72% believe the health care mandate is unconstitutional

That according to Gallup.

The Supreme Court next month will hear legal challenges to the healthcare law, which are focused on the law’s requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance or pay a fine. Americans overwhelmingly believe the “individual mandate,” as it is often called, is unconstitutional, by a margin of 72% to 20%.

Even a majority of Democrats, and a majority of those who think the healthcare law is a good thing, believe that provision is unconstitutional.

That is bad news for supporters of Obamacare. Pull out that keystone and the whole edifice comes crashing down. Still, the SCOTUS won’t base its decision on polling.

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One Response to 72% believe the health care mandate is unconstitutional

  1. Matt says:

    Well, they certainly won’t base their decision on polling of Americans, anyway. If however there were a poll of enlightened Europeans on the matter . . .

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