We are all Catholics now

Non-Catholics’ version of the Faith may allow for contraceptives. Not that it matters. If they don’t respect Catholics, they won’t respect the rest of us. Stand with Catholics no matter what your religion… even if it is none.

Catholic leaders upped the ante Monday, threatening to challenge the Obama administration over a provision of the new health care law that would require all employers, including religious institutions, to pay for birth control.

As CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports, it could affect the presidential elections.

Catholic leaders are furious and determined to harness the voting power of the nation’s 70 million Catholic voters to stop a provision of President Barack Obama’s new heath car reform bill that will force Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to buy birth control pills, abortion-producing drugs and sterilization coverage for their employees.

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33 Responses to We are all Catholics now

  1. Notamobster says:

    Go Catholic church! Stand up to the despot! Everyone needs to get behind this. Only way zero diverts this trainwreck is to give an exemption. That opens more doors…

  2. MadBrad says:

    That is correct. It was one thing for the State to determine how religious sacraments are administered and that is completely unacceptable. This is worse. If you identify yourself as a Christian, this is a Holy Cause. If you identify yourself as American you must stand with the cause of Liberty, which is also a Holy Cause. God explains that he gives us a spirit of Liberty in which he is to be served and praised. This is an aggression against our Liberties than cannot stand and must not be tolerated. If we can’t stand together on this then we deserve to be on our knees forever.

  3. vamd says:

    As a Catholic, I am heartened by the tremendous support that the Catholic Church is receiving from our fellow Christians. This play from Obama is so obvious, I can’t believe that even with his unbelievable hubris he has tried to pull this off. He can waive this decision but the damage is done. Why every candidate for office is not all over this I’ll never know. The shock on the faces of the mainstream media only shows how totally in the bag they are for Obama. Of course, everybody they know voted for the one. This is beyond a Christian issue, Brad you are correct, this is our Liberty going up in smoke. We can and we will stand up to this tyrant!

  4. MadBrad says:

    I have known about the Evil that IS Abortion since I was very young, thanks to the fact that my protestant parents chose to send me and my siblings to Catholic School rather than hand us over to be educated by Heathens. The Catholic Church has lead this fight since long before I knew how to fight. Christians MUST stand together now because this will prove to be a key moment in the History of this Nation and we will be the determined Soldiers who lead this Nation to liberation from the Evil that attempts to enslave us.

    God is with us, of whom shall we be afraid? I’ll tell you who to be afraid of; GOD! We have responsibilities if we are to be called by His Name.

  5. TN-Cat says:

    Anyone else remember the pressure the Church was under during the 2008 election from the left? Threatening to pull their tax exempt status if it was found they were discussing politics on site?

    The sneaky little shits might be setting them up now. Time will tell.

  6. MadBrad says:

    Yeah, then I watched politicians campaign for office in Churches during Services.

    Before you ask, NO, not a Republican among them.

  7. RJM says:


  8. Bushido says:

    If “the sneaky little shits are setting them up,” I believe it will be a hard fought battle between the federal government and the Catholics. All this Christian bashing is finally coming to a head and they’re not going to stand for it anymore.

    They are threatening that 70 million people (the number of Catholics in the United States) will change the 2012 election.

    In your opinion, what could this many people do to shut down the government?

  9. Iyun says:

    Well just for a moment I thought the Good Catholic priests and teachers in Catholic schools were going to stop abusing the alter boys and pupils and start preparing the souls of the converted “heathens” for the rewards of Heaven, but it would seem the rewards of a compliant alter boy or school kid are just too much temptation to resist, and so the hypocrytical Bible bashing Catholic priests just pay lip service to the office of piety and take their rewards on Earth just in case Heaven is a myth…..it is after all big business in Rome.

  10. MadBrad says:

    You know something L, if you make me regret the invitation I extended you, it can be rescinded. I am going to have a problem communicating with you because I am going to reference things you have no respect for. There will be nothing to be gained from that.

    There are biblical references to where the Catholic Church was before it cleaned house on that issue and quite frankly they continue to do so. The Catholic Church as well as Christians everywhere in the U.S. are being awoken to the fact that God actually DOES keep his promises. Now you don’t have to agree with the Catholic Church, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Bhuddists or any people of any Faith on this issue. There is a legal problem at hand here and quite frankly it is not unreasonable to expect that people here of any Faith or no Faith should be standing together right now.

    Understand also that the Revo is a place for people to come together, not be divided. I understand that where you are from people lack social graces. We have a cure for that here. It’s called a “Bouncer”. You will know him when you see him at work.

  11. Iyun says:

    Madbrad, one thing you either overlook or choose to “forget” and that is the J.F.Kennedy family were extremely Catholic orientated, but JFK himself was a debauched womanising corrupt individual, and by all accounts had his mistress Marilyn Monroe murdered to prevent the scandle from affecting the family fortunes.

    Exhorting the 70 million Catholics to think and act as one is like giving a soldier a gun and say, “go shoot someone”.

    You don’t like abortion, neither do I, but if someone left their little bastard on your doorstep with a note to say, “feed my sheep”, and that is also many times a day for ever, would you then say ENOUGH,…..cut it out….stop what you’re doing…I can’t take anymore!

    I think not, cutting it out it seems at the right time, is probably only one solution to the problem of misconcieved persons that never have a decent home or a loving family….resented by their very presence as a drain on the household economy, they get abused and eventually after abusing the abusers that tormented them, end up in many cases strapped to an execution bed paying the price for the community’s attempt to right their wrong.

    The other side of the coin is to prevent the occurence in the first place, and forget ever going to Heaven….but several Hail Mary’s and a cheque in the poor box is a cast iron guarantee to solve that problem…..you can also burn a few candles if you can’t make the cheque bit, but you’ll get to Heaven a bit later.

    We are Humans, and Humans were designed to have sex for pleasure as well as for procreation…..over populating the Planet is one scenario that sucks big time, especially when you have to stand in line to get a hand out in the bread queue ‘cos the available food just won’t stretch further.

    The next time a Mexican guy holds his hand out and asks for small change, remember, he may be Catholic too…..they breed like flies down South of the border ‘cos they’re good Catholics from the Spanish invasion way back when.

    Time to feed the sheep, be generous, a life saved for no good reason is another mouth to feed.

  12. MadBrad says:

    As you so aptly point out, MANY people who call themselves a Christian don’t act like it. That doesn’t reflect on Christianity, it reflect on the person. You aren’t making a coherent argument here.

    In your world Murder is the answer for Hunger? It must suck being you. Here we feed the hungry knowing that what we do for the least of our Brothers and Sisters we do for Almighty God. As for the Mexican remark, it is not unreasonable for you to not know that Mexicans here don’t beg for anything but a job. Given what the culture of Death has done to the birth rate in this Country, I am more than happy to have Catholics who reproduce at a high rate coming across the border because the part of the world that wants to wipe us out is winning that race right now Two to One.

    Bottom line on where you and I differ on Abortion. I know that each life is a gift from God. You don’t. Your moral compass always points toward yourself, so whatever you can reason yourself into is okay with you.

  13. Iyun says:

    Brad, there is a saying that goes, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”, broadly speaking means put your own house in order before trying to clean up other’s.

    I went to a Catholic school, Cristian Brothers College to be exact, and know the mysterious claptrap spouted in the name of religion that is touted to cure all evils and leave no residue.

    You may find absolution in whatever it is you do to communicate with the other side, but down here on Earth the law says, do what you shouldn’t do and we’ll wack you.

    Mixing religion with politics is not only ludicrous but nonsense….as if 70 million Catholics would all vote the same way….some of them are Communists too and have their own way of expecting the best from the Government, called freedom to vote without coercion, which is tantamount to what you are suggesting by insinuating that all Catholics will follow their leader (based in Rome), against the Government of their country…..where is your loyalty….did you swear allegiance to the US flag as a soldier or to Rome?

    It would seem you have a conflict of loyalties, and as the CIA states “we heff ways to correct your thinking”….LOL.

  14. Iyun says:

    Brad, I’m amazed at that statement, “I’m more than happy to have Catholics who breed at a fast rate coming across the border”, to offset the breeding rate of the other mob who are outbreeding you lot at 2 :1 ratio.

    Gee mate, soon you’ll have standing room only, more on the way.

    Did it ever occur to you that maybe that is a daft way to see the problem of Arabs being pissed off at your Governments intervention in their affairs?

    Perhaps the bible hasn’t got fully home to yo’all….you know the bit where Jesus Christ said “Love your neighbour just like you’d love yourself”, or “do not covert your neighbours goods” (read Gulf oil wars)….”thou shalt not kill”, Ok commit murder then….how about Bin Laden….no trial just rough justice by a bunch of eager beaver Seal Commandos, but I expect they’re all atheists, so they’re ripe for conversion to Catholicism.

    I could go on, but to what end?

  15. MadBrad says:

    Yes, please try to stick to the subject at hand. As for mixing religion with politics, they chose to assert their politics on people who practice the Christian Faith. I’m a Christian. I don’t follow the teachings of anyone in Rome. I follow the teachings of Almighty God.

    Our culture here is a bit different than yours in many ways, one of which is recognizing where our Rights come from.

    Brad, there is a saying that goes, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”, broadly speaking means put your own house in order before trying to clean up other’s.

    I’m not without Sin, but when someone tries to sieze power over that which they have no Authority, I’ll be throwing more than stones at anyone who thinks they can clean my house better than I can. You just don’t get it but that’s not surprising. You come from a place where all you CAN do is throw stones.

  16. Iyun says:

    Brad, you’re quite right in a way, each life is a gift…..even Jesus Christ himself was born from a virgin birth…can you imagine that…Joseph had nothing to do with it, didn’t even know it had occured, and he was just the husband…..which is pretty interesting in itself…..the birth was in actual fact an adulterous occurence, seeing as Joe and Mary were married at the time and only Joe gets the permit to ride so to say.

    Maybe it was differnet in the Jewish society as regards to who makes the babies, but as i recall the jews weren’t very happy with adultery either, probably one of the reasons they disowned JC.

    JC was said by the Catholics to be the Son of God, it says so in the Bible….so they are stating in more than 4 books by the Apostles that God is an adulterer.

    Mary was already married at the time…..am I missing something here in the interpretation or did the miraculous conception occur before Joe married Mary in which case God is guilty of fornication and by Jewish law should be dragged down to the market place and publicly stoned…..JC got it instead 30 years later….case closed.

  17. Slaphappypap says:

    For the Record not all Mexicans are Catholic. They might start off as being Catholic. They as of lately have been swaying toward the evangelicals. Just saying.

  18. MadBrad says:

    Lyun, do you actually have an original thought in your head?

    You are working on a “Troll Deletion” due to your inability to stay focused on the conversation at hand. I know it’s hard for you to deal with complex issues such as individual Rights because there aren’t many in that prison colony you come from. Most everything you have talked about here has nothing to do with the subject at hand so get focused or get gone. We aren’t going to accomodate your drivel in the midst of what CAN be a productive conversation.

  19. Iyun says:

    Brad, where do you get your teachings from….a book? written by the Apostles who were disciples of JC.

    The “Word of God”, the Christian Way, was written by men, about the life of JC, that is where you get the title of Christian from, and the first Pope of Rome was Peter, later to be promoted to St Peter the Pearly Gate keeper on the way to Heaven or so I’m told…..so Peter got to be a Catholic in the first instance ….might be wrong on that score, however the word of God was also written down by the Jews, but that was more of a history lesson of the origins of the Hebrews who apparently originated from Adam, and you can’t get more weird than that concept.

  20. Iyun says:

    There you go Brad, mass invasion by Mexicans who may or may not be Catholics, so they aren’t going to swell the ranks of the 70 million Catholics and make a difference politically.

    They may even vote for the Democrats, seeing as how the Democrats are to blame for all the hand outs that caused the illegals to not work in the first place.

    They’ll probably eat you out of house and home by the sheer volume of their birth rate.

    Your last post almost says, “shut up while I’m preaching the word as I see it”, but I’m probably wrong too.

  21. MadBrad says:

    Anyone caring to can read an oldie that explains a few unfortunate facts about this conversation can go here…


  22. Iyun says:

    BTW, Brad, it is the furthest from the truth to say that i am baiting you by criticising what you believe in, but at the same time I sympathise with you for the fact that having gone to a Catholic school at a very young age, by way of the Catholic domination of the spirit in their teachings, you adhere doggedly to the Good Book come what may, and also try to impart the learnings to all and sundry…..your choice…..my choice is that I also went to a Catholic school from the age of 10 and always had the temerity to question everthing that ranked with hypocrisy and double talk…..I was that kind of pupil.

    The political storm that is brewing in the States now can be counterproductive to real people power….a nation divided on religion will always be divided in spirit.

    It saddens me to think that a large group of good people can be influenced to vote in one direction by the will of a power far from their shores.

    Come polling day, do you think 70 million “votes in the bag” really reflect the will of the people or just the will of the pope?

    More fool you if you think the Pope cares for your foreign wars and blesses your guns as you go to do battle with the Anti Christ you think exists there.

  23. Lyun says:

    Original thoughts, hmmmmmm.

    Seeing as how you aren’t actually a Catholic, that makes you one of the splinter group people that interpret the teachings of JC as they need for the occasion.

    The Catholic church was the originator of Christanity, the pure religion of the teachings of Christ.

    People who adhere to those teachings are called Christians….. Brad says he’s a Christian….every variation that came after it were watered down versions of the teachings, adapted to suit the needs of the day.

    You can call yourselves what you like, and preach what you believe is your interpretation of the Christian doctrine, but when you deviate from the Catholic church philosophy, you also deny Christ to be the Son of God.

    So you end up with a fairly plausible collection of “facts” as they fit the picture that best explains the mystery of the origin of planet Earth, which contrary to a previous popular belief did not start at 10 ‘o clock on a beautifull sunny morning, sometime in the month of May.

    I read the post you linked in your last post Brad, but I don’t believe the Cosmos is the Heaven we are all promised for being good.

    We can trace the origins of religious practice of sorts approximately 100,000 years back when a prehistoric grave that was excavated had dried flowers in it surrounding the remains, indicating some ritual had taken place prior to burial, so religion was born.

    The fact is the dinosaurs were around for approximately 250 million years, and they died out 60 million years ago, which was long before Humans appeared to interpret the origins of the planet that they think mysteriously got made in 6 days with one day put off for a rest.

    Who do you believe?

    If Brad can at least answer that question, it might shed some light in an otherwise aetheistic atmosphere.

    The Bible states categorically that it took 6 days to actually make the Earth, and that “fact” goes back to the original Hebrew writings.

  24. RJ says:

    Brad my friend you are a man of great patience, I’da trolled his sorry ass outta existance already,

    I agree with the premise we agnostics, christian, jew, must stand together or be hanged separately at the alter of big govt control.

  25. MadBrad says:

    I thought he was intelligent enough to actually lift the conversation. Actually he IS intelligent enough to do that, he just chooses not to. However, in THIS case…

    He is an Atheist.

    He is not a U.S. Citizen.

    He has no standing in this conversation. His only purpose is to show us how clever he can be in disrupting conversations about things that in NO WAY concern him.

    See also…


  26. MadBrad says:

    Any bets on how Obama will swoop in with a grand display of his all encompassing maganaminity to find a way to soothe the fears of Christians here?

  27. vamd says:

    If you are running a bettng pool, I’ll take 3 weeks before the november election

  28. Air Force Brat says:

    He may swoop in and ATTEMPT to find a way to soothe the fears of Christians, but I’m skeptical that many (or any) will actually buy INTO his attempt.

  29. Notamobster says:

    I’ve got 2 weeks prior to the election!

  30. Bman says:

    I say 2 weeks and 7 days prior to the election, in an interview with George Stephanopolous, he will remind people how he holds dear his MuslimChristian…Catholic faith.

  31. Lyun says:

    LOL, guess who’s trying to oust Barak O’Bama from his seat of power….Mitt Romney….LOL….Republican hope, anyone ever seen his track record or is that getting uncomfortably close to the truth.

    Oh, I forgot, O’Bama is a Demoncrat, so anyone other than a Demoncrat will do.

    Suppose Abe Lincoln was still alive today….would he qualify to be re-elected….he did after all indulge in a civil war that killed 350,000 + of his fellow Americans, but that’s just collateral damage in the politics game, and Abe was an upright extremely devout Bible puncher bar none.

    To put words in Abe’s mouth, “It just had to happen, you can’t make omelettes without breaking a few eggs”.

  32. TaterSalad says:

    Outcome of all of this? Barack Obama will “cave in”. Bet?

  33. Tommy R says:

    The contraceptive mandate is the Obama administration version of Kristallnacht…a test to see how much they can bully religion. In the absence of a coherent condemnation from the rest of the world…this sort of thing will continue and expand to all who they deem unworthy of rights.

    Am I overstating the case?