“The American People Aren’t Stupid”

Stupid enough to believe that your crypto-marxist wet-dream is real? Stupid enough to believe that we are still encouraging new (American) drilling?

Because some folks are now making 50k less per year for the tax base – at jobs they despise (2800hrs/yr) as opposed to drilling related jobs they enjoyed, which paid much more. It’d be silly to expect them to be dis-satisfied, wouldn’t it, you rotten marxist prick?

Exploit American resources? How’s about exploiting America’s resource known as CANADA, you prick!

Oh, how I loathe this dickweed.

I “hope” you’re right. I hope they vote for “change’ and don’t act stupid.

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One Response to “The American People Aren’t Stupid”

  1. whosebone says:

    Please lets defeat this moron in november.