GOP raises more money than the Obama Machine

Old Meme: Obama is a fund raising machine that will crush and embarrass Mitt in its money gathering awesomeness!

New Meme: Evil billionaires are corrupting politics with their dirty lucre.

Obama’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week just got a little worse. This morning, the Obama campaign announced that it and the DNC had raised a whopping $60 million in May, outpacing their disappointing numbers in April. Hours later, though, the Romney campaign and RNC announced they had raised a staggering $76 million in May, blowing past Obama’s haul.

The worm has turned, it would seem.

Here is your swing-state update.

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3 Responses to GOP raises more money than the Obama Machine

  1. Bushido says:

    In Colorado, we used to be a really red state. We are now kind of purple. All the people that moved here from California brought their politics with them and are trying to change the state into the one they left.

    We just need to keep educating them and make sure that headline reads “Obama loses Colorado by a landslide!”

  2. Trent says:

    Part of the new Meme is that Obama gets his money from the hard working average man while Mitt is pulling all his money from billionaires. I read an article yesterday that had one of his staff echoing this. It is just a re-tread of the 99% vs 1% mantra packaged in campaign form. Of course, this is BS. While he may get more small donation generally, he has no problem pimping himself out for $15,000 a plate meals and cuckholding the Hollywood crowd.

  3. TaterSalad says:

    America………Do NOT take anything for granted! Please, read, listen and understand what is happening to this great country.