Euro-Socialists are more responsible than US

Europeans have less debt than the US. Since they have a greater combined population than the US, they have much less debt per capita. Furthermore, their governments are more centralized than the US and, since this doesn’t include about $3 trillion of state and local debt in the US, it is even worse. Finally, Europe is talking austerity to get things under control. King Barack is demanding more debt.

And we look down our noses ate the Euro-Socialists.

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One Response to Euro-Socialists are more responsible than US

  1. Roy Ryder says:

    In 2009, when Obama made his first appearance at the G8 meeting, he introduced his wild-ass spending plans under the guise of stimulus. The other members of the G8 listened politely and then shoved him aside to discuss the austerity measures that are paying dividends now. Despite the fawning attention paid to Obama in the photo sessions, they recognized that he was an empty suit at best and a raging moron at worst. Pity that the majority of Americans didn’t see that in 2008.