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11 Responses to HEY! THE SHERIFF IS A NIG*bong*

  1. Uke says:

    Oh… God. 😯

    I’m really doing my best to try and figure out what he was going to say, if it wasn’t… that.

  2. Bman says:

    I’ve been trying to figure it out myself. It sure in the heck wasn’t “near”…

  3. John Cox says:

    We know what the “Candidate” Barack Obama was like: anti-war… the government never… [Change of thought ] .. that America was the source for division around the World.

    Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

  4. RJ says:

    In todays tech with all the ease of cut-n-edit and photo shop crap out there the old addage my grandpa used to tell me is more important than ever, speak half as much as you listen, and only believe 1/4 of what you hear, and 1/2 of what you see.

    Remember the faked documents by a major news reporter concenring a certain previous president’s service records, the leftist will do or say anything or make it appear an oposition canadate has said anything.

    The bastards will fake anything to “prove” their world view.

    And no I aint no Santorum pusher, and I’m not so eager to believe the worst just cause some 14 second vid on u tube.

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    I doubt very much he was saying what is being implied. I don’t know what he was saying, but I very much doubt it was that.

    That isn’t to say that this guy doesn’t have the same effect on me as a dental pick pushed deep into my gums.

  6. Bman says:

    I agree RJ. I tend to come from the School of Obi Won Kenobi.

    “You’re eyes will deceive you. Don’t trust them.”

    It sounds pretty authentic though.

  7. Uke says:

    Meh, I can easily believe that he DID say that, and that this is NOT photoshopped at all. These guys are dog tired. Think of what their schedule has been like for the last year.

  8. Bman says:

    I thought about that scenario too, Uke. It could be a subconcious slip of the tongue. Who knows. Like when Obama said something about his muslim faith.

    “I hear the secrets that you keep, when you’re talking in your sleep.”

  9. DarthJay says:

    He seemed pretty shook up after the “almost-slip” though. Hard to believe he would have been acting like that if it had been something innocent on the way out of his mouth.

    Not saying he was on his way to that word, but it’s hard to imagine what else “nig” would have ended up as…and he did definitely say “nig” – it’s clear as day.

  10. W. C. Taqiyya says:

    Actually, I think the anti-war part was stupid. Who the F wants a pro-war commie muslim? Or a pro-war RINO for that matter? The nig*er part prolly needs to be aired out since it’s like the destructive, racist chimp in the room everybody politely ignores, but everybody knows is there, cause it kills, robs, riots, hates whitey and stuff.