoken,,Dude you need to run for Mayor or Governor of your Town or State!

  326. MadBrad says:

    Tom and all you other Crackers out there…

    We have some good Florida Cracker stuff going on HERE TOO!

  327. Phil says:

    This man makes more sense than anyone I have heard in a long time. I would vote for him for President!!

  328. JJ says:

    Would you by any chance run for president? You’ve got it!!! I am sick of the woe is me thing. I hope that everyone understands that you are not just talking about “black” ignorance but white ignorance too. I, too, am not talking about all people who get out there and try to be decent and do their share to make these United States of America a great place to live.
    Everyone is so busy trying to be politically corrrect they’ve forgotten to tell the “truth”. This man spits it out in plain “English” with no chance of misunderstanding. I would like to shake this man’s hand!!!!

  329. MadBrad says:

    Seriously, imagine this guy rocking a debate!

  330. Iyun says:

    I quite agree with the guy….the average Black person gives the Black community as a whole a bad name. The Blacks generally lack a normal standard of moral decency, and treat everyone as a target to be robbed, mugged or otherwise abused. This is one of the reasons that the majority of people on death row are Black. I quite agree that I am a racist at heart, and I dislike Black people on the whole, but I would not go out of my way to disadvantage a Black person merely because the skin colour was dark, more so because the attitude of the average Black is so far removed from my own, When the Blacks as a whole start to have moral and decent standards of conduct, they will be accepted by the World as a class of people that will be looked up to. Until that date, ifever, I’ll keep to my side of the street where Blacks are not on my social list. Too bad if the boot fits, you are judged by the way you behave, and your family too. Everyone in their own way does not have to be a herd follower, but the herd will tar you with the same brush if you don’t distance yourself from them when their standards are not to be admired.

  331. MadBrad says:

    I hear where you are coming from L but if you ever want to find out where 180 degree polar opposite from the black folks you describe can be found, drive around on Sunday in a black neighborhood and find a Church where the music is so loud you can hear it in the street and drop on in. I promise you that you will find that which you do not believe exists. Then you will understand that they have it worse than you do. They can’t escape. Then they get branded like the folks they are trying to escape and then there’s really NO escape.

    You aren’t the only person who just says no to Ns, so don’t feel ostracized.

  332. Iyun says:

    More atrocities are committed through religious practices than any war that was fought in the name of religion. Shouting and jumping up and down does not constitute a sane reason to get the attention once a week of the Almighty in whose name more people are killed just for being of a different faith. I don’t know where the Blacks get the idea that they will go to Heaven direct, seeing as how the notion of the religion current in the USA was forced on them by the Bible bashing missionaries when they tried to conquer Africa during the Colonial times. It would seem that some people will believe in anything rather than nothing, and most Black people only aquired the veneer of civilisation during the last 300 years or so.

  333. MadBrad says:

    I hear you but I’m telling you, they hate ’em worse than you ever could which is why it is an awesome thing to see folks trying to raise their kids to never become one while they are surrounded by them. Try to imagine how tough that would be. I promise you, if there weren’t black folks in the building the Southern Poverty Law Center would have EVERY ONE of their houses of worship listed as Hate Group meeting places.

  334. Locke n Load says:

    Brad, I’m amazed at your patience good man.
    And lyun, please, get a grip. While the video is CLEARLY making distinctions of character, YOU are damning ALL blacks. I’m not one to get offended easily, the Revo will attest to this, but your comments ARE offensive to me. Even when I lived in the city and was surrounded by the dominant black gang culture I knew they weren’t representative of 12% of our country. Now having 2 families on my block, one of which I happen to adore, I’m even more convinced. Its the culture you despise sir, and trying to extend that to genetics or whatever else is not only absurd but obscene. You won’t find any compatriots in here if white superiority is your thing.

  335. R.D. Walker says:

    No dog whistles here. It’s loud and clear.

    Damn. I don’t even read all the comments in this thread anymore but Locke is right. This isn’t some fucked up white superiority site.

  336. MadBrad says:

    It’s a spiritual condition, not a skin condition. Try on some White Trash for size and you will quickly see it has nothing to do with Race.

    My response to my Brother is born of the fact that I was once sent to Federal Prison tagged as a key member of a White Supremacist Terrorist Group. Everybody read about it down at the Prison media center when U.S. News & World Report wrote all about it the following Month. I’ve been exposed to every angle of racist ideology from whites, blacks, latinos. I know the score. I understand his observations.

    I have seen black men at their best and worst. I’m not going to let Evil have my mind focused on the worst. We are all in the same boat and the enemy is within the Gate. Fighting each other is doing the job of the Enemy for him.

    I am instructed that once we are all on one accord in Gods name we can expect miracles. God is putting us on one accord. He’s putting us on our knees.

  337. MadBrad says:

    and furthermore, by my observation among the majority of young black Mothers that I know, their greatest fear is that their children are going to grow up to become Niggers. Young black Mothers have to fight Niggers from day one. In many cases she even has the additional battle with the Nigger who is the Father of her children. You have no idea what the black community has to put up with because of Niggers.

  338. Gabrielle says:

    I think I’m in love. 🙂

    What this gentleman says also goes for the Cracker white trash out there.

    The dregs of society are the most proliferative because frankly, they have nothing else to do.

    Maybe people with values should start begetting more offspring and then someday, we’ll take back over the world. Once in awhile, work 10 hours instead of 12 a day, go home,and make babies. Maybe we can save our world. 🙂

  339. Locke n Load says:

    Beat me to the trash can I see…

  340. R.D. Walker says:

    Yep. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

  341. Locke n Load says:

    I hate bigots.

  342. MadBrad says:

    Yes, I have more respect for a racist that explains their reasoning rather than one that just drops some trash and leaves. At least lyun engaged in conversation. By allowing his or her remarks to stand it provides something for others to look at. We should not hide from things like that. We are supposed to be learning something here and I think we all actually ARE!


    Thats why I didn’t toss lyon’s diatribe Brad. It was illuminating in its fierce hatred

  343. R.D. Walker says:

    No tolerance for drive-by, racist slurs.

  344. jacksonsdad says:

    You guys rock! Kudos to all but a special gold star for Brad. Well Said Sir!

    Exemplary thoughtfulness paid to a prickly porcupine-of-a-problem. Just one of many reasons why this place is The Best On The Net!

  345. so true says:

    this guy is right! there are too many issues already in this country and people here just keep bringing em on! no matter what race, the population in general is whats causing the problems we have…we cant get jobs so lets bring more people into the country so we have an even less chance at it!! GREAT IDEA! then we’ll all go on welfare so the rich can “pay their fair share” while we sit around and milk the system!! i love this guy!!

  346. Dan says:

    I’m speechless. That man is a genius. Well said and kudos.

  347. Iyun says:

    Apart from being listed as a “hate” merchant, I have clearly stated that I do not hate Black people, I just don’t just like Black people, don’t have any on my card list, and would help any that needed a hand to go forward, but at the same time I dislike their attitude towards the world in general, and that is what makes them despised for being Black, and one rotten apple will make the whole barrel rotten. I also dislike intensley the White trash that abuses Society just because they can. The Black man who voiced his opinion here of his own race is just saying I don’t like Black people who behave despicably, and for that matter Whites and others too. Blacks have only been exposed to civilisation, per se, in the last 150 years, or since they were released from slavery after the American civil war ended around 1856, and allowed to run wild in civilised society without being schooled in the finer points of social living. Their attitude generally is low class, low ethics and low moral standards, exhibited by the fact that high school education is a rare factor on their wish list. Laws made to regulate Society do not figure highly on their must do list. You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink….Blacks will from choice revert to tribal gatherings and practices as they only a short time ago were doing since the dawn of time. Mostly originating from Africa, it is scant wonder that their mental process which has been deeply embedded is still in the forefront of their attitudes today. You can not take a raw African Black person and expect him to be a civilised cultured ethical being automatically, with standards equal to civilisations that evolved over thousands of years. I feel very uncomfortable in the presence of uncultered and uncivilised people, and distance them accordingly. If they want to be equal they must become equal, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  348. Iyun says:

    BTW, I also do not like National Socialist of the German variety. Hypocrisy is not one of my characteristics, and naming a situation as it is, is just being truthfull. There is one very good reason why Black people chose not to go back to their homeland…they were sold into slavery by their own people. It is a fact of life that Black people live in a White society, and Whites do not, or will ever want to live in a Black society.

  349. MadBrad says:

    My Nigerian friend Emmanuel and I were sitting at the concrete tables on the upper compound of our Federal Correctional Institution in which we lived. He had his eye on a Black Muslim walking our way who was wearing a leather “Africa Medallion” dangling from around his neck on some sort of cord. Emmanuel engaged him in conversation. Nigerians are very articulate speakers with a very cultured command of the English language. “Excuse me sir, I see you are from Africa. Where in Africa are you from”. The guy just stood there staring at him, saying nothing. Emmanuel continued… “Can you even spell Africa”?

    The Black Muslim just stood there looking at him for a few more seconds. finally saying; “Man, it ain’t nuttin’ but a thang” and walked off. He turned to me and said; “I hate Niggers. I blame you for this. You let them act this way”. As far as I know, right now Emmanuel is somewhere in Alabama on a piece of land he turned into a Catfish and Tilapia farm.

  350. MadBrad says:

    Dude, I live a mile and a half away from a neighborhood once known as 4th most dangerous in the Nation. No, there are no white people living there. Where I’m at, I live like Tarzan. I’ve never had a security problem. I’m established and people who don’t know me are scared of me because they think I’m crazy. People who do know me, who I always look out for, look out for me.

    It was about this time last year when some white boys came rolling through and tried to steal my Jeep. Folks here were looking out for me, ran them off and warned me in time for me to be up and ready when they came back. The neighborhood was treated to a rare scene of white -on- white violence.

    I’ve got better security here than in a gated community. Nobody writes me a citation for leaving my garbage can out. Nobody has ever called the Cops on me because I parked at the side of the road, facing into traffic. Company doesn’t drop n on me unexpected. I live in Florida and my property taxes are less than a Hundred Dollars a year, yet I’m a mile and a half from the water (in the opposite direction of Mad Max World), 12 miles from the Ocean and the fishing is great year round.

    I bought the house my family moved into in 1928 and I don’t plan to leave…

    … for I am Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.

  351. notamobster says:


    The problem here is that you castigate an entire people based on the negative stereotypes which exist. (I am the first to say that stereotypes exist for a reason, though some are retarded… Find me one single person who doesn’t like fried chicken AND watermelon!)

    There are a great many honest and decent black folk in this nation. Most of them live in the ghettos and unfortunately, the opinion of them is tainted by the bad apples.

    That does not however equate to
    “Blacks generally lack a normal standard of moral decency, and treat everyone as a target to be robbed, mugged or otherwise abused…”.

    You admit that you are racist and that is your choice, but all black folks aren’t bad. Most aren’t even bad. Generally, black folks are the same as anyone else.

    Specifically, their communities have been devastated by liberal ideology.
    It is human nature to take the path of least resistance. When those in power over the last 40-50 years have offered that path of least resistance, human nature has taken over. The ghettos of America are what happens when in a state of dependence.

    The reason our country has been so great, is our fierce sense of INDEPENDENCE!

    As for the “only civilized for 150 years” or whatever it was that you said – I beg you to read Dr. Thomas Sowell’s “Black Rednecks & White Liberals”.

    You might change your tune.

    Lacking that, I might suggest you work a few years in the ghetto as a cop and see/experience the hell that most honest black folks live in.

  352. MadBrad says:

    While I was locked up a Gusano Cuban (One who left before Castro) pointed out how the Marielito Cubans (Ones who left Cuba as part of the Mariel Boat Lift) were completely and permanently mentally defective as a result of living their entire lives under Communism. It was easy to see the difference between the two but having it explained in detail was even more eye opening. In many ways the same thing has happened to the government dependent part of the black community and American Indians on the Reservation. It’s sick.

  353. R.D. Walker says:

    Who would have ever thought that Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle and Mr. Spock would make a well honed, moonbat fighting team?

  354. Jim22 says:


    I suggest you break your long comments into short paragraphs. Running it all together makes it hard to read and makes many of us reluctant to even start.

  355. MadBrad says:

    Yes, I DO want to make it clear that when I post video related to Spock, I don’t want folks to think that I see myself as Captain Kirk. I’m actually more like Scotty but I am in fact Tarzan… except for Halloween because then I’m Pinhead.

    Though I am not Kirk I HAVE decided that the only way I will allow a woman to ever sexually seduce me again, potentially bringing woe, chaos and ruin to my life, the only way I will accept those hazards is if she paints herself green for me.

    That along with driving a fully loaded stock car on a super speedway, flying in a supersonic fighter plane and traveling into Space (Low orbit) or the Moon if I can afford it, are on my list of things to do in this life.

  356. MadBrad says:

    God makes Stones, Man makes Bricks. Bricks were used to build the Tower of Babel. The more man achieved with his own hands the less he believed that his blessings came from God.

    Bricks are all the same. They are convenient. They go where they are told and they do what they are told, held together by thin mortar.

    Stones are made by God to have their own character. No two stones are the same. Some are polished, some are jagged. They are placed by Gods hand and thin mortar rarely holds them together well.

    When David went to battle against Goliath, God instructed him to select a smooth stone, not a brick. When Jesus told the Pharisees that even the stones would praise him if he commanded them to, they knew what that meant. It meant that he was a threat because the Pharisees needed the people to be more like bricks and less like stones if they were to be controlled.

    We are not all supposed to be the same. Our government somehow thinks we are. They pass laws that try to turn stones into bricks. It won’t work because it never has. Large stones can become large blocks but only by the use of man made force. I’m not for any of that. We are all stones, each with our own unique characteristics because God made us that way. We should all be eager stones in his sling, ready to be put on course at high velocity to strike the Beast that is before us.

  357. Iyun says:

    I never heard of a white getto, even though the laws and opportunities were available for all in “the land of the free”, seems like some didn’t think the law applied to them.
    Like I said….only 150 years and the veneer of civilisation is very thin.
    BTW, we may all look the same inside, but we have to act the same outside to be accepted socially.

  358. Iyun says:

    Madbrad, I would hesitate before quoting too much from the Bible, it was after all written mostly by a bunch of Arab desert dwellers that thought nothing of human sacrifice as being a way to please the god they feared…..read about Isaac and the ram sacrifice thing…..a close run thing for young Isaac…….Abraham’s own son….WOW.

  359. R.D. Walker says:

    So what? Brad is just going to abandon the Bible on that advice?

  360. Locke n Load says:

    Never heard of a white ghetto?
    Ever heard of NYC? The immigrnt waves of Italians, Irish, and russians?
    How about a large trailer park? Seesh.
    Your comments about the veneer of civilization depend nothing on skin color but on the choices mader avoided by the members of a group. Any group. And you should know lyon, that there are a LOT more white folks on welfare than black, a LOT more white folks in rundown POS trsailer parks. “civilized” is a pretty relative term you have to admit. Whatsmore, its not static like you think. Comprised of indiciduals, people of all colors move in and out of those definitions throughout their lives. You should also learn the facts about how “civilized” black america WAS before the commies took over the Democrat party, before Johnson buiult that Great Society. Govt destroyed the fabric of the family and reversed the education, marriage, and deug use trends in everyone on the dole, black OR white. Nota pointed this out ear;lier I think, but you don’t seem to get it.
    As for civilized, I’m not sure I’d consider YOU civilized if I met you. Would my opinion of civility be more valid than yours because of my particular successes?

  361. MadBrad says:

    How about I just quote God then. No reading or translating was required.

    Upon hearing the 6pm news as I was driving home from work one day, that a Federal Grand Jury had just handed down a 16 Count Indictment against my two best friends in the world, now known as Co-Defendants, I felt a heavy weight pushing me down hard into the Captains chair my kick-ass conversion van was equipped with. The next day I would be going before the Grand Jury and already I could catch Five Years per Conspiracy Count that was attached to my Co-Defendants. The math says Eighty Years and I was Twenty Six years old. This was really turning into a bad day. I always promised myself that I would never go to Prison.

    There were three things that I DID know at the time. I knew where the Snitch was. I knew that he had refused witness protection. I knew that under the Captains Chair was a .45 Caliber Automatic Combat Pistol with two magazines loaded with Hydroshock rounds. I knew that within a couple of miles I would be at the appropriate exit to go take care of business and by that I mean the Federal Witness and myself. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get away with Murder and I don’t look good in an orange jumpsuit. If I blew my brains out right along with his, I could fulfill my promise to myself to never go to Prison and none of my friends would either.

    So as I was driving North on I-95, realizing that my life would be over in about Twenty minutes I began to cry but I was soon crying out to God saying: “Oh God, what am I gonna do? Please help me, please help me”. That’s all I could seem to be able to do as I drove to the destiny I had chosen for myself. I suppose after hearing my cry-baby ass screaming out to him one too many times, he answered (as promised in that Bible you insult) with; “You will go where I send you and you will learn the lessons that I teach”.

    Immediately after that, the weight that was pushing me down into my seat was lifted and my body felt warm all over. I blew past my chosen exit almost laughing at myself. God had my back all throughout my time in the military and I knew it. How had I become so foolish to believe only a few short years later that he still didn’t have my back? I went where I was sent and I learned the lessons that I was taught anywhere that may be from that day forward. All I am doing is sharing with you the lessons I was taught because what I was taught was meant to benefit more people than just me.

    Only the fool rejects instruction. I understand everything that you are saying but you have to understand that God alone is the author of life. Each life he creates, he values. Each fully functioning human being gets to decide what kind of person they will be each day of their lives. People of all races in the United States today, especially a lot of young people have been shown how you can allow yourself to sink to the lowest common denominator and still get by. The kind of behavior you abhor is fully sanctioned by our system of government and Laws.

    Every single thing you see happening in society as this Nation implodes is a direct result of spiritual depravity, ignorance of Gods Law or willful disobedience thereof. Nothing will save us except humbling ourselves before God as a Nation and turning from the Evil we created for ourselves. There is no ideology or government that can straighten that which is crooked. By the hand of God ALL things are possible.

    I am sure that we all appreciate the fact that you are the kind of person who will lend a hand to anyone in need, as you said. Please understand that Angels do walk among us. Whatever you do for the least of us, you do for Almighty God. When you do lend a hand to someone in need, do so with a joyful heart.

    I will have to say a prayer for you tonight Lyun. Maybe God will speak to you as plainly as he has me.

  362. Air Force Brat says:

    Lyun, I don’t know what Bible you’re reading from, but the Bible used today was written by Jews. Jews are not Arabs, by any stretch of the imagination.

  363. MadBrad says:

    Yes, that pesky little theme of sacrificing ones Son because it was what was required DOES seem to be a prevailing sentiment throughout the Bible, now doesn’t it?

  364. Iyun says:

    Huh, why quote any god at all, Bibles come and Bibles go, but living by the words and deeds of long gone Zealotts only makes you narrow minded in your perception of what is good and what might just be borderline bad.

    True, the bible was written or compiled from the writings of Jewish scholars, but in the light of present day living, no one would contemplate taking the life of a family member, even the family dog, just to get a few browning points from a God you favour with your thoughts and deeds.

    Life is what you make of it, and taking a wrong turn is the decision YOU make, not God’s or anyone else to put the blame on.

    I have to wonder how it is that I am priviliged to be alive when millions of others were killed for no good reason than they were in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and they were all heavy Bible punchers of one denomination or another, by that I mean the Jewish people who were massacred in Germany way back when.

    BTW, in case you need any advice….if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime…..works every time.

    The community as a whole needs guidelines to enable everyone to function without fear of being prejudiced by someone else who has no conception of the need to consider the well being of their fellow man.

    There are, as you well know, people who do not consider the guidelines as fully binding as they are laid down, and would interpret them as they seem fit, and to cater for those people’s idiosyncracies there have been established certain places whereby they can be seperated from the society they preyed on and put to wasting their lives until they have learned that you only live once, and institutions of correction are cold hard places to waste your lives in.

    It would seem that Black people as a whole seem to like wasting their lives either in a cell or on an execution bed, as the statistics for the races indicate.

    The Whites are not exempt form this process, but the Blacks seem to have the numbers over and well above the average.

    Are the Blacks being singled out to make examples of them….I think not…..even a fool can see the difference.

    When the Blacks start to realise that The New World is a place where they could prosper and attain status….they have the numbers…..then The New World will take on a new meaning.

  365. Iyun says:

    BTW, to whom it may concern, the theme of Human sacrifice in modern times for the greater good seems to have been a practice of the Mormons too…read up on the Meadows Massacre, several hundred innocents who just had to go to make them “good”….now is that tunnel vision…..for an invented religion that’s just the name of the game, doing whatever it takes to push the envelope of your ambitions.

    As a matter of interest Madbrad, if i wrote a bible and stated, “thou shalt not kill under any circumstances’….would you take any notice?

  366. thunderbumper says:

    As a white man, I was somewhat taken aback to the words this young man spoke. I served in the Military and I must have been lucky. I didn’t serve with shiftless Black morons. I served with some of the most dedicated black people around at that time, the fifties to the seventies. That’s not to say that some of the men and women, black or white, that come into the military are not shiftless. Those are filtered out over time. It’s black folks like you that may be the shining star we need to get out kids back on track, studying in school and making something of themselves. Thanks.

  367. MadBrad says:

    Well thinking yourself wise you have become a fool. If you wrote a Bible I doubt I would read it. I’ve read the Turner Diaries and there’s nothing in there to interest me.

    My Bible doesn’t say thou shall not kill under any circumstances. It says thou shall not Murder. Have a look at Strongs Concordance and look up the original Hebrew. No, you don’t really care do you? You know what you know and since you are the center of your own universe you are correct in all that you say and believe.

    I did the crime to save the life of the Father of my Godchildren, fellow Soldier and lifelong friend along with the lives of others I grew up with and served with. There goes that sacrifice thing again, a common theme among Soldiers as well as Christians. I succeeded in my mission and last night even drank a few beers with the boys I got locked up with. Yes, I’m a big boy. I did the crime and the time. At least I learned a lot from it and wouldn’t trade my time behind bars for anything in the world.

    I feel sorry for you Lyun. A lot of people have your outlook. It’s a bad way to live life but it’s yours to live as you see fit. This conversation has become tiresome. You are just far too intelligent to have to converse with knuckle draggers such as myself so I will just be checking out now.

  368. Iyun says:

    It’s not the good people that shine out, they are just being normal, what hurts is the ones that disregard Human qualities and stoop to attacking their fellow man, and as I said the Black people seem to have a larger than normal proportion of the do bad class…..correct me if I’m wrong….you’d be a fool and blind to reality if you try.

    Some time back Bill Cosby went on Utube and made a video about the Blacks in the USA, and how they as a class blame everything and anything but themselves for their situation…..nobody likes a bum or anyone who fails to qualify for Human Race status.

    That Bible reference is purely academic…..the Catholics are even worse when it comes to mass murder as is historically recorded and cannot be denied.

    BTW, there is no historical record in ANY of the Roman documents or wall scratchings that refers to Jesus Christ by name character or deed……the Jewish records were reinterpreted a hundred times or more….lastly by King James who tidied up the accounts to make a plausible read for Sunday worship in the Church of England Protestant churches.

    Even the Quormrun Dead Sea scrolls do not even mention the event of the crucifixion at all, and historically they were present at the very time it was supposed to have happened.

    In actual fact the Romans of the Eastern Empire gave us Christianity as an acceptable form of the Jewish religion for them to replace the many gods that were out of fashin by the break up of the Roman Empire by 400 AD.

    So when you go quoting the Bible as a reference, remember it was rewritten so many times it lost the original plot along with it’s Jewish actors.

    If you really want to get Biblical, try quoting William Shakespear….the text as it was originally written is still being spoken today….LOL.

  369. TeeJDex says:

    Sir, your comments are so true. I am sure you are highly educated and intelligent, but the most appealing thing about you is your common sense. I think many people feel the same as you do, but are afraid to say so for fear of being called racist. You addressed the black race because you feel you can speak about your own race. I see your point. The Democrats are using all poor people and lazy people (all colors) by offering them freebies to use them as voters. This is very sad. Politicians are using the Mexicans too. They have been working in the US for decades while our government turned a blind eye. Why? they had already bribed black and white poor people into the welfare trap so there was no one left to work in fields and other menial jobs. And if that wasn’t enough, once the Mexicans got here they were taught the “system” that black and whites learned. No paycheck-no taxes, no record. Apply for food stamps then welfare. Oh! and you can get free healthcare if you go to the hospital..even if you only have the flu. Now we have over 10,000000 foreigners (yes, they are not all Mexican)from all over the world that are abusing the system. And what do the Democrats say about these people? Well they are hard working people that deserve to be here and we need to feed them pay for their healthcare etc.because they can’t afford to. Yes Mr. Politician, those that you bribed to come here and have lived here for decades do deserve to live here—but NOT at my expense. My husband and I own a business and we pay $19,200 a year for insurance with a $5,000 deductible. It is just not fair for some to have to work hard and pay for everything they get and for others to get food stamps, rent vouchers, free healthcare etc. And it is NOT fair to hold people back (black, white Hispanic, etc) by encouraging them to stay uneducated and not to work. We need to get back to human values education and God. I know it’s not popular to talk about God now. Democrats laugh at us (how hypocritical) and call us God-fearing gun carrying lunatics. Well, I for one don’t carry a gun but I AM a believer in God and I believe in hard work and obeying the law. I wish more people could see how we have lost our values and self respect as a nation.

  370. Iyun says:

    Looking to God for your salvation won’t cure your problems, even if the Democrat government is to blame for making people reluctant to work for a living.

    You could vote for a different form of government, that is if you had the ability to decide what form of government you would tolerate.

    Changing one form of control to another for no good reason is a recipe for enslavement for the future.

    People need control, and when control is absent the law of the unjust takes over and you end up with the money you earn and pay out in taxes lining the pockets of those that live like leeches on you.

    It would be far better to stop taxing people on their earnings directly and start taxing the goods and services they use and buy.

    That way no matter where you get your money from, every time you spend money you automatically pay a tax….corruption and shady dealing would no longer be an unlawfull offence.

    No more government handouts, if you want money….work for it…..if you can’t get a job….go back home and make your own country prosperous.

    Oh, and legalise all forms of drugs too, just like tobacco and alcohol…..prohibition never solved the problem way back when, and now Columbian Cocain suppliers are getting rich.

    Those that abuse drugs and other substances soon dissapear from their stupidity and the World is a better place.

    While we’re about it, ban credit cards too, and any other form of money lending……if you can’t afford to buy it, don’t have it.

    At this moment in time there are approx three presidential hopefulls spending huge sums of money just to be the front man for the Republican party….none of which has any credentials worthy of being classed as a leader of his country, and this is the crap you are expected to swallow on the day of elctions.

    Hey, by a strange quirk of fate you almost got Al Gore to be your number one man, your president elect, the man who got shafted by George Bush and to think that they were the choices you HAD to have, take it or leave it.

    Wake up people, you are the future of your own destiny…..surely you can do better than what you are doing now, or have the blinkers been so tightly laced you can no longer see in front of you and the options narrowed so close you haven’t the courage to be different and go for a change of leadership style.

    I saw a film on TV with Robin Williams, about a presidential election that a computer got wrong and Robin Wiliams, who was just a comedian, got to be the president…..it was so funny, but supposing it happened by the vote of millions of ordinary people who wanted a change, any change, as long as it was their wish that a change would happen.

    It will not happen while you vote as you are directed.

  371. MadBrad says:

    Now you start trying to make some sense. Why don’t you get off this topic thread and join the conversation elsewhere on the site? I know that you come from a society that is terrified of its citizens freely exercising their Rights but you are welcome to express yourself here.

  372. Iyun says:

    I think you have misinterpreted the details mentioned previously, but all the talk in the World won’t change a person’s mind if they are closed eyes and closed ears to reality.

    It would seem they’re not too closed mouth when the going gets tough, but as talk is cheap, the government have nothing to fear from a change in direction.

    The political scene will go on swapping chairs as the music stops, but the same players are always sitting in the chairs and the others who could make a change just get to go away.

    ‘Bout time the players were completely removed from the game, and a new game invented….balls in your court fellers…..play your shots well.

  373. White Man says:

    I want to join this race, is there room for a white man.

  374. jj says:

    Amen! Love ya man. Keep it going. This guy could be the first Black President. (the current mulatto guy doesn’t count as black).

  375. Lyun says:

    Presidential material huh…any guy that conducts a video conference, which is practically what is happening in this thread, in his underwear, (sweaty vest) has my full sympathy when the general public weighs up his prospects.

    He might speak a lot of truth as it is, but as for solving the problems he’s liable to collect a bullet just like Martin Luther King, a man of a much different calibre and who also appealed to the public for common decency.

    BTW, where was your god when Martin Luther King got shot down?

    If you tell me it was all part of the Grand Plan I’ll laugh in your face.

  376. JM says:

    I am with JJ this guy would get my vote as the first Black President. He should at least run for Congress or the Senate.

  377. BL says:

    Wow…. His words might be harsh but they are the truth. I would also have to say that he might want to be talking to the “white” population too. There are many that have those same “attitudes”. How about we not create a new “race” but a new “population? There are so many that think everything should just be handed to them. This man obviously doesn’t think so. Neither do I……

  378. Lyun says:

    I don’t think you can reinvent the races, any race, they are what they are.

    What you can do is to burn all the law books, yeah burn them without referring to them first, then decide which laws you really need to have and those are the ones that will make your life worth living instead of a reason for dying.

    We all need control, but some need it to be applied in a practical meaningfull manner.

    Laws made in 1800 do not apply to 2012.

  379. LJM says:

    This is the FIRST black man I heard telling the truth about his own kind. Good for you!!! I like to see his speech on GMA some morning. Sorry to say it would NEVER happen. Too Bad. Way to go anyway!!!

  380. There is a group of people from all races in the USA, I call “D” donkey crats. They vote for the democrat, only. This is what is wrong with most black folks and many white folks. They
    BLINDLY believe that Demos are GOOD and Republicans are “evil.” This is very UNinformed, MIS informed, Miss the pot and hit the wall. Pray. Watch FOX. Get informed. Wake up. PLEASE ! ! !

  381. Barbara Meier says:

    You say things I can’t say publicly, being a white girl. There is a need for leaders to say it like it is and to hold people to a higher standard. The responsibility for how your life turns out always remains with you.

    Everything I have is because I worked for it. I am someone my daughter can be proud of.

    Perhaps you should become a politician. This country has a need for honesty.

  382. mike brown says:

    i just found my favorite candidate for president.yes im white and i to want to join this guys race,amen to this man.

  383. Esther says:

    When blacks were brought here as slaves, the slave traders looked for the best, the brightest, the strongest men and women they could find. They went fishing in a good gene pool. Wake up, Black America. Stop degrading your ancestors by the chip on your shoulder and your “you owe me” attitude. Nobody owes you a darn thing. You were never a slave! And, if you weren’t born in Africa, you are an American. Period.

  384. Miguel says:

    I empathize with this man for I share a similar lament. Being Hispanic I am sick and tired of the”Brown Niggers” that have invaded California and the patronizing Democrats that welcome their ignorance with welcome arms and free services at the taxpayers expense.

    These ignorant cabrones are nothing more than future Gangbangers, Soreno, Norteno, MS-13 muerde!

    See Gov.Brown’s Dream Act. I am sick of these ingorant pendejo’s who can’t speak a word of english nor make any attempt to assimilate.

    Nigger has a new definition. Ignorant Mother****er!White, Black, Hispanic, we all have our trash.

    Time for some cultural cleansing, culling of the herd. End Welfare and all entitlement programs. See what happens.

    Como muerde and die cabrones!

  385. pat says:

    i want to join his new race.

  386. Staberdearth says:

    We have “niggers” in every race. There are white “niggers”… You know this to be true!

    The definition of this word has been redefined by the left. Similar redefinition? The word “discriminate”. One used to have “discriminate” tastes and that was a good thing.

  387. Dennis says:

    The man has some good points and he speaks a lot of truth, but there are just a many lazy good for nothing white niggers out there as there are black. I don’t think color is the determining factor for being a derelict.

  388. dinkynt says:

    Every race has issues and blacks are not excluded, if anything are most likely lead by the white’s examples. This guy does not represent me or what I consider an intelligent person, but obviously you respect his opinion so I digress. This is a very racist point of view and the use of the “N” word is very offensive to me and my people. I am sure I can find a video of some ignorant hillbilly redneck white guy raving but where are the facts? This is what I found, first of all only about 14% of the total population of America is on “Food Stamps”.
    According to the United States Department of Agriculture (based on a study of data gathered in Fiscal Year 2010), statistics for the food stamp program are as follows:
    • 49% of all participants are children (17 or younger), and 49% of them live in single-parent households.
    • 15% of all participants are elderly (age 60 or over).
    • 20% of all participants are non-elderly disabled people.
    • 35% of participants are White; 22% are African-American, not Hispanic; 10% are Hispanic; 2% are Asian, 4% are Native American, and 19% are of unknown race or ethnicity.
    Keep in mind that Black people are still a minority in the United States and represent a very small percent of the entire population as a whole.
    According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau report: (of population)
    • Black person represent 12.6%
    • Hispanic of Latino origin 16.3%.

  389. Fleet says:

    MY BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER! I LOVE YOU, MAN! You have hit the nail on the head! As much as so many of us white folks WANT to get past the race issue, live and let live, have everything equal, etc., your “leaders” keep bringing it up and too many of you fall right in line…My ancestors probably never even OWNED any slaves! They were, as far as I know, dirt-poor subsistence farmers who – when crops were bad – might have WISHED for a 3 hots-and-a-cot from the local rich plantation master! I would do anything to not have the moral failings of the white race ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY YEARS AGO not be the basis for our continuing dialogues and relationships, and I grew up in MISSISSIPPI in the 196os!!! Let it GO! Let’s move onward and upward in this shiny, new century. Stop falling for all these “Reverends” who rip you off and let us ALL think for ourselves?
    Thank you!

  390. Chuck Weigand says:

    This guy is GREAT! He ought to run for president.

  391. VINCE GALASSI says:


  392. Lyun says:

    He might appeal to some people because he talks about things as they are……but presidential material……you have to be seriously flawed in the thinking department.

    The day a man from the streets wearing a sweaty vest can get into the oval office is a sign that the USA is no longer in existence…..come to think of it, the politics as such are determined by the people’s vote, so if 51% of the voters say YEAH for this black man…….even God could not help you.

  393. Lyun says:

    I think Dinkynt should be given place of honour on this forum……at least he put the whole colour thing and distribution of social benefits into perspective as to who is supposedly ripping the system off instead of those that are getting needfull support from the system……49% of the total beneficeries were listed as children!!!!!

    Can you imagine the pain that would be caused to those that need it most by stopping all social security benefits just because some Cocain snorter got past the scanner?

    There is a verse in some book of wisdom I read once that goes, “Such as you give will not buy you one moment of the Lord’s time, if it pleases you to give, look for your rewards in heaven and die happy.”

  394. JWS says:

    3 words: RUN FOR OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  395. Lyun says:

    Nahhh, running for office ain’t the American way…..you gotta have megabucks to pay off the vote catchers, money talks and just talk by itself is cheap.

    Sure he talks with a sense of wisdom, but that’s because he’s down and mucking it with the plebs, and only money can get him off the ground.

    If you think the average Joe six pack will take any notice of this guy, you’re on another planet.

    People who bother to vote want to look up to people and expect miracles by the truck load, and this guy doesn’t even have a truck.

    He’s a nice feller, so’s O’Bama, but O’Bama’s got the backing of the people with money, and he’s also got the authority to spend it.

    Would you give him carte blanche to spend your tax dollars?

  396. MadBrad says:


    I think Dinkynt should be given place of honour on this forum……

    Well it’s funny that you mention this because I’ve already selected an award for YOU. You should be proud. Never before have I presented an award to any commenter here, much less someone as new as you. Be looking for your award, to be published hopefully over the next few days.

  397. Lone Wolf says:

    Thankyou for speaking the truth. I know it took a lot of courage. I stand with you.

  398. Mike says:

    Painting with a broad brush is a way to make a point but as anecdotal stories come up it diminishes what you are trying to say. as with any social issues there is a curve and the curve represents the point in a way that allows for the individual instances that don’t fit the majority. NSFW has it right. I applaud his comments and hope it wakes up the people who are worth saving from the myth that it is always someone else’s fault that bad stuff results from poor decisions.

  399. Fracuss says:

    Obviously only a black person could state these opinions. President Obama has addressed some of these issues, though in a less confrontational way. He also did not appear in a sleeveless undershirt.
    I think this guy needs a radio show. Why not T.V.? Well I don’t think the undershirt would fly on T.V.
    I was surprised to see that people were still commenting on Feb. 25, 2012. But I am glad that the website has kept the thread open.
    He made a great presentation, and it would be nice if he had some recognition, and that we could see some progress toward his “new race”. After all, I don’t think Jewish people are a race, though they are sometimes referred to as one. So forget the DNA, and all that crap and encourage Black People in America to claim a new race that shuns the N. culture cited by the speaker.

  400. marty says:

    Ther are All kinds of bad people. I agree with most of your comments, but, why don’t boys keep there penis’s in check? Why always the women? I’m tired of it being all our fault. It takes two, so why not the boys too?

  401. notamobster says:

    Fracuss: We don’t censor truth around these parts.

    marty: I’m sorry you feel that way, but women DO have all the power.

  402. Lyun says:

    Hey Brad, when’s the award being made…..a few days is now 4 days gone…..hope I’m not being too impatient.

  403. Bob Pickwoad says:

    IF we ALL thought like this gentleman, the world (at least the USA) would be a far better place.

    He has all the respect I can gather.


  404. Michael M says:

    My brother from another mother! Godspeed.

  405. notamobster says:

    If the man said he’d do it, he will.

    Have you noticed he’s been absent, of late?

  406. Lyun says:

    Maybe he’s coming to pay me a personal visit….I’m thrilled, I’ll put the kettle on….LOL.

  407. notamobster says:

    he’s a great one to have tea with…

  408. MadBrad says:

    Lyun, I apologize for the delay. I am in the midst of a family medeical situation AND am having a hard time finding the proper presentation for the award. I continue to search though. I had planned to make the award this past weekend but events swept me away.

  409. Clarkbar2 says:

    Pretty frightening. Too much truth will put you on someone’s cross. The human spirit longs to be numbered among the Entitled and you seem to willing to see it. Why can’t the rest of us? Perhaps there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  410. Jim says:

    Great Vid!! Finally….the the truth is out!!!

  411. Liza says:

    Such an AMAZING VIDEO!!! So glad to see someone speaking the truth. Good for you!!!!

  412. Lyun says:

    I hope your Family medical situation works out OK Brad. All the best.

  413. girlfriend says:

    Just curious – what the demographic of viewers/commenters here? White/black/hispanic? Estimate?

  414. Raymond says:

    Will you accept a comment from a cracker? There is no way you can be whiter than me except your albino…

    The problem has much more to do with what is going on between the ears than skin color.

    It is the loss of moral values.

    This is a spiritual thing, what’s going on in your heart.

    And it is effecting more than just black people, it is speading like cancer over the nation effecting all of the races of mankind.

    It is the pinacle of selfishness and vanity.

    And many spiritual forces are at work seperating us from the very moral foundation that our forefather’s used to write the Constitution of the United States of America.

    That moral foundation that was taught to us by God.

    Sad thing is, there is no recorded event in history of a nation reversing it’s downward spiral…

  415. Jimmy Vee says:

    You don’t have to be black to be a nigger!..our society as a whole is going to hell..the democrats are clueless as to how they have virtually ruined this country..this guy needs a national forum because he has the courge to tell the truth, something our stinking politicans in DC wouldn’t know if it sat down next to them.

  416. Butch says:

    If I wasn’t such a racist AND homophobe…. I’d fucking LOVE this man…
    Unfortunately, the blacks will never rid themselves of “niggers” anymore than us whites will rid ourselves of our “underachievers” (we just don’t have such a derogatory name for them yet… other than “Democrats”)..
    As long as we are free people, people will be free to be as STUPID as they choose…
    “American” is not the color of your skin or the name of your God… America is in here (point to my head), and in here (pointing to my heart), and unfortunately so many people, regardless of color, don’t have a fucking clue what I’m talking about…

  417. casper says:

    Well said, I posted you on my face book page. The only people who will see it there are old white people though…LIKE ME. Just know I stand with you

  418. Jim22 says:


    There are too many commenters to know. A few have identified themselves somewhat but my experience has been that when people start asking about the demographics of a group they are trying to divide.

    I appreciate what Dr. King stood for: a truly color-blind society. I believe the man in the video believes that as well. That can not be accomplished by dividing the human race into demographics. More important than that are what they do as individuals.

  419. Georgia says:

    omg…………this man has ‘got it’……………….kudos.

  420. deb says:

    This guy should run for President. Our government has run short on common sense for a long time now. I was taught that the word nigger is not a skin color, it is a person’s character. If that person is doing crime, lazy, not taking responsibility for their own actions, socially irresponsible, menance to society, thats a nigger regardless of their skin color.

  421. Joseph says:

    The greatest disservice Obama has done to Black people is that he has deprived an otherwise qualified and deserving Black person the honor of being the first Black President. Blacks should listen to people like Stacey, not Obama.

  422. Bill says:

    Well said sir.

  423. Supernatural says:

    True, tragic and catastrophic. I admit, it was fun, too. But can you admit, the real solution is for them to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. They need the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their eternal souls are in jepordy every moment they delay coming to Him. Where are the evangelists God wants to send to these lost people? Christ conquered death. He is Almighty. His Kingdom IS Coming. His Glory at His Coming will destroy His enemies. There has never been any other way. Yet Jesus IS Love! It is not up to us to say they should all go to Hell. It is our duty to let the fantastic TRUTH of Christ and His RESURRECTION touch some of their lives! If you do reach some of them, you will be glad FOREVER that you did so!

  424. Lyun says:

    Joseph……..O’Bama is just another face at the window, no supernatural power to heal even a simple cut finger.

    The next election could see another face at the window, and like all the other supernatural faces, that have appeared at the White House Window briefly and just as quickly sunk into obscurity, will also be reviled by the party that opposes him.

    It is a fact that even if Jesus Christ revisited Earth and became the president of the United States Of America, he would be reviled by those that did not vote for him, and that means 49% of the voting population……how could such a man, who is acknowledged to be the “perfect” being, not be accepted by 100% of the people.

    Therefore by your own hands you are doomed to be led by fools and idiots that you would prefer to a supreme being.

    Perhaps you could relate to the origin of The Prince Of Wales, one who could not speak any English, for your future leader.

  425. Kevin says:

    Wow, a real American here, he needs to be brought into every school to speak.

  426. Dave says:

    Brother I thank you for singing the truth!!!!

    This goes for the lazy blacks, whites, and hispanics. Get off your ass, get off the welfair, keep your D%^K in your pants and contribute to society! I don’t care what race, creed, color, sex, or sexual orientation you are. Stop freaking whining and get a J.O.B.

    I think you should run for congress! You have my vote!

  427. Bill says:

    Thank god for the World Wide Web and men like you! I’m a white man, 62 years old, definitely not prejudice against one race or another but damn sure have many prejudices very similar to this gentlemen. It disgusts me that millions of people of all races have honed their parasitic skills so well they are able to suck the breath and life from our society with impunity and the Democrats continue to nurture and train them in this art just for a freak’n vote. These types have no shame, no honor, no education other than how to rip John Q. Public out of their hard earned money. All these welfare/money making babies must be taken from there immoral, uncaring, uneducated mothers and put up for adoption so they can at least have a chance at a normal life. Why do our rich and famous go off to Uganda, China or the former Soviet Union Countries to adopt children? There are more than enough needy children here in the US that could use a good home and caring parents that can provide them with the love and tools to become a useful citizen here in the America.

    Lastly, and I do say this with conviction and honestly….you could be one of my best friends brother as we think alike. The only thing is I as a white man could never say the truthful things you espouse. So keep up the good work, we need more good men like you telling the story as it really is.

  428. Ellen says:

    I think it was FDR that instituted the Welfare system. That was the beginning of the destruction of the black families. The government became the fathers and so who needed the guys??

    Of course, other races have the same problem, but the percentage is what counts. 70% of black babies are illegitimate and that is higher than other races.

  429. Steve says:

    First of all I’m white. Yes, he told it like it is. He was a black man talking about black people. Now I say the same for a whole lot of white people. There is nothing as sorry as sorry white trash. I say bring the troops home. Why do we need troops in 4 thousand different countries. We are not the police force of the world. Bring em back and let them guard our borders. And don’t single out the mexicans. All illegals should be rounded up and shipped back. There are too many people on welfare. Hey, at least the mexicans will work, and they will do the jobs that most white people think they are to good to do. I think families should be limited to having 2 children. Also quit sending billions of dollars to other countries. What do they give us? NOT A DAMM THING!! We got homeless people here. Help them first. And as far as Muslims are concened, I don’t care if you worship Alhai or Budda or whatever, but don’t force that crap on people who don’t want it. And as far as I’m concerned, if you don’t like it here, take your ass back to the sand where you came from. We don’t need ya here! And if you want to know who the biggest crooks are, go to Washington DC. What needs to happen there is to get rid of all of them. We could get by with less then half of that bunch. What a waste of money!!! And finally, start using the death penalty more. If you commit a captial crime, and are caught and found guilty, then you get the death penalty, to be carried out right then. And everybody already on death row, start tommrow with them. Quit using lethal injection. Kill them the way they killed their victim.

  430. Lonny Hall says:

    I would vote him in as Pres of US he has more sence that 95% of congress

  431. Karen says:

    One could only hope Obama would appoint this guy to head up the US Black Caucus……bet he would have alot of support….but then again……maybe not……the election is coming up and he might just loose all those votes from the ghetto blacks layin around collecting them welfare checks, doin nothin, doin drugs, drinkin while all the rest of us go to work to support their lazy a…es..

  432. kevin says:

    I wonder how a blond haired, blue eyed white anglo male would be recieved had he said word for word what was said above. Just sayin.

  433. Lyun says:

    The only reason you resent someone getting social security benefits is because you don’t qualify for them yourself.

    The fact that your government has in place a social benefit sharing system indicates that they have a compassion for those that through no fault of their own don’t have thousands of dollars to fritter away on all kinds os shit and then blow out on credit card debt because they want more.

    It’s also true that there are some who get social benefits without deserving them, but it’a also true that the system monitors the giving of benefits, so blame the system monitors if someone sits on their arse and get paid for it.

  434. notamobster says:

    There are millions who get “crazy checks” in this country. Many many perfectly able bodied young black men get them. I knew many of them as a cop in the ghetto.

    The system is absolutely to blame, Lyun. How very astute of you.

    The very socialist system you support is absolutely to blame.

    In truth there are very few who can’t make it “through no fault of their own”.

  435. Lyun says:

    So….don’t blame the Blacks for accepting the handouts which they get as a right, lobby the politicians that are responsibe for the administration of the Spocial Services for being too lax with the handouts, and at the same time do some sums to ENSURE the facts of the handout spread is as bad as it seems.

    Judging by the way the housing loan fiasco plunged the US banking system into panic mode, the handout of Social benefits is probably as haphazard as that too.

    Does the department of Social Security or whoever is responsible, just put a pin into a long list and say “you is the lucky bastard….come and get it”?…LOL.

  436. R. Lee says:

    I’m a Euro-American. Is that not silly sounding? I agree with all who criticize hyphenated Americans. There are many “conservative Black” people who wish they had not voted for one of the LEAST qualified people with skin like theirs. I’m playing golf with one this week. He hasn’t fully admitted it yet, but he will someday. Mr. Cain was more qualified and certainly a conservative. Some other Black conservatives have been mentioned above but I missed one you should read. Look up Walter E. Williams. He is an economics prof. who writes articles every week, dealing with all the things criticized above and more. Your local paper can get them.

    I want to add another to the shameless Black leader list, Congress Woman Sheila Jackson “TV” {sorry} Lee. LOL

    I hate that she somehow got the same last name as mine, but I changed it to TV because you better not get between her and a recording TV camera or you will probably get run over. She goes to all important funerals and any other event that might get TV coverage.

  437. R. Lee says:

    PS. I’d like to see Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the other’s tax returns. Just where do they get their money.

  438. Lyun says:

    LOL, Sheila Jackson TV Lee….a social funeral gate crasher…only there for the TV coverage…..is she for real?

    I wonder how she gets the “invites” to those funerals…..”we is givin’ a fun’ral, all those in’trested in the send off get in early….standin’ room only, dirt will be provided, bring yo’ own shovel”…LOL.

  439. PJMcK1954 says:

    If that man ran for President, instead of that Obama, the first Black President would be among the greatest instead of the very worst leaders in America’s history.

  440. Michaelb says:

    Read “Freakanomics” You will see the crime rate directly related to births in families that can not support them properly.

  441. BOOF says:

    I’d also like to add that there are Caucasians and Hispanics….and then there are WHITE TRASH, HOOSIERS, CRACKERS, REDNECKS, and everything else!

  442. LEONARDO says:

    You have to agree with this man, I also agree with the BOOF, there are not just the black race, and as long as the government hands out “Entitlements” as our President and the First Lady exemplifies, by the abusive use of our tax dollars to fly all over the world on vacactions and fund raising, why not just stay home, get paid for doing nothing. We need a new President, regardless of color and more important a leader who sets examples by “leading” in a manner that every young person should want to emulate. The President and his “Staff” are taking advantage every possible benefit and more an the people this gentlemen refers to are only doing the same thing our “Leaders” are doing. However his harsh use of the “N” word in describing the people who contribute nothing, is unfortunate, but is saying it like it is, the TRUTH and factual. Go Man Go.

  443. B says:

    Hate to say it but but all races have bad apples. I hate to say it but we come from evolution not GOD. So when you repress a certain group of people for 100’s of years they tend to evolve and become the way they are. What is the excuse for dumb red neck white folk. Hmmmmmm, maybe because of 100’s of years of ignorance, they tend to evolve into idiots. Forget race, we are all humans, and once again I hate to say it but most of the human race are ignorant. To all the white pride idiots, whats your excuse for Poland, Kazakstan, and other white countries. They are pretty damn ignorant. I am tired of people using race as an excuse for anything. You are no better, nor worse because of the color of your skin.You are who you are and you have control of your actions and future. I admit, it is easier for some, but if you really want to be successful, and live a good life, you have to earn it. Long live all races, and stop the hate.

  444. B says:

    Leonardo, one thing I disagree with. All these people who keep tabs on the all the vacations, and spending etc… Guess what, he is the boss. This goes for all Presidents and CEO’s everywhere, THEY EARNED IT!!!!!! You think it’s easy being the boss and in charge. You really think they sleep well at night. While all you 9 to 5ers are sleeping off your hangover, the bosses that run this entire world are either up working or lying in bed trying to figure out how to fix this world. I hear it all the time: “We do all the work while they sit back and scratch their bellies.” Well before they got to the point where they could do that they were working hard, not complaining about the boss and his luxuries. Get to work people and maybe you can be the one scratching your belly watching people work. A bunch of crybabies see a wealthy man and they hate on that person and think they should just start giving their money to the poor. For what, so they can get in line for handouts.

  445. Lyun says:

    It doesn’t matter how much money you give to the poor, they will always be poor…..it’s in their nature to be losers, no hopers, queue dwellers, handout hopefulls, hand me down recipients…….a wealthy man is wealthy because he made it so…..nobody gave him a huge handout to go sit on his arse and drink wine in the Sun all day on some sunny beach far away.

    I was aquainted with a Jew boy many years ago, had enormous wealth and wanted someone to take over his business…..he arrived in South Africa in 1946 with just a suitcase of old clothes……no-one wanted to give him a hand out because he was Jewish, so he went into business selling old clothes to get some money together…..what’s your excuse?

  446. who ever this guy is, he is my new hero no if and or but .i want him for president oh yeh i am white 50ish Irish/German but i just call my self now get this , American bamm there is is .

  447. Angry Young Educated Black Women!! says:

    MARRY ME DUDE!!! Blacks as a whole(well the dumb ones) will only respond if we’re talked to in this tone.I’m black, but god DAMN, We’re are so freaking ignorant. The smallest shit sets us off, and then we wonder why we’re stereotyped. WE HAVE NO BRAIN!! Like C’mon. So many blacks jump on the SAME bandwagon cause we’re to lazy to think for ourselves. I have to deal with this shit all the fucking time. There’s white people out here that can be better black people then some of us. Yeah I’m writing alot, but I’m pissed. I’m a 20-year-old college student, but all I see when I go to school are BLACK FEMALES cussing out teachers, fighting, complaing, BEING LOUD, coming to school dressed half naked, LIKE WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TRYING TO IMPRESS AT SCHOOL. YOU COME HERE TO LEARN, NOT BE A HOE smh and BLACK MALES skipping class, sleeping in class, smoking, doing absolutely NOTHING!! We take more pride in our appearance ( clothes, weaves, nails) then we take in our own education or families. Im just sick of it. Please create a NIGGER FREE race PLEASE!!! I beg you. I will be the FIRST in line to classify myself in this.

    PS- ( If you can read!! ) Please tell other ignorant ass, no brained, pathetic “Niggas” that we gotta do better of we ever want to advance in this country. We’re not gonna be taken seriously if the ignorance persists.I love my skin, but it’s embarrassing to see my people struggle due to other sorry ass black people’s ignorance. We got a lot of work to do.

  448. aRevolutionNow says:

    I’m white, 24, and I do have several black friends….AYEBW, Your right for the most part but now days I’m seeing more black young people my age take control of their lives and making something of themselves…

    There is a movement in the black community for these young black people to reject the “blame everything on the white and hold out your hand” lifestyle. I agree that there are racists out there and hence may be some roadblocks based on this issue, but these young black people are realizing that everybody experiences roadblocks for whatever reason and today is a better day than yesterday and will continue to get better….

    AYEBW…. Give your race some credit, However, i understand what your saying… there’s still many blacks which you talk about… and as a white person, we realize there’s many whites also that have the same mentality… we might not blame things on others as much….

    I do wish there would be a movement in the black community that understands that they can be black and a republican and not look like they’re turning their backs on their race…. I understand electing a black president was an important thing for our country but Obama, the individual, I believe to not be good for our country at this time… I was a democrat, now i’m voting republican because of it. I call myself a libertarian, Van Jones says libertarians are not for black people but we know he’s just another race baiter….

  449. Jim22 says:

    Angry Young Educated Black Women, If you’re still around, welcome to the Real Revo. Come back.

    Hope you aren’t a drive-by commenter.

  450. Nola Matts says:

    Just to follow up on the updated in this matter with your blog and would want to inform you the amount I loved dedication you took to create this enlightening post. Inside post, you spoke of how you can actually handle this problem with comfort. It will be my pleasure to build up even more tips out of your site and come up to offer others some tips I discovered from you. Appreciate your usual terrific effort.

  451. Lyun says:

    The only thing I can say to that “angry young Black Woman”, is you ain’t gonna change anything on your own, get your education finished, decide what your ambitions are and where they’re going to take you, then go abroad and see the World before some young buck gets you down and leaves you with a pile of shitty arses to wipe.

    Even O’Bama, the man at the very top, can’t solve the problems you wrote about, nor will Romney or any other presidential wannabes.

    Problem solving comes from within each and every individual, and when the solution is worse than the problem….welcome to the real World, it’s not a pretty place.

  452. twoton says:

    first thing, i am white. this man is my hero, someone who sees the world like it is and isn’t afraid to say it. i would really like to know more about him. lost count of the number of times i have shared and watched this vid.

  453. Ken r says:

    So refreshing to hear a human being tell it like it is. His race is not important because he simply speaks from his common sense. It is a shame that more people doesn’t his sense or fortitude to speak this truth. I wonder if I will ever see the day that a white person could give the same speech without being called a racist! This man is my hero as well.

  454. Dave says:

    This guy gets it. AA’s are running out of excuses for not voting for Conservitives.

    Our New Tea Party President.

  455. Mark says:

    Love You ! ! ! ! Good Job.

  456. Joany says:

    Finally…someone with COMMON SENSE – white or black! I like you! Refreshing dialogue. Just hope no one in the Black race from the ghetto tries to get you and do you harm. But then again, the word too “l-a-z-y” is brought to mind again.

  457. daxx vondrachen says:

    I’m white and Aryan but I will gladly step in front of a white supremacist bullet or klansmans club for this guy. And I resent white trash and meth cookin trailer trash representing caucasians. Someone above said it correctly,,,,the wrong black guy was voted president…If this guy was on the PTA he’s more qualified than B.O.

  458. Jean Trzos says:

    I’m all for this guy. Get the blacks to work, cut the welfare, get rid of Obama and we will have a really good country to live in.

  459. macmerc says:

    I agree with everything this black man said. I am a white man, the only thing I can add, is include all the white niggers too.

  460. PHenry says:

    I’d like to see more, but he gives me a glimmer of hope. He looks like a guy that I would like to work with.

  461. Thomas says:

    Some black folks just make me proud! More and more are seeing the truth every day and this guy proves it. And, yeah, I got cousins and nephews that are as bad as the worst blacks. You gotta love them, but you don’t have to tolerate them. I would disagree with him on illegal immigrants though. If Americans wanted those jobs, Mexicans would not be here. The way to get them gone is to do better work for the same pay and they make about three hundred bucks a day in the tomato fields around here during the season.

  462. Tamie Jones says:

    Yes;It’s nice to hear a real Black Man talk about the Real Niggers;They know who they are and they ride the system;White people don’t know how to get a ticket on that ride;Well most of us don’t.I was really proud to work and hold a job down and raise a family that respected there elders and to help people that needed it;Now that I have become disable to work and have filed for SS Disability;I guess they have my application on that SLOW boat to China;Oh, I’m white and don’t have a ticket on that ride.It’s a crying shame that I have worked like a Hebrew Slave for over 40 years and can’t get any thing right now ;While I’m waiting on that SLOW boat to get back from China.

  463. Mark says:

    Vote this man to the President of the US of America…He makes more since than what is in office NOW!!!!
    His presentation is true…his ethics are real….He is an HONEST man.

  464. Rita says:

    Very well spoken,and the same applies to what is labelled as white trash.

  465. Kathy says:

    You really are an insightful and good man. Wish there were more like you in all colors.

  466. Rick says:

    It is what it is….not what some people fabricate it to be….Truer words were never spoken…..Smart, Frank man…..

  467. gemstone says:

    There is nothing more sexy and attractive for a man to speak the truth and brcoming a mentor for those black young men who need it. You want to be attractive to a good woman? Start standing up for good moral practices and educate yourself to become a real man and stop thinking with penis and use your brain that God gave you. I guarantee it works!

  468. christiano says:

    This guy is so right there are niggers & there are great Black People, So Good

  469. Lyun says:

    I also heard Dr James David Manning do his thing….pretty revealing.

    He also appeals to the Black nation to revive their sense of personal identity and drop the old trashy personality complex that makes them so primitive in any civilised company.

  470. Wendy Gonzales says:

    Yes you are a damn good looking man. I have to agree with you there. You have articulated well how some black people that do not apply themselves think and how they need to change there behavior. I think you would be perfect to lay into the white trash now. I do not think anyone could word it as well as you do. I have the ultimate respect for you because what you just did took guts. Thank you!

  471. Kent says:

    I am proud of this man’s comments on a real issue. The only thing that I know he couldn’t involve is talking about all the dumbass other races and radicals redneck white trash..Good job and take care!!

  472. whu says:

    well my uncle always has a job.. he’s a dj..

    and he always has money.. and he reads books all the time when he’s not djing..

    and he goes to school constantly because sometimes you have to get a different kind of job because of the times..

    also he has a lot of kids.. and it has nothing to do with education..

    he’s just a real good at getting girlfriends..

  473. whu says:

    you have to pick the correct training and the correct job..

    I know some black guy is always gonna have a job because he fixes cars or something you know??

  474. whu says:

    i’m a black indian so i’m undeportable ahahaha! losers..

  475. Colby Galyean says:

    A unique discussion might be priced at comment. I’m sure that you should generate more on that topic, it will not be a taboo subject but frequently people are too few to speak upon such issues. To the next. All the best

  476. jacksonsdad says:

    479 going on 500…

  477. Lee C. Stemeye says:

    This Guy is great,That Is the truth we need more guys with this same kind of thinking

  478. Bil; says:

    I am a white 55 year old man. One of the proudest moments of my life is when my mom took my hand to cross a busy street (U.S. 309) in NW Philadelphia about 1961. We were waiting for the green light and I reached up and took the hand of a ‘colored’ gentleman, explaining to him that ‘mommy says to hold hands crossing the street’. The three of us proceeded across on green holding hands. Don’t matter what your skin color is.

  479. Ezekiel Laduc says:

    I do love the way you have presented this specific situation plus it really does present me some fodder for thought. On the other hand, because of what I have observed, I simply just wish as the responses pile on that people today continue to be on point and not start upon a tirade involving some other news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this outstanding point and even though I do not go along with the idea in totality, I value the viewpoint.

  480. Daniel Dowdy says:

    Thank you sir – I had a horrible day and you gave me hope….seriously, thank you.

    Hope as in, maybe, just maybe, things will change.

    God Bless you Matt!

  481. A says:

    You speak nothing but the truth. I’m so glad that it’s some black people that think and speak for themselves.

  482. randy hughes says:

    black man talks about how sorry and parasitical black race is…but no u stupid whites have to let everyonek no wits all races…you white guilt idiots let blacks have there share of blame with out u comforting them ….ohh he should be president …you want to be his friend …hes so smart …whites today are truly shameful in there self hate….id like to see white pride ..but it might offend some blackies or want to bes

  483. randy hughes says:

    …..cause u are also an idiot…smartass

  484. RJ says:

    knothead is digging the oldest running thread in history today.

  485. nike free says:

    …..cause u are also an idiot…smartass

  486. Johnny Fame says:

    I personally think race is overly used/blamed in this country. I’m a 30 yr old white male born and raised in the south. I place useless white trash and useless ghetto thugs in the same category. And personally I can’t stand either group. I place hard working honest white people and black people in the same group. I respect them, even if their views are different than my own. I have several GREAT white and black friends. I usually vote conservative because they represent my christian values. I stand and fight with good people regardless of race. I like to believe the majority of the country would feel the same way.