Afghanistan? Never heard of it.

Not a single mention of Afghanistan in Obama’s 17 minute campaign ad.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign late Thursday released a Hollywood-caliber campaign film, 16 minutes and 56 seconds of Tom Hanks-narrated footage that trumpets Obama’s achievements since taking office three years ago, highlights the challenges still ahead—and never once mentions America’s longest war, the conflict in Afghanistan, by name.

Remember the 2008 campaign? Remember how Obama told us that the problem in Afghanistan was that we “took our eye off the ball” in Iraq? The solution was simple, he said. By ending the war in Iraq, we would refocus on Afghanistan.

Here is Senator Obama in 2007…

“We went into Iraq, a war that we should have never authorized and should not have been waged. … It has … allowed us to neglect the situation in Afghanistan.”

So. Iraq is over. Why is he neglecting the situation in Afghanistan today?

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27 Responses to Afghanistan? Never heard of it.

  1. Lyun says:

    I just heard a talk on TV the other night that stated there were more suicides amongst the military force of the USA than all the US war deaths in the Iraq war.

    Maybe the real reason the Iraq war was fought came home to the troops that served there and they had a concience conflict they couldn’t live with.

    No one with the slightest brain activity can say the war in Afghanistan has been won….if it has then by whom?

    “All you have done is waken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”

    Over a half century ago a man spoke these words, powerless in the knowledge that others had decided his fate.

  2. R.D. Walker says:

    “I just heard a talk on TV the other night that stated there were more suicides amongst the military force of the USA than all the US war deaths in the Iraq war.”

    There 4,804 fatalities of American military members in the Iraq war.

    When you adjust for age and sex, the suicide rate among military personnel is just ever so slightly higher than for civilians. 20.2 per 100,000 for military members, 19.5 per 100,000 for civilians.

    I don’t know what time-frame you are counting suicides, but the number of civilians in a same sized subset who committed suicide in about the same time-frame also exceeded the number of combat deaths in Iraq.

    You probably don’t find that fact nearly as interesting, did you?

    In any case, that statistic is largely a function of how few combat deaths have occurred.

    My platoon sergeant in the 82nd Airborne offed himself after we got back from Grenada. He was a Vietnam vet. His problem wasn’t deploying to a combat zone, his problem was a wife who was sleeping around on him when he was gone.

    I am pretty sure your lack of insight into this issue pretty much renders your opinion worthless.

  3. Lyun says:

    Pretty worthless……not really, the statistics were correlatd for the duration of the Iraq war, the rate was for the people who were in the military during that war, and for those that perished in fighting that war…..they were not forced to go to that war.

    I would have to say that any woman who can tolerate a man going off to war, WILLINGLY, that is not as a drafted person who has no choice, but as a member of an armed force that makes a career of being in some war zone without thinking of the imapct it has on his family, has shit for brains, or just likes to see the back of him.

    You did say he was a Viet Nam vet….yet he went to Grenada too…..can’t get enough of the “bang bang your dead” games.

    People who make a habit of going to war only get respect from those that make a habit of going to war, the rest of us wonder what makes them so psycopathic to want to go and kill someone because they’re told to.

    There’s nothing glamorous about a Viet Nam vet on a motorcycle.

    BTW, I didn’t find the statistics interesting, just perturbing.

  4. R.D. Walker says:

    …not really, the statistics were correlatd for the duration of the Iraq war, the rate was for the people…

    Yeah, whatever. You don’t have a clue what you heard.

    “…the rest of us wonder what makes them so psycopathic…

    So you admit you are a pussy then?

  5. Lyun says:

    Probably, been in the military for a spell……won’t do it ever again…sucks.

    BTW, the statistics could have been challenged, but as they were being discussed on oepen air TV, they were also subject to scrutiny and comment.

    Academically, the figures are as inspiring as the facts of road deaths in relation to air disasters, or train pile ups, or freeway hazards.

    Probably more people get zapped in the kitchen than level crossings, if you like that sort of thing.

  6. Notamobster says:

    Lyun, by your own words – you were a child during WWII… That’d make you a minimum of 64… I sure hope you won’t be doing it again.

    Those who aren’t willing to defend their nation, don’t possess the moral authority to chastise those who are.

    Why did you serve, Lyun?

  7. Lyun says:

    I mwas born in 1938, I did not “serve” in the military, I did a national service commitment in a foreign country, that means you get to got to the military training establisment for citizen training in military methods, so that if or when a conflict involves your country, you can be called up and be part ready to defend your nation.

    This is a lot different to someone who joins the military establisment as a career to go overseas and kick arses just because the man at the top says so.

    This makes you a mercenary when the man at the top changes during election time and the next man at the top changes his requirement for your military expertise.

    Joining the military as a volunteer has got to be the closest thing you can get to being a gladiator, as in the dark days of the Roman Empire, and the desire to “go and shoot someone” attitude that the military gives you the outlet for.

    Imagine dying for “king and country”, when the “king” is reinvented every four years or so.

  8. Uke says:

    I just discussed in a reply to you in another thread how the primary oaths our service members take are to the Constitution foremost. Not to the president.

    You might want to think about and realize how that is an extremely relevant point, Lyun.

  9. R.D. Walker says:

    How can anyone in his mid 70s be so liberal?

  10. Lyun says:

    Thanks for clarifying that point as to what, not whom, you swear the oath to, maybe so, swearing allegience to a moral code is one thing, but, as in the case of sergeant what’s ‘is name,(the 16 body count guy), when you go and do your own thing the swearing of the oath really is just a bit of lip service, required as a matter of entry permit to the military.

    I don’t know where he got the idea that, blowing away in cold blood 16 people, mostly women and children who were unarmed and defencless, was an oath requirement, but I bet it made O’Bama cringe to know that he had to also pay lip service to the code and not give the son of a bitch up to the Afghans for justice….. justice as in pay for your crimes.

    I think this makes him a serial killer….the method he chose was to end their lives for no good reason and one by one, with cold blooded malice a forthought…..he also showed a total lack of remorse for his actions……which had it happened in the US would have had him strapped to a bed with needles sticking in his arms, or maybe 16 was just a round number and several years thinking about his actions was all he is going to get.

    One thing is guaranteed, he gets to walk away free one day….that’s justice?

    Maybe he was a bit frustrated in his lack of body count quota and was determined to make an impact before going home.

    For all his shortcomings as a demented leader, Adolf Hitler NEVER killed anyone personally in cold blood.

    He was responsible for inciting others to commit mass genocide actually, but in fact he finished the first world war as a decorated war hero, having fought honourably for his country.

  11. Uke says:

    So because some Joe flies off the handle in a psychotic rage, all of a sudden we ALL are merely “paying lip service” to our oaths?

    What a fucking joke.

    In any case, you totally missed the point of what the hell I was talking about. You said that we’re all basically psycho mercenaries because we don’t swear allegiance to one man, one king, we sometimes swear allegiance to multiple presidents.

    Not only is that a ridiculous and laughable claim on its face (that number of presidents served under has anything to do with merc-dom), but I was merely pointing out that we don’t swear allegiance to people in the first place.

    One thing is guaranteed, he gets to walk away free one day….that’s justice?

    Also a joke. What are you, a goddamned oracle? I don’t know how the trial is going to work out, and neither do you.

    For all his shortcomings as a demented leader, Adolf Hitler NEVER killed anyone personally in cold blood.

    Godwin up in dis here, mmmyeah.

  12. RJM says:

    Lyun, are you Austrailian or another nationality?

  13. Lyun says:

    30 years in OZ, 20 years in South Africa, 23 years in UK….UK born….Celtic bloodstock.

    BTW, it was noted that the guy was as calm as can be…didn’t show any emotions at all.

    I didn’t infer that he was a norm
    to the military typo

  14. Lyun says:

    A far as the sergeant in question is concerned, I will bet a pound to a pinch of shit that he will be found insane, maybe just temporary insane for convenience, or mentally traumatised, whatever, and do “time” in a special military hospital for the nut cases who can’t handle the “bang bang your gonna be dead” games the guys who join the military do like to play.

    At the very worst, his church members will ostracise him for breaking the number one cammandment that specifically states, Thou shalt not commit murder, but in all Bibles I have ever had to read, it says kill, not murder…..interpret it as you may.

    At the very least, he won’t go to Heaven, and he certainly won’t get any Virgins when he gets there….LOL…..he could have shot himself as a sign of remorse and got buried with military honours, having invoked the sympathy of the people for the war stress he suffered.

    If this had been a scene in a film, one of his buddies would have slipped a grenade into his back pocket and made him into a war hero…lOL…..for the good of the regiment… they’re all gonna be tarred with the same brush, just like the Viet Nam war vets, only he won’t get to end up on a motorcycle in a bikie gang.

  15. TN-Cat says:

    You fail to identify with the real difference here in respect to reactions to this atrocity.

    Here in America, we are saddened that one of our soldiers took the life of inicent people. We are praying for this man and his family and for the victims.

    Contrary to this, if it was an Afghan man who did this here on American soil and took the life of women and children, there would be parties in the streets of Muslim nations.

    You can spew your vile hatred towards this one lost soul, a man who served his country honorably for many years and then broke down. But don’t you dare come here with your Aussie attitude and vilify all our brave kids who took that oath and are risking there lives not just for us here in America, but even for you vile pukes across the Atlantic who are too cowardly to stand up on your own.

  16. Lyun says:

    Huh, we didn’t go into a foreign country and rile up the natives to the point that after 10 years we had to get out ’cause the heat in the kitchen was too much.

    Didn’t the Russian experience in Afghanistan ever teach your military advisors that the Middle East is a lost cause for decency and Human qualities as practiced in the West?

    Yet still they sacrificed the lives of thousands of your sons and some daughters too I expect, in order to “explain” to the Easterners that what they do according to their prayer code is contrary to the practices of the West?

    Apparently with the jobless problem now a political one, the military is a dumping ground for idle hands and an attrition tank for excess youth numbers.

    So what if the Middle Easterners rejoice in your misfortunes, that is what they do…..should they gnash their teeth and cry out in rage when one of their own embarrases them?

    There is no hatred as you call it directed towards you, just eye opening occurences that make any hint of co-operation in Middle East theatres an iffy partnership with your country.

    Wre are embarrassed at being part of your folly, but we did pay lip service as an ally when called.

    Now is the time to see reason and get out of the kitchen.

    When your country leaders become more ecperienced in foreign diplomacy, maybe wars for no gain can be a thing of the past.

    It is necessary sometimes to practice war, but only for self preservation.

    When you have to fight a war against an aggressive invader on your own soil you will understand the meaning of war, until then your “wars” have been mainly expeditions of expediency.

    BTW, saddened though you may be, and crocodile tears shed in great profusion may indicate the face as you want the World to see you, but it is in your hearts that the World will find you…..let there be JUSTICE, for those that were butchered for no good reason, unless the World judge you to be wanting in your actions.

  17. Notamobster says:

    “expeditions of expediency”, he says…

    How’s your German these days, you self-righteous old prick? Enjoy your decades in South Africa and OZ, did ya?

    And didn’t have to learn a lick of German or Japanese? I can’t help but wonder why that is?

  18. Lyun says:

    Ha Ha, when did yo’all come into the war(s) 1st and 2nd, almost missed the action, but thanks for the mopping up action…the Russians did a bit too remember?

  19. TN-Cat says:

    “but we did play lip service as an ally when called”

    That says everything of the current European mentality.

  20. TN-Cat says:

    And yes, I put this current administration and far too many of our elected officials into the “current European mentality” group.

  21. Notamobster says:

    Four years and half- million of our young men dead defending you bunch of pussies, in WWII alone. Hardly mopping up. You never would have seen OZ if it weren’t for America and the sacrifices of better men than yourself.

  22. Lyun says:

    Whatever, the A bomb was probably your best contribution to the Jap problem, pity you didn’t do each Jap city…..when you delouse a dog you have to get the nits too, or they’ll just breed again.

    Most of your war dead in WW2 was in the Pacific campaign…..soldiers are expendable as any general knows…the end justifies the means.

    BTW, I’ve got the DVD’s of The Pacific, Band Of Brothers and The Thin Red Line…good action stuff…..Japs and Germans never stood a chance.

  23. jacksonsdad says:

    I didn’t read the whole thread but… aren’t the current ROE’s enough to (at least) raise the possibility
    (however faint) that the guy went Postal (at least partially) b/c he got sick (and tired) of having his hands (and feet) tied behind his back?

  24. Lyun says:

    Well, he did what he did for whatever reason….16 innocents don’t make a combat medal shiny.

    Sometimes you just have to open your eyes and see the reality of the situation…..and I don’t expect he was just following orders.

    What worries me is the way he went about the situation, systematically…..not like someone who blew a fuse and let rip.

    It’s a wish it hadn’t happened situation all round.

    We have many Afghan refugees in OZ, and those that are over there aren’t all terrorists, but they die from friendly or unfriendly fire just the same.

    How can you people be credible when your people do incredible things for no reason at all?

  25. jacksonsdad says:

    “How can you people be credible when your people do incredible things for no reason at all?”

    That’s a mouthful if I ever saw one…

  26. Lyun says:

    yeah, a real mouthfull but neverthe less true…..take the Nazi scenario for instance with the SS driving their fanaticism to the ordinary soldier……”They had the desire to do terrible unsane things intentionally while misleading others to do insane things involuntary”.

  27. jacksonsdad says:

    ”They had the desire to do terrible unsane things intentionally while misleading others to do insane things involuntary”.

    Another one! Care to go for three?