WSJ: “Freedom was just another word for grilled meat.”

Blaine Hardin in the Wall Street Journal:

This story is about a 23 year-old North Korean man named Shin Dong-hyuk. He escaped in 2005 from a political prison with the help of another man who died during the attempt.

In March 2003, Shin was transferred to the camp’s garment factory, a crowded, chaotic, stressful work site where 2,000 women and 500 men made military uniforms. Meals were skimpy, hours were endless, and Shin was always hungry. There was pressure to snitch on fellow prisoners.

In the garment factory, the superintendent wanted Shin to inform on an important new prisoner. Park Yong Chul…

As they walked the factory floor, Park told Shin that the giant country next door was called China. Its people were rapidly getting rich. He said that in the south there was another Korea. In South Korea, he said, everyone was already rich. Park explained the concept of money. He told Shin about the existence of television and computers and mobile phones. He explained that the world was round.

Much of what Park talked about, especially at the beginning, was difficult for Shin to understand or care about. What delighted him—what he kept begging Park for—were stories about food and eating. These were the stories that kept Shin up at night fantasizing about a better life. Freedom, in Shin’s mind, was just another word for grilled meat.”

North Korea is not the socialist heaven that idiots like Michael Moore claim it to be.

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9 Responses to WSJ: “Freedom was just another word for grilled meat.”

  1. notamobster says:

    Its heartbreaking to think that hundreds of millions of people exist, yearning to be free… and Americans are pissing it away. Bread & circuses… free college, insurance, and sex without consequence.


  2. We’re all lucky to be born into this great nation… Yet it’s way to easy to take our freedoms for granted…

    From Anti-war protesters who might not think about how we have a volunteer military or how noble a mission it is to bring freedom to others while securing our own freedom… I’ve been one of these people (anti-war) but i’ve realized the necessity of war (most of the time)…

    From the religious folks who complain about the social climate here, yet if born in other countries they could be exterminated for their religion…

    From the minority groups who complain about racism but probably wouldn’t like it so much if they were shipped back to their homeland… Africa’s a big one… Tell me that wasn’t a racist comment… we have to walk on eggshells as white people bc of the actions of a few idiots or a history which is no longer prevalent these days…

    From probably everyone who throws away scraps after meals which the scraps of one american meal may be the sum of what a child gets a week in other countries…..

    And so many more…. But as Americans we must promote, progress, and defend our freedoms without taking them for granted… I’m not innocent of taking things for granted… we just need to be reminded sometimes….

  3. And as to the Minority statement… I don’t mean to say that America isn’t now their homeland but I meant to say “shipped back to their ancestral land”… I guess that’s better wording.

  4. Lyun says:

    Yes, I quite agree with you, the other half who allowed themselves to be shackled without a whimper are there because they preferred to live forever as a slave than a king for a day.

    Perhaps if the few who “manage” them were overthrown by sheer weight of numbers, then the prisoners would become the jailors and the wheel would go full circle….nothing would change.

    The mental thinking process is imbedded and gets applied no matter who is the oppressor.

    You cannot compare the Western World with the Eastern sphere, they think and act differently, have a different sense of values….and life is not sacred.

    It does not pay to meddle with the ideology of the East…they are a different species, a different branch of the evolution path.

    Is the life of one free Westerner worth the life of a thousand subjugated Easterners, when their lot is their destiny.

    The war in korea changed nothing, neither the Viet Nam war or the Japanese conflict.

    We now trade freely with those countries that formerly were enemies, and many who fought there are now residents and intergrated family members in that country.

    By all accounts China is brutally subjugating Tibet, but nobody in the West is actively mounting an expeditionary force to do battle with China to “liberate” Tibet and democrify them.

    I would like to give a little cheer and wave a flag in support of a groundswell of unrest in North korea if I thought it was meaningfull, but it won’t happen, so I won’t be buying a North Korean peoples’ flag to wave in the near future in support of an oppressed people who would preferr to live as slaves than die for their freedom.

    Supposing the North Koreans saw the danger and gave the people grilled meat to keep them happy….would they then feel free, perhps an extra bowl of rice a day or maybe only a 16 hour working day for a dollar…would that make them even freer?

    With all those freebies laid on, would they then say “See, Communism is the answer, it makes you free”

  5. Locke n Load says:

    N Koreans don’t “choose to live as slaves”, they are born into it. If they try to escape they are killed or put to work in camps. There is no modern communication, only state controlled EVERYthing. Its a giant fucking Gulag Lyun. The children born into it are told Dear Leader is a God, he can do no wrong. He once shot 18 hole in ones out on a championship course don’t you know…

    It does not pay to meddle with the ideology of the East…they are a different species, a different branch of the evolution path.

    did you just accuse me of bestiality?

  6. Lyun says:

    Bestiality….noooooo, the mindset of the East is a deep secret to Westerners, that’s why every time the West confronts the East they lose the plot.

    I can’t comment on your preferences, but I understand where you’re coming from.

    As I have said elsewhere, you can live for a day as a king or forever as a slave….life must be wonderfull if you choose to spend it on your knees in chains.

  7. Lyun says:

    I could have added that the price of freedom is too high for the oppressed to pay when all they have is their bare hands to fight with.

    If your born free no cahains can bind you, but if your born chained already, freedom is an unknown quantity, a no mans’ land where even you mind is chained.

  8. Locke n Load says:

    ALL men are born wanting the same thing Lyun. ALL men are born WITH the same rights. Whether your government recognizes this is what defines America from the rest of the world. The proof is in the difficulty protecting said rights, and why the United States was the first in 5000 years to accomplish it.

    Revolutions are usually fought by the team with FEWER arms, think about it. How you can blind yourself so effectively I can only imagine, but I suspect you have a vision of the world, a fantasy, and no amount of facts will ever disabuse you of it. You display the exact opposite of wisdom Lyun. You’re deliberately deluded.

    And btw, my wife is Chinese, from Beijing. My in-laws live with us because they (shock!) prefer the freedoms of the States. I have 3 daughters who HAVE visited China, several times actually, and I have as well. Let me tell you something buddy, people are the same EVERYWHERE. What you call mysterious is only so because you haven’t taken the time to learn what they’ve lived thru and in.

  9. Lyun says:

    Yes again, multiculturalism is an applaudable state to suscribe to…we have a large multicultural society in OZ, my last next door neighbours were a Vietnamese family…good people….no guns needed…LOL.

    BTW, the Russian revolution was an armed uprising by a majority group who were definately well armed…..more of a take over than a revolution per se….the minority were the “white” Russians who were old aristocracy and would have preferred the old order….foreign intervention didn’t help their cause either.

    If you compare it to the French revolution you are now seeing another group of people who also rose up against the ruling body of the King and Queen, and by weight of numbers overthrew them….not as a poorly armed mob fighting for the right to be free, and Napoleon restored law and order at the mouth of a canon, but consolidated the revolution by superior force of arms.

    If you think of Cuba, then you have a revolution in it’s purest form, the same as Spain in the 30’s and Italy too.

    Then we have the German “revolution” of the 30’s…again not a poorly armed group fighting for freedom against the establisment, but a fully orchestrated political movement that manipulated the masses by extolling the virtues of common people power, and replaced the ruling body by sheer weight of numbers.

    The revolution by a minority group never happens…..unless the majority of the people support the aims of the instigators.

    In England during the 1600’s the revolution as such was actually two well armed bodies fighting for supremacy and ideology, the result of which the status quo changed for a while and then reverted back in a modified form later.

    I don’t think all men want the same thing, too many Chiefs and not enough Indians is a recipe for unrest.

    There are those that like to rule and those that are content to be ruled…..the end result of misrule is discontent.

    Rule by force, as in the Communist world, is a misconception, and as the Russian scenario shows, the peoples’ revolution only changed the people at the top and caused the death of millions at the bottom.