Latest Dog Whistle: “Obama Phone” is RAAAAAACISSSST!

  Obama shoves through a very unpopular healthcare plan which is then, logically, called ObamaCare.  That is racist of course.  Now we have the video
 of the woman stating she’s going to vote for Obama because “Obama gave me a free phone!” which is now popularly called an “Obama Phone”.  That, too, is racist.

You see, associating the president with any unpopular redistribution policy is not, in fact, a criticism of his policies, but rather a racial slur.

What the left fails to understand or acknowledge is that calling this stuff “racist” demeans and cheapens true racism. People of color and foreign nationality are discriminated against every day.  And its wrong.  Their racial bias experiences are harmful, hurtful and cause meaningful damage.  Calling this stuff “racist” is an insult to those who suffer from true racism — and they should be outraged.

The larger problem is that the ‘trend’ over the past four years to call any criticism of ‘a minority’ as racist, becomes the new normal.  A perfect example of which is below the fold…

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