Report: “A Crisis Of Competence”

I can’t imagine this report gaining any traction. Too many academics have too much invested in the political activism they practice and teach. This report finds that activism has been injected into universities in violation of the rules the schools have which prohibit it.

In today’s United States the left has shown us that rules and laws that they disagree with may be simply ignored in the quest to communize the country.

A Report Prepared for the Regents of the University of California
By the California Association of Scholars,
A Division of the National Association of Scholars

Why Is It Wrong to Use the University for Political Purposes?


In recent years, study after study has found that a college education no longer does what it should do and once did.1 Whether these studies look directly at the capabilities of graduates, or instead at what employers find their capabilities to be, the result is the same: far too many college graduates have not learned to write effectively, they can not read and comprehend any reasonably complex book, they have not learned to reason, and their basic knowledge of the history and institutions of the society in which they live is lamentably poor. “An astounding proportion of students are progressing through higher education today without measurable gains in general skills” is the anguished conclusion of a respected national study, entitled appropriately Academically Adrift.2 Further, students now spend on average little time studying outside the classroom, and the demands made of them by their faculty teachers have been correspondingly reduced.

This report is concerned with the corruption of the University of California by activist politics, a condition which, as we shall show, sharply lowers the quality of academic teaching, analysis, and research, and results in exactly the troubling deficiencies that are being found in the studies to which we have referred.4 We shall show that this is an inevitable consequence of any substantial influence of radical politics in academia, because its characteristic interests and modes of thought are the very antithesis of those that should prevail in academic life.”

87 page .pdf file here.

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5 Responses to Report: “A Crisis Of Competence”

  1. Uke says:

    I’ve only gotten through the first dozen pages or so, but already this is fantastic.

    It’s commonsense to all of us, granted, but commonsense is a joy to read IMO. I can prove it:

    Public confidence in academia is dropping as the general public begins to understand that a college education is now much less likely to improve reading, writing, and reasoning skills, as well as general knowledge, than it used to. And this is happening just as the cost of a college education has been rising much faster than inflation. Students are being asked to pay considerably more and get considerably less.

    This is exactly what occurs when you separate the free market from an industry. Quality decreases, cost increases. It’s textbook economics.

    When individual faculty members and sometimes even whole departments decide that their aim is to advance social justice as they understand it rather than to teach the subject that they were hired to teach with all the analytical skill that they can muster, the quality of teaching and research is compromised. This is an inevitable result because, as we shall show, these two aims are incompatible with each other, so that the one must undermine the other.

    Simply beautiful. Straight to the point, and so logically sound that you’d have to be a college professor to oppose it.

  2. Jim22 says:

    Yeah, Uke, that’s the trouble. It’s logical.

  3. John Cox says:

    This came out of California?

  4. messup says:

    When Fabian Socialism got underway in California’s higher educational system (in the 60’s) it had some 30 or 40-odd years to install itself, perfect its messaging and instill this mantra in successive generations of graduates.

    Today, in the USA and around the world, this doctrine foisted upon undergraduates is rearing its head time and time again in every way shape and form in americ’s “captains-of-industry.”

    More and more, one is amazed, viewing main stream TV financial outlets, with the singleness and oneness in messaging, all with a socialist bent to it.

    Sad, USA’s new generation of leaders are firmly trained in Fabian Socialism’s intricate “Global Economy.”

  5. notamobster says:

    These people should be sent to forced re-education camps for such obvious treachery against the party.