Freedom is Submission to the Collective

Being free doesn’t mean you can eat all the popcorn you want. Not according to the moonbat left. Here is Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast.

So I’m not a health freak, and no, I don’t want to pass laws mandating the eating of broccoli. But I do want us to understand how wrong and simple-minded our definition of freedom is today. Any time the government appears to be suggesting some program aimed at getting people to do something that is obviously good for themselves—buying health insurance, not eating a bucket of popcorn big enough that two cats could screw in it—a certain number of idiots jump up and cry “Ha! Nanny state! Taking away my freedom!” This, according to that Times article, is what the Obama administration feared Fox and Glenn Beck would do if it issued too many new FDA rulings.

Well, in one sense, any person is “free” to eat as much Snickers-bar cheesecake as he likes. But that isn’t actually what freedom means. Actual freedom contains elements of responsibility and recognition of oneself as an actor within this larger thing we try to call society. Eating anything you want isn’t a definition of freedom. It’s just indulgence. And it says something depressing about our country that it is permitted to masquerade as the former.

See? Doing what you want isn’t freedom. Freedom is doing what other people in society want you to do. Freedom is about your duty to others. Freedom is not doing what you desire, but what is best for the collective. Freedom is about denying yourself pleasure as part of your responsibility to the preferences of others.

You might have thought being free was as simple as being able to do what you want. That is “wrong and simple-minded.” Being free means having a central bureaucracy in a far off capitol city hector and harangue you about your responsibility to the masses. It means having your access to pleasures like movie popcorn restricted. It means subordinating your wants and needs to those of the collective. Freedom means not doing what you want and submitting to restrictions on your behavior.

That is leftist freedom.

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6 Responses to Freedom is Submission to the Collective

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hm. Redefining words. Sounds like another Marxist tactic to me.

  2. Uke says:

    Dear God… I hate how that Tomasky bullshit masquerades as intellectually deep thought, as if it is capable of detecting these tiny nuances of the word “freedom” that simple rural folk (for example) cannot.

    And you know it does try to play itself that way.

    In the words of that great robotic American, bite my shiny, metal ass, Tomasky. You’re the degenerate 8 year old in kindergarten that gets told he’s doing a “great job” when he actually just glued his finger up his nose.

  3. Uke says:

    One more thing:

    So I’m not a health freak, and no, I don’t want to pass laws mandating the eating of broccoli.

    Oh? Why NOT, Tomasky? You’ve already made clear that freedom is conditional, subject to the interests of the collective! You’ve opened that door quite nicely! Hell, you just described “twue freedom” as recognizing your responsibility to society (screw that old-timey definition of freedom).


    Mandate that we eat broccoli twice a week. Mandate that we exercise at 70-80% HR three times a week. Mandate that we wear helmets when riding our bikes. Mandate that we don’t buy gas-guzzling trucks anymore. Mandate that we don’t or drink smoke anymore!


  4. Tn-Cat says:

    Which activity below is responsible for the most hospital visits and or deaths:
    1 riding a motorcycle without a helmet
    2 driving in a car without a seat belt
    3 use of a firearm
    4 using a ladder

    Obviously the powers that be don’t care about the collective, otherwise there would be laws in place for use of a safety harness when using a ladder.

  5. R.D. Walker says:

    Here are a few other Tomasky Corollaries:

      Knowledge isn’t just about knowing things, it is also about choosing to remain ignorant of politically unpopular facts.

      Charity means taking from others in order to redistribute for the greater good.

      Rights are goods and services appropriated by the state and distributed to those who conform.

      Duty is submission.

      Honor is deception.

      War is peace.

      Freedom is slavery.

      Ignorance is strength.

  6. James says:

    Married men live longer. People who believe in God and attend church live longer happier lives.

    Nevermind some may oppose those social institutions imposed on them.

    “Actual freedom contains elements of responsibility and recognition of oneself as an actor within this larger thing we try to call society.”

    There you have it. I demand Tomasky get married and go to church – for his own and society’s good. If he resists, it’s only because he doesn’t understand the greater good.