Glenn Beck Speaks With Tyrone Woods’ Father

Tyrone Woods was a Navy Seal, one of two that were killed in the raid on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Two other Americans were killed as well including Ambassador Stevens.

Tyrone Woods

This is powerful. Woods read the following statement, in honor of his son:

“I want to honor my son, Ty Woods, who responded to the cries for help and voluntarily sacrificed his life to protect the lives of other Americans. In the last few days it has become public knowledge that within minutes of the first bullet being fired the White House knew these heroes would be slaughtered if immediate air support was denied. Apparently, C-130s were ready to respond immediately. In less than an hour, the perimeters could have been secured and American lives could have been saved. After seven hours fighting numerically superior forces, my son’s life was sacrificed because of the White House’s decision. This has nothing to do with politics, this has to do with integrity and honor. My son was a true American hero. We need more heroes today. My son showed moral courage. This is an opportunity for the person or persons who made the decision to sacrifice my son’s life to stand up.”

The video breaks off before Mr. Woods can describe his encounter with Hillary Clinton. Here is what he said:

After apologizing for his loss, Woods said Clinton told him that the U.S. would “make sure that the person who made that (anti-Islam) film is arrested and prosecuted.” “When she said that, I could tell that she was not telling me the truth,” Woods explained.”

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One Response to Glenn Beck Speaks With Tyrone Woods’ Father

  1. Casey Tjooitink says:

    It is hard to understand why Mr. Woods has not already taken legal action, by a lawsuit, accusing the government leadership of Criminal Negligence, causing death. Talking to talk shows and the media is not getting him anywhere, that much is obvious by now. The former CIA director, Gen. Patraeus is a private citizen, so suing him, to get some action, and not just talk, seems to be the way to go right now. Casey Tjooitink.