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Here’s some more chatter from the Pre-Election Day Conspiracy Theory Network. This is published for your entertainment and speculation only. It’s something to help break the tension.

My previous publication regarding local Chatter is found HERE

Since that time, as can be read in the comments related to that publication, a couple of items in the previous chatter have been debunked. One BIG item is not something can be verified or overturned and has since been added to.

What I considered to be most implausible was the presence of 38,000 UN Troops at Ft. Stewart, Georgia. That’s the equivalent of two Cold War Era U.S. Divisions. I know that even with additional barracks construction that has taken places there since September 11th 2001, there still would not be adequate accommodations for them. Over the weekend I was told that they are all camped out at ranges and in training ares. They brought their own temporary shelters and are deliberately being kept distant from U.S. Army units stationed there due to some serious tension between our Soldiers and the U.N. Troops. The regular Army Troops know why they are there and the U.N. Troops are not scheduled to leave until a few weeks after the Election. The word is that the U.N. Troops will be used to suppress any post-election rioting. Several Thousand more U.N Troops arrived last week.

Last week we also had some unusual activity at one of our port facilities here. A large military vessel pulled in last week and docked at a pier where military ships never tie up. The vessel looked a bit odd and upon further investigation was found to be a Russian ship. Redneck resistance maritime forces have since discovered more information about the unusual vessel…

The ship in question appears to be the Russian Project 712 Sliva Class Sea-going rescue Tug, SB-406. 255.8 ft. in length with a designated compliment of 43 + 10 salvage crew members. Actual job description of men on boat is unknown.

It has been estimated that up to approximately 40 crew members have been seen.

Worker on site reports that he has been working there for 20 months and this is the first military ship that has docked up from any nation.

It was supposed to leave tonight (Sunday, 4 Nov) but come back in sometime after Tuesday.

Russian crew has diplomatic immunity and leave port facility to shop. Came back one time with a truck load of whiskey, Scotch and various other types of alcohol. Security guard has claimed to see them with weapons. Don’t know what type.

Ship is tied up behind large river-front building making it difficult to see most of vessel from street or even entrance to facility. Checked aerial photograph to confirm this berthing location and it does exist, making it difficult to see from those locations.

So THERE. The Pre-Election Conspiracy Theorists are in high gear here in North Florida. Please feel free to add to the speculation.

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9 Responses to More Chatter

  1. notamobster says:

    Russian North Fleet ships make 20 friendly visits in 2012 (JAX – US)

  2. MadBrad says:


    Shifting now to Conspiracy Theorist mind

    SEE? They’ve been planning this all year. Obama tells the Russians that he will have more flexibility on ballistic missile defense after he gets re-elected and the Russians are here to help in the effort to collect on that promise. It’s all so clear now.

  3. MadBrad says:

    I was enjoying this stuff until a few minutes ago…

    I just got a text message from a personal friend who reports seeing 6 “Stryker type” armored vehicles with the words “U.N. POLICE” on them and red and blue police type lights passing a State highway inspection station on I-95 near the Georgia/Florida line heading North into Georgia. They turned East on St. Marys rd heading towards Kings Bay. They had exposed .50 caliber mg.s on the top hatch and were manned.

  4. MadBrad says:

    I am told that video of the previously reported event may soon be available.

    Standing by.

  5. BigJimTX says:

    I always wanted a Stryker. Blue hats on sale Wednesday.

  6. MadBrad says:

    I’m betting that the person who reported this doesn’t know the difference between a Stryker and a BTR-60, just as they wouldn’t know the difference between Ma Deuce and a DSHK-12.7mm.

  7. BigJimTX says:

    I’m only lookin for a joy ride. It’s not like I’m out shopping for ammo.

  8. MadBrad says:

    I’m starting to understand the need for a Russian “sea-going rescue tug” to be tied to a pier in Jacksonville, Florida…

    “Meanwhile, the officials also said that a Russian electronic intelligence-gathering vessel was granted safe harbor in the commercial port of Jacksonville, Fla., within listening range of Kings Bay.

    The Russian AGI ship, or Auxiliary-General Intelligence, was allowed to stay in the port to avoid the superstorm that battered the U.S. East Coast last week. A Jacksonville Port Authority spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the Russian AGI at the port.

  9. MadBrad says:

    I have something rather odd to report. Sure, I love stirring the pot, especially when there’s entertainment value to be had from such efforts and I believe this is well known here by now. Until now I’ve been relaying stories here that I refer to as “Chatter” but I just saw something I’ve never seen in Jacksonville, Florida before.

    I shared lunch with some commercial fishermen a couple of hours ago. I passed on the story about “U.N. Police” vehicles on I-95 to those in attendance. I was overheard by others in the restaurant who all had a militant response to the story. “If I see a blue helmet anywhere, I’m going to punch some holes in it”. This coming from a distinguished shooter of the United States Marine Corps is enough to make me know that he’s serious and quite able to do just that. Other folks in the restaurant, all of whom voted for Romney were making comments about how they had problems at their polling places and are ready and eager to deal with any riot situation that could result from the Election. I don’t think we will see any of that in my City but people here are very tense. I am sure that this tension has been a real motivating factor that has increased voter turnout for our team.

    That’s all normal redneck talk that I’m accustomed to.

    As I headed North on Main Street to go to a Dollar General store, I saw a C-130 making its bank to begin final approach into Jacksonville International Airport. I love the C-130 and always stare at one when I see it overhead. the 125th Fighter Wing of the Florida Air National Guard has a single C-130 support aircraft and it’s rare to see it flying. Typically the fixed wing military aircraft flying over Jacksonville is the Navy P8A.

    As the C-130 made its banking maneuver, the Sun illuminated the fuselage and I noticed a very odd camouflage pattern that I’ve never seen on any U.S. Aircraft. Also, the vertical tail stabilizer had odd markings on it that I’ve never seen on any C-130, and I’ve seen lots of them. The pattern covered the entire stabilizer. It was just weird looking.

    I got to the Dollar store, took care of business and as I was leaving the parking lot I saw another C-130 on final approach. Unfortunately the Sun was at an angle that only silhouetted the aircraft and I could not see the markings. I decided to head over to the house of an interested party when I saw a 3rd C-130 banking to make final approach. I raced to get the best angle I could get to be as close as possible but still had glare issues.

    Once I got to where I was going, very close to the approach pattern, I let my friend know what was going on and we heard the turboprops of a 4th C-130, which we could only see briefly through the trees as it approached JIA.

    The decision was made to go take a closer look… with binoculars and camera in hand. We got as close as we could get to the runway but didn’t see any C-130s on a taxi way or ramp. I know where the Air National Guard C-130 is parked and you can’t see it from any road. No more aircraft came in, otherwise I would be publishing a photo of it. We got as close to the secured areas as we could, until we attracted some unwanted attention. Then we put on the skeedaddle.

    I’ve never seen that many C-130’s over Jacksonville in my life. I’ve never seen a C-130 with the markings I saw on the first aircraft I was able to get a good look at. I’m not sure if there could have been others that were landing while I was in the restaurant and Dollar Store.

    Again, I have no idea what it’s all about but it’s something I’ve never seen before. The whole thing had a “Red Dawn” feel to it. It was very weird.