Republicans Can Vote To Defeat Obama in Arkansas Democrat Primary

Arkansas’ primary is coming Tuesday, May 22. Vying for the Democratic presidential nomination are Barack Obama and John Wolfe. Obama is leading Wolfe by only seven points, 45 to 38. As reported earlier here Wolfe has maintained this level of support with almost no budget.

It’s an open primary, which means anyone, including Republicans, can vote in it. Several bloggers are suggesting that Arkansas Repubs vote for Wolfe in what has been termed ‘Operation Razorback Chaos’, after Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos.

Here and Here are a couple links.

Wolfe is also running against Obama in the May 29 Texas primary.

Presidents really should not be losing primaries. Lyndon Johnson withdrew in 1968 simply because he didn’t win New Hampshire by as many votes as he was expected to.

One problem for Obama is that Wolfe doesn’t sound like a lunatic. I’m not saying he isn’t a lunatic. Just that he doesn’t sound like one.”

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One Response to Republicans Can Vote To Defeat Obama in Arkansas Democrat Primary

  1. Trent says:

    My neck of the woods, may have to jump on this.

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