Anybody Know Anything About The Tea Party.Net?

I got this email today from a friend who lives in Arizona. The group seems to be soliciting writers from other blogs:

Dear Patriot,

We have some very exciting news for you! We are launching the new historic Tea Party News Network soon and are looking for many bloggers nationwide to write daily stories for us. You must support the principles of limited government, free markets and personal responsibility of the tea party movement. The Tea Party News Network will consist of a vast network of bloggers, daily email breaking news and live stream television to bring the real news to the American people.

Bloggers will compensated for each blog they write that we use. Compensation will be based on the bloggers experience and other factors. The best bloggers can eventually be given a full time position based on the quality of their previous work.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter why you believe you would make a good blogger for the tea party movement and a history of your experience and background to Please also send a sample of some of your blogs and/or writings. New bloggers will be considered also.

Together we will help save America.


Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

This sounds like one of those, “We’d like you to be involved if only you’ll give us your personal info” schemes. To begin with I suspect the Tea Party ties. Anyone can say they are affiliated with them. Second, they say that bloggers will be compensated. That is a suspicious come-on to me. Millions of bloggers are willing to write for sites they agree with without any compensation. This site is a prime example.

Then, Googling Todd Cefratti’s name I found these: Revealed: took $469,000 in donations, spent none of it on candidates. It says:

A website run out of Arizona, ostensibly to support the so-called tea party movement, is under scrutiny after a local news organization dug into their finances and ownership, only to find what some may characterize as a remarkable scam.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure forms, took in approximately $469,000 in donations this year and spent roughly half its budget on marketing, with the rest going to distinctly non-political avenues.

In fact, according to CBS 5 in Phoenix, there’s no evidence the group spent so much as a dime to promote tea party candidates or related events.

FEC forms pulled by CBS affiliate show the group spent nearly $200,000 on search engine optimization and Google sponsorship, along with Facebook ads promoting their website. Submitting a Google search for “tea party” returned with the site atop the list of results.

They even advertised the site on Craigslist, with an impassioned appeal to “patriots” who may be sympathetic to conservative causes. Ironically enough, the ad states numerous times that this group in particular is a “marketing campaign” with a fundraising goal of $500,000 per week.

The domain is owned by Todd Cefaratti, an Arizona businessman with a background in data collection. His other business specializes in mining contact information and reselling the leads to clients in the reverse mortgage industry.”

Be careful.

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5 Responses to Anybody Know Anything About The Tea Party.Net?

  1. notamobster says:

    While I would love to make a living doing this, a few issues come to mind:

    1) I like the “4 simple fucking rules” – getting paid would bite on my ability to say and do dumb shit.

    2) If paid, I’d have to be much more careful in my wording – what with liability and all that.

    C) I love this place and it’s people. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    Thanks for the heads up, Jim!

  2. Jim22 says:

    1, 2, C…

    If you were getting paid to do this you might get docked for doing that. hehehe.

  3. Before you go acting like the left and casting stones at a non profit tea party oganization you obviously know little about, a little research might do you well. First of all has been around since the inception of the tea party movement in 2009 with now over 600,000 active tea party members. is larger and has more active members than Tea Party Express or Tea Party Patriots or Freedomworks. Dozens of activist tools are available to anyone in the movement who wants to use them and all are free. You point out a 3 year old liberal hit job story that was trying to discredit the tea party movement right before the 2009 elections. They provide no evidence of anything, just innuendos. They infer that is “bad” because the organization didn’t donate to candidates. Hello! is a 501 c4 nonprofit organization and by IRS rules is not allowed to donate to candidates. Well there goes that liberal hit job story. instead uses the majority of its small donations to recruit hundreds of thousands to the tea party movement. has also co hosted CPAC in 2012 and will also do so in 2013. also hosted the first ever tea party and twiiter presidential debate with the republican candidates and also co sponsored two other presidential debates in 2011. also has a free state of the art Congress petition system and to date over 5 million individual petitions on tea party issues have been sent. was just asked by Rep Bachmann to hold a live streaming townhall from the Capitol the day Obamacare was held up by the Supreme Court. Bachmann and several other tea party leaders were there to have a dialogue. also has 3 full time tea party representatives that are on Capitol Hill working with Congress on issues “we the people” have asked us to. has countless other free activist tools like finding a local tea party, starting a local tea party, registering to vote online, etc etc etc.

    All you have to do to find all this stuff out is go to and read. Pay careful attention to the “About Us” section which gives complete information on the organization and top people that work within it and all the tea party experience they have. It also shows you what donations are used for.

    So again, why attack fellow conservative tea partiers with innuendos? Let’s let the left do that and conservatives should instead unite. Join us for our Unity Rally in Tampa right before the RNC at Tampa Football Stadium. Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and many other top conservatives will be there and speaking. Go to

    Thank you

    • Barry says:

      Why? Because this organization makes the tea party look like a fund raising organization. I am solicited daily, but when I send emails to ask questions, the only response I get is a barrage of fund raiser emails, repeat fashion. If you care to defend that, go ahead, you are then part of the problem.