Another WTF moment, courtesy of the Obama Administration

Maybe I have completely misunderstood the position of the United States regarding Syria. I was sure that the Obama Administration had taken the position that Bashar al Assad had to leave power. While all that was going on I came to understand that the people who started all the unrest in Syria are essentially International Communists of the Worldwide Occupy Movement. That being the case, it can be no wonder why I was sure I heard the President and the Secretary of State take the position that they wanted Assad out of power. I think it was even last week when after being defeated at the UN, Sec State Clinton was heard to exclaim; “We can’t overthrow them all”. I’ve been paying attention and I was sure I knew who the players were here and what their roles are.

What I forgot is that we now live in the age of “Smart Diplomacy”.

I guess THIS is what passes for smart nowadays.

I am going to place my bets with the idea that Bashar al Assad is just a little bit smarter than our smartest “diplomat”, if you care to call her that.

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6 Responses to Another WTF moment, courtesy of the Obama Administration

  1. Vern says:

    Over 5,000 people DEAD. Women and children too. And Obama does nothing? NOTHING! What is his end game? Radical islam domination in the Middle East.

  2. MadBrad says:

    Don’t believe everything that is being reported in the MSM. I’m told from a Syrian in my hometown that we shouldn’t believe ANYTHING in the MSM regarding Syria right now. I am told that they are hyping this the same way they did in Egypt.

    Besides that, the Russian Navy is between us and them. It’s not worth that kind of confrontation to support the Occupy Syria movement.

  3. Slaphappypap says:

    I totally agree. It’s a bunch of worldwide Code Pink communists running around throwing money at the expense of the poor. To address the post about Hillary.. Can you imagine the phone call??

    “Uhm Hello?” “I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time?” “Ohhh yes, you should get a dishwasher.”

    So dumb.

  4. WingNut says:

    Is it not true that Al Qaeda supports these occupiers in the streets of Syria. How is it that we are even thinking about arming them and supporting them.
    It is horrific what is going on in that region of the world, but I would not want to commit our soldiers and other resources there.
    Will we never learn, we can’t solve all the problems in this world.
    What do you think about the ease in which the Syrian military fires on their own countrymen? Reports of snipers taking people out as they leave the house. Unreal

  5. MadBrad says:

    Wingnut, that very same thing will be happening here this Summer, if George Soros is accurate in his predictions that he is helping to finance into reality.

  6. WingNut says:

    I hope you are wrong Brad, but if the worst case scenario becomes reality and there are confrontations between the occupiers and the Patriots which turn into full blown riots I just can’t see our military firing into the crowd.
    I guess there might be a few yahoos that just want to shoot something, but do you think US troops would open fire on US citizens