Environmentalists’ worst nightmare

Scientists turn CO2 into liquid fuel.

Imagine being able to use electricity to power your car — even if it’s not an electric vehicle. Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have for the first time demonstrated a method for converting carbon dioxide into liquid fuel isobutanol using electricity.

Note to climate alarmists: Dust off those 1970s era studies on the threat of global cooling. Mankind may be about to start using the Earth’s precious and limited carbon dioxide resources for fuel. The result will be a disaster for children and other living things. The Federal Government must be pressured to immediately place limits on the amount of C02 corporations are allowed to consume. We must begin CO2 conservation efforts now!

Save the carbon dioxide!

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3 Responses to Environmentalists’ worst nightmare

  1. Tn-Cat says:

    Who is going to stand up and defend the plants rights to co2?

    These gentle living, breathing things willingly sacrifice themselves daily in order to garnish my plate. If these plants start dying off due to lack of co2, how will I decorate my steak dinner? My plate will look so plain and colorless.

  2. RJ says:

    I read the article and a couple comments, the science was way above my head, (hillbilly education be damned) but I say if what they propose works I hope they develop it quickly and without govt interference, cause if the gov sticks it’g greasy mitts in it will be convoluted to uselessness.

    I’d love to see the free market develop the next real fuel source, not that I believe any of the crap about AGW or Oil Shortages etc.

    I’d like to see a little free market competition for gasoline power, as long as it’s not gov subsidised,

    If I recall my one semester of economics and a life of experience real competition lowers prices, which is the exact oposite of green electric.

    I too remember the fear of the next ice age forcast RD, I was just old enough to be a little skeptical, but still young enough to be thinking of how the hell was I ever gonna cut enough firewood for that…

  3. Lyun says:

    “enough firewood”…..and what about the other 300 million people who go to make up the population….would they like you cutting down the trees just so’s you could be warm and cosy?

    The answer is not in the trees, probably in the Green solution of sorts, but not by directly cutting down the trees….that’s the Golden Goose scenario.

    I wonder where the electricity would come from to convert enough CO2 to fuel for the gas guzzlers….very impractical.