Bob Parks: “Why The 2012 Election Is Already Over”.

Bob Parks runs the very insightful blog he calls ‘Black and Right‘. He makes five good arguments why he believes that Obama will not be reelected. It’s hard to argue with his logic. Here are the five. Click the link above to read more.

Can anyone show me one indicator that proves Republican-conservative-independent anti-Democrat sentiment has cooled since November 2010?

The liberal media needs the appearance of some kind of drama to sell newspapers and commercials on their cable and network broadcasts. If they were to admit how disgusted the American people really are, how many have awoken from the “hope and change” trance and won’t make that mistake again, what would be the reason for us to patronize their products?

Oil speculators and OPEC aren’t doing much to lower politically-murderous gasoline prices, the campaign dollars aren’t flowing in as predicted, flaky college students made history in 2008 and now find that so yesterday, potential foreign conflicts are not observing the presidential campaign schedule-time out period, and those in his closest circles started looking for the exits months ago.

President Obama was sold to the American people as the great unifier, but he and his supporters seem to believe if they insult us enough, we’ll just all throw up our hands in surrender and pledge to vote Democrat for life.

In listening to his campaign speeches, he’s not trying to convince the few that are still on the fence to join his side. He’s lashing out. Look at the expensive trips his family have taken recently (and will take in the coming months, guaranteed), and it looks like they’re gettin’ some while the gettin’s good.

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One Response to Bob Parks: “Why The 2012 Election Is Already Over”.

  1. Cold Warrior says:

    I hope he’s right.

    But . . .

    He says the 2010 midterm excitement has not subsided. Excitement doesn’t translate into unified, organized political action inside a political party or “boots on the ground” Get Out The Vote efforts. Look at the low turnout in the Republican primaries.

    Think of the people you may know personally who voted for Obamistake. Are they the type who will change their minds and admit they were wrong? Most who voted for Obamistake are dunces and they will do so again.

    Left out of this analysis is the massive voter fraud the Dems will engage in. How many of the “energized” grass roots conservative Americans will volunteer to be a poll watcher or worker to help “true the vote?” How many have gotten involved in the Republican Party as a precinct committeeman since 2008? Still, about half of these slots are vacant, on average, in every state. Still, about one third of the precincts in America have not even one active, energized Republican precinct committeeman helping to make sure that the Republicans in the precinct actually vote.

    Still, half of the 4 million NRA members in America have not registered to vote and, historically, only 50% of the registered ones actually vote.

    Still, half of the millions and millions of “evangelical Christians” are not registered to vote and, just like NRA members, only about 50% of the registered ones actually vote. (I put parentheses around the term because many of them are not “Christian enough” to see Obama for what he is and would actually vote for him.)

    Unless we see a huge upsurge in participation at the local level by good, decent Americans in Republican party politics, which would translate into a significant uptick in conservative/”center-right” voter turnout, I don’t see a different outcome than in 2008. Especially in light of the fact that if Romney gets the nomination, many conservatives will not vote for him out of misguided need to “protest” — never mind that they probably did not one thing to actually help get out the vote for their favored candidate.

    Bottom line: most of the good, decent Americans who want to “do something” to save their country don’t have the foggiest idea of what to do. Rather than uniting and organizing politically to help increase the voter turnout for the best conservatives in the primary election, they instead have banded together in little “tea parties” to hold mass rallies — which do absolutely nothing to help, actually, increase voter turnout in the primary elections or change the Republican Party from within.

    Look at the voter turnout rates in the primary elections — in virtually all of the races, turnout has been down. In the Illinois primary, turnout was 24%, a 70 year low.

    I hope I’m wrong about all of this. In the weeks leading up to the 2008 election, I thought the American people could not actually be so ignorant, stupid and apathetic to elect a Marxist. I was wrong. Indeed, I’m not so sure we are, any more, in sufficient numbers, still “Americans.”

    Thank you.

    Cold Warrior