Swami Ryder Alert: Media Provides Excuses for Obama’s Upcoming Loss

A while back, I put on my $3 turban from the discount Halloween store and was struck with the power of prophecy. It was really prophecy and flatulence, but let’s just stick with the first one.

My main prophecy was that by mid-October you’d be able to tell that Obama was done for. Here we are at October 23rd and Obama is behind in most polls and there’s a palpable stink of desperation coming from the White House. I also made a few predictions about how the media would begin to look for someone to blame for the fiasco that is the Obama 2012 campaign. Although I initially said that the media would turn on the Obama election campaign staff as the guilty party, my prodigious powers of prophecy (and flatulence) has failed me. Instead of turning on Axelrod and Ploufe and Chicago, they’ve turned on themselves.

Alec MacGilles writes in The New Republic (a magazine that is to liberal stupid as Saudi Arabia is to oil) that the real killer of the Obama campaign was not a recovery strangled in the crib, not a force-feeding of a diseased healthcare plan, and not a feckless foreign policy of self-abasement. No, the real killer is, and has been, the media in its never-ending drive to come up with a good comeback story. MacGilles states that “The Narrative” of the Romney’s stomping of Obama in the first debate was so powerful and so overwhelming that it forced the media to report it and build a self-fulfilling prophecy of Romney superiority.

MacGilles’ theory nicely allows liberals to ignore such facts as Obama’s re-election was ruined by Obama somewhere between 2009 and 2012, and that the liberal agenda has been as popular as a dead squirrel in a punchbowl since 2010. It also allows liberal journalists (but I repeat myself) to see themselves as victims of their own awesome powers, as if they are capable of accidentally killing that which they love, like some kind of cross-eyed William Tell. It also lets them forget for a few blessed moments that the mainstream media is held in the same popular esteem as those pegs you use to wipe crap off your shoe.

Hold on, I feel another prophecy coming on….never mind. It wasn’t prophecy after all. It was that second thing. You might want to light a match.

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2 Responses to Swami Ryder Alert: Media Provides Excuses for Obama’s Upcoming Loss

  1. A Guy says:

    This made me laugh. Thanks.

  2. MadBrad says:

    The prophecies are still good. They are all starting to panic now. It is wonderful to behold.