NYT: “Next Time We’re For Sure Vetting… The GOP VP Nominee”

The New York Times threatens to do an even more thorough job of vetting whomever the eventual GOP Presidential nominee chooses as a running mate. Nary a word, though, about vetting any Democrats. That will have to be left to the Conservative media, and now with the rise of online media, to us.

Andrew Breitbart began the effort to vet Obama and uncover his past. This sounds like an effort to use his work against Conservatives. In an article called, “After Palin, Expect a More Intense Vetting Process” the NYT writer Richard W. Stevenson threatens to do to whomever is chosen as running mate what was done to Sarah Palin – and more. The mockery, innuendo, and late night sexism were only equaled by the four letter words and attacks on her children. Looking back it seems that she was the most thoroughly vetted candidate in history.

But vetting is not what Stevenson is really talking about. What he means is that the efforts at personal destruction will be amplified:

And the fallout from the McCain campaign’s selection of Ms. Palin for the No. 2 place on the ticket will extend well beyond the chances of any individual. For any Republican who makes it onto the short list of possible vice presidential nominees, the vetting process this year promises to be as thorough and intrusive as the vetting of Ms. Palin was rushed and incomplete. (!)

“They should expect a complete breach of privacy,” said Michael Berman, a long-time aide to Walter F. Mondale who helped vet Geraldine A. Ferraro as Mr. Mondale’s running mate in 1984.”

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2 Responses to NYT: “Next Time We’re For Sure Vetting… The GOP VP Nominee”

  1. messup says:

    Vetting of ALL Presidential and VP candidates would be just great.

    First, Mr. Obama. Second, Joe Biden. So much for Democratic ticket.

    Next, Republican Presidential nominee and VP, too.

    Fair’s, fair. Oh! ALL historical documentation would be available, for all candidates…Democratic and Republican.

  2. Dusty says:

    It will be quite impossible to vet Mr. Obama when there are SO MANY missing documents regarding his birth, his formative years and activities as a young man. Then there are the millions of dollars which hide the documents which Mr. Obama does not want the world at large top see. But I am sure there a people who will give it their best effort. Arizona comes to mind here.