Now It’s Nano-Drones

These are remarkable. They’re getting smaller and more sophisticated. Think about this:

A team of Special Forces operators is postured outside a compound in downtown Kandahar. Intel has led them this far; inside the compound is a Taliban commander responsible for numerous civilian and military casualties. It’s unknown who else is inside with him; heavily armed fighters, a suicide bomber, or innocent women and children? One of the operators rips a device the size of a book from a pouch and flicks it open. He takes out a tiny 15 gram nano-UAV, snaps the rotor blade onto the body and throws it in the air. It shoots up and over the mud-brick wall, the onboard camera beaming a clear picture back to the screen in his hands. Unseen it silently zips past four armed guards in front of the main building and enters through an open window. Inside a group of men are holding a shura. The target has been identified! With a crump the team breaches the compound and rapidly overwhelms the security detail. They make a bee-line for the room containing the target. Moments later the dust has settled and the objective is zip-tied, hooded and ready for processing.”

They are made by a Norwegian company, Prox Dynamics. They are shipped in cases of three:

Here is a 2009 video of an earlier and larger version.

They have lots of possibilities.

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3 Responses to Now It’s Nano-Drones

  1. aRevolutionNow says:

    You know what they say about the government and technology…. some of you probably know alot more but given that this tech is in front of us now….. I’m pretty sure these were used in the raid that killed Osama…. And I’m sure they have Drones now that mimic insects; Flies, bees, etc….. Or have I been watching too much Sci-fi movies?

    Scary thought given the fact that they are or going to use drones on Americans…. Or am I paranoid about our government on this one?

  2. Ironheads82 says:

    Just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they arent after you. Scary times indeed.

  3. James says:

    I need to install screens on my windows.