York Arms Custom AR Receivers

York Arms is a new start-up. They are based out of Buxton, Maine. They are in the process of setting up a new website. They’re taking preorders and they say they will build entire rifles. Here is what they say:

In the immediate future – Mid April 2012 – there will be another run of York Arms forged AR-15 lower receivers.

These are forged, fully machined resulting in no forging flash and they have as little engraving as possible. Standard finish will be mil-spec hard coat anodized finish in black.

Cost is $135 delivered to your local FFL dealer. Over the counter sales are available for Maine residents only (per federal law)

As these are going to be custom, there are a few options available for anyone who places a pre-order. Custom serial numbers are available, no charge, just let me know what you’d like. Custom selector engravings are available. SAFE/SEMI/AUTO, SAFE/SEMI, SAFE/FIRE are ready to go, and I am working on a stop/play/fastforward graphic as well. Some custom markings can be accomodated, just let me know what you’d like.

Caliber – I can engrave it for any caliber you like. 5.56 is the default, but name it and it can be marked as such. By default there is zero engraving on the magwell. Some folks like it blank, some like to use the space for their own design. Engraving in this space is available, but may be an extra charge. DWG files help here. Let’s discuss this if you want additional engraving.

There are some other options available as well… While I am manufacturing custom lowers, I can build them into a custom rifle of your choosing (we are now offering in-house 300BLK barrels too!) and I can even deliver these as registered Short Barreled Rifles if you would like that configuration. There is no upcharge for a SBR.”

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3 Responses to York Arms Custom AR Receivers

  1. MadBrad says:

    Somebody “gets it” !

  2. Matt Couling says:

    York Arms has terrible customer service. After I sent them my money, they simply stopped responding to e-mails. Stay far, far, away from this company.

    • KC says:

      The following is posted on their website and is probably your problem:

      “We are unable to take any orders at this point. We’re overwhelmed with orders and challenged with availability of forgings and small parts. It is becoming impossible to quote accurately or attractiuvely – so for now we are going to hold off quoting new business.”