How The ‘Knock-Out Game’ Works

The pastime has been sweeping the nation. We here at the Real Revo have noticed it before. The way it works is this: A group of young people get together and they find a man. One of the group approaches the man and sucker punches him as hard as he possibly can. One punch is all he gets.

If he knocks the victim out cold he gets a point and moves up in the competition. If the victim is not knocked cold he doesn’t get a point and the rest of the group is allowed to do their best. Sometimes they knock him cold and leave him in the street. Usually, though, they continue beating the victim and frequently rob him.

Occasionally a single young person, who has become especially adept at the ‘Knock-Out Game’ tries his hand at it without his helpers. This appears to be what happened in the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case.

Here is a little video from Baltimore Maryland. It’s rare, so far, because it records the game. It may be, though, that the kids are now recording their games. Perhaps we’ll see more like this.

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8 Responses to How The ‘Knock-Out Game’ Works

  1. aRevolutionNow says:

    “Occasionally a single young person, who has become especially adept at the ‘Knock-Out Game’ tries his hand at it without his helpers. This appears to be what happened in the Trayvon/Zimmerman case”

    Yea, Zimmerman shouldn’t have tried his hand at the “knockout game” since Zimmerman was the one who pursued Trayvon. Out of what little we know, Zimmerman pursuing Trayvon is 1 fact that we do know.

    I’m sure it was a joke, since I know your too smart for that assumption but i had to comment just in case to defend a dead kid.

  2. Bushido says:

    I don’t believe at all that Martin was playing the “knock out game.” However, he was not totally in the wrong as the confrontation took place and Zimmerman had injuries. Injuries that he felt were enough to warrant deadly force. I’m sure a lot of people would feel the need for deadly force if a 6’3″ person was on top of them throwing blows.

    I don’t want to rehash old conversations as R.D. and I have gone back and forth on this one. At the same time though I don’t want to play into MSM outlook that this was all Zimmerman’s fault either.

  3. aRevolutionNow says:

    In my opinion, I think Zimmerman pursued Trayvon and Trayvon confronted Zimmerman. At that point, i think Zimmerman said some smart-ass remark like “you don’t look like you belong here” and frankly Trayvon got pissed and hit and started the event which lead to his death…. But Zimmerman should have never started pursuing Trayvon and i’m sure Mr. neighborhood watch hero was so brave in the fact that he was armed that i wouldn’t put it past Zimmerman to talk shit to Trayvon and Trayvon, being a young, impulsive male like myself, may have threw the first punch.

    Another theory, but who could have prevented the whole clusterfluck of events…. Zimmerman.

  4. aRevolutionNow says:

    And yea, let’s move on…. I get tired of this story but can’t help myself at times.

  5. Bushido says:

    He very well may have done exactly what you said. And it comes down to elementary school; “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”

    Good idea about moving on!

  6. Smarterthenthou says:

    You know i actually think Martin was playing the knockout game… MO seams the same and fits with zimmermans testimony and martine seamed to have had an interest in fighting…

    the attack went on like the standard Knock out game would… the most obvious answer is the correct one here.

  7. Ehud Avni says:

    It wasn’t the KO Game, it was a hate crime perpetrated on an assumed homosexual, according to TM’s friend Rachael Jeantel who was on the cell phone with him at the time. Gay bashing + a gun = dead criminal.