Man wins $1.4 million from Boston Police

Many cops still believe that they have the right to not be photographed as they engage in taxpayer funded work in public places. Some get violent.

A man who was tackled by a cop and placed in a chokehold while video recording a traffic investigation won a $1.4 million settlement this week.

Michael O’Brian said the 2009 incident left him brain-damaged and unable to return to work as a corrections officer for the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.

The Boston police officer who tackled him, David Williams, was fired in January.

Not that justice was done. O’Brian was forced to defend himself against an array of felony charges including, absurdly, wiretapping for openly filming an event in public space. Furthermore, it took three years to get to this settlement.

My enthusiastic support for law enforcement does not extend to thuggery.

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7 Responses to Man wins $1.4 million from Boston Police

  1. sig94 says:

    “My enthusiastic support for law enforcement does not extend to thuggery.”

    Amen. There are a few cops who should be digging ditches or corraling shopping carts instead.

  2. notamobster says:

    there are a lot more than a few…

    if one is acting is honorably – he neednt concern himself with who is or isnt taping him.

  3. Uke says:

    My support for cops has never been “enthusiastic.” I merely give them the benefit of the doubt based on what risks they often undertake.

    Aside from that I believe they must be held to very high standards in their conduct. Not to say that any of you feel otherwise, of course.

    In truth, while I’ve never had run ins with the law, I know enough cops to confidently bet that a third of all cops shouldn’t be cops. The majority of those are the type that seek respect in life from the badge and gun, rather than simply by being *respectable individuals* in the first place.

  4. James says:

    He didn’t “win” $1.4M, he was compensated for injuries because he was assaulted by police.

  5. Slaphappypap says:

    Most of the cops I know shouldn’t be driving let alone hold a firearm. It is because the cities have been lackadaisical with finding qualified men. Here they’ve been talking about lowering test scores to hire more police. Only in Chicago.

  6. Notamobster says:

    Talking? They lowered it like a year and a half ago, I thought…

    When you go bargain basement with requirements you get a lotta guys who shouldn’t be allowed out of the basement.

  7. Lyun says:

    Who’s to watch the watcher…never a phrase more clearly spoken in jest.