Cherokee Genealogist Demands Warren Withdraw Claim

Pretend Cherokee princess Elizabeth Warren has the natives restless.

Ms. Warren, some of us have independently done our own research and we know you have no documentation supporting your claim of Cherokee ancestry.* We wonder why you believe you have the right to claim Cherokee ancestry and to call yourself a Native American when you have no evidence to support your claim. While you cling to a family story and the inaccurate report that ONE document was found that supports your claim, we real Cherokees understand that those things mean nothing. You see, we Cherokees have lots and lots and lots of documentation supporting our claims of our ancestry. Our Cherokee ancestors are found on every roll of the Cherokee Nation (30+ rolls!) dating back to before the removal and in all sorts of other documentation, including but not limited to claims against the US government for lost property; the Moravian missionary records; ration lists before and after the forced removal, etc…yet your ancestors are found in NONE of those records.

But, your ancestors are found in plenty of historical records, and every time, they are found living as white people among other white people. Never are your ancestors ever found living among the Cherokees. Never, never, never, never…….yet you claim they were Cherokee.

I’d say the shit just got real.

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5 Responses to Cherokee Genealogist Demands Warren Withdraw Claim

  1. notamobster says:

    They are obviously xenophobic, right-wing extremists.

  2. Donald says:

    It’s obviously Obamas fault, right guys?

  3. Uke says:

    Iโ€™d say the shit just got real.

    Looks pretty damning to me.

  4. Slaphappypap says:

    Wrong Donald. It’s affirmative action that hoists people like Warren and Obama. Ask Obama about The Constitution and he’ll explain how to piss all over it. Why does DNA reward people in government and college?

  5. locke n load says:

    One of the things I find so hilarious about this whole BS Cherokee claim seems to have gone completely unmentioned. Namely, in families that have eastern US ancestry its extremely common to claim Native American ancestry and its almost ALWAYS Cherokee. The Cherokee were not only on the wrong side of the fight against the States in all those years, they were apparently prolific “interbreeders”. So while they continued to fight against the treaties and loss of their land they were out ballin with the enemy on a regular basis, lol. I’d wager most american families with 200 years of history in the states can claim SOME mixed geneology and yet here we have lily white Warren trying to claim it and the tribe can’t find ANY evidence?

    She might be actually in a minority in this regard ๐Ÿ™‚